Best Dog House for Hot Weather 2020 – Reviews & Top Picks

Dog House for Hot Weather

Dogs are often naturally at their happiest when they are outdoors.

However, when weather conditions become brutal, even the toughest dogs may find themselves uncomfortable. That is why it is so important to acquire the right kind of dog house.

But how can you possibly know if the dog house you have in mind is going to keep your dog comfortable even in hot weather? Unless you have tried it out, you won’t.

Fortunately for you, we’ve tested all of the products on our list with the intention of finding your dog the perfect product for any weather condition.

So let’s get started. Read on for some hot weather dog house reviews.

A Quick Look at the Winners in 2020:

Image Product Details
Best Overall
Suncast Outdoor Dog House Suncast Outdoor Dog House
  • Very durable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Spacious design
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Internet’s Best Outdoor Dog House Internet’s Best Outdoor Dog House
  • Affordable price tag
  • Good for indoor/outdoor use
  • Weather insolated
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Petsfit Outdoor Dog House Petsfit Outdoor Dog House
  • Durable
  • Well insulated
  • Attractive design concept
  • Tangkula Wooden Dog House Tangkula Wooden Dog House
  • Attractive design
  • Asphalt roof insulates against a variety of weather conditions
  • Bottom designed to resist moisture
  • Pet Squeak Porch Dog House Pet Squeak Porch Dog House
  • Great design
  • The 5 Best Dog Houses For Hot Summer Weather:

    1. Suncast DH350 Outdoor Dog House – Best Overall


    The Suncast DH350 is a durable outdoor dog house that will give your pooch plenty of room to relax. It is sized to fit a dog of up to 70 pounds and features a virtually effortless assembly, complete with snap-on parts that anyone will be able to figure out.

    The construction is also super durable. Dogs tend to mindlessly chew at, you know, everything, so this is always going to be an important consideration to keep in mind. And of course, the materials are weather protected to maintain a stable temperature regardless of the conditions.

    It is a fairly expensive dog house but it should last a while, which may justify the price.

    • Fairly pricey

    2. Internet’s Best Outdoor Dog House – Best Value

    Internets Best

    The Internet’s Best Dog house does well to justify its audacious name. The unit features a great price, making it the best dog house for hot weather for the money.

    This dog house is affordable, durable, and optimal for both indoor and outdoor use. The house is easy to assemble with a snap-on construction design concept. The materials are also optimized for easy cleaning. With a hose and wash rag, you should have no trouble at all keeping the house in good appearance.

    Finally, like all of the products on our list, it is insulated for a variety of different situations.

    We found the snap-on siding also snaps off relatively easy. It’s not exactly a durability problem, as the house will still be usable, but it will be inconvenient, especially if you have a hyper dog.

    • Affordable price tag
    • Good for indoor/outdoor use
    • Weather insolated
    • Durable
    • Siding tends to snap off easily

    3. Petsfit Outdoor Dog House – Premium Choice


    The Petsfit is a weatherproof, insulated unit that will be comfortable in virtually any weather condition. The front entrance of the dog house even features a thick rubber flap that further enhances the insulation factor. Warm air tends to keep well within the dog house, ensuring that your pup will be consistently comfortable.

    Finally, it also just looks great. The wood siding makes it look like a nice house you might want to live in if it was blown up to a bigger size. The unit is fairly pricey, and also difficult to set up, but if you are looking to give your dog the best of the best, this will be a good product for you.

    • Expensive
    • Difficult to install

    4. Tangkula Wooden Dog House


    The Tangkula is an attractive wooden dog house that will be perfect for medium-sized dogs. The unit features an asphalt roof that is specifically optimized for maintaining a steady temperature. The Tangkula also features a raised bottom that is specifically made to keep moisture from degrading the bottom of the unit.

    Unfortunately, though, the unit as a whole will eventually succumb to adverse weather conditions. The authentic wood looks great but it just can’t stand up to a ton of snow, rain, etc.

    • Attractive design
    • Bottom designed to resist moisture
    • Asphalt roof insulates against a variety of weather conditions
    • Wood not well fortified against moisture

    5. Pet Squeak Porch Dog House

    Pet Squeak

    If appearance were the only factor, this unit may very well top the list off. It features a beautiful design concept that just about anyone is sure to appreciate. The porch, the asphalt roof, and the attractive wood sidings have all the appearance of an actual house you might not mind spending some time in.

