The Maltipom: A Complete Guide

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A Maltipom, also known as Malti-Pom or Pomanese, is a hybrid that is bred from a Pomeranian and a Maltese.

Even though both of these dog’s ancestors have quite a history, the Maltipom itself is a relatively new hybrid and has just begun to gain popularity.

What he has in common with both the Pomeranian as well as the Maltese is his naturally gentle character.

The Malitpom also shares the high intelligence of the Pomeranian and knows how to give a good warning bark which is a trait inherited from the Maltese.

However, they rarely inherit an equal amount of genes from their parent breeds. That’s why their nature and its price is very diverse.

They fulfill their purpose as companions perfectly and are a truly unique hybrid breed.

Maltipom Puppies – Before You Buy…

A small fluffy Maltipom sitting on carpet
The Maltipom Puppies are great for people who live in small spaces.

The Maltipom is growing to be a popular designer dog. But he’s far more than that.

If you are ready to provide the right training, he’ll grow up to be the perfect companion and a loyal family member.

As tiny as the Maltipom might be, by buying a pup you are getting yourself into a big responsibility, and you should consider various information before doing so.

What Price are Maltipom Puppies?

Maltipom puppies have different prices, mainly depending on the coat color.

On average, you can get a pup for prices starting at $765, but you will likely have to pay more as both the Pomeranian as well as the Maltese are pricey when puppies.

Since white is the most popular color, you should be prepared to pay more for an all-white pup.

If you don’t have the available funds, buyers can also consider adoption too as that’s a common solution for these pups.

How to Find Reputable Maltipom Breeders?

As the Maltipom is a hybrid bred from two of the most common and oldest toy dogs, you shouldn’t just buy any dog from any breeder.

It’s important to find a responsible breeder that doesn’t sell puppies at too early a stage in their development.

They obviously look cuter when they are freshly born but they shouldn’t be separated from their mother and be sold too early.

Should you find breeders who sell puppies that are only a couple of weeks old, you should keep your hands off.

If you want to make sure that the price you are paying equals the actual value of the hybrid, you’re better off either doing your research or waiting until the hype around the breed decreases.

At the moment, the Maltipom is at the peak of popularity which has accounted for the recent rise in price. If you wait a few more years, then you will likely see the price drop significantly.

3 Little-known facts about Maltipom puppies

  1. Being bred from dogs that come from warmer countries, the Maltipom can be described as a temperate climate dog that needs a moderate temperature. They don’t like excessively hot or cold weather.
  2. Although the Maltipom looks cute and is generally a pleasant dog, he can bark aggressively, especially when encountering strangers.
  3. With the right care, the Maltipom can have a long life of up to 15 years, which is a relatively long lifespan compared to other hybrids.

Physical Traits of the Maltipom

A white Maltipom with long straight hair
The Maltipom’s coat is soft, long and straight.

As both the Pomeranian and the Maltese can be described as small-sized dogs, the Maltipom is just as small and doesn’t take up much space in your home.

The coat of the Maltipom can vary a lot. There are various options from light to dark.

It is possible to find white, cream, black, brown and fawn-colored coats. It can generally be described as soft, long and straight.

To maintain the Maltipom’s beautiful coat, it is necessary to brush it regularly, daily if possible. Bathing is only mandatory when his coat is dirty and can’t be cleaned by hand.

Sometimes, his brown eyes and his black nose have been described as fox-like.

How Big is a Full-Grown Maltipom?

The Maltipom is a small-sized dog. Both males and females top out at around 8 pounds, and 6 pounds is far more average.

Male and Female Maltipom share the same height too: about 7 to 8 inches. They are almost fully grown by the time that they are 1-year-old.

There aren’t a lot of hybrids where females and males share the same size as well as the same weight. Normally, the female is a bit shorter and less heavy.

Maltipoms are lively animals and descendants of two old toy dogs; they are lively and playful. They like to run to you to greet you when they hear you enter the door and they might also chase you around the house for attention.

The good thing about the Maltipom is that he can be happy in a small apartment as he doesn’t need much space.

Their tiny frame means that you can easily pack them in a small crate and transport them as well.

What is the Life Expectancy of the Maltipom?

The Maltipom is a hybrid that tends to have a long life. He’s expected to live up until the age of 15. If you treat him well and take good care of him, he might even live longer than that.

It’s important to start the Moltipom’s socialization early as he might develop antisocial behavior towards strangers otherwise.

Intelligence, Temperament and Personality Traits of the Maltipom

A Maltipom with its head out of the car window enjoying the view
The Maltipom is a tiny dog.

Since the Pomeranian is known to be highly intelligent, it is no surprise that the Maltipom hybrid inherits these same intelligent genes.

He can easily be taught good behavior as well as quite a few different tricks.

The Maltipom likes to do his best to please his owner.

