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10 Best Squeaky Dog Toys in 2021 – Top Picks & Guide

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Why do most (if not all) dogs seem to love squeaky toys? The most common theory is that the squeaking mimics the sound of small prey in the wild. Yes, this might seem a bit morbid when picturing your furry friend chasing a toy, but it’s all part of their natural instincts!

Unfortunately, not all squeaky dog toys are the same. While some can stand up to years of rough chewing, others will fall apart in mere minutes. Of course, no one enjoys picking up pieces of plastic and stuffing after dropping big bucks on a new dog toy.

So, if you’ve practically given up on finding the perfect toy for your pup, look no further than our collection of in-depth reviews of the best squeaky dog toys on the market. We’ve done the groundwork for you, so you can spend less time researching the best toys and more time playing with your best friend.

Now, let’s narrow down the best squeaky dog toy for your four-legged companion!

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites

Image Product Details
Best Overall
Rocco & Roxie Plush Squeak Toy Rocco & Roxie Plush Squeak Toy
  • Feature iconCute and durable
  • Feature iconAll-natural materials and construction Nerf Dog Squeak Rubber ball
  • Feature iconVariety of designs to choose from
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Nerf Dog Squeak Rubber ball Nerf Dog Squeak Rubber ball
  • Feature iconGreat for playing fetch
  • Feature iconHigh-visibility colors and design
  • Feature iconWaterproof
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    KONG Dog Squeaker Tennis Ball KONG Dog Squeaker Tennis Ball
  • Feature iconCombines a tennis ball with a squeak toy
  • Feature iconExcellent for playing fetch
  • Feature iconLarger than traditional tennis balls
  • CHUCKIT! Ultra Squeaker Dog Ball CHUCKIT! Ultra Squeaker Dog Ball
  • Feature iconRubber exterior is safe for gums and teeth
  • Feature iconBall floats in water
  • Feature iconWorks with CHUCKIT! ball launchers
  • ZippyPaws Squeaky Plush Dog Toy ZippyPaws Squeaky Plush Dog Toy
  • Feature iconAdorable design
  • Feature iconSix separate squeakers
  • Feature iconNo stuffing or other fillings
  • The 10 Best Squeaky Dog Toys

    1. Rocco & Roxie Plush Squeak Toy – Best Overall

    Rocco & Roxie Supply Co

    Your dog might not care how cute their new squeaky toy is, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t! The Rocco & Roxie Plush Squeak Toy easily became our overall top choice because of the variety of cute designs, durable construction, and all-natural materials. These plush squeak toys are made from eco-friendly materials, so they don’t include chemical dyes or VOC plastics. You can choose from several different critters, including a vulture, triceratops, T-rex, lamb, and brontosaurus. Plus, if your pup is a snuggler, these plush toys are perfect for carrying into bed to hunker down for a nap.

    Some of the design options are more durable than others. If your dog tends to play rough, go for a design with fewer small parts like the triceratops or brontosaurus.

    • Cute and durable
    • All-natural materials and construction
    • Variety of designs to choose from
    • Perfect for playtime and snuggling
    • Does not contain harsh chemicals or VOC plastics
    • Some designs aren’t as durable as others
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    2. Nerf Dog Squeak Rubber ball – Best Value

    Nerf Dog

    If your dog tends to go through toys faster than you can buy them, then you’re probably on the hunt for the best squeaky dog toys for the money. Fortunately, the Nerf Dog 6997 Squeak Rubber Football is affordable and sure to please even the pickiest pooch. These squeaky dog toys are perfectly fetchable both on land and in the water. The bright color options also make them super easy to keep track of, even in low-light conditions. Plus, if safety is your top concern, you can rest easy knowing this dog toy is FDA-approved, BPA-free, and entirely non-toxic.

    The Nerf Dog 6997 Squeak Rubber Football measures 7 inches in diameter, making it a good fit for medium and large dogs. Unfortunately, smaller dogs will have trouble carrying this toy. The ball is also heavy, so you should use caution when throwing it toward your dog.

    • Great for playing fetch
    • Budget-friendly
    • High-visibility colors and design
    • Waterproof
    • Made with safe materials
    • Durable construction
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    3. KONG Dog Squeaker Tennis Ball – Premium Choice


    There’s no question whether KONG makes some of the best dog toys on the market, and the KONG Air Dog Squeaker Tennis Ball is no exception. This tennis ball combines the classic dog toy with a durable squeaker for added entertainment and comes in a pack of 12. Also, the large size is even bigger than traditional tennis balls, offering the perfect fit for medium and large breeds. If your furry friend is prone to losing toys, then it’s about time you invest in a pack of these squeaky toys!

