Dogue De Boxer: A Complete Guide

The Dogue De Boxer is a designer crossbreed combining the Boxer and the Dogue De Bordeaux.

This large to a giant-sized dog is family friendly and features a fine short and thin coat which wraps around a powerful physique.

Contained within this article is complete and thorough information about this dog breed which will help you decide if it can be the right pet for you and your life.

Whether you are searching for a Dogue De Boxer, or any other type of canine breed, knowledge is always king.

Putting this information to proper use can ensure that you are making the correct choice when it comes to your pet.

Dogue De Boxer Puppies – Before You Buy…

The Dogue De Boxer is a large, loyal and energetic family pet.

Buying a brand new puppy is not something which should be taken lightly, as it is bound to affect the next decade of your life.

Knowing if you and your pet will be compatible is essential to making a decision which you both can be happy to live with.

The key here is a sufficient amount of research, which can assist and guide you in making the best possible decision.

When acquiring a puppy dog, you should steer clear of quick impulse emotionally based decisions, as such an ill-advised choice can often lead to negative and disastrous future results.

Therefore, an informative crash course on the Dogue De Boxer mixed breed should help you in making an appropriate decision which should be based on using your head and not your heart.

What Price are Dogue De Boxer Puppies?

The Dogue De Boxer is a relatively new designer dog breed which can cost anywhere from $700-$2000 for a puppy.

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To attain the best quality and value for your money, you should be prepared to invest a sufficient amount of time and effort to find the puppy which is ideal for your and also works well within your budget.

Since this is a rare breed, you may experience some difficulty in locating them.

Eventually, when you do find a puppy at your desired price point, make sure to adequately school yourself by engaging in a frank talk with the breeder about the dog, its parents and the breeder’s business as well.

Be prepared to ask as many questions as possible so you can make the best possible decision.

How to Find Reputable Dogue De Boxer Breeders?

Since this is a rare and new mixed breed, you will need to make a commitment and investment in time and effort in locating that adorable and irresistible Dogue De Boxer puppy.

To kick off the process, you can start by becoming a member of the numerous online dog forums.

On a routine basis, you can also search through local breeder networks and pet classified advertisements online and in conventional media such as newspapers.

These are all productive, constructive and tried and tested methods which can be used to successfully locate this breed of your liking.

And make sure not to forget to use word of mouth.

Networking with other pet people and having them know you are in the market for this particular breed can also help in making contacts to locate puppies for sale.

While searching, it is best to be patient, determined, persistent, thorough and positive. Eventually, your efforts should assist in providing successful results.

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3 Little-Known Facts about Dogue De Boxer Puppies

  1. The Boxer came about in Germany in the 1800s and was used as a guard dog, for baiting bulls and to fight.
  2. The Dogue de Bordeaux goes back to the middle ages in France and comes from the Mastiff. It was used for hunting, guarding, fighting and for military purposes.
  3. The Dogue de Bordeaux is believed to be ancestors of the Molossus breed from Ancient Rome.
The Dogue De Boxer loves walking, jogging, biking, hiking, and swimming.

Physical Traits of the Dogue De Boxer

The Dogue De Boxer is categorized as a large to giant sized designer crossbreed whose appearance comes from both similar looking parents.

They have a strong build and a coat which is short, fine and thin and comes in colors brown, black, white and red.

This breed has hazel or brown eyes and a black or brown nose color. A large number of these breeds suffer from having a shorter head and flattened muzzles which make them more sensitive to extreme heat and cold.

How Big is a Full-Grown Dogue De Boxer?

Categorized as a large to giant sized breed, a Dogue De Boxer can reach a height of 23 to 26 inches when fully grown.

This dog breed can be somewhat imposing in stature, as it weighs anywhere from 72-128 pounds.

Its size makes for a somewhat capable watchdog which can be used to effectively protect the premises.

Due to its large size and high level of activity, it is ideal for it to live in a house with a large yard.

Apartment living is not recommended since it will lack the space for it to move around and use up their high energy levels.

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What Is the Life Expectancy of the Dogue De Boxer?

The Dogue De Boxer has a life expectancy of 10-13 years, which is a bit below average for a dog of its size.

As with most pets, this breed requires a significant amount of activity, mental stimulation and a quality diet to have an opportunity to live a potentially full and healthy life.

It is of some importance to note that a dog’s health is very reliant on the owner being aware on any potential problems which can affect the breed.

Being sensitive and observant to your dog’s feelings and behaviour will help in getting them any medical assistance which may be required to correct a problem.

Intelligence, Temperament & Personality Traits of the Dogue De Boxer

A large and fierce looking dog which comes from two fighting breed parents, the Dogue De Boxer is somewhat surprisingly mild-mannered, good-natured and extremely well suited for family living.

Nonetheless, they must be properly socialized with children and other pets because they are strong creatures and should know their limits.

This mixed breed is not difficult to train, as long as patience is utilized and physical discipline is not used.

They do not mind being left alone, given they are provided with enough activity and mental stimulation on a daily basis.

Their courageous nature and imposing physical stature makes them ideal as watchdogs.

The Dogue De Boxer is a mix of the Boxer and the Dogue De Bordeaux.

The Dogue De Boxer’s Diet

The Dogue De Boxer should be fed a high-quality commercial dog food which is formulated for a dog of its size and level of activity in order for it to remain healthy.

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It is very important that its nutritional needs are being met on a daily basis.

As a large-sized active breed, this canine should require approximately four cups of dry dog food per day which translates to $90-$120 per month.

Be careful not to overfeed it so it does not become overweight.

Excess weight is something which can easily lead to unfavorable health conditions down the road.

How Much Exercise Does The Dogue De Boxer Need?

As a large active breed, the Dogue De Boxer needs a hearty 90 minutes per day of activity consisting of long walks, jogging, biking, hiking, and swimming.

This breed does very well with a large house and yard, as it will be able to release pent up energy and get a good majority of its exercise patrolling the premises.

If you have an active family who spends a decent amount of time in the great outdoors, this is a breed which may be an adequate fit.

As long as this breed is properly exercised, it will refrain from acquiring unsavory behavior issues such as chewing or barking.

Dogue De Boxer’s Health and Conditions

Advance knowledge of a dog’s illnesses can save you quite a bit of future heartache.

A chronically ill pet can cause both emotional and financial stress, which can significantly detract from the fulfilling dog owning process.

The Dogue De Boxer is predisposed to having health conditions which include cardiomyopathy, pulmonic stenosis, hip dysplasia, bloat, degenerative myelopathy, corneal dystrophy and subaortic stenosis.

Minor health issues include entropion, ectropion, elbow dysplasia, cataracts and brachycephalic syndrome.

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It is strongly recommended that you take your pooch to the vet once a year for its shots and to have a check-up.

My Final Thoughts on the Dogue De Boxer

The Dogue De Boxer is a large, loyal and energetic family friendly pet which gets along well with children and other pets.

As a result of their intelligence, they are not difficult to train and will be extremely protective of their people and surroundings.

From an activity standpoint, this crossbreed requires 90 minutes per day which consists of long walks, jogging, hiking, biking, and swimming.

Good natured, mild-mannered, fun loving and alert, this imposing strong and brave breed can also be used as an effective watchdog to ward off undesirables.

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