Chiweenie (Dachshund & Chihuahua Mix)

The Chiweenie is a cross between a purebred Chihuahua and Dachshund.

It’s a relatively new breed of designer dog, getting his start in North America.

They were bred as early as the 1990s, but they are gaining popularity and having more owners and fans singing their praises.

This dog is sweet and affectionate, making him ideal for all kinds of dog owners.

After he’s done with cuddling, he will want to play a lot. When he’s all exhausted from playing, he will be content to sleep beside you on the couch.

Ideal for singles, seniors, and those who like to travel or live in an apartment or condo; this portable dog is attractive to a wide range of households.

He does tend to bark, which he puts to good use in his role as chief watchdog.

Chiweenie Puppies – Before You Buy…

A light colored Chiweenie looking curious
The Chiweenie inherits certain physical characteristics from the Dachshund.

What Price are Chiweenie Puppies?

The price of a Chiweenie puppy is $200 to $550.

How to Find Reputable Chiweenie Breeders?

Finding the right puppy for your family can be an intimidating task. There are hundreds of breeders out there advertising everywhere.

Once you have decided on the right breed for you, locate their national breed club’s website. On this page, you should find a list of breeders that are members of the parent club.

Drop a few of them a friendly email inquiring about their upcoming litters.

Reputable breeders do not always have puppies available. If they don’t, they will be able to refer you to other breeders who will have puppies sooner.

Remember that this is not a process that you should rush. This puppy is going to grow into a dog that will be with you for a very long time! It is not a decision that should be made on an impulse.

A reputable breeder should want to talk all about their breed.

They should be more than willing to answer any question about their dogs’ personalities, diet, grooming, and any health issues they are prone to.

3 Little-Known Facts About Chiweenie Puppies

  1. You might need a professional trainer to teach your Chiweenie some manners.
  2. Taking good care of your Chiweenie is not going to take over your life because they don’t require too much time when it comes to feeding or grooming.
  3. Chiweenies and families with small children don’t mix. This is probably the main disadvantage of having such a small dog.
    He’s great with older kids, but many accidents can happen when small children are allowed to play with him.

Physical Traits of the Chiweenie

A Chiweenie lying down on a rug
The Chiweenie’s temperament is like that of their Chihuahua parents.

The Chiweenie’s body is usually long like a Dachshund’s. It also has short legs like a Chihuahua.

The size will vary depending on whether the Dachshund used in the breeding was a standard or a miniature.

But the parent Chihuahua is small, so you can expect a small dog in general.

The head is typically small. The face may either have the long and thin snout of a Dachshund, or a slightly shorter, more domed head like a Chihuahua.

The ears may also vary. Some have pointed ears, while others have floppy ears. The feet are small. The tail is moderately long.

A Chiweenie’s fur ranges from short and wiry to long and silky. This is because Chihuahuas can have a long or short coat, and Dachshunds can have a short, long, or wire-haired coat.

It all depends on the combination of coat characteristics each Chiweenie puppy inherits from his parents’ coat types.

Just like their parent breeds, Chiweenies come in a variety of colors. The most common colors are brown, tan, and black, but you may also find Chiweenies that are blond, red, or multicolored.

Brush your Chiweenie regularly to collect loose fur. If he has longer fur, you will need to brush it more often so prevent mats from forming.

Bathe him about once a month, unless there is a real need to do it more often. These dogs do not have a doggy odor Bathing them too often reduces their natural oils in their coat.

Trim his nails at least once a month. Brush his teeth at least once a week, or more often if you can. The Chihuahua parent dogs are prone to gum disease and dental problems.

This means that your Chiweenie’s teeth also have a higher risk of decay.

How Big is a Full-Grown Chiweenie?

A small-sized breed, the Chiweenie weighs between 8 and 10 pounds.

What is the Life Expectancy of the Chiweenie?

The life expectancy of a Chiweenie is 13 to 16 years.

