Boston Terrier

A dog and a Gentleman, perfectly suitable for a Tux-only occasion – The Boston Terrier.

This is a breed that you should get if you are looking for a fancy-looking companion that is the 007 of the dog world.

You will have a really cute dog that is smart, loves spending time with the family, and is easy to train.

But, to be sure that this little gentleman is a perfect fit for your lifestyle, you need to more about his breed. And, this is where our in-depth guide comes to the rescue.

As you go through the guide, you will get much more familiar with what comes with the “package”.

You will learn the questions you should be asking, first yourself, then your family, and finally the breeder.

Also, we will tell you how to take care of your Boston Terrier puppy from the moment you welcome him to your home.

To get things started, let’s first take a look at the questions you should be asking yourself before finally deciding that this is the breed you want.

The Boston Terrier Puppies – Before You Buy…

A Boston Terrier resting its head
Boston Terrier is a great companion for people who live alone.

The first question you should be asking yourself before making the final decision about the breed you want to welcome to your home is:

“Can I afford a Boston Terrier puppy?”

You will agree that deciding on the breed before actually finding out that it’s more than your budget can handle can be painful.

Especially if you have to tell your kids who already fell in love with the image of a Boston Terrier pup. Therefore, let’s see what price range you should expect.

What price are the Boston Terrier puppies?

The average price range you can expect, for a healthy Boston Terrier puppy, goes from $600 – $1000.

Naturally, you can find a puppy even below this range, but there’s no guarantee that you will be walking away with a healthy puppy without any hidden genetic issues.

Of course, you will find pups for a lot higher price, but those are usually dog show genes, which are not necessary if you are looking just for a companion and not a medal winner.

So, for a good bloodline and with all the necessary documents, expect somewhere around $1K.

How to find reputable Boston Terrier breeders?

Once you are certain the price suits you, it’s time to deal with the reputable breeder question.

How to find one? Well, you can start by knowing what to look for in a breeder.

A breeder that you want to buy the puppy from, is an expert for this breed and how to keep it healthy.

Also, you will notice the reaction from the dogs when he is around them, as well as how he treats them.

Furthermore, you want a breeder that will show you health reassurance documentation for both the pups and the parents. And, if he is a serious breeder, this will be provided even without you asking.

Also, he should ask you some questions that are generally directed at your lifestyle and expectations from a breed.

This way, by knowing the temperament of his dogs, the breeder can tell you if this is the breed to go with or maybe rethink the breed choice.

On the other hand, the breeders you should avoid in a wide circle are the ones that don’t seem that much interested in the breed and look like they just want to make the sale as soon as possible.

If a breeder doesn’t show you the necessary medical documentation, neither gives you an insight into the characteristics of the breed, especially his puppies, you should not walk but run away from such situations.

3 Little-known facts about the Boston Terrier puppies

Two Boston Terriers in the park
The Boston Terrier can be slightly stubborn.

Okay, you got the price and the breeder covered, not it’s time to see if you are ready for what comes with living with a Boston Terrier puppy.

We present to you, 3 not so well-known facts about the puppies of this breed.

  • They love living with cats

You will immediately notice that from their earliest days, Boston Terriers go along with cats quite well.

They don’t have a problem being around them, and if a Boston Terrier pup grows up with a cat, it will become his best friend for life.

  • They love other pet dogs as well

Your Boston Terrier puppy will hit it off with another breed dog pet right from the start. They come with an easy-to-get-along-with nature and it’s easy for them to make new friendships.

  • No harsh training

Since this is an intelligent breed, there’s no need to get all “bossy” and “tough” approach with your pup. It will understand you very well and follow your lead without the entire “drill”.

Also, crate training is recommended from the beginning, so that you don’t have problems with, for example, plane rides or traveling in general.

Physical Traits of the Boston Terrier

Okay, we all know that this breed doesn’t win the size competitions and that he won’t be pulling your Longboard down the road.

But, how much of a small dog are we talking about? Small enough to be a comfortable lap dog? Or, a bit heavy for hours of cuddling with like a baby?

Let’s find out.

How big is a full-grown Boston Terrier?

When fully grown, the Boston terrier will weigh as an average two-year-old toddler. That’s about 25 pounds.

As for height, the range goes from some 15 inches, up to 17 inches, which is more the case with the males.

What is the life expectancy of the Boston Terrier?

Having in mind that this is considered as a lap dog due to its weight and size and that this is a long standardized breed, you are probably thinking that the average life expectancy is quite high.

And, you are right. You can expect your Boston Terrier to be your companion for some 13 to 15 lovely years.

Intelligence, Temperament and Personality Traits of the Boston Terrier

A Boston Terrier with sand on its face
Boston Terrier is a perfect example of a clean cut dog. Well, maybe not in this picture.

