50 of the Best Poodle Names and Their Meanings

Ranked as the second most intelligent dog breed in the world, Poodles make for extremely skillful pets that deserve nothing short of majestic Poodle names to encompass the extent of their skills.

Poodles come in a variety of different sizes and colors, so the Poodle names that you should take under consideration when christening your pet should be descriptive of your particular pet.

What is common across this variety of Poodles is the remarkable intelligence and companionship displayed by dogs of this breed.

Since they hail from a German background, you can always consider Poodle names that belong to the German language, as long as they live up to the respect and dignity demanded by these versatile dogs.

Having said that, there is no need to get intimidated by the naming process. In fact, we want you to enjoy the journey of deciding the title of your pet.

For exactly this reason, we have compiled the most thoughtful and inspired Poodle names in this single, concise guide, along with the corresponding meanings of each name.

Best Poodle Names
Gregor and Cher are just perfect names for these two dogs.

Male Poodle Names

  • Ash

While the name may make one think of the grey waste compound left after smoke, this Poodle name actually means “happy”.

The name will go perfectly with a grey-haired poodle, which is a color often found amongst this breed.

  • Iven

Considering the immense popularity of Poodles in France, a French Poodle name will also be fitting for your pooch.

Iven means “little archer”, and hence is an ideal way to describe the strong and single-minded poodle.

  • Weimar

For inspiration from the Poodle’s homeland, Weimar is a central city in Germany and is an intriguing Poodle name that sounds delightful to the ear.

  • Zak

A Hebrew word that means “pure”, this Poodle name is suggested for white-haired Poodles that give off the impression of purity.

  • Austin

A common male name with a surprisingly special meaning.

Austin is a French name that means “majestic”.

Not only does the meaning of this Poodle name describe the usual aura of regality exuded from Poodles, but the origin of this name is a place where Poodles are highly sought after.

  • Gregor

A strong name for a Poodle that sounds like it belongs to a robust and brawny pet.

The literal meaning of this German Poodle name is “vigilant watchman”, which aptly describes the attentiveness of a Poodle.

  • Finn

Another name that is suitable for white-haired Poodles.

Finn is an Old Irish name that literally means “fair” or “white”, making it a smart choice for a Poodle name, especially seeing as how short the name is.

  • Wyatt

Another French-origin name that denotes a “little warrior”, ideal for a pet that has a lot of fight bundled in its feisty persona.

  • Onyx

Moving on from Poodle names that describe white-coated Poodles, Onyx is a name for a black Poodle.

The name refers to a precious gemstone that is black in color and thus makes for a good choice for a Poodle name that depicts the value of your precious black-haired Poodle.

  • Ames

In French, Ames is a way to address a friend.

Poodles are known for their companionship and inherent ability to create friendships and earn the trust of their owners as loyal and reliable mates.

  • Schwarz

Another name for a black-coated Poodle, Schwarz is German for black.

The name is a two-fold way to pay tribute to both the physical appearance and the ancestral heritage of the Poodle.

  • Porter

Porter is a word that, in the French language, means gatekeeper.

An appropriate way to describe the watchfulness of your Poodle and to encompass its capability as an effective watchdog for your house.

  • Kort

A short and simple Poodle name with a straightforward meaning.

Kort is German for “bold”.

This Poodle name can be used to honor the valiant and brazen Poodle.

  • Burgh

Another Poodle name with Germanic roots, Burgh is a name that means “protection”.

In the presence of your Poodle, you will always feel protected and safe as your vigilant Poodle watches over you and oversees the safety of your home and family.

  • Guido

In ancient times, the Poodle was used for purposes of retrieving, especially water retrieving, and can easily be described as an avid guide dog that enjoyed spending time in nature.

Today, the Poodle will accompany you on long walks or for a hike in the woods, which is why Guido is a suitable Poodle name because it literally means “forest”.

Best Poodle Names
This dog could be named Gretel.

Female Poodle Names

  • Della

This German name has a simple and sweet meaning.

Della is “bright” in the German language, an ideal way to describe your fiery and extremely smart pet.

  • Rhine

For dog owners looking for Poodle names inspired by landmarks in the homeland of these dogs, Rhine is a reference to the river that flows through Germany.

It is also ranked amongst the longest flowing rivers of Europe.

  • Alda

In German, Alda means wise.

