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10 Best Dog Crates for Puppies in 2021 – Reviews & Top Picks

AmazonBasics Single-Door & Double-Door Folding Metal Dog Crate Cage

Buying a puppy crate for the first time can be confusing. There are so many different factors involved that it may be difficult finding what is right for your furry friend.

It’s important to know what you want from the crate, so you’ll know what style to look for. Thankfully, we’ve done the hard work of going through endless reviews for you.

Here is the list of our in-depth reviews of the Best Dog Crates for Puppies:

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites:

Image Product Details
Best Overall
Aspen Pet Puppy Retreat Crate Aspen Pet Puppy Retreat Crate
  • Feature iconDurable metal & folds easily
  • Feature iconFront & side doors
  • Feature iconDouble-latch system
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Carlson Pet Foldable Pet Crate Carlson Pet Foldable Pet Crate
  • Feature iconAffordable & durable
  • Feature iconSingle-latch door for quick access
  • Feature iconRemovable plastic tray
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Zoovilla Dog Crate Zoovilla Dog Crate
  • Feature iconSleek design with wire crate benefits
  • Feature iconCan be used as a table
  • Feature iconSide-facing door
  • Noz2Noz Soft-Krater Puppy Crate Noz2Noz Soft-Krater Puppy Crate
  • Feature iconLightweight and portable
  • Feature iconCanvas and mesh panels
  • Feature iconSimple to set up
  • MidWest Homes Puppy Crate MidWest Homes Puppy Crate
  • Feature iconEasy to assemble
  • Feature iconRemovable plastic pan
  • Feature iconConvenient handle on top
  • The 10 Best Dog Crates for Puppies:

    1. Aspen Pet Puppy Retreat Crate – Best Overall

    Aspen Pet Puppy

    Aspen Pet 21163 Puppy Training Retreat Crate is a metal crate that folds easily for storage and the perfect size for your new pup. The Aspen Pet Crate has a front and side door for more layout options in your home. The doors feature a double-latch system for extra security and will keep your puppy inside the crate. This model includes a divider, which is great for proper housebreaking your new puppy.

    The Aspen Pet Crate is also durable with a rust-resistant powder coat finish available in pink and blue, so it’s safe for puppies that may bite and scratch at the crate. This model also comes with a durable plastic pan that’s removable, which makes it easy and convenient to clean. The only issue with this model is that the dimensions are small, so this is best for smaller breeds or puppies under 30 pounds. Besides it possibly outgrowing the crate sooner than you’d like, we find the Aspen Pet to be the best overall crate for your puppy.

    Type: Wire folding

    Dimensions: 24″L x 17″W x 20″H

    • Durable metal & folds easily
    • Front & side doors
    • Double-latch system
    • Divider included for training
    • For dogs and puppies under 30 lbs.
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    2. Carlson Pet Foldable Pet Crate – Best Value

    Carlson Pet Products

    If you’re looking for a high-quality crate for the best value, the Carlson Pet 6002 DS Foldable Metal Pet Crate is a great option. This model is made with steel for extra durability, which is necessary if your puppy tends to bite and scratch at everything. The front-facing door has a single bolt-style latch for quicker opening and closing of the crate. It also has a hard-plastic tray that is removable, and it’s washable in case your puppy has an accident.

    The Carlson also comes with a divider, which is needed for housebreaking your puppy. While it may be a great puppy crate, a potential problem you may have is the size. It’s smaller than the Aspen pet and can only house dogs and puppies up to 25 pounds, which kept it out of our #1 spot. It also only has one door and a single bolt latch, so it’s not as secure. Other than these potential limitations, the Carlson Pet Foldable Metal Pet Crate is the best dog crate for puppies for the money compared to other models.

    Type: Metal folding

    Dimensions: 24” L x 18” W x 19” H

    • Affordable & durable
    • Single-latch door for quick access
    • Removable plastic tray
    • Divider for housebreaking
    • ­Only suitable for dogs up to 25 lbs.
    • Single-latch not as secure as double-latch
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    3. Zoovilla Dog Crate – Premium Choice


    The Zoovilla PTH0231720100 Dog Crate is a premium model of crate that gives you the benefits of a wire folding crate with the sleek look of a furniture crate. The panels and flat-top are more aesthetically pleasing than a bare wire crate, and can double as a coffee table. The door on this model is on the side rather than the front, so you can place the crate sideways against the wall.

    It’s on the bigger side compared to other puppy-sized crates, which can be both a good and bad thing to have. While it may be roomier and allow for a more comfortable crate, there’s no divider to help with housebreaking your puppy. The door only has one latch, so it’s not as secure as a traditional double-locking crate. The Zoovilla is a premium puppy crate with a fashionable design, but it is more expensive than our Top 2 models.