Intelligence, Temperament and Personality Traits of the Chiweenie

Chiweenies can be excitable and occasionally snappy dogs, thanks to the parent Dachshund’s hunting nature and the Chihuahua’s very devoted personality.

They are brave and tenacious, which some people love, but this can be taken too far.

They also tend to be a bold and take-charge dog. Chiweenies are rarely aloof when it comes to strangers being around their humans!

Chihuahuas are very devoted to their owners. They can show aggressive behavior toward people who are not their family. Dachshunds tend to shy away from children.

It’s important to socialize Chiweenies from the day you bring them home to alleviate this potential. They are typically not good for small children.

However, a Chiweenie can be socialized to be good with children and other people if this is started at a young age.

They are generally yippy dogs. Dachshunds are loud, and Chihuahuas are also known for their vocalization.

If a Chiweenie takes after its Dachshund parent, he may enjoy chasing after wildlife.

Loving, playful, and energetic, the Chiweenie is dedicated to his family and will become your little shadow.

He will have tons of fun playing with you each time, unless he is curled up on your lap, of course.

And even with his small size, he makes a wonderful watchdog. He’ll alert you with a series of sharp barks to let you know if someone is approaching the house. He doesn’t miss anything!

Chiweenies are the best dogs for families with older kids, for single people, and seniors and retirees.

Because of their compact size, they can travel with you when you go visit new places.

This dog is not the best choice for families with young kids because they can get annoyed by the activity and noise quite easily.

They are also not known to get along with other animals, so your Chiweenie should be the only dog in your home.

If he is raised together with other dogs, he should be just fine living in a multi-dog household.

The Chiweenie’s Diet

A Chiweenie with a fun collar on
The Chiweenie is extremely laidback, energetic, and loyal.

The Chiweenie is an energetic dog and will need to be fed a high-quality kibble.

Because this dog can suffer from dental issues, it’s recommended that they eat dry kibble to keep their teeth strong.

However, they will also like a wet-food diet if dry kibble is causing dental issues.

How Much Exercise Does a Chiweenie Need?

He may be small, but the Chiweenie has plenty of energy to burn. Of course, this energy is all in a little package.

Take him out on daily walks. Vigorous play sessions will suit him just fine.

Because of his small size, he doesn’t need a lot of room to run around in. He’s just as happy running inside of the house as he is out in the yard.

Chiweenie Health and Conditions

Chiweenies are relatively healthy dogs, experiencing minor health issues throughout their lives. The most common issue in Chiweenies is allergies.

Because this dog is a crossbreed, he can inherit health issues that are identified with its parent breeds. However, it doesn’t mean your dog will suffer from any of them.

These can include hydrocephalus, hypothyroidism, diabetes, hypoglycemia, seizures, dental issues, luxating patella, and intervertebral degenerative disc disease.

My Final Thoughts on the ChiweenieA Chiweenie dog sitting down on the grass

Although Chiweenies have inherited certain physical characteristics from the Dachshund, their temperament is more like that of their Chihuahua parent.

They’re extremely laidback, energetic, and loyal. They love to be around people.

However, they can be a bit stubborn and sometimes express separation anxiety if they are away from their owners for too long.

Due to the Chiweenie’s penchant for cuddles and affection, they make excellent lap dogs.

Chiweenies are small and easily transportable. They’re perfect for people who like to travel and those who live in apartments or condos.

In terms of exercise requirements, this mixed breed isn’t very high maintenance.

A Chiweenie just needs a short walk every day or a run in the backyard, making it an ideal companion dog.

He gets on well with children. But since he is small and prone to injury, he does not cope well with rough play or with toddlers.

He can also be quite jealous by nature and don’t always get along with other animals. However, if he is introduced as a puppy, he can learn to adapt and love his doggy neighbors.

The Chiweenie has become a pretty popular crossbreed among dog lovers.

They’re small, adorable, and love to play, which makes them the perfect pet for people of all ages, from fifth graders to grandparents.

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