Mally Foxhound: A Complete Guide

Dogs are the essence of energy. They are beautiful, kind creatures that serve as the perfect companions throughout any kind of emotion.

They are gentle and loving, bringing happiness on even the darkest of the days.

This is why they have become one of the most popular pets of all time. But, with the high amount of energy a canine provides, it is expected that it needs it in return.

A dog will require commitment, dedication, friendship, and care when you bring it into your life, and it can be a lot of hard work. Sounds pretty hard right?

But in the 10-15 year retrospect of welcoming a dog into your life, it’ll seem like nothing more than a grain of salt.

The Mally Foxhound is a unique crossbreed. The mixture of an Alaskan Malamute and a Foxhound is no ordinary one but makes for a particularly peculiar, elegant creature.

The Alaskan Malamute is one of the oldest dog breeds around, having played a part in work and travel from Siberia to Alaska for thousands of years.

The Foxhound was bred to hunt foxes for years throughout the United Kingdom and the United States, signifying itself as a vital part of hunting.

While there’s not much information on the hybrid itself, its rich ancestry makes for the Mally Foxhound being a particularly interesting breed.

In this guide, I will detail the vitals on the process of purchasing a Mally Foxhound.

I will provide the necessary information on size, price, dietary needs and exercise, as well as its temperament and life expectancy.

As stated before, obtaining a dog is a big deal, and requires a lot of work. This almanac of sorts is designed to make the prospect of bringing a dog into your life a little easier.

Do you want to keep learning about the Mally Foxhound? Well, scroll on down to find out the particular traits of this canine.

Mally Foxhound: Before You Buy

Mally Foxhound on couch
The Mally Foxhound is a unique crossbreed.

There’s a lot of thought that goes into buying your first dog, and that though comes accompanied by contemplation and difficult decisions.

However, it is important to truly know what you are seeking, and what you require before going into this 10-15 year commitment.

Dogs are creatures that think and feel much like humans, and therefore we have to treat them as such.

Before purchasing, make sure you have the space for a large breed like the Mally Foxhound.

Living in an apartment isn’t recommended for large breeds, so maybe reconsider your style of breed if that category fits you.

You will also need ample time and a reasonably flexible schedule to socialize a puppy, as your attention from an early age can shape its personality.

If you have a family member home most of the time, it will be fine, but if you live alone and are out the house a lot of the time you’re either going to have to make more time, hire a frequent sitter or maybe reconsider getting a puppy at all.

You also need to decide on gender, color and your preferences on spaying/neutering.

How much does a Mally Foxhound cost?

For a large breed, the Mally Foxhound is considerably cheap and perfect for those on a budget.

A Mally Foxhound puppy is more than likely going to cost you anywhere between $400-$600, which is way below the average for most large-sized breeds and is around the same price of its predecessor breeds.

If you want a large dog and are a little lower on cash than most other dog seekers, this breed may be perfect for you.

How Do I Find a Reputable Mally Foxhound Breeder?

Finding an ethical, professional breeder is especially important.

The actions of a breeder can shape the characteristics of a puppy before it even enters your household, so it’s important to try and find a caring, quality breeder who pays a lot of detail in their process.

We can ever truly peek behind the curtains of a breeder, but there are some factors we can analyze when visiting. To make this process easier, ask around your neighborhood for any word of mouth.

When purchasing a Mally Foxhound, it’s essential to determine whether or not they have a clean, spacious environment with their breeder.

If they are cooped up, they will most likely be angry and destructive.

This is the same with socialization because if the breeder isn’t paying enough attention to the dogs, they are going to feel neglected and anxious.

A reputable breeder should assist you with the vital information on these dogs also, which includes what you need to do and buy to ensure this dog’s growth.

3 Little-Known Facts about the Mally Foxhound

  1. The Mally Foxhound is one of the rare breeds to be recognized by the Dog Registry of America.
  2. Despite its elegant look, the Mally Foxhound is relatively low maintenance when it comes to grooming needs.
  3. Its parent breed, the Alaskan Malamute, was held in such high regard that they were rarely ever sold to breeders or settlers.

