Miniature French Schnauzer

The Miniature French Schnauzer is a designer dog; it combines the popular French Bulldog breed with the genes of the Miniature Schnauzer.

The French Schnauzer is a low maintenance dog perfect for families or elderly people, it doesn’t require a demanding amount of exercise and can live comfortably in apartments and other small lodgings.

The Miniature French Schnauzer’s parent breed the Miniature Schnauzer is a successful German rat hunter; it was bred with the purpose of cleansing houses of rodent infestations.

The first of its breed was recorded in 1888.

It’s other parent, the French Bulldog, is an extremely sought-after designer breed which can fetch prices exceeding $4000.

Miniature French Schnauzer wearing a sweater
The Miniature French Schnauzer is an overall dependable family dog.

The French Bulldog has distinctive triangular, upward bat-like ears which sometimes transfer to the Miniature French Schnauzer.

The regular-sized Schnauzer is a large dog, capable of mating with giant breeds such as the Great Dane.

This is a stark comparison to the small size of the Miniature French Schnauzer, which can be less than half the stature of its larger cousin.

Miniature French Schnauzer Puppies – Before You Buy…

Welcoming a dog into your family is a big decision to make for anybody to make, there are tough decisions to be made and many personal considerations to ponder.

This guide will break down step by step whether or not the Miniature French Schnauzer is the right dog for you, and hopefully, make the process a little easier.

One thing to consider which will undoubtedly make the choice easier for you is that for the Miniature French Schnauzer it is not overly important how large your accommodation is, nor does the French Schnauzer require a large yard to run around in.

The French Schnauzer is a happy inside dog that loves to go on walks, but it is accommodating to all sorts of lodgings.

What Price are Miniature French Schnauzer Puppies?

The Miniature French Schnauzer is an expensive designer breed; it is not uncommon to see breeders selling for anywhere between $2500 and $3500.

Keep caution if a breeder is offering dogs for significantly cheaper than that, the cheapest option is not always the most ethical one. Your number one priority is finding a good, reputable breeder.

Where to Find Reputable Miniature French Schnauzer Breeders?

Finding a good and ethical breeder is the most important thing you can do for your new dog before you even take him home.

Choosing a good breeder who has done the relevant health checks will go a long way in minimizing health issues for your Miniature French Schnauzer down the line.

Your Miniature French Schnauzer breeder should be able to pass the following criteria:

  • A good breeder is passionate about the animals and knows many facts and care details about the breed which they should readily offer to you. Feel free to ask the breeder any questions you may have about the Miniature French Schnauzer, taking on an animal into your family is a big decision, and they should respect your interest.
  • The breeder should be caring and compassionate about the dogs; they should give the impression that they are true animal people.
  • The breeder’s facilities should be hygienic, clean and spacious. It is important to support breeders that house their animals humanely.
  • The breeder should carry themselves with a sense of professionalism. A dog is a big financial decision, and they should be respectful of your decision-making process.

Finding a breeder can be a stressful and difficult decision-making process, but persevere, take it slowly and follow your instincts.

Miniature French Schnauzer sitting on road
The Miniature French Schnauzer has an easy-going, eager-to-please temperament.

You will find the right breeder, and when you do, you will know it.

3 Little-Known Facts About Miniature French Schnauzer Puppies

  1. The word ‘schnauzer’ is German, and means ‘muzzle,’ about the Schnauzer’s distinctly angular snout and mustache whiskers.
  2. The Miniature Schnauzer has a thick undercoat, but often the French Schnauzer borrows the short, sparser hair of its French Bulldog parent.
  3. The Miniature French Schnauzer borrows an excellent sense of hearing from its parent the Miniature Schnauzer, whose ears are keenly trained to hear tiny mouse squeaks registering at frequencies twice above the capacity of the human ear.

Physical Traits of the Miniature French Schnauzer

The Miniature French Schnauzer is a small to medium-sized dog breed, perhaps slightly larger than it’s ‘miniature’ moniker would suggest, but still unmistakably small.

