Stump Double Cattle Dog

Dogs can be many things – friends, companions, workers, hunters – but they all have one thing in common, and that is that they are loyal to their owners.

A dog will never stray from its beloved human, and they will do nothing but commit to the dog that a human and canine can build.

As a human, however, it is your responsibility to give all this back. If you’ve chosen to bring a dog into your life, you have to be committed and dedicated to raising it.

It’s not always an easy job and sometimes can almost drive you crazy. However, it is goddamn rewarding.

The Stump Double Cattle Dog is quite a peculiar breed. It is the combination of two Australian cattle dog that thrives in the outback, the Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog, and the Australian Cattle Dog.

These are breeds that are incredibly rare outside of Australia and don’t have a lot of history behind them.

The Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog gets its name from a hereditary disease it’s developed where many of the dogs can be born without a tail.

This can be lethal, and result in incredibly small litters throughout production. They are hard-working herding dogs that are built to face the harsh Australian outback.

The Australian Cattle Dog has an incredibly similar heritage. It is used as an incredibly agile and intelligent working dog in the Australian countryside and has very similar traits to the Stumpy Tail, sans the missing tail.

As a result, this crossbreed will almost always resemble their parent’s breeds, as they are almost identical dogs.

What you will get is a dog that needs a lot of exercise, and will not do well in small, enclosed spaces.

If you are wanting a Stump Double Cattle Dog, you will need to be able to provide an open field for it to thrive.

In this manual, I will go step by step through every vital bit of information on the Stump Double Cattle Dog.

I will discuss the life expectancy, physical traits, behavioral characteristics, and overall costs, as well as a large number of other things.

After reading this guide, you will be fully prepared to purchase a Stump Double Cattle Dog and welcome it into your home.

Are you interested in this particular breed? Read on to find out more!

Stump Double Cattle Dog: Before You Buy

Stump Double Cattle Dog in front of bridge
The Stump Double Cattle Dog needs about an hour and a half of daily exercise.

As an aspiring owner, you will have to plan very particularly for the Stump Double Cattle Dog, and if you don’t meet the criteria that this dog needs to thrive, you may need to start looking for another dog.

This is a unique breed with a unique set of needs, and you as the owner will need to accommodate these.

First of all, don’t even think of getting a Stump Double Cattle Dog If you live in an apartment complex.

These are breeds that need a lot of open space to work, and remain active. A small apartment will make it claustrophobic and anxious.

If you’re looking to buy this dog, you will need acres of land, or at least a large, fenced backyard.

Second of all, make sure you have the time to socialize this dog. It is not built for domestication in suburban areas, as it has lived in the outback its whole life.

It will need you, its owner to provide it with training and comfort in this unfamiliar territory, for it to smoothly adapt.

You will also need to decide on a gender, color and spaying/neutering preferences for this dog.

Spaying/neutering is an important factor because if you choose to go ahead with the project, it may prevent life-threatening health issues, but also prevent your Stump Double Cattle dog from ever producing.

How much does a Stump Double Cattle Dog cost?

Price is an important factor in choosing your first dog. The cost of a dog can determine whether you truly want or not, and can minimize what size and style of breeds you may look at.

The Stump Double Cattle Dog is said to cost roughly around $400-$500 from a reputable breeder, which is relatively cheap for a price of its size.

This is slightly more affordable than the $500-$700 costs of its parent breeds so that the Stump Double Cattle Dog may provide a better alternative for those looking for a breed of this kind.

Prices for the Stump Double Cattle dog will appear cheaper at most adoption centers.

However, they will charge a fee that will vary throughout each establishment, and it might be hard to find an adoption shelter with a Stump Double Cattle Dog outside of Australia.

While you won’t find many dogs cheaper than this one, perhaps look at smaller breed hybrids if you’re looking to spend a little less.

How do I find a reputable breeder?

Locating a reputable Stump Double Cattle Dog breeder outside of Australia is going to prove to be very difficult.

They will be a rarity, and will most likely prompt a large amount of traveling into the countryside to purchase.

