Malinois X: Dog Breed Info

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The Malinois X is a fairly new hybrid mix of the Belgian Malinois and the German Shepherd Dog.

It combines the breed characteristics of the parent breeds, resulting in a dog that is intelligent, good-natured, level-headed, energetic, and protective.

There isn’t much information available on this sturdy hybrid itself, but plenty exists on the parent breeds who were developed to be working dogs in the 1800s.

Though the place and date of origin of the Malinois X are unknown, the parent breeds excelled in working as shepherding dogs in the past.

They continue to be utilized in police and military areas. Their low maintenance and good-natured temperament make them excellent family dogs as well.

Malinois X Puppies – Before You Buy…

A brown Malinois X sitting on a blanket
The Malinois X is known to be sharp and determined.

What Price are Malinois X Puppies?

The price of Malinois X puppies is anywhere between $500 and $2,000.

How to Find Reputable Malinois X Breeders?

When you’re looking to buy a specific type of dog, you want to find a reputable breeder with a history of producing healthy, temperamentally sound puppies.

Such breeders breed few litters. They often have waiting lists for the puppies they produce, so you may have to wait before you can buy a dog from them.

The breed you choose and where you get the puppy from has a lot to do with how happy you’ll be with the dog later.

Take time to find the right breeder. Call people that you know who own the breed that you want and ask how it is living with and taking care of that particular breed.

A serious breeder can tell you more than you possibly imagined there was to know. Take a few field trips to see for yourself how the dogs behave around people and other dogs.

Attending a dog show is probably the most enjoyable way to start tracking down a breeder, but you can also turn to canine magazines.

These magazines don’t do background checks on the breeders, however. It’s your job to screen them and determine which breeders are responsible or not.

If you can’t find anyone locally for the dog you want, call the nearest breeder who likely belongs to a national or regional breed club and can refer you to the nearest breeder.

Joining a breed club also puts you in contact with many other reputable breeders through a newsletter or email subscription.

A more recent way to connect with reputable breeders is through the internet where you can join a group or discussion list devoted to your type of dog.

3 Little-Known Facts About Malinois X Puppies

  1. Although there is plenty of information available on the parent breeds, there isn’t much available on the Malinois X itself.
  2. The Belgian Malinois parent dog can be traced back to the 1800s where they were developed in Malines, Belgium.
    The German Shepherd Dog came from Germany and was developed for shepherding, guarding, and hunting purposes.
  3. The Malinois X is popular with law enforcement and military handlers because of his intelligence, work ethic, and ability to leap over vehicles and snare bad guys.

Physical Traits of the Malinois X

A mix between the Belgian Malinois and German Shepherd
The Malinois X is big, affectionate, lovable, and loyal.

The Malinois X hybrid can take on the physical appearance of either or both parent breeds. He has a flat skull that is proportional with the rest of his body.

His muzzle is on the longer side. His nose is black, and his eyes are deep-set and almond-shaped.

His ears are set high and erect. His body is sturdy and athletic, and it’s a bit more compact than the German Shepherd’s.

He is covered with a rough and harsh coat. It’s not hypoallergenic. The Malinois X dogs come in tan, white, blue, black, brown, and fawn.

Brushing him with a firm bristled brush will not only remove the loose hair but will also keep the coat shiny and healthy-looking.

Bathing need only be done when your hybrid is dirty so as not to remove too much of the essential oils.

The doggy smell and drooling levels are quite low with the Malinois X.

Toenail trimming will be required as needed unless he keeps them ground down in his daily activities and exercise periods.

His ears should be checked and cleaned. His teeth should be brushed at least three times a week, though daily would be even better if possible.

Having a regular dental, eye, and physical exams with the vet will also be required to remain healthy and fit.

How Big is a Full-Grown Malinois X?

The Malinois X can grow up to 20 to 26 inches and weigh 65 to 85 lbs.

What is the Life Expectancy of the Malinois X?

The life expectancy of the Malinois X is 10 to 14 years.

Intelligence, Temperament and Personality Traits of the Malinois X

The Malinois X is a great family dog. This strong, fun-loving, loyal, and hardworking dog will fit into your lifestyle as long as you are the pack leader.

While he appears to get his levelheadedness from the German Shepherd, he will also be energetic, loyal, protective, and demanding.

