50 of the Best Hawaiian Dog Names and Their Meanings

Hawaiians are known to be very traditional people with a compelling sense of culture and values, especially in spiritual terms; qualities that lend themselves as helpful inspiration for Hawaiian dog names.

The Hawaiian population also likes to stay closely connected to all things of nature, and the island itself is home to some of the most breathtaking natural views, like beaches, tropical rainforests, and mountains.

All in all, Hawaiian people are known to be relaxed, living happily in a place on earth that is known to be the most famous spot for destressing.

The Hawaiian culture, therefore, allows for a lot of inspiration to be taken for Hawaiian dog names.

This inspiration comes not just in the form of a description of the laid-back behavior that is inherent amongst Hawaiians, but also from their looks, especially their skin tones.

There is no existing dog breed that specifically comes from Hawaiian roots. The one Hawaiian-origin breed of canines, namely the Hawaiian Poi Dog, has been extinct since long.

Therefore, the only associations that can be made between Hawaiian culture and dogs are through Hawaiian dog names.

Dogs have always had a significant presence in Hawaiian folklore and stories, with dog characters serving important roles in Hawaiian mythology.

Before we start to look at long lists of Hawaiian dog names, we should first understand what kinds of dogs are most suitable to be given a name of such roots.

Hawaiian names are ideal for dogs that have a carefree, easy-going personality.

Kind dogs with a gentle demeanor and immense love for the beach and the ocean make the best candidates for Hawaiian dog names.

An added bonus is if your pet has a copper or gold-colored fur coat that draws parallels with a classic, beautiful Hawaiian skin tan.

Finally, apart from all these considerations, the name of your pet should be one that it takes a liking to and responds attentively to.

In the following passages, you will find compilations of unique Hawaiian dog names along with their specific definition and the reason why these names are fitting for your pet.

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The names have been divided on the basis of gender and popularity to make it easier for readers to save time and jump to their desired category to scout their favorite Hawaiian dog name.

Hawaiian Dog Names
This is a very active dog and his name is Illio.

Male Hawaiian Dog Name

  • Keanu

This name refers to cool and breezy mountain winds, depicting the peaceful demeanor of a dog that carries this title.

  • Anakoni

The literal definition of Anakoni is “valuable”.

This Hawaiian dog name captures the respect and value of your faithful companion as an important member of your life.

  • Ilio

A simple word that means “dog” in the native language.

Illio is a sweet-sounding name that is also easily internalized by a canine.

  • Makalapua

A word that means handsome.

This name describes the haughty appearance of your admirable pet that you would definitely want to flaunt wherever you go.

  • Amana

A name that means warrior.

A large dog that has strong protective instincts and an inherent ability to not back down from a fight can be named Amana.

  • Pupule

An adorable name that sounds like it is derived from “puppy” (but actually is not), Pupule is a native word for crazy.

It is a name best suited for a pooch with a wild side or one that likes to indulge in quirky antics from time to time.

  • Maui

The second biggest Hawaiian island.

In mythology, Maui was the trickster that tricked his brothers into creating the Hawaiian islands by fishing them out of the ocean.

This is a name more suited for small dogs.

  • Amoka

A word that means strong, which makes it a fitting name for a canine that either has a powerful build, or some strong and formidable personality traits, or both.

  • Paniolo

This word literally means cowboy, but can best be used to describe a free-spirited dog.

It is a unique name that has a very traditional ring to it.

  • Honi

A Hawaiian name that means kiss, the expression of love.

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You would want your furry pet to shower affection on you and other members of the family.

  • Makana

A Hawaiian word for “gift”, which is what you would want to describe your beloved pet as, because dogs are truly a gift of nature.

  • Hoku

Hoku is Hawaiian for a star, which makes it an ideal Hawaiian dog name for your prized pet.

  • Aka

Aka means shadow.

Your canine companion will have undying support towards you and will follow you around like a shadow.

  • Kapena

A male Hawaiian dog name meaning captain.

A suitable name for dogs that like to be in control of their surroundings and lead those around them.

  • Kei

Hawaiian for the word “dignified”.

Your pet will be a respectable and honorable pet full of dignity and impeccable values.

Hawaiian Dog Names
Her name is Moana and she loves to spend a lot of time on a beach.

Female Hawaiian Dog Names

  • Nohea

A name that literally can be defined as “beautiful”.

The perfect Hawaiian name for your gorgeous canine girl.

  • Uilani

Again describing the beauty of your pet, Uilani is “great beauty” in literal terminology.

  • Kona

Kona is a Hawaiian word for “lady”.

A feminine name that is simple yet elegant and perfectly encapsulates those very qualities of your pet dog.

  • Akahi

A traditional Hawaiian dog name with the literal definition of “kindness”.

A girl dog named Akahi will be gentle and caring with a pure soul that only wants to look after the ones she loves.

  • Moana

A name that is associated with anything “from the ocean”.

The ideal moniker for a dog that loves to play in the water and cherishes trips to the beach.

  • Kalae

A name that describes someone being filled with joy.

Kalae is a very fitting name for a cheerful and yippie dog that radiates positive vibes on all its family members.

  • Mele

This name can be given to a dog that has a sing-song voice, or one that is more vocal about its feelings.

