Central Asian Shepherd Dog

If you are looking for a dog that is independent, proud, quiet, well-balanced, and self-assured, the chances are high that you will love the Central Asian Shepherd breed.

These dogs are famous for their courage, natural territory instincts, endurance, and the ability to work long and hard.

They will easily take on many large predators and in most cases come out as victors, but they also have a soft side and devotion for their families.

  • So, how do you find a high-quality puppy of this magnificent breed?
  • How can you be sure the breeder you are talking with is reputable and stands behind his dogs?
  • Even if you find a reputable breeder, are you sure that you know this breed enough to welcome it into your home?
  • Are you sure it will fit your lifestyle and that you can satisfy all its needs?

Just a few of the questions that you should be asking yourself before buying a Central Asian Shepherd puppy.

But don’t worry, our in-depth guide has all the answers you need to, first, find a high-quality pup, then take proper care of it and become well informed about the breed itself.

Let’s start with the puppies and what you need to know about them before buying one.

The Central Asian Shepherd Puppies – Before You Buy…

A white Central Asian Shepherd sitting on a rug
The Central Asian Shepherd can become bored if living in an apartment.

Before buying a Central Asian Shepherd puppy, here are the most important things you should consider.

What price are the Central Asian Shepherd puppies?

For a regular, Central Asian Shepherd puppy from a reputable breeder, meant to be a family dog, not a dog show winner, the average price is around $1200.

On the other hand, if you want to buy a premium puppy that has breeding rights and you want him to win medals at dog shows, you will have to cash out more money as the average price for such quality goes around $2000.

How to find reputable Central Asian Shepherd breeders?

The infamous question “How can I find a reputable breeder?”… This is the first question you should be asking yourself when you decide to buy a puppy, regardless of the breed.

So, how can you find a breeder that offers high-quality puppies and stands behind all of his dogs? Is it hard? Can you make a mistake?

Yes and yes…

It can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be if you know what to pay attention to.

And, yes, you can make mistakes because unfortunately, there are people who consider themselves as breeders even though they haven’t got the slightest idea how this process should be done properly.

And, you have the puppy mills, that have horrible conditions, couldn’t care less about the dogs and the breed, and are just interested in pushing out as much litter as possible, so that they can make a fast and easy profit.

To avoid puppy mills and backyard breeders, you should pay attention to the following red flags.

  • Numerous litters available at the same time
  • No health clearance proof for the parents of the litter
  • No medical history of the pups
  • No vaccination proof
  • Lack of knowledge on the breed
  • No advice on proper puppy care and proper feeding
  • No advice on training and socialization
  • No interest in your lifestyle and your personal needs so that they can help you choose the perfect puppy for you
  • No previous buyer contacts so that you can ask them about how happy they are with their dogs
  • No buyer/seller contract

A reputable breeder will be quite the opposite of everything we just described. You won’t have to ask him for any of the mentioned because he will already have everything prepared before your arrival.

If any of the red flags pop up during the process, you are most likely dealing with a bad “breeder” and you should avoid making any deals with him.

It is always smarter to choose quality over the price because you are buying a living being that will become a part of your family, and you want a happy, healthy, and easy-going family member, right?

3 Little-known facts about the Central Asian Shepherd puppies

A brown and white Central Asian Shepherd
With the Central Asian Shepherd, you will get a fearless protector of the family.

Now that you know the price range suits your budget, and know-how to spot a bad breeder and focus on finding a reputable one, let’s take a look at the lesser-known facts about the Central Asian Shepherd puppies.

This way, you can double-check that you are ready to live with one of them.

  • There is no maximum height and weight of these dogs

Yeah, it sounds weird, but it’s true.

They are dogs that are carved by nature and even though the “standard” max height is around 32 inches, there are more and more cases where they get much higher.

It seems that evolution is not quite done with this breed and that they are still developing despite their ancient origin.

  • The most resilient dog breed

Another unbelievable fact, but true nevertheless. They are extremely resilient to diseases and there isn’t a single documented case where certain health issues have been transferred through genes.

  • They are huge

Yeah, you know that they are big dogs, but do you know that even their pups are much bigger than you probably expect?

The average-sized puppy that is just a few weeks old is larger than an average medium-sized adult dog!

Physical Traits of the Central Asian Shepherd

Let’s see how big these dogs get, in general, even though we just talked about how they can get much, much taller than the average height range.

Also, you are about to find out how heavy they can get. A little hint, they can get quite massive.

How big is a full-grown Central Asian Shepherd?

So far, the official average height range for this breed has been from 27 to 32 inches.

But, as we mentioned above, there are many cases where these dogs are much bigger.

As for the weight range, expect your Central Asian Shepherd puppy to grow into one massive dog as the average weight range goes from 121 to 176 pounds of pure muscle!

What is the life expectancy of the Central Asian Shepherd?

When it comes to their lifespan, they are in for the long run as they usually live from 12 to 14 years.