    Since the large KONG Air Dog Squeaker Tennis Ball is bigger than a typical tennis ball, it’s best for larger breeds. Small dogs might have trouble catching, carrying, and using the squeaker in this toy. You might also need to replace your dog’s toy every few months with a new one, since the squeaker can wear out with heavy use.

    • Combines a tennis ball with a squeak toy
    • Excellent for playing fetch
    • Larger than traditional tennis balls
    • Available in multi-packs
    • Durable, long-lasting squeaker
    • Too big for smaller dog breeds
    • Squeaker can wear out with regular use
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    4. CHUCKIT! Ultra Squeaker Dog Ball


    If your dog loves playing fetch and squeaky toys but isn’t a fan of tennis balls, then you should definitely try out the CHUCKIT! 33068 Ultra Squeaker Ball. This ball is made of tough rubber with a durable squeaker inside, which adds another layer of fun to your normal game of fetch. The rubber material floats in water and is safe for your dog’s teeth and gums. This squeaky ball is also compatible with CHUCKIT!’s ball launchers, making fetch even more fun for you and your dog.

    The CHUCKIT! 33068 Ultra Squeaker Ball can be prone to cracking, so it’s recommended that you supervise your dog when playing. If the ball cracks, the squeaker could come loose and pose a swallowing hazard.

    • Rubber exterior is safe for gums and teeth
    • Ball floats in water
    • Works with CHUCKIT! ball launchers
    • Features a durable squeaker
    • Rubber can crack, exposing the squeaker inside
    • Supervision is recommended when playing with this toy
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    5. ZippyPaws Squeaky Plush Dog Toy


    The ZippyPaws ZP134 Squeaky Plush Dog Toy is the ideal choice for pups who love to chew, snuggle, and tug. This plush hedgehog-shaped toy features six individual squeakers for long-lasting fun. Plus, the round shape makes it easy for any dog to pick up and carry this versatile toy. Even if you normally avoid plush toys, this adorable hedgehog is entirely free of stuffing and other messy fillings. This toy is the perfect size for most small and medium breeds.

    While your furry friend won’t care, keep in mind that the six squeakers in this plush toy are very loud. Also, the fur material can become matted and shed with extended play.

    • Adorable design
    • Six separate squeakers
    • No stuffing or other fillings
    • Ring-shaped design is easy to carry
    • Squeakers are loud
    • Too large for toy breeds but too small for large breeds
    • Fur material will shed and mat over time
    • Not recommended for heavy chewers
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    6. Multipet Latex Loofa Dog Toy


    The Multipet 61035 Latex Loofa Dog Toy is made of durable, easy-to-clean latex and comes in multiple bright colors. The included squeaker is sure to get your dog excited for playtime, either alone or with you. The small size is great for smaller breeds and puppies who love to chew, chase, and play tug-of-war. This loofa toy is also perfect for throwing into the air and catching.

    Because this toy is made of latex, it may cause a reaction in people with a latex allergy. Also, it should not be left in direct sunlight, especially outside, as the material will break down. While dogs of all sizes will enjoy this toy, destructive pups should be closely monitored when playing.

    • Surprisingly durable latex material
    • Easy to clean and sanitize as needed
    • High-quality squeaker
    • Versatile for playtime
    • Not safe for dog owners with a latex allergy
    • Latex material is too thin for heavy chewers
    • Keep out of bright sunlight
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    7. Pet Qwerks Dog Squeak Toys

    Pet Qwerks

    If you’re on the hunt for a durable and unique toy for your four-legged friend, the Pet Qwerks P184 Dog Squeak Toys might be the perfect solution. These toys come in a wide range of styles and feature a large squeaker. However, these plush toys are entirely free of stuffing.

    Some of the Pet Qwerks P184 Dog Squeak Toys are very quiet, despite the large, durable squeaker inside, and others don’t make a noise at all. Also, while these toys don’t include any stuffing, the outer plush material is extremely easy to tear apart. While these toys are available in several different sizes, they tend to be better for smaller breeds.

    • Variety of unique designs
    • Zero stuffing or filling
    • Large squeaker
    • Some designs make little or no noise
    • Plush material is low-quality
    • Not great for medium or large dogs
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    8. Outward Hound Squeaker Ballz

    Outward Hound

    The Outward Hound 68001 Squeaker Ballz are an excellent option for any dog who loves fetch. These toys combine two things almost all dogs love, balls and squeakers, and are available in four different sizes: x-small, small, medium, and large. These squeaker balls come in a variety of bright colors and are made from non-toxic materials.