    Unfortunately, though, that is where the effectiveness of this dog house begins and ends. The wood is low quality and will degrade in wet weather. It is also very soft and splintery, which means if you have a pup that tends to gnaw and chew, the house won’t last very long.

    Finally, it is also very expensive. This is one of the most expensive products on our list, so if you are on a restrictive budget, you will probably want to look into something else.

    • Not very durable
    • Wood will degrade in some weather conditions
    • Very pricey

    Buyer’s Guide

    If you’ve read the reviews but haven’t decided on a product, we get it. Most people have a hard time selecting between five really great products.

    If you find yourself in that boat, then read on for some considerations that should make the decision process a little bit easier.


    Dog houses are surprisingly affordable. It is not hard to find a product that is available for under $100. Indeed, many of the best products on our list fall into that price range.

    So, what exactly does more money get you? Often enough, it’s just more real estate. Naturally, bigger houses tend to cost more money.

    However, it may also buy you better materials or a unique design concept. For example, we saw a couple of products that featured unique design elements—like a front porch. You don’t explicitly need that feature but it can be fun to have.

    Materials like wood also tend to be more expensive.


    The materials used will have a big impact on how well the dog house performs. Surprisingly though, the best-looking material often is not the highest performing. For example, plastic does not look as good as wood but it will hold up well to chewing and moisture degradation.

    Wood, on the other hand, tends to look really awesome but will degrade quicker. With enough rain, even a high-quality wood will splinter and dry out.

    If you do decide to go with wood, there are a variety of factors that can help to make it more practical. For example, a slanted roof will keep moisture from coming into constant contact with the siding.

    And, stilts will help the water from wearing out the bottom of the dog house.


    It is easy to imagine that buying the biggest product you can get is always bet, regardless of the size of your dog. However, such is not the case. Big dogs definitely do need big dog houses—there is no doubt about that. However, small dogs may actually prefer a smaller product.

    Why? It’s the same principle that you would apply to selecting a crate. Dogs tend to feel more secure in spaces where they have enough room to move around but not so much space that they don’t know what to do with it all.

    In fact, smaller dogs may get anxious in larger houses, and not want to use them. Bottom line? Look into getting something that is sized for your dog. Fortunately, this isn’t super hard to do. Generally speaking, the manufacturer will include information on what type of dog is suited for the product directly on the label.

    Insulating Materials

    The entire purpose of this guide is to find products that will keep your dog comfortable in hot weather. And by the way, the same factors that make a dog house good for heat, also tend to make it good for cold weather. It’s all about insulation—features that help the dog house to maintain a stable temperature regardless of what is happening outside.

    There are tons of different ways to accomplish this goal, but several stand out as being particularly effective.

    An asphalt roof is one great way to ensure that the house will maintain a good temperature. This material is able to absorb heat while also keeping it from escaping the house.

    Flaps are also an invaluable way to attain this goal. Flaps of thick rubber give your dog easy access to getting in and out of the dog house, but they also will do well to keep hot air from escaping.

    Even if you live in a community with fairly stable weather conditions, you will want to get something that is well fortified against a variety of different weather situations.

    The Setup

    Dog houses are rarely pre-assembled. Consequently, you are sure to have at least a little bit of work ahead of you when you buy a dog house. That said, it is usually a fairly accessible assembly, even for people that don’t have a lot of experience with tools.

    Some of the dog houses on this list featured a very basic snap-on construction. This build type does not require any tools and it can be accomplished in a matter of minutes.

    Other units (usually of the wood variety) will require a bit more work. For these products, you may need a basic set of tools (screwdrivers, possibly even drills). If that doesn’t sound like something you want to get yourself into it will be worth looking into the assembly steps of a unit before making a buying decision.


    Obviously, your dog is not supposed to eat their house. However, chances are pretty decent that they will spend a little bit of time chewing on it from time to time. If you have a pup with idle teeth, you will want to be sure that the materials of the house are non-toxic.

    It’s an important consideration that is easy to figure out. Most dog houses are non-toxic and will say so on their label. However, if you’re concerned, always feel free to contact the manufacturer.Divider 2


    Hopefully, these dog house reviews have helped you make your decision. If that hasn’t happened yet, there are two products we’d like to remind you of.

    If your budget is on the bigger size and quality is your top priority you’ll probably gravitate towards something like our top choice the Suncast DH350 Outdoor Dog House.

    Fortunately, it is also very possible to find good products that are financially accessible. Something like the Internet’s Best Outdoor Dog House will do well to suit the needs of people that are on a restrictive budget.

    Featured image credit: angel6000, Pixabay