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10 Best Step-In Dog Harness 2021 – Reviews & Top Picks

CollarDirect PitbullDid you know that the dog harness is the safest way to take your dog for a walk? These are the kind that go around the dog’s chest and back and have a clip to connect the leash. Did you know that the step-in dog harness is the most comfortable option?

Step-in dog harnesses protect your dog from injuries around their neck that can occur from using a collar and leash. When your dog pulls, they can cause damage to the trachea or get the wind knocked out of them from pulling too hard.

We have created a list of the 10 best step-in dog harnesses on the market, with reviews  and pros/cons lists of each. The style and fit of each harness depends on what kind of dog you have and what works best for them, so read on to compare the best harnesses available.

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A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites

Image Product Details
Best Overall
  • Feature iconLightweight
  • Feature iconNo-rip material
  • Feature iconAnti-chafe padding
  • Best Value
    Second place
  • Feature iconWorks on all sizes of dogs
  • Feature iconAdjustable straps
  • Feature iconRuns large
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    RC Pet Products RC Pet Products
  • Feature iconBreathable mesh fabric
  • Feature iconEasy hook-and-loop closure
  • Feature iconDurable
  • Voyager Voyager
  • Feature iconAll-weather mesh material
  • Feature iconReflective bands
  • Feature iconSafety features
  • EcoBark EcoBark
  • Feature iconAnti-rub material
  • Feature iconSits higher to prevent escape
  • Feature iconGreat for small dogs between 9 and 12 lbs.
  • The 10 Best Step-In Dog Harnesses — Reviews 2021

    1. BARKBAY No Pull Dog Harness — Best Overall


    The Barkbay No Pull Dog Harness is number one on our list due to its quality and price. This one is made from lightweight, no-rip material, with anti-chafe padding on the chest. It also has adjustable straps to make sure your dog is strapped in securely but comfortably. It comes equipped with reflective strips for visibility when running or walking at night.

    The material is great for comfortability, but it does attract dog hair, so if your dog is a big shedder, you will consistently need to remove the excess hair that builds up. Even though this harness is built for dogs that pull, note that over time, the opening around the neck will loosen up from the pulling, so you may need to replace it after a while.

    • Lightweight, no-rip material
    • Anti-chafe padding
    • Adjustable straps for security and comfort
    • Reflective strips for nighttime visibility
    • Attracts dog hair
    • Will loosen up around the neck
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    2. PUPTECK PH009-017 Dog Harness — Best Value


    The Pupteck Dog Harness is a great value option because it securely holds your dog in (which is its main purpose), and it is quite affordable compared to other options. There are several sizes available, so be sure to find the one that fits your dog well. It also comes with adjustable straps to make sure that your dog is securely fastened.

    This harness does run a little large, so you may need to size down depending on what breed of dog you have. It is also not bite-proof, as dogs, especially puppies, will be tempted to chew through them if given the chance. You can avoid this by keeping the harness out of reach when not in use. It also does not come with extra padding like the Barkbay does, though this doesn’t affect the overall usability of the product, which is why this is the best step-in dog harness for the money.

    • Great value
    • Works on all sizes of dogs
    • Adjustable straps
    • Runs large
    • Not bite-proof
    • No extra padding
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    3. RC Pet Products Step In Dog Harness — Premium Choice

    RC Pet Products

    The RC Pet Products Step In Dog Harness is a great option if you’re looking for something a little more high-end. It comes in many cute colors and designs, as well as multiple sizes, so you can find an option that fits your personal style and your dog’s needs. It is made out of breathable mesh fabric that wraps fully around your dog’s chest and back with an easy hook-and-loop closure. The durable construction of the material will prevent your dog from being able to chew through it.

    The major drawback for this product is that it is slightly more expensive than some of the other harnesses. Still, you’re getting a great quality product for price you pay.

    • Cute colors and designs
    • Breathable mesh fabric
    • Easy hook-and-loop closure
    • Durable construction
    • Available in many sizes
    • More expensive
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    4. Voyager 207-TQ-M Step-In Air Dog Harness

    Best Pet Voyager

    The Voyager Step-in Air Dog Harness is made from all-weather mesh material that is breathable and will dry quickly if it gets wet, making it a great option for adventurous dogs. It also has reflective bands for safety at night, as well as features to keep your pet in your control.

    One drawback of this product is that there isn’t a great deal of adjustment room, even though there are several sizes to choose from. If your dog is between sizes, you may not be able to adjust the size to fit them perfectly. It also has Velcro, which attracts dog hair like a magnet.

    • All-weather mesh material
    • Reflective bands for safety
    • Safety features
    • Not much adjustment room
    • Velcro attracts dog hair
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    5. EcoBark Step in Dog Harness


    The EcoBark Step in Dog Harness is a good option for smaller dogs, particularly those between 9 and 12 pounds. Larger, stronger dogs should opt for a different style, as this one will not prevent escape.

    This one does come with anti-rub material to prevent discomfort around the arm area. It also sits higher on your dog to prevent escaping.