With his bark, he can even let you know when he feels unsafe or encounters strangers.

Training the Maltipom can be time-consuming and somewhat challenging as he’s very playful as a puppy.

You get the best results by continuing the training on a regular basis.

The Maltipom has to learn what is wrong and what is right and you should make this clear when you are training him so that he understands that there is a difference between playing and training.

In your training, you must be firm in your commands and gentle in your chastisement.

As the Maltipom is a companion dog per se, he’s very good-natured and loving. Once you treat him like a family member and friend, he will keep you in his heart and love you forever.

He can easily get rid of his energy at home by running from the kitchen to the living room. Therefore, he only really needs to go out to pee and get some fresh air.

It can be hard for him to approach strangers as well as babies and little children who don’t know how to deal with dogs though.

Even though he is small, he might hurt a child unintentionally by moving without thinking as he sometimes follows his instincts rather than his training.

It can generally be said that with a Maltipom you get yourself a very pleasant dog into the house though. He enjoys being at home and playing with you and just keeping you company.

The Maltipom’s Diet

As the Maltipom is a tiny dog, he doesn’t need a whole lot of food. He only needs about half a cup during the day and another half cup at night.

He only costs you about a dollar a day on food. If he has had an active day, you can give some more food.

The Maltipom is the most satisfied when you feed him twice: once in the morning after he wakes up and once in the evening before he goes to sleep.

How Much Exercise Does a Maltipom Need?

Even though the Maltipom is a small dog, he can be energetic and vivid. Luckily, he can get rid of that energy at home in no time though, so he doesn’t need much exercise and his activity level is very low.

If you take him out for 15 minutes and walk 3 miles with him every day, that’s all he needs to satisfy his energy levels.

Be cautious not to challenge him too much and be prepared for him to run around your house a couple of times during the day.

Maltipom Health and Conditions

Fortunately, the Maltipom is considered to be a healthy dog.

Since he’s not an athletic kind of hybrid who engages in high-impact activities, he rarely runs into any of the join and bone issues such as Hip Dysplasia which is common in larger dogs.

However, the Maltipom is likely to develop heart issues. You should also take him to the vet to check his eyes and heart a few times a year.

Special Treats

Tossing your pet some of its favorite treats is an integral part of training, but the smaller your dog is in size, the more careful you have to be about not overfeeding it.

The most important thing to remember when you use doggy snacks as rewards for good behavior is to keep a close eye on the amount that you feed your dog in a day.

In addition to the quantity, if you want these special treats to do the trick, you will have to make sure that these snacks are what your Maltipom loves and can’t resist.

Fortunately, the Maltipom is not a picky eater and will appreciate dry dog food like most other canines.

It is crucial that your pet consumes high-quality food, so if you’re using kibble as its main meals or as rewards for being well-behaved, you should be sure of the reliability of the brand that you use.

You should also pay close attention to the ingredients that are added in the kibble that you feed your pet.

Natural ingredients that are also human-grade will be the first and surest sign that your pet will receive all the important nutrients that it needs to stay healthy.

When it comes to a dog as small as the Maltipom, you will be better off getting small-dog specific dog food that is custom-made to cater to your pet’s tiny size and energy needs.

The special snacks that you give your pet throughout the day should also ideally be formulated for its particular nutritional requirements and age group.

Since it is easy to go overboard with the treats, it is important to strictly observe a recommended dosage of the food that is given to your pet daily if you want to keep weight-related health issues at bay.

A Good Guard Dog?

The Maltipom is a clever little dog breed and certainly is very perceptive. You’ll find that he or she often notices things well before you do.

And because these dogs are so well adjusted to urban life, they fit well into any household and most small families.

But of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean that their perceptiveness can be converted into protectiveness.

Because this is a small dog breed, there’s very little your Maltipom can do to deter wrongdoers who might be sizing up your home as their next target.

For instance, even though these pets can be vocal from time to time, their barks are high pitched.

Sometimes a criminal who can hear a dog in a property barking at them will back down from breaking and entering.

But the high pitched yapping of the Maltipom instantly gives away that your property has a tiny dog inside – not a big brute.

Because the Maltipom is so small in stature, no hardened criminal is going to back down if confronted by one – there’s no way this dog can convince an intruder to leave.

However, your Maltipom can at least cause enough of a racket to wake you up to call the authorities.

These dogs don’t have much in the way of patrolling and protective instincts, so they don’t naturally watch the borders, so to speak, to look for bad guys in the way other dog breeds do.

The Maltipom is a companion dog, and you’ll find that you’re protecting them more than they’re protecting you.

Final Thoughts on the MaltipomA Maltipom, also known as Malti-Pom or Pomanese

If you live alone or have a family with older children, then the Maltipom will make a great addition to your home.

These dogs are also great for people who live in a small space since they have low energy levels and don’t need to get outside every single day.

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