Unlike the other terrier representatives such as Airedales and Jack Russell, the Boston Terriers are not miniature tornados. In fact, they are more like Bulldogs, with a go-with-the-flow attitude.

And, they do have those Gentleman Bulldog genes, so no surprise there.

However, you will probably hear the Terrier in him from time to time. And, no, there’s no need to worry about that because this breed is well known for being easy going.

Their thirst for learning new things makes them easily trainable. And, they pick up the commands quite fast.

They will also get along just fine with your other pets. And, they are also well known for having fun with the kids.

But, leaving a Boston Terrier with small kids that can get too pushy sometimes, might be a bit too much fun for the dog.

On the other hand, their even-tempered and affectionate nature makes them ideal pets for senior citizens who don’t have too much action going on in their lives.

This breed is also protective, but not in a German Shepherd or Rottie way, where you can expect the people to fear even approaching your doors.

On the contrary, they will bark if someone is approaching the home, but as soon as the doors open and everything seems okay, he will switch to tail-wagging happy state and demand playtime from the “stranger”.

This is why it’s not such a great idea to get a Boston Terrier if you want your dog to love only you.

They will love you with all of their hearts, but that little heart gets bigger and bigger each day and more people can fit in.

Despite their small size, their Bulldog and Terrier sides make them not back down if bullied by a bigger dog.

They are welcoming to other dogs, but if there’s a problem, they won’t run away with their tail between their legs.

All in all, the Boston Gentleman Terrier is a lovely, relatively energetic breed that can be a perfect addition to your family home.

They are not meant for living in the outdoors, so they need to live indoors.

And, thanks to their relatively low exercise requirements, they are well suited for any size apartment living.

Boston Terrier Diet

You should be aware of the Boston Terrier’s gassy nature and that carbohydrates will cause more harm than good.

You should avoid feeding your dog with corn and wheat, or any grains for that matter, and instead give him fish and lean meat.

Also, you need to keep a close eye on the commercial foods because they tend to be preservative filled and even cause disturbances when it comes to your dog’s digestive system.

It would be best if you can find a local pet store that offers high-quality dog food, instead of opting for “premium” jumbo packs found in the supermarket.

As for how much should your Boston Terrier eat, the daily food amount we recommend for this breed goes from half a cup to a cup and a half, split into two meals.

Of course, all depending on how active your dog is.

How much Exercise does a Boston Terrier need?

In most cases, Boston Terriers are the very definition of couch potato dogs.

They do have daily short energy bursts where a 10 to 15-minute running-around-the-room session happens, but as soon as the energy is burned out, the couch potato mode is back in “action”.

So, if you want to avoid those indoor exercise bursts, we recommend one or two daily walks around the block or to the nearest dog park.

Your dog will be ready to go back home and enjoy the rest of the day on a sofa, after just some half an hour of outdoor activities.

Also, make sure you are not going for a walk when it’s too hot and humid outside, as well when it’s too cold.

Boston Terrier Health and Conditions

In a vast majority of cases, when it comes to the Boston Terrier health, the breed is known to be very healthy.

As a minor concern, you can expect eye injuries and respiratory issues due to the shape of their face.

But, this breed can sometimes suffer from more serious health conditions such as patellar luxation, heart conditions, tumors, and megaoesophagus.

Also, sometimes the Boston Terriers can suffer from allergies, both food, and other types.

So, before buying a pup, talk to the breeder and get an insight into both the pup’s medical history and the parents’ health tests.

My final thoughts on the Boston TerrierA close up of a Boston Terrier's face

Okay, we have reached the end of today’s guide.

By now, you are surely more of a Boston Terrier expert than you were at the beginning of the post, right?

But, it doesn’t hurt to get our facts straight and see what we learned here today.

Just so that you can be completely sure that you haven’t missed any important information regarding this breed.

And, that the choice you are about to make is the right one.

As a breed, the Boston Terrier is a perfect example of a clean cut dog.

It has a shorter back, comes square-proportioned, and has a compact built.

It is a graceful looking dog, yet you can also see determination, liveliness, sturdiness, and strength in his appearance.

The breed comes with a nice portion of Bulldog ancestor’s genes, but thanks to it’s cleaner cut style, the Boston Terrier is a great dog for households that have kids and other animals as well.

And, the best thing, he is always dressed to impress!

The Boston Terrier is a dog that can be very devoted and sensitive to your moods and wishes.

Also, if properly trained and socialized, he will have nice manners around the house if you have guests, but also wait for the slightest opportunity to have a ball with the guests.

It can be a slightly stubborn breed, but the intelligence level and the willingness to learn will easily overcome that negative side.

All in all, a great companion for both people who live alone in an apartment, or for an apartment or house living family with kids.

So, did you find our guide useful? Do you think your friends can learn a thing or two about the Boston Terrier? Feel free to share this guide on social media.

Thank you for reading!

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