Red Heeler

Red Heeler walking in the snow

The Red Heeler, perhaps best known by the common name “Australian Cattle Dog”, is a herding and farming dog that hails from New South Wales … Read more

American Bandogge

American Bandogge

The American Bandogge, also known as the American Bandogge Mastiff, Mastibull, American Mastiff, Swinford Bandog, and American Masti-bull is an intimidating hybrid dog that is … Read more

White Husky

white siberian husky in the forest

The White Husky isn’t really a separate breed but is a very rare form of the Siberian Husky. The only notable difference between the White … Read more

White Boxer

white boxer at home

According to the American Kennel Club, a Boxer should not have white markings covering more than one-third of their coat. Those that don’t meet this … Read more

Bully Kutta

bully kutta

Bully Kuttas are a fairly unknown breed of dog that come from the Indian Subcontinent, bred for guarding and hunting. Although they’ve been around since … Read more

Lemon Beagle

Funny beautiful lemon beagle_Gabriel_JH_shutterstock

Lemon Beagles are a rare color variation of the Beagle, producing puppies that look almost completely white. The small patches of color are lemon-like in … Read more