Best Dog Fence Wires 2020 – Reviews & Top Picks 

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Wire fencing for dogs is an economical way to fence a large area, so it’s perfect if you have a large backyard or acreage. Depending on the type of wire, you can either bury it so you don’t have to see it at all, or you can string a wire a couple of feet off the ground to contain your dog

There are so many different options for dog fence wires that it gets overwhelming. We’ve made it easier by creating a list of reviews of the six best dog fence wires. We’ve also created a buyer’s guide so you know which features to look for. 

Read on for our recommendations. 

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites 

ModelPriceSizesEditor Rating
PetSafe(Best Overall)

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DOGTEK(Best Value)

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eXtreme UV Resistant
eXtreme UV Resistant(Premium Choice)

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The 6 Best Dog Fence Wires — Reviews 2020 

1. PetSafe RFA-1 Boundary Wire — Best Overall 


The PetSafe Boundary Wire is our best overall choice because it allows you to have several fencing options. You can use it to expand your existing fence by an additional 500 feet. You can also bury it so it becomes invisible fencing. The solid-core 20-gauge copper wire is rated for direct burial. It can also be attached to an existing physical fence to keep your dog better contained. This wire is compatible with PetSafe, Guardian, or Innotek in-ground fence kits. It’s also available in 20-gauge or 16-gauge. 

The spool is made of cardboard, though, which can easily fall apart when you’re unspooling the wire. 

  • Expands the existing containment system by an additional 500 feet
  • Solid-core 20-gauge copper wire is rated for direct burial
  • Wire can be attached to an existing physical fence
  • Compatible with PetSafe, Guardian, or Innotek in-ground fence kits
  • Available in 20-gauge and 16-gauge 
  • Spool is made of cardboard, which can fall apart

2. DOGTEK Boundary Wire — Best Value 


The DOGTEK Boundary Wire is the best dog fence wire for the money because it has a polyethylene jacket for physical protection. It’s also static and oxidation resistant, so it will last a long time. This wire spool has 500 feet of burial-grade wire, which is ideal for electronic dog fencing. This particular brand is specifically designed for DogTek EF-4000 and EF-6000 dog fences, but it will work with most electronic dog fencing systems. 

The wire only comes in 20-gauge, which is thin and not as durable as thicker wires. 

  • 500-foot burial-grade wire
  • Specifically designed for DogTek EF-4000 and EF-6000 electronic dog fences
  • Polyethylene jacket provides physical protection
  • Static and oxidation-resistant
  • Wire is too thin

3. Extreme UV Resistant Dog Fence Wire — Premium Choice

eXtreme UV Resistant

The Extreme UV Resistant Dog Fence Wire is our premium choice because the polyethylene jacket protects the wire from UV rays, extreme temperatures, and water. This ensures that the wire will hold up to being buried. It also has a solid copper core to conduct electricity efficiently. This dog fence wire is universally compatible with all dog fence systems and brands. 

This is a more expensive option, however. The spool that the wire comes on does not allow you to unspool it; you’ll have to unwind it by hand. 

  • Solid copper core 
  • Compatible with all dog fence systems, all brands
  • Polyethylene jacket protects from UV rays, extreme temperatures, and water
  • Expensive
  • Spool must be unwound by hand

4. SportDOG SDF-WF Brand Wire 


The SportDOG Brand Wire is compatible with the SportDog brand in-ground fence system. It adds  ⅓ acre to your existing in-ground fencing system, so your dog can have even more room to run. The spool contains 500 feet of 20-gauge wire to expand your fencing. It also comes with 50 boundary flags, two wire nuts, and two waterproof, gel-filled, wire-splice capsules, so you have everything you need to install the fence. 

This wire comes on a cardboard spool that falls apart easily when you try to unwind the wire. The dog collar needed for the system to work is sold separately for an additional cost. 

  • Compatible with SportDog brand in-ground fence system
  • Adds ⅓ acre to existing in-ground fence system
  • Includes 500 feet of 20-gauge wire, 50 boundary flags, two wire nuts, and two waterproof, gel-filled, wire-splice capsules
  • Cardboard spool that falls apart easily
  • Dog collar is sold separately 

5. Extreme Electric Dog Fence Wire 


The Extreme Electric Dog Fence Wire has a 500-foot continuous spool that eliminates splicing. The polyethylene coating provides protection from UV rays and water exposure to keep the wire durable and long-lasting. This wire is compatible with all brands of wired electric dog fence systems. 