For a dog breed that has ranked at the higher end of the charts for the most intelligent dogs across the globe, any name that depicts wisdom is a perfect tribute to your Poodle.

  • Cher

Inspired by the pop singing sensation, Cher.

This is a French name that is a perfect reflection of your diva-esque Poodle. The name itself also has very thoughtful meanings that are very fitting for your Poodle.

Cher means “beloved” or “darling one” in French, which is the perfect way to address your pet.

  • Lacy

In French, Lacy means “cheerful”, which aptly aligns with your even-tempered, lively pet that has a knack of putting those around it in a happy mood with its presence.

  • Olive

This is one of those Poodle names that are descriptive of your pet’s external appearance.

The name goes with a Poodle that sports a fur coat that is shiny black in color, like the olive fruit when it is fully ripe.

  • Matilde

A profound title for a girl Poodle with an equally strong meaning.

In German, Matilde means “strong fighter”, which rightly signifies the strength and defensiveness of your Poodle, especially when it comes to your safety.

  • Milda

Another location-inspired Poodle name, Milda is a small municipal city situated in a district of Germany.

In Lithuanian mythology, Milda is also the name of a goddess of love, and we all know that the love and affection of a Poodle know no bounds.

  • Alberta

Another Poodle name that originated in Germany.

Alberta means “bright”, to signify the intelligence of your Poodle, and “noble”, which aligns with its respectable and dignified presence.

  • Adelyte

This German origin Poodle name has an interesting meaning.

Adelyte is a name that describes someone that “has good humor”.

The Poodle is a companion dog that is always looking for ways to please its owner, sometimes even unknowingly making its master crack up by one of its quirky actions.

Therefore, the meaning of this name is ideal for a pet with a sense of humor and a funny bone.

  • Gretel

In German, the female name Gretel means pearl, which makes this Poodle name suitable for a white-coated Poodle.

The name is also a reference to the Hansel and Gretel children’s tale of two siblings who adventurously follow a trail of breadcrumbs deep into the forest.

This reference may be associable with the inquisitiveness of a Poodle and its inherent desire to get to the bottom of things.

  • Blasa

German for “fire”, Blasa is a name for a feisty Poodle that is preferably red-haired.

  • Erma

A German name that refers to a warrior – a good title for a strong-willed Poodle.

  • Adele

Not just a reference to the British singing sensation, but also a name that has a literal meaning of noble.

  • Ember

This is also a black Poodle name because the word describes hot, glowing coal, a substance that is dark black in color.

Best Poodle Names
His name is Henri.

Cute Poodle Names

  • Ange

Ange is French for “angel”.

A proud dog owner would definitely appreciate this Poodle name for his or her angelic pet.

It is a female name, but we feel that any name that means “angel” can very well be used for either gender.

  • Joli

A German name that simply means “lovely” – a beautiful moniker for your charming Poodle.

A sweet moniker for your adorable Poodle pup.

The name is meant for female pups.

  • Süss

An adorable name for a charming little Poodle pup, Süss is German for “sweet”.

The name can be bestowed over a dog of either gender but is more commonly suggested for females.

  • Lela

A French Poodle name that means “faithful”.

What better way is there to encapsulate the companionship of your reliable Poodle.

  • Henri

A common German name for a Poodle.

The name is suitable for a male Poodle pup and has a literal meaning of “home ruler”, which is representative of the Poodle’s tendency to take charge and rule in its own home.

  • Leon

From lion; this French Poodle name literally means “brave as a lion”.

  • Kiel

One of the port cities in Germany, which relates to the water-loving nature of the Poodle.

  • Frank

Short for Frankfurt, one of the main and very popular cities in Germany, which is also the fifth largest city in the country that is the homeland of Poodles.

  • Bijou

This unisex French name simply means “jewel”, describing the value of your precious Poodle pup to you.

  • Foxy

For your sassy and dashing Poodle, which, interestingly, is also as clever as a fox, if not more.

  • Kishi

Kishi is an exotic Poodle name which means “beach” or “seashore”.

The name calls on the inherent love that a Poodle holds for water or anything related to water.

In fact, the breed gets the name “Poodle” from the German word “pudel”, which literally means “to splash”.

  • Moxie

This unisex Poodle name has a deep meaning but sounds very adorable for a Poodle pup.

The meaning of this name refers to the ability to bravely face some kind of difficulty, which is the perfect description of the courageousness of a Poodle.