    When playing with the Outward Hound 68001 Squeaker Ballz, the squeaker may come loose. Since the squeaker is small enough for many dogs to swallow, this can pose a serious health concern. These squeaker balls are also less durable than some other brands, meaning even small dogs can tear them apart. Also, some balls arrive with defective squeakers.

    • Available in multiple sizes and colors
    • Great choice for dogs who love fetch
    • Non-toxic materials
    • Not as durable as other brands
    • Squeakers can present a swallowing hazard
    • Some balls have defective squeakers
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    9. JW Pet 43191 Whirlwheel Toy

    JW Pet

    The JW Pet 43191 Whirlwheel Toy is unique among squeaker dog toys. Instead of adding a squeaker to a plush toy or ball, this toy combines a frisbee with a squeaker! This throwing disc is the perfect size for medium and large breeds and is made from all-natural rubber. The material can be easily cleaned as needed and is even infused with vanilla extract.

    Although this toy is a unique take on the traditional squeaky toy, it’s not the best throwing disc around. If you enjoy testing your dog’s limits with mile-long throws, this probably isn’t the frisbee for you. The center squeaker is also easy to tear into and remove, especially if your dog likes chewing on things. For many bigger dogs, the large version of this toy is too big and heavy to use.

    • Unique combination of a frisbee and squeaky toy
    • All-natural rubber is easy to clean
    • Infused with vanilla extract
    • Too big and heavy for most dogs
    • Not the best frisbee option out there
    • Dogs can easily remove squeaker
    • Not recommended for chewers
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    10. Chiwava Squeaky Latex Dog Toys


    There’s no shortage of strange and unique dog toys out there to choose from, including the Chiwava Squeaky Latex Rubber Dog Toys. These chew toys are great for indoors and outside, including playing fetch and chewing.

    Each style of these toys is only suitable for small, medium, or large dogs, so be sure you know which type your dog needs for buying. Also, since the Chiwava Squeaky Latex Rubber Dog Toys are made of latex, they aren’t recommended for dog owners who have a latex allergy. The latex is also rather hard, making these toys a potential choking and swallowing hazard for puppies and small breeds.

    • Great choice for playing outside or inside
    • Available in different styles and sizes
    • Not suitable for dog owners with a latex allergy
    • Tough outer material may be a health hazard
    • Squeakers have a short lifespan
    • Not for heavy chewers
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    Buyer’s Guide

    As we mentioned, not all squeaky dog toys are the same. If you’re searching for the perfect squeaker for your beloved pooch, here are a few things you should consider:


    Does your dog love stuffed animals and other soft toys? Or do they chase after balls like it’s their job? Choosing the best squeaky dog toy means understanding what type of toys your dog prefers in general.

    Fortunately, you can find squeaky dog toys in practically any material you can imagine. You can even find toys that combine traditional squeakers with crinkly material, so your dog has more than one noisemaking option when it comes to playtime.


    There’s something about a squeaker that sets off a destructive dog. Often, nothing will stop them until they successfully remove and destroy the squeaker from their new toy.

    While some dogs will never be able to keep a squeaky toy in one piece, others just need one that can stand up to their chewing. Look for toys that have tough, rubber exteriors and that are designed for large breeds and heavy chewers. Generally, plush toys with squeakers aren’t a great option for destructive pups.


    One thing many dog owners forget to consider is the size of their dog’s new squeak toy. Even if your furry friend and physically pick up and carry their new toy, that doesn’t necessarily mean they can trigger the squeaker.

    While large squeakers tend to be more durable, make sure you choose a squeaky dog toy that’s the right size for your pup’s breed and life stage. After all, there’s nothing worse than a squeaker your dog can’t squeeze on their own!


    When it comes to our reviews of the best squeaky dog toys on the market, the Rocco & Roxie Plush Squeak Toy takes home the honors of top choice. This squeak toy is the best overall choice for your dog because of the non-toxic materials, durable construction, wide range of designs, and versatility. Whether your pooch likes to curl up and snuggle with their toys and play tug-of-war, this squeaky toy will do the trick.

    As for our pick for squeaky dog toy with the best value, the Nerf Dog 6997 Squeak Rubber Football stands above the rest. This toy is an excellent investment for any dog who loves fetch, with the added bonus of a built-in squeaker. Plus, since this toy is so affordable, you don’t need to worry about your dog losing or destroying it over time!

    All in all, there are countless different options out there for the best squeaky dog toys. Every dog has their own preferences when it comes to their toys, and you know your own dog best, but we hope our reviews have made it a little easier for you to find the perfect match for your best friend.

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    Featured image credit: TheDigitalWay, Pixabay