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6 Best Dog Umbrellas of 2021 – Reviews & Top Picks

A dog umbrellaDid you know that your dog can have their own umbrella? It’s true! Now you can easily protect your dog from a rain shower just as easily as you can shield yourself. For dog owners who frequently need to take their dogs outside, no matter the weather, this clever invention may help you avoid a soaking wet dog.

We’ve collected and listed the seven best dog umbrellas with detailed reviews so you know what to expect before you attempt to walk your dog with one on a rainy day. We’ve also included handy pros and cons lists and a buyer’s guide for more useful information before you make a purchase.

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A Quick Look at our Favorites of 2021:

Image Product Details
Best Overall
Pet Life Pour-Protection Pet Life Pour-Protection
  • Feature iconStylish look
  • Feature icon19-inch-diameter umbrella
  • Feature iconReflective lining for safety
  • Best Value
    Second place
    K&L K&L
  • Feature icon3-inch umbrella diameter
  • Feature iconTransparent
  • Feature iconDesign doubles as a leash
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Seymour Seymour
  • Feature iconWearable design
  • Feature iconRaincoat made from vegan leather material
  • Feature iconAllows you to use your own leash and harness
  • Feature iconIdeal for small dogs
  • Feature iconStainless-steel umbrella frame
  • Feature iconConvenient collapsible storage
  • Perfect Life Perfect Life
  • Feature iconOpen umbrella diameter of 29 inches
  • Feature iconBuilt-in leash design
  • Feature iconTransparent umbrella material to better see your dog
  • The 6 Best Dog Umbrellas:

    1. Pet Life Dog Umbrella – Best Overall

    Pet Life 1UMBPKW

    Our top pick for the best overall dog umbrella goes to Pet Life Pour-Protection. This dog umbrella looks as stylish as any umbrella you would buy for yourself. With a 19-inch diameter, you’ll be able to protect your small breed dog from the rain.

    The unique design includes a hooked plastic handle that leads down a sturdy metal pole to an umbrella that opens in reverse to arch over your dog. An attached chain hooks onto your dog’s collar to act as a leash. It includes reflective lining across the border of the umbrella for extra safety when walking in dark conditions.

    The metallic collapsible hinges allow you to fold up the umbrella to a 2-inch diameter for convenient storage. We found that this umbrella holds up well in windy weather and can be used effectively as a sun shield to shade your pup on hot days.

    This dog umbrella comes in four color choices, though transparent is not an option, so you can’t see your dog. However, we still think that this is the best dog umbrella on the market right now.

    • Stylish look
    • 19-inch-diameter umbrella
    • Clever design with attached leash chain
    • Reflective lining for safety
    • Collapsible for convenient storage
    • Sturdy in windy weather
    • Four color choices
    • Does not offer a clear option to better see your dog
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    2. K&L Pet Dog Umbrella – Best Value


    For the best dog umbrella for the money, you may want to consider the K & L Pet dog umbrella. As our choice for the best value, this dog umbrella comes with many helpful features and has a wide 28.3-inch diameter when fully opened to more than adequately cover your small dog.

    Made of polyester material, this K&L Pet umbrella only has a transparent option, but this way, you’ll be able to clearly monitor your dog. This dog umbrella also doubles as a leash, with a strong built-in chain to attach to your dog’s collar or harness. We found that the connector chain may be a bit too short, though, depending on the height of your dog.

    This umbrella is both waterproof and windproof. The solid metal frame collapses for easy storage. The C-shaped plastic handle and umbrella hat are removable. Unfortunately, the connection may become weak and break after multiple uses.

    • Best value
    • 3-inch umbrella diameter
    • Transparent to better see your dog
    • Design doubles as a leash
    • Waterproof and windproof
    • Collapses for easy storage
    • Connector chain may be too short
    • Removable handle may become weak at the connection
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    3. Seymour Dog Umbrella – Premium Choice


    Our premium choice goes to the Seymour dog umbrella. Unlike the first two dog umbrellas, which doubled as leashes, the design of this dog umbrella works as a wearable piece of equipment for your dog.

    The vest straps around your dog, while a raincoat made from vegan leather material protects your dog’s back. In the upper center portion of the vest, between your dog’s shoulder blades, is an attached umbrella that extends above your dog’s body for protection against the elements.

    When not in use, the umbrella collapses and folds against your dog’s back. You can easily walk your dog with your own leash and harness when your dog wears this vest and umbrella. You can choose from four solid color choices, though transparent is not an option.

    We placed this product in our third spot due to issues with getting a proper fit on different small dog breeds. Also, the vest and umbrella may not stay properly in place while walking.

    • Wearable design
    • Raincoat made from vegan leather material
    • Umbrella collapses and folds when not in use
    • Allows you to use your own leash and harness
    • Four color choices
    • No transparent color options
    • Difficulty with proper fit
    • May not stay in place as you walk
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    4. LESYPET Dog Umbrella


    Ideal for small dogs, the LESYPET dog umbrella incorporates its umbrella with a leash for an all-in-one product. The transparent umbrella material allows you to monitor your dog as you walk.

    It offers ample coverage for small dogs, with a back length of 19 inches or shorter. The total diameter of the open umbrella is 28.3 inches. The stainless-steel frame holds up well in rainy conditions, though it may not be strong enough for windy days.

    For convenient storage, the umbrella collapses flat. The C-shaped plastic handle has a removable connection that has been upgraded for improved durability, but it still may break if too much pressure is applied.

