Goldador (Labrador & Golden Retriever Mix)

Family dog by day and bomb sniffer by night, the Golden Labrador has the best of both worlds.

It is hardly believable that a dog that is so gentle and loving by nature is also called on as a service dog to be used for highly sensitive security and hunting purposes.

But that’s just half the charm of the Golden Labrador, or, as it is more adorably referred to as, the Goldador.

Being the prodigy of two mighty, highly sought after pedigree breeds is certainly an attractive factor in itself, but what other traits of the Golden Labrador make people want to drive down to the nearest breeder and bring a Goldador puppy home?

Before we jump into that though, let’s take a look at the basics.

A small Golden Labrador laying on the grass
Golden Labrador is the dog for you.

The Golden Labrador can safely pass as the dog for anyone and everyone: from single individuals to couples, to families with children, to senior citizens, to professional hunters, the Goldador will fit right into your lifestyle like it was always meant to be there.

A delight to have around the house, either working or simply sitting by your side, the Goldador will never fail to steal your heart the minute you set eyes on it.

For a breed with so much dignity, it is only fair that prospective buyers hoping to keep a Golden

Labrador should guarantee that they can provide the best environment for their Goldador to thrive in.

And this guarantee will begin at home, not after you’ve brought a Goldador puppy home, but before you decide if you are capable of doing this dog the justice that it’s lineage demands.

In this guide, you’ll be able to shake off several concerns that might be shrouding your mind, as well as make an informed decision about whether you have what it takes to raise a Golden Labrador.

The Golden Labrador Puppies – Before You Buy…

To ensure that you’re fully prepared to take on such a responsibility, test yourself with the following questions.

  • Can I afford a Golden Labrador puppy?
  • Where can I find reliable breeders for Golden Labradors?
  • Will I, or my family, be able to look after the Golden Labrador puppy in the best way possible?

Do not worry if you can’t answer these questions, for we have narrowed down the answers for you in this handy guide.

What price are the Golden Labrador puppies?

An average Golden Labrador pup can cost you anywhere between $500 to $1000, depending on the going rate amongst breeders in your area.

According to prices in the UK, you can expect to pay around 650 to 850 pounds for a healthy Golden Labrador puppy with all documentation of certified health tests.

Breeders often value these dogs at different rates, depending on the competition and purpose for which they’ve bred the Golden Labradors available in the kennels.

How to find reputable Golden Labrador breeders?

Breeders for this designer breed are widely available and finding a breeder who with the Golden Retriever and Labrador cross will not take much time.

However, ease of availability is not the basis to judge a breeder’s reputation.

A good breeder would have carried out all relevant health checkups on both parent’s breeds as well as the puppy itself.

Additionally, an experienced breeder would know to breed only those Golden Retrievers that have a higher life expectancy owing to a less than average rate of cancer.

For this purpose, a relatively older dog of the Golden Retriever group should be chosen, as it would be less likely to carry the cancer gene.

Technicalities like this should all be considered by the breeder, otherwise, you’d be at high risk of getting scammed for your money with a Golden Labrador puppy that might not be entirely healthy.

3 Little-known facts about the Golden Labrador puppies

A Golden Labrador sitting up
Golden Labrador will be your faithful friend.

Only you are the best judge of whether you are at a point in life to keep a Golden Labrador or not.

However, it always helps to be aware of some facts that you may have never heard about the Golden Labrador.

  • There is a specific reason behind breeding this designer dog

The idea of mating the Labrador with a Golden Retriever was to create a solid combination of adaptability and gentleness.

The Labrador Retrievers are widely known for their high tolerance levels, while the Golden Retrievers are commended for their sensitivity.

Therefore, their offspring could very well be expected to be the ultimate mix of liveliness and affection.

  • They’re the Jack of all trades

The Golden Labrador is not just a cute face that’s good with children and other animals.

The services of the Goldador are often called upon to serve a variety of purposes: need emotional and moral support? Get a Goldador.

Need to search for something? Get a Goldador. Need a bomb to be sniffed out? Summon the Goldador.

A Golden Labrador will often be the solution to a lot of your concerns, be it as a rescue dog, a guide dog, or as just a loyal and intelligent pet.

  • They are very dependent on owners

The Goldador is very responsive. This makes it one of the most obedient dogs that will do whatever their owner will ask of them.

Therefore, the Golden Labrador can be very dependent on its human, accompanying them wherever they go.

The intelligence of this breed coupled with the obedient streak makes them very easy to train, and you can rest assured that your dog will start to love and trust you from the minute it comes into your arms.

Physical Traits of the Golden Labrador

Since it is a mixed breed, it can be difficult to predict which side of its family the Goldador puppy will take after.

The Golden Labrador puppies can vary in color, weight, height, and life expectancy.

How big is a full-grown Golden Labrador?