    • Anti-rub material
    • Sits higher to prevent escape
    • Great for small dogs between 9 and 12 lbs.
    • Not made for large dogs
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    6. Pawtitas Pet Reflective Step in Dog Harness


    The Pawtitas Pet Reflective Step in Dog Harness, unfortunately, has more cons than pros. It has reflective strips to keep your dog safe when walking or running at night, and it comes in many fun colors. But the material is not very sturdy and is not bite-proof, so you’ll need to keep the harness out of reach of your pet when not in use. It doesn’t also have extra padding, which takes away from the comfort aspect.

    There have been reports that the stitching is rough on both humans and pets, causing some users to bleed or for skin irritation to occur in pets. Although there are many fun colors to choose from, the dyes can bleed when wet, due to their low-quality manufacturing.

    • Reflective strips
    • Good for small dogs
    • Not bite-proof
    • No extra padding
    • Rough stitching
    • Color bleeds when wet
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    7. Blueberry Pet Harnesses

    Blueberry Pet

    The Blueberry Pet Harness comes in many colors, and it can be fun to choose one that you like. It also is durable enough that it resists your dog chewing through the material.

    On the flip side, however, the material is so rough that there have been reports of it causing skin irritation on their dogs after wearing it for a short period of time. It doesn’t adjust well, so it can be too loose or too tight on your dog depending on their size, and it can be difficult or impossible to make it fit perfectly. Probably the greatest drawback to this harness is that the clasps are weak. Dogs can break away easily, which can be dangerous, as they can run away or get lost.

    • Available in many colors
    • Resists chewing/biting
    • Rough material
    • Weak clasps
    • Does not adjust well
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    8. Gooby 04310 Step-in Harness


    The Gooby Step-in Harness is made for small dogs, which can be either a pro or con depending on what breed you’re trying to buy for. The harness sits below the neck to avoid injury.

    The measurements included on the site are inaccurate, so even if you measure your dog appropriately, there can be discrepancies between what you purchase and what you receive. This design also has weak clasps, which is dangerous when walking your dog, as you never know if your dog could pull and break free.

    • Made for small dogs
    • Sits below the neck
    • Made for small dogs
    • Incorrect measurements
    • Weak clasps
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    9. Kruz PET Adjustable Step-in Harness

    Kruz PET

    The Kruz Adjustable Step-in Harness is sturdy and comfortable with mesh and padding, but it is designed for medium to large dogs only. The sizes run big, and even large dogs have difficulty fitting into their designated sizes as listed on the site. You want to keep an eye on your dog while they wear this, as it is not chew- or bite-proof, and they can break free after a few minutes.

    • Sturdy and comfortable
    • For medium-large dogs only
    • Runs large
    • Not chew or bite-proof
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    10. CollarDirect 1306 Reflective Dog Harness

    CollarDirect 1306

    The CollarDirect Reflective Dog Harness is a fine option for a puppy. It is designed for small dogs only, so medium to large dogs are not suited for this one. There is no extra padding for comfort and security, so it can be easy for small dogs to slip out of this design. It’s also made with plastic clips, which are more likely to break or come loose than metal hooks.

    Overall, this is not the best option for most dogs because it will not hold them securely, and it is not suited for all sizes.

    • Good option for puppies
    • Made for small dogs only
    • No extra padding
    • Plastic clips
    • Can slip off dogs
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    Buyer’s Guide

    Why should you use a step-in dog harness?

    Using a dog harness for walks is less dangerous and more comfortable for dogs than simply attaching the leash directly to their collar. You can avoid tracheal and neck injuries by using a harness because there is less tension and direct contact with the neck.

    What makes a great step-in dog harness?

    You want the harness to fit snugly without being too tight around your dog. A key indicator of whether it is tight or loose is if you can slip a finger between your dog’s skin and the harness. If you can easily do so without there being too much room, it is probably a good size for your dog.

    Which styles work best for which dogs?

    For larger dogs, you want a harness that will keep them secure, with straps that go all the way around their chest and back, so there is more support. It is also sometimes easier if the clip is located in the front than in the back because you can stand in front of your dog while hooking them in, which gives you more control to get them to stay still.

    Smaller dogs don’t need as much confinement, as they won’t pull as hard while walking. As long as it wraps snugly around them without being too tight or loose, it will get the job done.

    When should you use a dog harness?

    You should use a dog harness when taking your dog for a walk or for any physical activity. The purpose of the harness is to reduce tension on their neck from their collar, which can occur if they pull while on the leash. Harnesses are more comfortable and safer for dogs, so you should use them whenever they’re on a leash.

    What differentiates a step-in harness from other styles?

    A step-in harness refers to the fit rather than the style. So, you can have a step-in harness that is front-clip style or a back-clip style. The fit is what requires the dog to step into the harness rather than having it go over their head. Most dogs prefer this fit, and it’s typically easier to take on and off.


    Step-in harnesses are the most comfortable, safest option of harness for a dog. Among these, our top pick is the Barkbay No Pull Dog Harness because it is secure and comfortable for your dog while also being affordable. A close second in this category is the Pupteck Dog Harness because it offers the same quality at an affordable price. Although there are other valid options out there, we found these two to be the best due to the quality of material and the features they offer.

    We hope this guide has helped you on your journey to finding the perfect step-in dog harness for you and your dog.

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    Featured Image Credit By: Collar Direct, amazon