He will not allow you to ignore him, and he will always work to be the center of the household. He is quite intelligent and trains easily because he is also quite eager to please.

He will try to be the dominant one when being trained, so you will need to be firm and encouraging to show him who is really in charge.

If early socialization is done with him, he will get along great with children and other animals.

He will be protective of the children and other family members, though he can become a bit territorial with pets and other dogs.

Raising him with other dogs and pets will help modify this trait. Be firm with your children and teach them not to pull on his ears or tail and hurt him.

He’s a great watchdog and will alert you of the presence of strangers, inside the house or out.

The Malinois X’s Diet

A Malinois X playing Football
The Malinois X is the mix of the Belgian Malinois and the German Shepherd Dog.

Due to his large build, he must consume 3 to 4 cups of high-quality dog food, divided into two meals a day.

Always feed him nutritious food that does not have high starch content.

How Much Exercise Does a Malinois X Need?

The Malinois X is an active dog, getting this high energy level from both the parent breeds.

He will require lots of physical exercises and mental challenges. He is better suited to a house with a fenced yard to enable him to get more exercise.

But he will also love to walk or jog with you anytime! He will be happiest with a couple of long walks and brisk playtime coupled with a mental challenge.

Games of frisbee, fetch, earth dog training, and obedience training are some of the activities which will help spend some of his physical energy.

These will also provide him with the mental stimulation he needs to prevent boredom or destructive behavior.

Expect to walk him 1 to 2 hours per day in addition to his playtime in the backyard.

He can adapt to urban or rural settings. Although not the best fit, he can adapt to condo or apartment living.

You just need to give him enough exercise opportunities outside the home to keep him fit and healthy.

Because of the double coat inherited from both parent breeds, the Malinois X is better suited to colder climates than hotter ones.

Malinois X Health and Conditions

To avoid getting a puppy or dog with health issues, buy from reputable breeders that care about their puppies and the puppies’ health.

Ask to see health clearances for the parent dogs as the offspring does have the potential to inherit the parent’s health issues.

For the Malinois X, some health issues to be concerned about are allergies, joint dysplasia, anesthesia sensitivity, Progressive Renal Atrophy, Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency, degenerative myelopathy, and bloat.

Male Vs Female

The differences between a male and a female Malinois X might make one of them more suited to your personality and the environment of your home than the other.

This is why a thorough evaluation of their physical and behavioral features is important when selecting a pet for yourself.

The male Malinois X can grow to an average height of 22 to 26 inches.

The female dog, on the other hand, has a lesser average height of 20 to 24 inches.

Similarly, the female Malinois X weighs less than its male counterpart.

The male dog of this breed has an average weight of 70 to 85 pounds while the female weighs around 65 to 73 pounds.

Diet and exercise can make these differences less noticeable, however.

The female Malinois X is more unpredictable than the male one due to her mood swings.

However, the female dog is much more independent than the male Malinois X and is not too eager to please its owner.

The female Malinois X can also become less confident when its owner is not closeby.

The male, on the contrary, can handle itself well without its owners and it is not easy to shake its confidence.

In addition to the above, male Malinois X is easier to train than the female one.

Another trait observed in the female Malinois X which can become a problem for you is its territorial behavior.

It can become very possessive over its territory and might even fight over it.

Interestingly, the female Malinois X is quite dominant towards other females but will act lovingly towards male dogs.

Moreover, the male dog is less agile than the female one.

Resultantly, choose a male Malinois X if you want a strong, obedient, and easy-to-train dog, but go for the female one if you are looking for a dominant, independent, and agile pet.

My Final Thoughts on the Malinois XA happy Malinois X

With the Malinois X, you get the tenacity of the Malinois and the easygoing nature of the German Shepherd.

The Belgian Malinois parent dog is known to be sharp and determined.

He is a sleek workaholic that’s light on his feet.

He can be quite intense and reactive. He’s also more protective of his territory.

The German Shepherd parent boasts of classic movie star looks.

He is big, affectionate, lovable, and loyal. He also has a solid work ethic and great with children.

German Shepherds are double-coated, which means they shed a lot.

They are also quite vocal and will not hesitate to let their opinions be known. You must have a lifestyle to match this active and outdoorsy dog.

He is curious and busy and likes having a job to do. Otherwise, he will find one for himself. If you have the energy to burn and a lifestyle to match, a Malinois X can be a wonderful companion!

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