Golden Labradors are medium to large-sized dogs that can weigh up to 80 pounds.

On average, females are more likely to weigh relatively lower, reaching a maximum weight of around 65 to 70 pounds.

In terms of height, the Goldador can stand as tall as 24 and a half inches, with females measuring not far behind at 23 inches tall.

What is the life expectancy of the Golden Labrador?

The averagely recorded life expectancy of the Goldador is around 10 to 15 years.

The Golden Labradors usually live about as many years as their parents so you can expect a healthy, well-exercised Goldador to live a full and happy life.

Intelligence, Temperament and Personality Traits of the Golden Labrador

A Golden Labrador looking at you
Golden Labrador is not a much expensive breed.

The affectionate and well-behaved personality of the Golden Labrador is not unheard of.

This breed easily makes it into the list of some of the most popular dog breeds across the world owing to its friendly nature.

Intelligence is inherently the second nature of this dog because of its extremely smart parents. This, along with its intent desire to please its owner, factors in a lot when it comes to training the dog.

Additionally, the Golden Labrador is wired to pick up on new things very quickly.

Therefore, when you teach it a new trick, rest assured that your Goldador will grasp it almost instantly, in addition to internalizing your actions and moods.

Although the Golden Labrador is alert enough to be a good watchdog, it’s friendly nature decreases its ability to bark or growl at strangers.

This is a breed that will socialize and make friends with anyone and everyone. All they ever want to do is shower love and hugs on all those around them.

For households with children and other pets, the Golden Labrador will not find it difficult at all to gel right in.

Young children, however, could be at risk of getting toppled over due to the size and extreme energy of the dog.

The Golden Labrador is a kind animal that not only wholeheartedly trusts its owner but is also very trustworthy itself.

Its blind faith towards humans makes it extremely social and confident in its surroundings.

Due to their outgoing nature, these dogs will not do well in isolation, and therefore should almost always be accompanied.

The excitability of this crossbreed is inherited from its Labrador ancestor, which allows him to explicitly display his emotions in front of guests by jumping on or around them.

Being family-oriented makes them perfect for people who can dedicate a lot of time and attention to their pet, for if left alone, you will have to face the destructive side of your Goldador.

Having said that, a lot of bad habits can be weeded out of the Labrador with obedience training, not that there are too many of those, to begin with.

The Golden Labrador Diet

The Golden Labrador is a healthy and hefty dog that requires about three-and-a-half to four-and-a-half cups of dry dog food a day.

Splitting your pet’s food into two servings a day will help combat bloating and the health risks that stem from overeating.

You should ensure that you feed your dog a high-quality diet that is rich in nutrition.

As with any pet, the better the quality of its diet, the more it will help towards making your dog healthier.

How much Exercise does a Golden Labrador need?

Both parents of the Golden Labrador are known to be highly active and energetic dogs.

Therefore, allowing your Golden Labrador ample time in open spaces and sufficient yard-time will do you and your dog a lot of good.

The Golden Labrador thrives in houses with enough space to roam about, so if you have a fenced-in yard, your pet will never complain of boredom.

Having said that, the Goldador is not the worst pet to have in an apartment either and will stay satisfied, given that it is allowed to spend substantial time in the outdoors.

This is a breed that needs enough exercise throughout the day. Hence, ensure that your Goldador’s daily walks are no less than half an hour, with some added playtime.

Goldadors are very fond of fetch, so incorporate that and similar stimulating games in your pet’s exercise routine.

Frequent the dog park with your Goldador for added socialization, which will not only keep it physically active but will also feed its need to interact with other people and animals.

The Golden Labrador Health and Conditions

Overall, the Golden Labrador will prove to be a healthy breed if taken proper care of, and given that both its parents are tested for any health ailments.

Unfortunately, the Golden Labrador is predisposed to certain health issues that it inherits from its parents.

This is particularly so because it is a mixed breed, and therefore whatever issues the parents are prone to developing are very likely to pass down to the offspring as well.

Goldadors are most likely to carry the cancer gene. Statistics show that cancer is the primary cause of 40% of the Golden Retriever, which gives rise to the tendency of a Goldador developing cancer.

Other minor issues can include arthritis of the hip and elbow joints, eye diseases, and other health issues common in canines.

My final thoughts on the Golden LabradorA small Golden Labrador playing with a toy

Derived from confident and faithful parents, the Golden Labrador is a proven gem of a dog.

For use as a service dog or a family dog, you can expect nothing less than the utmost loyalty and obedience of this competitive breed.

Our final verdict on prospective Goldador buyers is that regardless of whether or not you have a family if you can make the necessary lifestyle changes to cater to your dog, this is the dog for you.

In the end, it all comes down to the time and love that you can shower over your well-natured guide and companion, for that is what it will take to live with this reliable friend and make it an unforgettable part of your life.

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