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10 Best Double Dog Leashes & Couplers of 2021 – Reviews & Top Picks

A double dog leash

If you have two dogs, you know how difficult it can be to walk them both at the same time. When using two leashes, it seems that someone or something always gets tangled up. Double dog leashes and couplers are a great option to help reduce the chance of your two dogs becoming tangled, keeping you happy and free of frustrations.

There are many good options available on the market, and we’ve narrowed them down to the top 10 to help you choose one that will work best with your two dogs and how they behave.

Also, take a look at the buyer’s guide with considerations and tips to keep in mind when buying and using a double dog leash.

A Quick Look at our Favorite Picks of 2021

Image Product Details
Best Overall
Mighty Paw Mighty Paw
  • Feature iconPrevents tangles
  • Feature iconCan adjust length
  • Feature iconMade of quality materials
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Caldwell's PetHeavy-duty Caldwell's PetHeavy-duty
  • Feature iconAffordable
  • Feature iconDurable hardware
  • Feature iconLarge range of adjustment
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Leashboss Duo Leashboss Duo
  • Feature iconHeavy-duty
  • Feature iconAdjustable coupler
  • Feature iconDetachable padded handle
  • Vaun Duffy Vaun Duffy
  • Feature iconTwo padded neoprene handles
  • Feature iconReflective stitching
  • Feature icon360 rotation
  • iYoShop iYoShop
  • Feature iconDurable nylon
  • Feature iconPadded handle
  • Feature iconDouble bungee
  • The 10 Best Double Dog Leashes

    1. Mighty Paw Double Dog Leash – Best Overall

    Mighty Paw

    The Mighty Paw does a great job of keeping two dogs from becoming tangled while on a walk. It has a swivel attachment that moves with each dog. The length of each side of the dog leash can be adjusted between 16 and 24 inches, so you can customize it for each dog.

    It is made from weather-proof nylon with incorporated reflective stitching and heavy-duty hardware. We like the high quality and durability of this double dog leash. The Mighty Paw company is a family-owned and -operated business in Rochester, New York.

    The handle on the dog leash is padded and large, so it is comfortable and easy to grip. The only downside is that it is a little heavy and works best for larger dogs, but the leash is flexible and the two dogs do not become tangled when walking. With that said, we still think that this is one of the best dual dog leashes of 2020.

    • Prevents tangles
    • Can adjust length
    • Made of quality materials
    • Reflective stitching
    • Large padded handle
    • Comfortable to use
    • Heavy
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    2. Caldwell’s Dual Dog Leash Coupler – Best Value

    Caldwells Pet Supply Co

    Caldwell’s Pet is the best double dog leash and couplers for the money because it can be used for large and small dogs. The splitter is 1-inch wide and can be adjusted from 11 to 20 inches. We like that the nylon doesn’t stretch and is designed to resist tangles. The nickel-plated hardware is made with durability and quality in mind.

    It doesn’t come with a leash, but you can attach any type of dog leash you may already have to it. The coupler extends far enough to give your two dogs adequate space from each other. With the heavy-duty O-ring and clips, this dog leash coupler is heavy, and the plastic adjuster doesn’t appear to be as durable as the Mighty Paw, which is why it is not number one on our reviews list.

    • Affordable
    • Large range of adjustment
    • Durable hardware
    • Good for a variety of breeds
    • Heavy
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    3. Leashboss Double Dog Leash – Premium Choice

    Leashboss Duo

    The Leashboss is ideal for larger dogs because it is made of heavy-duty materials, like 1-inch nylon webbing and metal components. The coupler can be adjusted from 11 to 20 inches, so you can use it with different sized dogs.

    We like that it comes with a traffic handle 12 inches in length and has a padded Y-handle to prevent it from slipping from your hands and causing leash burn. This handle is detachable, so you can use a different dog leash if you prefer.

    Other nice features of this double leash are the reflective stitching incorporated into the nylon and that it is assembled in the U.S.A. and comes with a five-year manufacturer’s warranty. It is not recommended for dogs weighing less than 40 pounds, however, and it is more expensive than the Mighty Paws and the Caldwell’s Pet, which is why it is rated number three on our list.

    • Heavy-duty
    • Adjustable coupler
    • Detachable padded handle
    • Reflective stitching
    • Five-year warranty
    • Best for large dogs
    • Pricey
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    4. Vaun Duffy Double Dog Leash

    Vaun Duffy

    The Vaun Duffy has a unique feature that will help you keep control of both dogs when needed: two padded neoprene handles on each side of the coupler. It offers plenty of reflective stitching too, on both edges and sides of the leash.

