What’s the Best Materials for a Dog Run Floor?

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Your dog loves to be outside. It’s in their nature. We can’t deny it. Unfortunately, they can’t just be out traipsing through the streets with no supervision. Having a dog run is a perfect way to let your dog enjoy the outdoors safely and responsibly. They can run around to see the sights, hear the sounds, and sniff all the smells. 

Providing a comfortable play space for your dog is essential. If you’re at the stage of considering the building of a run or you want to revamp the one you have, you may wonder what options there are for flooring. While there are several choices, some are better than others for your specific set up.


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Concrete is an efficient material to use. It will keep dirt and other natural elements from getting all over your dog. You can easily spray off messes if need be, and it has no grooves that make spots hard to reach. While it’s quite useful to ward off rain and quick to dry, it is quite sensitive to hot and cold. During the summer or winter, it will retain the outdoor temperature, meaning your dog can be quite affected by this in time spent outside.

You can easily place the run in an area where it is shaded or provide roofing to keep it cool. During the winter, you can limit time spent outside or place a warm dog bed so their paws can have relief from the elements. Excessive time spent on concrete can also cause wear to the paw pads, potentially creating blisters or damage. Having another material therein to break up the constant concrete feel is a good idea.

  • Easy to clean
  • Drains and dries quickly
  • Keeps your dog out of the dirt
  • Temperature-sensitive
  • Can affect paw pads

Composite Flooring

Composite Flooring
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If you are looking for a way to look stylish while keeping your dog run clean, composite flooring is a great option. It is water-resistant and doesn’t retain heat or cold. This will always help to keep the temperature neutral, posing no negative affect for your pup’s paw pads. Not only is it effortless to wipe down or spray off, it comes in multiple style choices as well. You can tailor it to match your deck or outdoor theme.

You can buy the composite flooring to pretty much have any look you want. You can get composite wood, tile, or other designs. It snaps together quite simply, making it easy to assemble. It can be either cheap or expensive, depending on what you select. Composite also lasts quite a long time as well. If there is damage done to a section, you can always replace the damage without having to redo the entire area. 

  • Easy to clean
  • Can match decor
  • Many styles
  • Simple replacement
  • Can get pricey

Rubber Matting

Rubber Mat
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When it comes to the perfect fit for your kennel area, consider rubber matting. You can buy rubber matting kits that are predesigned to fit in your run space, which is convenient and easy. The rubber matting comes in squares that you can easily position where you want them. You can replace an individual square straightforwardly as well.

Rubber matting is very soft for the dog’s paw pads, so you wouldn’t have to worry about damage with prolonged use. It’s also excellent for rambunctious dogs since it won’t cause tears to the claws and it absorbs impact. If any of the squares will always be unprotected from sunlight, make sure that your selection supports the frequent exposure.

  • Safe for paws and romps
  • Premade kits
  • Easy fit
  • May be affected by sun exposure

Au Natural

Au Natural
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Of course, you always have the good old earth for flooring. There is nothing wrong with letting your pet roam around in the grass. However, this will need reinforcements. For instance, if your dog run gets wet in the weather, you won’t want a mud pit wrestling ring in the middle of your yard. And surely you don’t want to bathe them every time you bring them back in.

You can lay down a layer of straw in the run to give the floor some texture. It will put a layer between the moisture in the ground and your pet’s paws. You can also make sure the run isn’t placed in an area that allows standing water. Roofing is also a great way to help the rain ricochet off the area. It is also best to put the run on high ground or to have a drainage tube around it.

  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to maintain
  • Can get muddy

What Works Best for Your Dog Run?

Dog Run Floor
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The right choice here is likely different for everyone. It will vary depending on your outdoor setup, weather conditions where you live, and what means of shade or shelter you have available. You will want to decide based on what works best for your pet and home correctly.

Each person will have a different budget as well. Some of these can get pretty pricy, and others are inexpensive alternatives. While there are some terrific options available to pet owners, there is likely one that stands out above the rest—and you should go for it.