The Miniature French Schnauzer has a stocky, rectangular build with straight little legs.

Its coat can vary in color from black, gray, fawn and white, and can be composed of short and wiry fur.

How Big is a Full-Grown Miniature French Schnauzer?

The Miniature French Schnauzer is, obviously, a small dog.

There is no variation in size between male and female dogs, they reach between 11 and 14 inches in height and weigh between 15 and 22 pounds in weight.

As a dog owner, it’s up to you to take care of them and prevent them from becoming obese or too skinny.

Do so by giving them an adequate amount of exercise and feeding them well.

What is the Miniature French Schnauzer’s Life Expectancy?

The Miniature French Schnauzer is predicted to live between 12 and 14 years of age; this is approximately average for small dogs.

Some studies show that 20% of Miniature French Schnauzers exceed 15 years of age.

Intelligence, Temperament, and Personality Traits of the Miniature French Schnauzer

Miniature French Schnauzer wearing a hat
The Miniature French Schnauzer is an expensive dog and a big commitment.

The Miniature French Schnauzer has built a reputation for being a clown.

It is an endearingly affectionate and fun-loving breed of dog which gets along with everyone and everything (as long as you’re not a rodent) effortlessly.

The French Schnauzer is known as a good-natured dog that loves its family devotedly, and will bravely attempt to defend them from much larger enemies.

Despite it’s natural inclination to friendliness, the Miniature French Schnauzer can also be an anxious and fearful dog.

To counter this, the French Schnauzer should engage in positive socialization regularly and should go through training early in its life.

With the proper care, you will have no problems with the Miniature French Schnauzer’s personality.

The Miniature French Schnauzer may seem goofy, aloof, or clownish, but it is more intelligent than it lets on.

It can be quite extroverted and can come up with all sorts of clever schemes and cute behaviors to win attention. The Miniature French Schnauzer can be quite the creative showman.

The Miniature French Schnauzer takes it’s tenacious terrier genes from its Schnauzer parentage, which means that some French Schnauzers love to dig and can become quite territorial and destructive.

It is important to keep these behaviors in check and take your new French Schnauzer to puppy obedience school as soon as possible.

If your French Schnauzer becomes overly destructive of your yard, then speak to your vet or a dog behaviorist to come up with solutions to the problem.

The Miniature French Schnauzer’s Diet

The Miniature French Schnauzer does not require much feeding, being only quite small. It is an unfussy eater; it is inexpensive to feed and enjoys a quality diet of high-protein dog food.

The French Schnauzer will happily enjoy either dry or wet food or a mixture of both.

How Much Exercise Does the Miniature French Schnauzer Need?

The Miniature French Schnauzer is a naturally energetic and excitable terrier, but its wild side is tempered by the relaxed nature of its French Bulldog parent.

Studies show that 45 minutes of vigorous physical activity per day will be more than enough to keep a properly fed French Schnauzer in good shape.

Miniature French Schnauzer Health and Conditions

As a result of vigorous designer breeding the Miniature French Schnauzer is susceptible to an array of different health issues, major and minor.

It has a couple of serious, often fatal heart conditions such as pulmonic stenosis and sick sinus syndrome and a serious liver issue in the portosystemic shunt condition.

Serious Issues

Minor Issues

  • Cataracts
  • Colitis
  • Retinal dysplasia
  • Glaucoma
  • Diabetes
  • Pancreatitis
  • Anemia

Fluffier Miniature French Schnauzers are more at risk of developing eye and ear infections.

These problems are easy to cure with regular cleaning and will be easily noticeable, your veterinarian will give you cleaning products and directions on how to use them.

My Final Thoughts on The Miniature French SchnauzerMiniature French Schnauzer guide

The Miniature French Schnauzer is an overall dependable family dog and a loyal companion.

Its small size makes it appropriate for most families.

It’s easy-going, eager-to-please temperament makes it a popular choice for elderly people and families with younger children.

This is an expensive dog and a big commitment though, so it is important to make sure you are 100% certain in your decision to buy one.

There are plenty of similar, cheaper breeds you might like to consider.


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