    • Umbrella and leash all-in-one design
    • Transparent umbrella material for better visibility of your dog
    • Ideal for small dogs
    • Stainless-steel umbrella frame
    • Convenient collapsible storage
    • Not windproof
    • Handle connection may not be durable
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    5. Perfect Life Pet Dog Umbrellas

    Perfect Life

    For a slightly larger dog umbrella, although still best suited for small dog breeds or puppies, the Perfect Life Ideas Pet dog umbrella has a diameter of 29 inches and works best for dogs or puppies weighing between 12 to 15 pounds and a back length of up to 20 inches.

    This dog umbrella uses the built-in leash design for a handy tool on a rainy day. The waterproof plastic material of the umbrella is transparent, so you can keep an eye on what your puppy or small dog is doing. This dog umbrella collapses flat to resemble an umbrella you would use for yourself.

    We placed this product further down on our list due to its lack of overall durability. Also, this product is not windproof. Like some of the other products on our list, the built-in leash chain may be too short, depending on the size of your dog.

    • Ideal for small dogs and puppies
    • Open umbrella diameter of 29 inches
    • Built-in leash design
    • Transparent umbrella material to better see your dog
    • Umbrella collapses flat for easy storage
    • Lacking in overall durability
    • Not windproof
    • Leash chain may be too short
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    6. Enjoying Pet Umbrella

    Enjoying Pet

    The Enjoying Pet umbrella looks nearly identical to the other products on our list that have a leash and umbrella combination design. This style allows you to hold the umbrella over your dog as you walk, while not having to deal with a second leash.

    One difference is the recently upgraded handle design, which seems to solve the problem of durability. We found fewer reports of a weak connection and breakage.

    If you’re looking for fashionable color choices, this one will unfortunately not deliver. However, this umbrella is made of a transparent material that will allow you to better monitor your dog.

    Although not described as windproof, this umbrella seems durable enough for a walk in a rainstorm. When you return home, this umbrella can collapse closed for convenient storage until the next rainy day.

    • Leash and umbrella combination design
    • Upgraded handle design for improved durability
    • Transparent umbrella material to better see your dog
    • Rain-resistant umbrella material
    • Collapsible for convenient storage
    • Does not offer color choices
    • Not windproof
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    Buyer’s Guide – Picking the Best Dog Umbrella

    We hope that our reviews have given you a good understanding of how dog umbrellas work, especially if you were not initially familiar with them. Between the built-in leash combination and wearable vest design, we’ve given you a few options to consider. In this buyer’s guide, we’ll go over useful tips to help you get the most out of your new pup umbrella so you can be prepared for the next rainy day.

    Small Dogs and Puppies Only

    Unfortunately for owners of medium-size and larger dogs, the umbrellas we featured on this list only cover dogs and puppies weighing about 20 pounds or less. These dog umbrellas work best for breeds such as the Chihuahua, Poodle, Yorkshire Terrier, Papillon, Pomeranian, Shih Tzu, and similar small and toy dog breeds. If your dog is too large, they won’t fully fit under the umbrella.

    Carefully Introduce the Umbrella

    In researching all the umbrellas for dogs on this list, we came across a common problem: Many dog owners like the dog umbrella concept, but many dogs want nothing to do with them. Opening the umbrella with gusto, as you would for yourself, may spook your small companion. Make sure to slowly and carefully introduce the umbrella to your dog.

    Take a Trial Walk

    It may be best to try out your new dog umbrella on a nice day in order for you and your dog to become familiar with it. It may be too overwhelming to figure out all the moving parts when you’re being blasted by wind and rain. We suggest first walking your dog with the umbrella closed. Then, after your dog seems comfortable, slowly and carefully open the umbrella and take a trial walk. It may take a few walks for your dog to become comfortable and adjusted to this new piece of equipment.

    Dog Umbrella

    Transparent vs. Colorful

    How you plan to use your dog umbrella may determine whether you prefer transparent material or a more colorful choice. As we mentioned, transparent umbrellas give you the advantage of being able to clearly see your dog. The disadvantage is that it can’t shield your dog from the sun if you’re planning to use the umbrella for shade. Also, if you’re style conscious, you may prefer a color.

    Gear Up!

    On extra wet days, you may want to pair your new umbrella with dog rain boots and rain jacket for even better protection from the elements. Remember, umbrellas only shield your dog from above. They can’t prevent your dog from becoming drenched in a puddle or from rolling in wet grass.


    Make sure that the dog umbrella you purchase is built to last. Ideally, you want a dog umbrella that’s waterproof and windproof. Make sure the handle and the frame are well-built and sturdy. Finally, it’s helpful to have the umbrella that can collapse flatly for easy storage.


    The Pet Life 1UMBPKW Pour-Protection Umbrella is our recommendation for the best overall dog umbrella. This 19-inch-diameter dog umbrella has a stylish look and a clever design with an attached leash chain. It comes in four color choices, each with a reflective lining for safety. This product is sturdy in windy weather and is collapsible for convenient storage.

    Our choice for the best value goes to the K&L Pet Dog Umbrella. It’s large in diameter at 28.3 inches and is a transparent material so you can better see your dog. Its design doubles as a leash and an umbrella, with a chain that hooks onto your dog’s collar or harness. This umbrella is waterproof and windproof and collapses for easy storage.

    In our third spot is our premium choice, the Seymour Dog Umbrella. The unique wearable design of this product incorporates a raincoat made from vegan leather material. The attached umbrella expands over your small dog’s entire body. When not in use, the umbrella collapses and folds against their back. This design allows you to use your own leash and harness. It comes in four color choices.

    We hope that our reviews, pros and cons lists, and buyer’s guide have helped you decide if a dog umbrella is right for you for the next time you need to walk your dog in the rain. It may be the perfect convenient tool to keep your pup dry in stormy weather.