    This affordable double dog leash is made specifically for medium to large breeds, since the dog leash is 1 inch wide with metal components and a 360-degree swivel rotation to prevent your two dogs from becoming a tangled mess. The couplers can adjust from 18 to 24 inches in length, which is a nice feature when you have two dogs that are different heights.

    It comes with a lifetime guarantee, meaning that if any components of the leash fail due to materials or workmanship, the company will replace it for free. On the downside, due to the weight of the handles on each coupler, it is heavy and drags on the ground easily.

    • Two padded neoprene handles
    • Reflective stitching
    • 360 rotation
    • Adjustable couplers
    • Lifetime guarantee
    • Affordable
    • Couplers heavy with handles
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    5. iYoShop Dual Dog Leash


    This affordable dual dog leash is made from climbing ½-inch nylon rope that can support up to 150 pounds of pulling. It has a padded handle with plastic protectors at both ends and a metal clasp to hook to the coupler. We like the amount of reflective thread that is incorporated into the rope.

    The double bungee extension has a 360-degree-rotation metal swivel that helps prevent tangling. The bungee has a 1-inch width, with a reflective thread sewn on both edges. We like that the bungees help absorb any shock created by your dog when pulling. The bungees go from 20 to 35 inches when fully extended.

    On the downside, the dog leash is only 35 inches long, and we found that this made it difficult to walk both dogs without them getting in the way of one another, and the bungee is too strong for smaller dogs.

    • Durable nylon
    • Padded handle
    • Reflective
    • Double bungee
    • Affordable
    • Best for medium to large dogs
    • Leash too short
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    6. U-picks Dual Dog Leash


    The U-picks is a leash with a double bungee extension that works well with active dogs and reduces the feeling of being pulled along on your walk. The bungees extend from 20 to 35 inches and are able to endure up to 100 pounds of pull.

    The dog leash has a neoprene handle that we found to be easy and comfortable to hold. The dog leash is somewhat long at 37.7 inches and allows your two dogs enough room while walking. This dual leash also comes with a waste bag dispenser and a training clicker.

    Other nice features include reflective stitching, heavy-duty hardware, and a swivel leash attachment to prevent tangles. On the downside, we found that this dog leash doesn’t have as much pull strength, and some users have experienced the tension breaking on one of the bungees. It would be best to use this leash with two dogs who aren’t heavy pullers.

    • Double bungee
    • Neoprene handle
    • Reflective stitching
    • Heavy-duty hardware
    • Swivel leash attachment
    • Decreased pull strength
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    7. Snagle Paw Double Dog Leash

    Snagle Paw

    The Snagle Paw is an affordable option if you just want the double bungee coupler for your own leash. There is a swivel leash attachment, and the hardware is made of durable metal. It is rated for 30- to 100-pound dogs, though you don’t want to use this with smaller dogs, since the tension on the bungees will be too strong for them.

    We like that the leash offers reflective stitching on both sides and that the bungees stretch from 20 to 31.5 inches. It is made from a durable 1-inch nylon that is easy to clean and resists mildew. On the downside, we found that the quality of the stitching is not as good on this product compared to others, as some dog owners have experienced fraying after only using it for a short period of time.

    • Affordable
    • Swivel attachment
    • For medium to large dogs
    • Reflective stitching
    • Poor stitching quality
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    8. DCbark Tangle Free Double Dog Leash


    The DCbark is made from a durable weather-proof nylon that is soft and flexible. The handle on the leash is padded with comfortable neoprene. The hardware on the dog leash and coupler are made of metal, and the 360-degree swivel piece works well to prevent the two dogs from becoming tangled.

    The coupler has plastic adjustments that allow you to choose from 11 to 20 inches in length. The leash is approximately 40 inches long, which may work well for some people, while others may prefer a shorter dog leash for more control. This double leash is recommended for two dogs from 10 to 50 pounds. That being said, it can’t handle a great deal of pull strength from a large dog.

    With the heavy-duty hardware, this dog leash can be a little heavy for smaller dogs but works like a charm for medium-sized dogs.

    • Soft and flexible
    • Padded handle
    • Heavy-duty hardware
    • Adjustable coupler
    • Long leash
    • Not durable for high pull-strength
    • Heavy for small dogs
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    9. tobeDRI Double Dog Leash Coupler


    This coupler has a neoprene-padded handle on each side. These allow you to keep greater control over your pet when in traffic or crowds. The handles are comfortable, albeit a little difficult to grasp if you have large hands.