The Physical Traits of the Mally Foxhound

Curious Mally Foxhound
It is not recommended to keep a Mally Foxhound in an apartment.

Due to the Mally Foxhound being a hybrid, it can inherit the physical appearance and features of both its parent breeds.

Whether it resembles more of an Alaskan Malamute or a Foxhound depends on the dog’s genetics so each Mally Foxhound can look vastly different.

Most of the time, the body of the Mally Foxhound is masculine, with a strong support system in its stern legs.

It usually has a short to medium-length double coat, with colors varying shades of black, brown, red and white, as well as a combination of these.

It has a broad head with pointy ears and dark, ominous eyes that are a deep shade of brown. It has a curly tail most of the time and a posture that reeks of elegance.

Its double coat is inherited from the Alaskan Malamute and is designed to face extremely cold temperatures.

How Big is a Full-Grown Mally Foxhound?

The Mally Foxhound is a large-sized dog and showcases a pretty hefty size.

It can grow anywhere between 22-27 inches long, appearing much bigger than both the 23 inch maximum of an Alaskan Malamute and Foxhound.

In terms of mass, the Mally Foxhound can weigh anywhere up to 95 pounds, which signifies it as a slim dog for its length.

The boy tends to be generally larger than the female, and because of its size, it is not recommended that you leave it unsupervised with small children and babies.

What is the Life Expectancy of the Mally Foxhound?

The Mally Foxhound is expected to live around 11-13 years, which is in the same ballpark as the 10-12 of an Alaskan Malamute, and the 10-13 of a Foxhound.

This is around the average for large-sized breeds and can increase or decrease depending on the health of the dog. So you must keep an eye on your dog for any signs of illness.

Temperament, Personality and Behavioural Traits of the Mally Foxhound

Mally Foxhound Puppy
A Mally Foxhound has a broad head with pointy ears.

The Mally Foxhound is known to act exactly like a puppy for most of its life, with the energy, enthusiasm, and eagerness you wouldn’t expect from such a large dog.

It loves to play inside and outside, participating in activities that can range from frisbee to obedience training.

It is known to be great with both kids and strangers, but not so much with other pets, so, unfortunately, you shouldn’t get a cat!

Because of its comfortability with unfamiliar faces, the Mally Foxhound tends not to be a good guard dog.

It tends to wander and follow scents due to its hunting instincts; it is important to keep it leashed on walks and in an enclosed backyard at home.

It loves the affection of its owners and is incredibly loyal, but it also loves brief times of independence.

What Are the Dietary Needs of the Mally Foxhound?

The Mally Foxhound, as a large breed, will often eat copious amounts of food. It’ll enjoy 3 cups of food a day, averaging around $40-$60 a month in food costs.

It will prefer meats like chicken, beef, and pork to typical dry dog foods, but will enjoy the latter as more as a snack, along with nutrient-based foods like kiddle.

How Much Physical Activity Does the Mally Foxhound need?

Due to its working background, the Mally Foxhound will need copious amounts of high-intensity exercise.

It’s suggested that you treat it to around 120 minutes of fitness per day, and 9 miles of walking per week

It will enjoy jogs, walks and park games like frisbee, as well as training regimes that relate to obedience and agility for mental stimulation.

Because of its size and high energy, it is recommended that you don’t keep it in apartments and that you provide it with a large, spacious backyard.

Because of its double coat, it is known to thrive in cooler weather, but will struggle in hot weather and will need to be regularly hydrated.

Health Concerns and Issues of the Mally Foxhound:

The Mally Foxhound as a large breed inherits a series of possible health concerns. These include:

  • Dwarfism
  • Spongiform
  • Diabetes
  • Dermatosis
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Glaucoma

My Final thoughts on the Mally FoxhoundMally Foxhound guide

Overall, the Mally Foxhound is a beautiful, elegant and enigmatic dog that is equally loving as it is independent.

If you can commit a large amount of time to train and exercise, while supplying a reasonably big backyard, this dog is perfect for you.


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