This is a more expensive option of dog fence wire. It also tangles easily, which can be frustrating when you’re trying to unspool 500 feet of it. This is also copper-coated wire, which does not conduct electricity underground as well as solid copper wire. 

  • 500-foot continuous spool eliminates splicing
  • Polyethylene coating provides protection from UV rays and water exposure
  • Compatible with all brands of wired electric dog fence systems
  • Expensive
  • Tangles easily
  • Copper-coated wire instead of solid copper wire

6. AGM Distribution Boundary Wire 

AGM Distribution

The AGM Distribution Boundary Wire is an 18-gauge solid copper wire, which is more durable and conducts electricity well. It’s compatible with all brands, including SportDog, PetSafe, and Invisible Fence. The wire is plastic coated and sunlight resistant to give it greater durability. 

This is expensive, primarily because it is 18-gauge and 1,000 feet long. If you don’t need this much of your yard fenced, then it’s better to look at more inexpensive options. There is limited availability for this wire. It’s also not that pliable, so it’s difficult to unspool. The spool is narrow, which makes unwinding it difficult too. 

  • 18-gauge solid copper wire on 1,000-foot spool 
  • Compatible with all brands, including SportDog, PetSafe, and Invisible Fence
  • Plastic coated and sunlight resistant
  • Expensive
  • Limited availability
  • Not very pliable
  • Difficult to unspool 
  • Narrow spool 

Buyer’s Guide 

There are several things to consider when you are considering different types of dog fence wire to buy. 

Wire Gauges 

You’ll typically find dog fence wires in 20-gauge, 18-gauge, 16-gauge, or 14-gauge sizes. The thinnest is 20-gauge and is typically the cheapest. This is the size you’ll find in most do-it-yourself fencing kits. Professionally-installed systems use the thicker 16-gauge or 14-gauge wire. It’s also a much more expensive choice. 

Signal Transmission

If you are adding wire to an existing dog fence, then make sure to use the same gauge as you used before. Mixing gauges can cause inconsistent signals and other problems with the electronic transmission. For large properties with numerous acres, a thicker gauge can sometimes help increase the signal range. 


Because your dog fence wire will be outside and exposed to the elements, you must use one with a great deal of durability. The thickness of the wire comes into play here, as lower gauges typically last longer. It’s also important that the wire is coated in plastic or vinyl. A polyethylene coating, for example, gives the wire a waterproof layer of protection. This protects the wire while it’s buried underground. No wire will last forever, though. Eventually, the signal strength will deteriorate and you’ll have to replace it, but choosing a durable wire from the beginning will make your fencing system longer-lasting. 

dog fence
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Spool Quality 

Spool quality may not be an obvious feature for a dog fence wire, but it quickly becomes apparent why it’s important when you go to unwind the wire. If the spool is made of cardboard, for example, it will undoubtedly fall apart when you try to unwind the wire. You’ll then have to unwind by hand, which is a tedious job when you have 500 feet of wire. A good quality spool made of plastic or metal is therefore preferable so you can unwind the wire as you lay it. 

Stranded Wire vs. Solid Core

The copper wire for dog fences typically comes in either stranded wire or solid core. Stranded wire is when several strands of copper are woven together to form a whole. This type of wire is more flexible and easier to unspool. However, it breaks down much faster, as it’s more susceptible to corrosion. You can expect to pay less for it up front, but you’ll have to replace stranded wire fencing every five years or so. 

Solid core copper wire is one thick strand of copper wiring. It’s not as flexible and therefore, harder to unspool. It resists corrosion and can even be used for above-ground fencing. Solid core is typically more expensive, but it lasts twice as long as stranded wire. 


Our best overall choice is the PetSafe RFA-1 Boundary Wire because it gives you several fencing options. You can expand your existing fencing, bury the wire for invisible fencing, or attach it to a physical fence to better contain your dog. The wire is also compatible with several different in-ground fencing kits. 

Our best value choice is the DOGTEK EF-W500 Boundary Wire because the wire has a polyethylene coating that gives it excellent physical protection. The wire is also static and oxidation resistant to make it long-lasting and durable. 

We hope that our reviews and buyer’s guide have helped you find the best dog fence wires for your needs.

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