The French Bull Jack: A Complete Guide

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A designer breed produced from the powerful genes of the French Bulldog and the Jack Russell Terrier, the French Bull Jack is a versatile package in a compact size.

Both parents of the French Bull Jack are small dogs with very charming personalities.

Since both breeds are quite different from each other but equally appealing, their offspring can take after either side of its lineage.

Prospective buyers looking into the French Bull Jack breed should know that their pet can either be full of energy, like the jumpy Jack Russell Terrier or can turn out to be a lazy dog that prefers to lounge around the house.

Another clash of traits of both parents lies in the very fact that the French Bulldog is a well-behaved companion dog that will find solace in pleasing its owner, while the Jack Russell Terrier has a rather feisty personality and an independent streak.

The good news is that potential dog owners that are interested in small-sized dogs with dynamic personalities will find the best of both worlds in the French Bull Jack.

As is the case with any designer dog, it is important to thoroughly research the background of the canine that you’re looking into.

In this concise but informative guide, you will be provided with all the knowledge that you will require before deciding on making the French Bull Jack a part of your family and life.

The French Bull Jack Puppies – Before You Buy…

A black and white French Bull Jack
The French Bull Jack is perfect for people living in big houses.

Before proceeding any further, you will need to account for certain important factors that will determine your compatibility with the French Bull Jack.

Familiarize yourself with the following questions, and their answers, to gauge your current standing in terms of compatibility:

  • Will I be able to afford a French Bull Jack puppy?
  • Where will I find a good breeder for a French Bull Jack breed?
  • What does it take to train and raise a French Bull Jack puppy?

The following sentences will reveal the answers to all these queries, and more.

What price are the French Bull Jack puppies?

French Bull Jack puppies are not expensive at all.

For a good quality puppy of this kind, you will normally have to pay around 500 pounds (about $650).

However, the quoted price for a puppy of this designer breed will be largely contingent on the breeder, the breeding rights, and the location of the breeder, and the quality of the pup.

How to find reputable French Bull Jack breeders?

Most people resort to the Internet to look for breeders. While this is more convenient than asking around for information on breeders for the specific dog breed you want, it comes with its own set of risks.

Don’t get impressed by conveniences like the option to pay online, or the availability of just the kind of puppy that you have pictured in your head.

Such promises are often a gimmick used by money-making breeders who will often compromise on the quality of the pup.

More importantly, make sure you see proper documentation related to the health of the puppy and both its parents.

The first sign of a legitimate breeder is that he/she would have run all certified health tests on the dogs and be able to provide you with health clearance certificates

A good way to analyze the sincerity of the breeder regarding the care given to the canines in the kennel is to see how they’re treated.

Ask to see both the parents of the dogs and if that isn’t possible, inquire about where the parent dogs are.

An honorable breeder should be stay updated on the condition of the parents as well as be interested in the future of the puppies.

Therefore, have an informative discussion with your breeder, where you both ask each other questions to reach a conclusion about your compatibility with the puppy about to be sold to you.

3 Little-known facts about the French Bull Jack puppies

Read these interesting facts about the French Bull Jack to get a better picture of life with this dog:

  • The French Bull Jack is low maintenance in grooming and its exercise needs

This breed has minimal grooming requirements, needing only a weekly brushing to keep its coat healthy.

Unlike most dogs, the French Bull Jack does not need to spend a great part of the day outside. Short, routine walks will be enough to cater to the exercise requirements of this breed.

  • Do not leave the French Bull Jack alone for long periods

The French Bull Jack is a highly sociable dog that worships the presence of humans.

Leaving it in solitude for some hours will cause separation anxiety and result in destructive, hostile behavior.

Remember, the French Bull Jack will always yearn for affection from its owners.

  • It will do anything to get your attention

The French Bull Jack is commonly described as a mischievous dog that will not shy away from demanding the focus of its family.

This trait makes it a very receptive breed that will pick up on basic commands that you teach it (e.g. sit, stay, walk, etc)

Physical Traits of the French Bull Jack

A French Bull Jack sitting on the grass
The French Bull Jack can boost your mood after a hard day at work.

Being the product of two short, stubby canines, the French Bull Jack does not measure too high on the weight and height scale.

How big is a full-grown French Bull Jack?

French Bull Jacks are usually only about 11 to 14 inches tall, and weigh between 13 and 28 pounds, depending on which side of the family the dog takes after more.

The gender of the dog does not make a difference in the size of the French Bull Jack, and both males and females of this kind will have measurements that fall within the standard range.

What is the life expectancy of the French Bull Jack?