And, considering how resilient they are to most of the diseases, we wouldn’t be surprised if that lifespan expands in the next couple of decades.

Intelligence, Temperament and Personality Traits of the Central Asian Shepherd

A Central Asian Shepherd going for a walk
The Central Asian Shepherd is an excellent guard and watchdog.

When talking about the Central Asian Shepherd, you need to realize that the most important thing to be aware of, is its temperament and instincts that it carries in his genes.

In most cases, these dogs are intelligent and self-assured and unbelievably brave.

But, if they come from a bloodline that has a fighting history, they will also be aggressive around other dogs and will need plenty of training and socialization.

But, most of them are calm and rather keep their emotions to themselves, until they realize that you or your family are in danger when they turn into ferocious beasts that can’t be stopped in their intention of defending the ones they love.

They are usually suspicious of strangers and will warn the intruder that he is trespassing, with a loud, sharp, and bone-chilling bark.

In most cases, this is more than enough and they usually don’t need to react more than that.

Another great trait of these giant dogs is that they are excellent when it comes to children.

But, unfortunately, due to their size, they can intentionally hurt them by stepping on their toes or knocking them down while playing.

Furthermore, these dogs are amazingly smart!

And, they are quite aware of their size so when you are training your Central Asian Shepherd, the first thing you need to establish is your Alpha role in the whole relationship.

Once they accept you as the leader, they will create an unbreakable bond that will last for as long as they live.

But, this breed needs an owner that can be loving yet firm. Once you’ve established the chain of command, they will excel in the training faster than you’ve expected.

And, if you were thinking of taking the harsh training approach, we recommend that you reconsider your decision because it will only backfire, and you don’t want that with such a massive dog that fears nothing.

They are sensitive and their intelligence allows them to have the “why yell when you can ask politely” attitude.

You should be ready to have plenty of patience, to offer treats as a “bribe” and to have a generally positive and fun approach to the whole training process.

In the end, with proper training, the Central Asian Shepherd becomes a great companion, perfect family protector, and versatile enough to compete in many dog sports.

What more can you ask from a dog of such size?

Central Asian Shepherd Diet

When it comes to choosing a proper diet for your Central Asian Shepherd, you should be focused on a formula that will satisfy your dog’s unique digestive needs, which change as he ages.

The food we recommend is the commercial extra-large-breed dry dog food.

In the end, this should be an individual choice, but the best thing to do it to consult your dog’s vet, as well as get in touch with the breeder and see what he recommends.

They have more experience when it comes to the frequency of meals while your Central Asian Shepherd is still a puppy, as well as the best puppy to adult transition methods that make sure that your dog is developing properly and keeping its good health.

How much Exercise does a Central Asian Shepherd need?

Yes, when you take a look at them, they seem to like all they want to do is just lay around and actually, do nothing.

However, this is far from the truth as these giants do need constant, hard exercise.

After all, they are hard-working dogs, aren’t they?

And, since they were meant to have a job that includes long hours and plenty of energy-burning, they require hard exercise daily, so they wear themselves out and have a well-deserved rest afterward.

So, the best owner option for these dogs is someone who loves to jog or ride a bike every day, or have long and demanding hikes in the great outdoors.

The Central Asian Shepherd Health and Conditions

The Central Asian Shepherds are in general considered as a breed that is very healthy and has no hereditary health issues.

But, like most breeds of such size, they can suffer from elbow and hip dysplasia. And, that’s where their health problem list ends.

My final thoughts on the Central Asian ShepherdA Central Asian Shepherd looking at you

We have reached the end of our Central Asian Shepherd guide, With all the information acquired here, you are now ready to go and find the perfect puppy.

But, before you do, let’s just take a quick look at the most important facts about this breed so that you can be sure you’ve covered all the angles and that the choice you are about to make is the right one.

This is one of the oldest dog breeds in the world.

They were not developed by man, but by mother nature and thanks to that, they can survive even the harshest living conditions our planet has to offer.

They will develop a strong bond with the human family that welcomes them into their home, and they will be especially protective when kids and seniors are concerned.

These dogs are known to be very calculated and stable when it comes to what they consider as a threat, but strangers that try to trespass the property they are guarding will never come back once they have encountered a Central Asian Shepherd.

But, despite the fact that they are an excellent guard and watchdogs, they do need socialization if you want to have visitors ever again.

Also, if living in a small home (apartment) this dog can become bored, and that can lead to destructive behavior such as chewing all of your shoes…

But, all these downsides can be overcome with firm leadership.

And once you’ve managed to get your Central Asian Shepherd under your “command” you will gain a fearless protector of the family that will love all of you with all of his heart and won’t hesitate a second to give his life while protecting yours.

Can you ask for a more loyal dog? We believe not…

So, what do you think about this breed now? Do you still want to become a Central Asian Shepherd owner?

If your answer is yes, then our guide was a success!

Thank you for being with us to the very end of the guide, and if you think that more people should discover this amazing breed, don’t hesitate to share the guide on social media.

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