    Type: Furniture/Wire

    Dimensions: 20.71″L x 27.20″W x 22.09″H

    • Sleek design with wire crate benefits
    • Can be used as a table
    • Side-facing door
    • More expensive than other models
    • Not as secure as multi-lock crates
    • No divider for housebreaking
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    4. Noz2Noz Soft-Krater Puppy Crate


    The Noz2Noz 663 Soft-Krater Puppy Crate is a lightweight and portable soft-sided crate, an alternative to the traditional wire or plastic carrier style crates. The mesh panels provide a darker, quieter environment for your dog while still allowing you to see inside. This model is simple to set up with no heavy lifting or assembly required.

    The Noz2Noz has some good benefits, but there are some concerns with it as well. One problem is that it’s usually too lightweight for rambunctious puppies that can turn it over or knock it down. The canvas material may not hold up to a dog with destructive habits such as chewing and scratching. This model may also be on the expensive side compared to other canvas and metal crates, but it does use high-quality materials. If your puppy or small dog is calm and needs a more den-like retreat, this crate can be an alternative to other types.

    Type: Soft-Sided

    Dimensions: 26”L x 18”W x 21”H

    • Lightweight and portable
    • Canvas and mesh panels
    • Simple to set up
    • Not suitable for energetic dogs
    • Canvas can be scratched and chewed
    • More expensive than other models
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    5. MidWest Homes Puppy Crate

    MidWest Homes for Pets

    The MidWest Homes 1524 Puppy Crate is a wire folding crate that is relatively easy to assemble, with a single door and bolt-latch. This model also has a plastic pan that can be removed for easy cleaning. There’s also a convenient handle so you can carry it a little easier when it’s completely set up. Like other wire crates, the MidWest also comes with a divider for potty training your pup.

    While it is a good crate, there are models that have more features for the same price. The lack of having two doors can be inconvenient if you have to place the crate in a certain location. Another problem is that this crate may not be as secure as a crate with multiple latches or locking mechanisms. The MidWest Puppy Crate is on the smaller side, so it only suitable for a dog up to 25 pounds. If your puppy or small dog isn’t an escape artist, this crate may work.

    Type: Wire Folding

    Dimensions: 24”L x 18”W x 19”H

    • Easy to assemble
    • Removable plastic pan
    • Convenient handle on top
    • Only one door
    • Not as secure as double-latch crates
    • Suitable only for dogs up to 25 lbs.
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    6. New World Folding Metal Dog Crate

    New World Crates

    The New World b24 Folding Metal Dog Crate is a wire folding crate similar to other models, with one front-facing door and a single door latch. It folds down for convenient storage and can fit in the trunk of most cars. This crate has a removable pan for convenient cleaning, but the plastic seems a little weaker compared to more premium brands. If your dog tends to chew on plastic or hard surfaces, the plastic pan on this crate won’t be durable enough. It does come with a divider, which is important to have when you’re housebreaking your pup.

    The main problem with this crate is that the metal itself seems weak and some determined dogs were able to bend the crate enough to escape. If your dog is small and not likely to test the crate’s limits, the New World Folding Metal Dog Crate could work.

    Type: Wire folding

    Dimensions: 24”L x 18”W x 19”H

    • Folds easily for storing
    • Easy to clean removable pan
    • Comes with divider
    • Only one door and latch
    • Plastic pan not durable enough
    • Metal is too easy to bend
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    7. AmazonBasics Folding Metal Dog Crate


    The AmazonBasics 9001-24B Double-Door Folding Metal Dog Crate is a small puppy crate that can be folded down for storage. This model has double-latch locks on both doors for a more secure crate. The AmazonBasics crate also comes with a plastic pan that is removable, but the plastic is not as durable as other models.

    This crate comes with a metal divider that can be used for potty training. The handle on top of the crate may seem convenient, but it doesn’t feel stable and may break under too much weight. The biggest issue with the crate is the metal frame, which is too easy to bend and manipulate. If your puppy is an escape artist, we recommend trying the Aspen Pet crate for a more durable, secure enclosure.

    Type: Wire Folding

    Dimensions: 24”L x 18”W x 20”H

    • Double doors with double-latch locks
    • Removable Pan
    • Handle on top for carrying
    • Metal is on the weaker side
    • Handle isn’t stable
    • Plastic pan not durable
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    8. Paws & Pals Dog Crate

    Paws & Pals

    The Paws & Pals Dog Crate is a wire folding crate with two doors and two latches on each. It can be folded down for storage and comes with a plastic tray as other wire folding crates do. The plastic tray is flimsy and doesn’t fit the crate as well as it should, leaving a two-inch gap where your puppy’s paw could get stuck. The carrying handle on top is nice, but it’s too weak to safely carry with your pet inside. While this crate is on the cheaper side, the metal is low quality and the panels don’t line up well with the clamps. This is not a suitable crate for most puppies, especially rambunctious and strong ones.