The life expectancy of the French Bull Jack depends on several factors, like its diet, its exercise levels, and, most importantly, its genetics.

The normal lifespan of this breed is expected to be anywhere between 9 and 16 years.

Intelligence, Temperament and Personality Traits of the French Bull Jack

As a result of the versatile gene pool that is transferred to the French Bull Jack through the French Bulldog and Jack Russell Terrier lineages, the characteristics of this designer dog are hard to pin down.

While the French Bulldog is an obedient dog that lives by the rules of its owners, the Jack Russell Terrier is known for acting on its own accord.

Despite the difference in personality, however, what can surely be expected of the French Bull Jack as a pet is a highly sharp dog that will benefit a lot from firm training and effective socialization.

Both parent breeds have a naughty streak, which can make them slightly difficult to train, especially because they tend to get stubborn on occasion.

But once you get the hang of dealing with a French Bull Jack, rest assured that it will turn into the perfect family dog or even just a companion dog that will crave your company all the time.

For any prospective owner, it is imperative to grasp your head around the inherent desire of the French Bull Jack to stick close to its owner and thrive in the company of other humans.

Therefore, if you cannot guarantee that you will be spending a lot of time with your pet, or have the kind of lifestyle that demands you to stay out of the house a lot, do not opt for a French Bull Jack, unless you have someone to accompany it during the day.

Socialize your dog with other humans and animals to keep its body and mind stimulated throughout the day.

A dog that feels the love of its mates will consequently be very well-mannered and cooperative.

Bottom line: the French Bull Jack is a compact package that oozes affection and happy vibes, making it the perfect compatriot for adults, children, and old people alike.

The French Bull Jack Diet

A light brown French Bull Jack sitting on the couch
The French Bull Jack is a loving and playful breed.

A well-balanced diet is crucial for the wellbeing of the French Bull Jack.

Considering its petite size, even one cup of dog food per day will be substantial to keep it healthy and running.

This breed is prone to gastric issues, which can get aggravated by a diet based solely on dry kibble.

Discuss with your vet about what kind of diet would best suit your French Bull Jack.

Ideally, a healthy combination of important sources of nutrients and proteins is good for the development and growth of your pet.

You should budget about $25 to $30 per month for its meals.

How much Exercise does a French Bull Jack need?

While the French Bull Jack does not have excessive requirements for physical exercise, the Jack Russell Terrier genes can be overpowering and fill the dog up with a lot of zest.

Keep in mind that, while its activity needs are not as high as a lot of other dogs, if you keep it restricted for a lot of hours with no outlet for its energy, it can get quite worked up.

Inactivity will likely lead to the destruction around the house, so it is a good idea to make it a point to walk your dog every day for at least an hour to 90 minutes.

These dogs have a likeness towards adventures, and thus need large, open spaces to traverse about.

However, their exploration needs can lead them far from home, so make sure you keep an eye on it when it plays outside, or better yet get your yard fenced-in.

Be careful to not overwork your pet or let it play too much in hot climates.

Mental stimulation is just as necessary as bodily movement. This can be fueled by regular trips to dog parks where your pet can socialize and play with others of its kind.

The French Bull Jack Health and Conditions

On the whole, the French Bull Jack is a sturdy breed not known to be fragile at all.

Having said that, as with all crossbreeds, it can develop some congenital health ailments.

Fortunately, these are very few common issues amongst canines that can easily be avoided with the right diet and care.

These include deafness, hip dysplasia, entropion, Legg-Calve Perthes disease, Ichthyosis, intervertebral disc disease, and patellar luxation.

The breeder should tell you about any diseases that either of the parents of the French Bull Jack have been diagnosed with, in the past.

My final thoughts on the French Bull JackA French Bull Jack sleeping

A loving, playful breed that has a tender heart and a lot of affectionate to shower over its owners, the French Bull Jack is ideal for families that can surround their pet with company.

Not particularly suitable for people living in small apartments, this dog needs to have ample space to feed its exploration needs and bounce about.

Who is this breed perfect for?

People living in big houses, or houses with large backyards, who can devote a lot of time to their pet.

The highlight of the French Bull Jack’s personality is that while it will crave for your attentiveness towards it, this dog will also carry out some of the quirkiest acts in order to garner that attention.

That means a lot of entertainment for you and your family, all coming from a loving pooch that will serve to be your loyal companion, friend, family member, and consoler wherever you go.

If you’re looking for a dog that can boost your mood after you come home from a long day at work, or are only seeking to make a bond of love with another being, the French Bull Jack will fill perfectly into that role.

Hopefully, by now you would have settled on a verdict of getting a French Bull Jack and turn it into your trustee sidekick as soon as possible!

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