  • Mystic

To describe the mystical aura that exudes from the presence of a Poodle.

  • Tsunami

The inspiration behind this Poodle name is the fact that Poodles were originally water retrieving dogs, hence a name that has to do with tidal waves is fitting for this dog.

  • Pudel

Interestingly, the word Poodle itself is a derivative of “pudel”, which is a German word that means “puddle” or “splash”.

This Poodle name truly sticks to the roots of this breed, and we suggest it for a Poodle pup of either gender.

  • Juliet

This name has French roots and means ‘youthful’.

However, the name is more commonly known because of the character in William Shakespeare’s tragedy romance, ‘Romeo and Juliet’.

Give this fancy name to your female Poodle if she is very beautiful, elegant, and graceful.

  • Darcy

If you are one of those who cannot help name their pets after their favorite fictional characters, here is an ideal option for a Poodle.

‘Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy’ is a very popular character from Jane Austen’s classic novel ‘Pride and Prejudice’.

The character was very aloof, conceited, and vain, so if your Poodle possesses any of these properties, you can give it this very fitting and elegant name from literature.

  • Milo

Milo is a very suitable name for a male Poodle given the small size of this dog.

This name is of Germanic origin which is believed to mean ‘peaceful’ or ‘merciful’.

Not only is this name short and easy to pronounce but it also goes well with the physical appearance of a Poodle and its mild and calm personality.

  • Patches

This is yet another cute and adorable name for a funny, energetic, and playful Poodle.

Though it is more masculine-sounding, Patches is equally fitting for your female Poodle as well.

This name becomes even more appropriate if your Poodle as patches on any part of its body.

  • Snowy

This one is for those who like naming their pets after their skin color.
A white poodle is one of the most beautiful types of Poodle out there and as such, deserves an equally pretty name.

Snowy, which refers to the very white appearance of snow, is a name which should be given to a Poodle with a milky white coat.

Also, this name is appropriate for a Poodle who possesses a calm, pleasing, affectionate, and submissive personality.

Scrumptious Poodle Names

Poodles who have been styled and groomed can look as fancy as a French eclair, and it’s little wonder that so many of the best names for a poodle come from the names of foods and sweet treats – as you’ll see through some of the ideas here.

  • Cupcake

A delicious name in its own right that always sounds mouthwatering, it’s also an adorable name for a pretty poodle.

  • Teacup

Dainty little teacups that hold hot tasty tea to go with an afternoon’s baguettes and cheeses. What could be finer?

  • Biscuit

A crunchy sweet treat well-beloved by poodles as much as their owners, this is also an easily remembered name for your dainty poodle to be.

  • Cornet

The name given to a small ice cream cone, best enjoyed in a hot park on a sunny day.

While the notion of feeding an ice-cream cornet to your poodle doesn’t come altogether well advised, this can nonetheless be a fanciful and unique name for your pet.

  • Cream

Whether topping for coffee or the whipped white fluffy stuff on top of your cake, cream makes so many sweet foods all the sweeter.

If you’ve got a poodle with a pale coat of fur, this could well be the name to go for.

  • Mocha

Coffee and chocolate in one tasty cup are very much what a mocha makes – and for cocoa-brown poodles, this can also be a scrumptiously nice name indeed.

The Most Popular Poodle Name of All Time

  • Maurice

The Poodle has been a popular figure and a regular feature in the showbiz industry, being cast in several hit movies.

The most notable role of a Standard Poodle was in the sequel to the famous movie Princess Diaries, where a Poodle that is named Gatsby in real life starred alongside Anne Hathaway and Julie Andrews.

Maurice portrayed the character of a pampered and beloved white Poodle owned by the Queen of Genovia, played by Julie Andrews in the movie that was titled Princess Diaries 2: The Royal Engagement.

The name itself derives from the word “moors”, but the main reason behind the popularity of this Poodle name was its feature in the hit movie.

My Final Thoughts

In this compilation of Poodle names, some of the most versatile and unique titles were cherry-picked.

With a list that is not too long for you to lose your mind over, nor too short to provide only a limited set of Poodle names, this guide serves to ease your dog-naming dilemma and in fact turn it into an enjoyable activity.

Once you settle on a Poodle name that you feel does the most justice to your majestic pet, start getting your Poodle accustomed to its new title!

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