The Miniature Aussiedoodle: A Complete Guide

Buying a dog is no easy feat, especially with so many different dog breeds to choose from. There are quite a few aspects to consider when purchasing a dog, whether it is your first or fifth.

The Miniature Aussiedoodle is an excellent choice of dog for those of you that want intelligence and a small friend.

This mixture of the Miniature Australian Shepherd and the Miniature Poodle has created a crossbreed that is super intelligent compared to other dog breeds.

With these traits, they are a great dog breed for those that want a dog that is easy to train and has the potential for dog competitions.

Read on if you want a detailed account of this beautiful dog breed and determine whether or not it is the perfect match for you.

Everything you need to know about the Miniature Aussiedoodle will be covered to save you time and headache from purchasing this dog.

Miniature Aussiedoodle Puppies – Before You Buy…

When you first set eyes on this furry little creature, you may feel a very strong urge to buy it.

But, it is essential to know the traits of a dog before you buy it because this is a lifelong commitment, and you wouldn’t want to be surprised when you bring it home.

Key things to consider and know about before you go out and buy one of these pups will be discussed in this section.

Miniature Aussiedoodle Puppies love to play.

What Price are Miniature AussieDoodle Puppies?

The price of a Miniature Aussiedoodle puppy can range from about $600 to $1,800.

Major factors that influence the price of the puppy are things like who is selling it to you, gender, and the puppy’s history.

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If the puppy that you are interested in has parents that are very healthy and fit, and you are buying from a reputable breeder, the price of the puppy will tend to be higher than if you are buying from someone who isn’t as knowledgeable about the puppy.

Also, females generally cost more than males, so that is important to keep in mind.

How to Find Reputable Miniature Aussiedoodle Breeders?

It is relatively easy to find a reputable breeder because they have certain things that separate them from the rest.

They will be very knowledgeable about dog breeding itself and will know everything there is to know about Miniature Aussiedoodles.

To find a good breeder, ensure that they have certification and documents about the dog’s health.

It may also be helpful to check online to see what the customers they have had think of their services and whether or not they got the type of dog that the breeder claimed.

3 Little Known Facts About Miniature Aussiedoodle Puppies

  1. With the combination of the Miniature Australian Shepherd and the Miniature Poodle, this dog is one of the most intelligent dog breeds out there.
  2. Some people confuse this dog breed to be a mixture of a purebred and a crossbreed because of the Miniature Australian Shepherd, but the Australian Shepherd is not a crossbreed. The way they were created was taking the smallest dogs of two litters and breeding them together, creating a miniature version.
  3. The Miniature Aussiedoodle itself has only been around for about 20 to 30 years, where some dog breeds date back hundreds of years!
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Physical Traits of the Miniature Aussiedoodle

This cute and small dog breed can have different combinations when it comes to their looks because of the difference between their parent breeds.

They can have straight to curly hair, with the curliness coming from their poodle side.

They can have almond shaped eyes that can either be brown or blue, and their coat color has a wide range of color options and combinations. Their coat possibilities are black, white, silver, blue, red, brown, or gray.

Their coats are normal density and medium length, making it easy to take care of. You only need to brush them seasonally, since they don’t shed very much, and don’t need frequent baths to maintain their coat.

This is perfect for those of you that don’t have the time to clean a dog constantly.

How Big is a Full Grown Miniature Aussiedoodle?

Their size can be from medium to small, since they can either be mixed with a Miniature or a Toy Poodle, with the Miniature Poodle being the bigger of the two.

They can stand from 12 to 18 inches and weigh anywhere between 15 and 35 pounds.

With many breeds, the sizes can vary between genders, but not with the Miniature Aussiedoodle.

Gender does not play a role in its size or does not change the temperament either, which I will talk about later in the article.

What is the Life Expectancy of the Miniature Aussiedoodle?

The Miniature Aussiedoodle can live quite a long time as long as you look after it the right way. As long as its health is maintained, it can live 12 to 15 years.

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This is usually the standard amount of time for all dog breeds, and this ensures that you can spend a long time with your best friend.

This Miniature Aussiedoodle has a curly hair.

Intelligence, Temperament, and Personality Traits of the Miniature Aussiedoodle

The Miniature Aussiedoodle is the ideal dog for any household, whether you have a family or live on your own.

Because of its intelligence and its desire to please its owner, it is effortless to train.

Also, if socialized at a young age, it can get along with all types of animals and children.

This dog is more on the nice side in temperament compared to other dogs, and because of this, it is not an ideal watch or guard dog.

Since it loves to be around other people, it can get along with a burglar just as easily as it can get along with you.

Also, you may not want to leave them alone for long periods of time. They tend to get bored if no one is there to entertain them, so they can start to tear up and get into things that you wouldn’t want them to.

Other than that, they are pretty laid back dogs that love to play and loves to be with the ones they love.

The Miniature Aussiedoodle’s Diet

Since the Miniature Aussiedoodle’s size is right in between small and medium-sized, feeding it will be easy since it eats the standard amount of food which is around 2 cups.

If you opt for feeding this breed dry food, be sure that it is high in quality for it to get all the nutrients it needs to be healthy.

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You can also feed it high-quality meats and vegetables if you want to make your dog food naturally, but either way, you decide to feed it, make sure that it is enough to keep up with the dog’s energy.

Since they are very active, you will need to make sure you are feeding it the amount it burns off.

Miniature Aussiedoodles can be trained easily.

How Much Exercise Does the Miniature Aussiedoodle Need?

This dog breed loves being active as previously mentioned.

They will need about 40 to 60 minutes of exercise a day to maintain their energy and mental levels.

Daily activity can consist of regular walks or running for those that run in your free time.

They can also be taken to dog parks because of how friendly they are with other animals, and this way they can put their agility to the test while running with other dogs that are as fast as they are.

Just be sure to put them on a leash because they are known to wander off due to their hunting instincts and curiosity.

As long as you can spend time with this dog outdoors or playing inside, it can adapt to either apartment, condo, or house living.

You can also have them anywhere around the world since their coats enable them to adapt well to both hot and cold climates.

Miniature Aussiedoodle Health and Conditions

Just like their parent the Miniature Poodle, they can have quite a few health problems compared to other small to medium dog breeds.

Because of these issues, it is essential to make sure that you can take care of these issues by seeing a veterinarian throughout its life to ensure that it lives its best life.

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Serious Conditions:

  • Patellar Luxation
  • Deafness
  • Addison’s Disease
  • Legg-Calve Perthes Disease
  • Canine Cushing’s Disease

Minor Conditions:

  • Cataracts
  • Retinal Dysplasia
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA)
  • Idiopathic Epilepsy

My Final Thoughts on the Miniature Aussiedoodle

The Miniature Aussiedoodle is a great companion to accompany you through life.

It is lively, loyal, energetic, intelligent, gentle, outgoing – the list goes on and on!

This is a fantastic dog breed for anyone that loves dogs, and I highly recommend it to everyone.

You can’t go wrong in choosing a pup like this, and I hope that this guide has influenced you greatly in the decision-making process.

Thank you for taking the time out to learn about the Miniature Aussiedoodle!

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