However, if you do happen to find one, there are some factors that you should evaluate and judge in the breeder to determine whether they’re professional, or pursuing a money grab.

These things include:

  • The space in which the dogs are kept.
  • The way the breeder socializes with the puppies.
  • The knowledge of the breeder. A breeder should specialize in the Stump Double Cattle Dog and its parent breeds, and if they don’t, it is likely they’re selling you the wrong dog.
  • Overall cleanliness and maintenance of the puppies.
  • The breeder’s willingness to help and assist.

Three little-known facts about the Stump Double Cattle Dog

  1. The Australian Cattle Dog was first bred by crossing a Smithfield, and a Dingo.
  2. They are not good around younger kids and may try to herd them.
  3. They only need to be bathed a few times a year.

The Physical Traits of the Stump Double Cattle Dog

Stump Double Cattle Dog taking a walk
The Stump Double Cattle Dog is a unique and friendly addition to your family.

The Stump Double Cattle Dog can inherit traits of both its parent breeds, but because their parent breeds are almost identical, there is going to be a good consistency of appearance in each litter.

They have a short, narrow head with a compact, masculine body. They have a short coat that sports colors of blue, red and brown.

They have oval-shaped eyes that are usually either blue, brown or a different color in each eye.

They have medium-sized, erect ears that appear like antennas on the top of the dog’s head.

Depending on the superior genetics, the Stump Double Cattle Dog can either have a medium-sized tail or not one at all.

How big is a full-grown Stump Double Cattle Dog?

The Stump Double Cattle Dog is a medium-sized breed and is about 17-19 inches in length. This is about the average for most medium-sized breeds.

Regarding mass, the Stump Double Cattle Dog grows to around 50 pounds heavy, with most growing up to around 40 on average.

This isn’t the heaviest of medium-sized dogs but is a stocky size.

What is the life expectancy of the Stump Double Cattle Dog?

The Stump Double Cattle Dog usually lives up to the 15 years long, with the median being 13.

This is the same as both the Australian Cattle Dog and the Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog and is around the average for most medium-sized breeds.

Due to it being a dog that is prone to various health problems, you must keep a lookout on its overall condition, as illness can shorten its lifespan.

Temperament, Personality and Behavioral Traits of the Stump Double Cattle Dog

The Stump Double Cattle Dog was designed for work purposes and is still adapting to suburban lifestyles.

It is going to need a lot of training for it to become obedient and less aggressive than it is in the outback.

You need to be firm, but not aggressive, and always make sure to prioritize positive reinforcement,

It is a loving dog that becomes incredibly attached to its owners. It is suspicious of strangers, making for a great watchdog.

It does well with older children, but will mistakenly nibble and try to herd smaller children around. It does well with other dogs but will chase smaller animals such as cats, and mistake them as prey.

The dietary requirements of the Stump Double Cattle Dog

Smiling Stump Double Cattle Dog sitting
The Stump Double Cattle Dogs need to be bathed only a few times a year.

The Stump Double Cattle Dog eats about the average for most medium-sized breeds.

It will eat 2 and a half cups of food a day, on a diet that includes plenty of meat, dry food, and grains. This will cost an owner around $40-$45 a week.

How much exercise does the Stump Double Cattle Dog need?

The Stump Double Cattle Dog is extremely active and will need 90 minutes of daily activity, and 23 miles of weekly walking distance. Massive!

These targets can be reached by a lot of walking, running, jogging and long hikes. It will love any games and activities to stimulate its brain.

Of course, if you live on a property that offers activities such as herding and hunting, this dog will be perfect for you.

Health concerns and conditions of the Stump Double Cattle Dog

Possible illnesses include:

  • Deafness
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Elbow Dysplasia
  • Cataracts
  • Portosystemic Shunt
  •  Cleft Lip

My Final Thoughts on the Stump Double Cattle DogStump Double Cattle Dog guide

Overall, if you are lucky enough to find a breeder with the Stump Double Cattle Dog, and if you have enough time to participate in exercise and training, this will prove to be a unique, friendly addition to your family.

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