    You can adjust the couplers from 18 to 24 inches, which may not be enough space between your two dogs if they are larger. There is a 360-degree swivel that prevents the dogs from getting tangled, and we like the wide webbing material that the leash is made from. There is also reflective stitching sewn along each edge.

    The handles being attached to the couplers does make it heavy and somewhat bulky, so despite the description, it works best for medium dogs.

    • Neoprene-padded handles
    • Adjustable couplers
    • 360-degree swivel
    • Reflective stitching
    • Handles small for large hands
    • Heavy and bulky
    • Not enough space between couplers
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    10. RUFFWEAR 40292-035 Double Track Coupler


    Last on our list is the Ruffwear double coupler, which uses wavelength stretch webbing on every side. We like the one-handed clip that attaches to the dog leash, since it is easy to use, but on the downside, it can simply open on its own when pressure is applied. Some users have reported that their dogs have become unhooked from the coupler.

    The nylon is extremely durable, but the stitching is not secure near the ends of both leash attachments, which won’t hold up to a large dog who pulls. Also, the Ruffwear coupler is pricey, and there is no swivel at the point where the leash attaches, making it easy for two dogs to become entangled.

    The elasticity is strong and durable, but it may be too difficult for smaller dogs to stretch it without exerting a large amount of effort.

    • Durable stretch webbing
    • One-handed clips
    • Quality materials
    • Pricey
    • Clips open easily on own
    • Poor stitching
    • No swivel attachment
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    Buyer’s Guide

    When shopping for a double dog leash, there are many options available. This buyer’s guide will offer considerations and tips to remember when buying and using a double dog leash.



    You want a quality-made product that is durable enough to last for many years. The leash and coupler should be made from durable materials that are stitched together to withstand constant pressure from pulling. The hardware also needs to be strong and made from metal. Do keep in mind that this will make it heavier.


    Double dog leash designs are generally the same across the board, though there will be minor differences between brands.

    Bungee coupler: There are certain brands that offer a bungee option with the coupler. This helps decrease stress to your arm and neck if you happen to have dogs who pull heavily. On the downside, if you use these with a timid dog and an aggressive dog together, you may find that the timid dog is yanked around like a slingshot once the bolder dog figures out what the bungee can do.

    Swivel attachment: This allows the dog leash to rotate, which reduces the chances of your dogs becoming entangled, which is the main reason to get a double leash in the first place.

    Handles: Double dog leashes will have handles at the end of the leash. Having a padded option will protect your hand from rope burn and make for a more comfortable walk. Certain couplers will offer handles on each side, which is a nice option if you need to gain more control over your dogs, such as in traffic or crowded areas. On the downside, the handles make the coupler heavy.

    Adjustable couplers: Even if you don’t have bungees on the couplers, you do at least want the option to adjust them so you can use them with two different-sized dogs. Adjustment length will be different with each brand. You want more room for larger breeds so they have plenty of space for walking.

    Reflective stitching: This option will keep you and your dogs safe when walking at night or early in the morning. The more reflective properties it has, the more likely you will be seen by oncoming traffic.


    Trying to stay within a budget can be challenging, but for the most part, you can get a great double dog leash for a good price. However, you do want to make sure you get all the features that you need, and sometimes the more options a product has, the pricier it is.

    RUFFWEAR - Double Track Coupler

    Tips when buying a double dog leash:

    • Choose one that fits the size/breed of your dogs.
    • Choose one that fits the nature of your dogs. If you have high-energy dogs, you will want a leash that can handle wear and tear.
    • Help your dogs become familiar with the leash before heading out on a walk. Let them get used to being side by side, and teach them to respect you and each other.
    • This may be difficult to use on dogs who are not leash trained. If your dogs have basic leash skills, it will be easier to handle them with a double dog leash.
    • Make sure the leash is comfortable for you too. It should be easy to hold and easy to use.
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    Since there are plenty of double dog leashes on the market, we understand how difficult it can be to narrow it down to the right product for you and your dog.

    Our top pick is the Mighty Paw, which offers a top-quality leash with many features that will make walking your dogs an easy task. The best value is the Caldwell’s Pet Supply leash, which can be used with large or small dogs and is offered at an affordable price. If the price isn’t a deterrent, then consider our premium pick, the Leashboss, which is ideal for large dogs because it is made from heavy-duty materials and will hold up to strong pulling.

    We hope that our reviews list helps you find the best double leash so you can take control of your walks with your dogs — both of them!