This is because, in Hawaiian, Mele is the word that means “song”, so a dog with this title should be keen on letting its voice resonate throughout the house.

  • Luana
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A simple female Hawaiian dog name; Luana means happiness.

The name needs no explanations, just a joyful, furry candidate that will live up to the title fully.

  • Mau Loa

A rare dog name that consists of two words with a special meaning.

Mau Loa is forever, which properly depicts the kind of everlasting companionship that you can expect from your lovable pet.

  • Kai

Not from the ocean, but from the sea.

Kai is a short and sweet name for a female dog that is fond of water and sand.

  • Waiola

From violet; Waiola is Hawaiian for a violet flower.

The name is suitable for a dog that blossoms into a beautiful and elegant creature.

  • Alamea

The literal meaning of Alamea is precious, just like your beloved pet dog is to you.

  • Pua

Another Hawaiian word for a flower.

Pua is a tiny name that is easy to learn by your pet.
Fitting for a gentle pet that has an easy-going nature.

  • Mahina

A delightful name that is pleasing to the ears.

Mahina literally means moonlight.

And just like the radiance of the moon, your pet will also light up your life and your home with its soft, kind, and positive presence.

  • Ululani

A word that literally means “inspiration”.

Your dog can be a role model not just for other dogs, but for other humans as well, especially in regards to teaching empathy and harmonious living.

Hawaiian Dog Names
He is a lovely pet and his name is Weuweu.

Cute Hawaiian Dog Names

  • Keiki

Hawaiian for “child”.

A cute name for a new puppy that you will raise and adore as your own.

  • Lupo

A word for wolf.

This is a good title for wolfdogs or other breeds that resemble wolves.

  • Malo

In the Hawaiian language, Malo is defined as a winner.

And a winner is what you must strive for your dog to be.

  • Palani

A name that means “free man” in literal terms.

This can be a suitable choice for a pet that is free-spirited and independent and likes to live on its own accord.

  • Pûkini
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A cute name with an even cuter, more appealing meaning: Pûkini is a Hawaiian word for pudding.

Sweet and soft like pudding, your cuddly pet will learn to love this name.

This is a name that is more suited for male dogs.

  • Weuweu

A word that means fluffy, aptly describing the fur and fluff of your lovable pet dog.

A good Hawaiian name for dogs with a dense fur coat and a lot of hair.

This is mainly a male dog name.

  • Lolana

A feminine Hawaiian dog name that literally can be defined as soaring high like a hawk.

A sweet name for strong-willed female dogs that are outgoing and courageous.

  • Kahili

Kahili is a feather in Hawaiian.

This can be a fitting name for dogs that are light in weight, like any toy dog or lap dogs, as the title will describe their delicate bodily structure.

Again, this is the name for a girl dog.

  • Kalena

This name refers to the brightest star of the galaxy.

Kalena is a strong name that encapsulates your pet’s uniqueness and ability to stand out on top of the rest of the crowd.

  • Lalama

A name that means daring and refers to the courageous and unfettering fearlessness of your powerful pet.

While the sound of this name makes it seem applicable to both genders, it is originally a female name.

  • Lilo

The name describes a generous person.

It is an apt name for a well-behaved and selfless dog that will give generously to keep its owners and family happy.

  • Lolo

Lolo is crazy in the Hawaiian language, which makes it a good title for a wild dog that can tend to be very hyper and chaotic.

  • Miki

A short name that means “quick”.

An appropriate Hawaiian name for a fast-paced dog that is full of zest and fervor and can be very speedy in its actions.

  • Olina

This name means joyous and is an appropriate way of describing a puppy that likes to be happy and make others around it happy as well.

  • Makani
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A Hawaiian word for “wind”.

As the cool breeze of Hawaiian mountains, living with your beloved pet should be a breezy experience that both you and your canine friend will cherish for years.

The Most Popular Hawaiian Dog Name of All Time

  • Kaupe

In Hawaiian mythological stories, Kaupe was a cannibalistic dog-man.

It is believed that Kaupe went on a search to other islands like Maui to look for humans to feast on.

Basically, Kaupe was a spirit animal that used malicious means to lure people out of their safe places at night, only to attack and eat them.

Owing to its long story in Hawaiian folklore and largely to its conciseness, the name Kaupe has gained massive amounts of popularity in today’s era, especially as far as Hawaiian-inspired dog names go.

The name is preferred for being distinct from other commonly used words that the dog may confuse it with, in addition to its easy pronunciation.

The name is also very quickly picked up on by canines that can set it apart from other commands.

My Final Thoughts

Hawaiian dog names are nothing less of a delight to scout through when picking a name for your pet.

The traditionally inspired titles are rich in history and age-old mythological tales, while still staying close to reality.

Despite the fact that, in the present day, no Hawaiian dog breed exists on the face of the earth, there are a plethora of dog names that are inspired from the culture and landscapes of Hawaii, which give us some of the most adorable titles for our beloved pets.

Each Hawaiian dog name has a deep, underlying meaning to it, which makes it all the more fun and easy to select just the right tag name for your pet.

This compilation of Hawaiian dog names was drafted for the sole purpose of helping out new dog-owners with their naming process, and we have no doubt that you would have settled on a cute name for your pet by now!

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