    Type: Wire Folding

    Dimensions: 24”L x 17″W x 19″H

    • Two doors with two latch locks
    • Removable plastic tray
    • Less expensive than other models
    • Tray is flimsy & doesn’t fit crate well
    • Low-quality metal
    • Not suitable for most puppies
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    9. Petmate Double Door Wire Dog Crate

    Petmate ProValu

    The Petmate 1127-11272 Double Door Wire Dog Crate is a wire crate that folds and assembles easily. This model features two doors, but with one latch on each only. The latches themselves are kind of hard to manipulate, which can make opening and closing the crate difficult. The Petmate Dog Crate is made out of cheap quality metal that bends way too easily, so it’s not the best choice for stronger, bigger pups. The clamps holding the crate panels together are also low quality, and they don’t line the panels up correctly. Lastly, this crate is more expensive than other models, so we recommend trying the Aspen Crate or other models first.

    • Double doors for convenience
    • Easy to assemble
    • On the expensive side
    • Latches are hard to use
    • Metal is cheap & bends easily
    • Clamps don’t line up
    thematic break

    10. AmazonBasics Folding Soft Dog Crate

    AmazonBasics Premium Folding

    The AmazonBasics 12002-26 Folding Soft Dog Crate is a softer alternative to the more traditional wire crate. This soft crate is easy to set up and it’s lightweight, so it’s portable and can be taken on the road with you. However, there are some issues with the AmazonBasics Folding Soft Crate that outweigh any benefits. This soft crate features mesh “windows” instead of full-length mesh panels, which means there’s a serious lack of proper airflow and ventilation.

    The canvas and mesh material is flimsy and can be damaged by the average puppy, let alone a dog that loves to chew. Also, the zippers and cheap metal frame are made with cheap quality material, compromising its own structure. If you’re looking for a soft-sided crate for your well-behaved pup, consider trying the Noz2Noz 663 Soft-Krater Puppy Crate first.

    • Easy to set up
    • Lightweight and portable
    • Serious lack of ventilation
    • Low-quality canvas material
    • Zippers break or won’t stay closed
    • Cheap metal frame
    thematic break

    Buyer’s Guide

    Buying a crate for your new puppy can be stressful, but there are ways to make crate shopping a smoother experience. Before buying your puppy’s crate, there are certain factors that may influence your decision.

    Things to Consider

    Crate’s purpose

    The first thing to consider is the purpose of the crate, which can range between travel and housebreaking. Determining the purpose of your puppy’s crate will help narrow down the types of crates that are suitable, as well as size and portability.

    Puppy size

    The size of your puppy, and how fast it will grow, will determine what size crate you’ll need. Puppies grow quickly, so getting a small crate may not be the best decision. Consider how big your dog may get and if you’ll need to buy a bigger crate later on.


    Your puppy’s temperament is a huge factor in what kind of crate you’ll be. If your dog is a destructive chewer or has separation anxiety, you’ll need a crate that is durable and escape-proof. Calmer pups may be able to have canvas style crates or plastic carrier crates.

    dog inside crate
    Image: Tomasz Mikołajczyk from Pixabay

    Types of Crates & What to Look for

    There are multiple types of crates available on the market, but not all crates are going to give you the benefits your puppy needs. This is especially important to remember if your puppy is a destructive chewer or an escape artist.


    Metal wire folding crates are the most traditional and standard dog crates on the market. Look for crates with high-quality metal and double-latch locks for extra security. Metal crates are best suited for rambunctious dogs that like to escape.

    Plastic carrier

    Plastic Carrier crates are portable plastic crates usually made for small and medium-sized dogs. Make sure the plastic is durable with a locking metal door. Plastic carrier crates are good for travel and for small dogs who may need a den-like space.


    Soft-sided crates are lightweight and easy to assemble, but they’re just as easy to collapse by a hyper puppy. If you do choose a canvas crate, make sure the canvas material is durable and the crate has proper ventilation. Soft-sided crates are usually better for adult dogs rather than puppies.


    After carefully reviewing each crate, we found the Aspen Pet 21163 Puppy Training Retreat Crate to be the best overall dog crate. It’s made with durable, high-quality metal and two doors for convenience. For the best value, we found the Carlson Pet 6002 DS Foldable Metal Pet Crate to be the best value for your money without losing out on quality.

    Hopefully, we have made it easier for you to find the right crate for you and your puppy. We looked for the finest quality products to meet your needs. With some trial and error, you’ll find what will work best for your pup.