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8 Best Brushes for Pomeranians in 2021 – Reviews & Top Picks

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While Pomeranians are small, they make up for it with their outgoing personalities and full, fluffy coats. If you own a Pomeranian, you know that there’s much to love about this breed — and that there’s plenty of grooming required.

A high-quality brush is an essential tool for properly grooming your Pom. With a broad selection of styles and types of grooming brushes available, you may find it challenging to find the best one.

We’ve collected our favorite eight brushes that work best on your Pomeranian’s thick, dense coat. We’ve provided useful reviews, along with quick-reference pros and cons lists. Be sure to read through our buyer’s guide for more helpful tips before you make a purchase.

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Comparison Table (updated in 2021):

Image Product Details
Best Overall
Hertzko Slicker Brush Hertzko Slicker Brush
  • Feature iconIdeal for brushing and detangling
  • Feature iconComfortable for your dog
  • Feature iconStrong enough to work through dense fur
  • Best Value
    Second place
    BioSilk Double Sided Pin Brush BioSilk Double Sided Pin Brush
  • Feature iconSturdy pins with curved tips
  • Feature iconWorks well on tangles
  • Feature iconRemovable built-in comb
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Chris Christensen Long Pin Slicker Brush Chris Christensen Long Pin Slicker Brush
  • Feature iconHigh density of specially designed pins
  • Feature iconPins have a curved tip
  • Feature iconGentle yet effective design
  • Hartz Groomer’s Best Grooming Tools Hartz Groomer’s Best Grooming Tools
  • Feature iconDual-sided brush
  • Feature iconBristle brush for a healthy, shiny coat
  • Feature iconPin brush with stainless-steel bristles tipped with protective coating
  • FURminator Firm Grooming Slicker Brush FURminator Firm Grooming Slicker Brush
  • Feature iconStainless-steel bristles
  • Feature iconAble to remove mats, detangle, and smooth for shiny finish
  • Feature iconDual-side features straight and bent bristles
  • The 8 Best Dog Brushes for Pomeranians:

    1. Hertzko Slicker Dog Brush — Best Overall

    Hertzko 881314705702 Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

    Our top pick for the best overall brush for your Pomeranian is the Hertzko slicker brush. Ideal for everyday brushing and detangling, this affordable slicker brush offers bristles that are both comfortable and strong.

    Your Pom will enjoy being brushed, and you’ll like how well it works through your dog’s undercoat. This slicker brush massages your dog’s skin for increased blood circulation. With regular use, you’ll notice your Pom sporting a softer, shinier, healthier coat.

    For your own comfort, the Hertzko slicker brush comes with an anti-slip grip handle that offers a thumb rest. Although not a common occurrence, the handle may loosen after multiple uses.

    • Ideal for brushing and detangling
    • Comfortable for your dog
    • Strong enough to work through dense fur
    • Massages and increases blood circulation
    • Encourages a soft, shiny, healthier coat
    • Comfortable handle with anti-slip grip and thumb rest
    • Affordable
    • Handle may loosen after multiple uses
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    2. BioSilk Double Sided Pin Dog Brush – Best Value

    BioSilk FF8556 Double Sided Pin Brush

    For the best brush for Pomeranians for the money, we suggest considering the BioSilk double-sided pin brush. It comes with sturdy pins that are curved near the tips. This design makes it easier to work through tangles in your dog’s thick coat. The back of this brush features a removable built-in comb.

    This pin brush is both gentle and strong as it breaks up knots and tangles. You’ll be able to keep up with your Pomeranian’s shedding and maintain a clean topcoat. Use this brush either before or after bathing your dog for healthy, silky results.

    The handle is comfortable and rather wide, which enables you to gain a sturdier grip. Unfortunately, we learned of many instances in which the handle either loosened during brushing or fell off completely. Also, the size of this brush is a bit big and may not be suitable for puppies or small adult Pomeranians.

    • Best value
    • Sturdy pins with curved tips
    • Works well on tangles
    • Removable built-in comb
    • Gentle and strong performance
    • Wide, comfortable handle
    • Handle is not durable
    • Brush size may be too large
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    3. Chris Christensen Long Pin Slicker Brush — Premium Choice

    Chris Christensen AVIICL Long Pin Slicker Brush

    For our premium choice, we selected the Chris Christensen AVIICL long pin slicker brush. This expensive brush gives you your money’s worth with its high density of specially designed pins. The curved tip pins on this brush bend to create lift and movement, while collecting more excess hair to reduce shedding.

    This pin slicker brush has a flexible cushion of pins that are both gentle on your dog and effective at fluffing and shaping your Pom’s coat and head area. It can easily work through dense coats.

    The long ergonomic handle creates a comfortable fit in your hand. However, durability is an issue with this brush. The handle can either break or fall off while in use. Also, the middle of the brush tends to buckle, rendering it less effective.

    • High density of specially designed pins
    • Pins have a curved tip
    • Gentle yet effective design
    • Ideal for dense coats
    • Ergonomic handle
    • Expensive
    • Handle may break off
    • Middle of brush may buckle
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    4. Hartz Groomer’s Best Grooming Tools

    Hartz 3270083801 Groomer’s Best Grooming Tools 

    Featuring two brushes, Hartz Groomer’s Best grooming tools work effectively, particularly on a Pomeranian’s thick double coat. It employs a dual side brush to provide a complete and enjoyable grooming experience for your dog.

    One side has a pin brush with stainless-steel bristles tipped with a protective coating. This brush gently collects loose fur to reduce shedding, works through tangles, and removes mats. The brush on the other side has dense nylon bristles. After running the pin brush through your dog’s coat, flip to this bristle brush to redistribute natural oils for a healthy, shiny coat.

    The ergonomically designed handle has a sturdy grip, and both brushes are relatively easy to clean. Although inexpensive, we learned of durability issues, with the pins falling out after multiple uses.

    • Dual-sided brush
    • Pin brush with stainless-steel bristles tipped with protective coating
    • Bristle brush for a healthy, shiny coat
    • Effective for use on Pomeranians
    • Detangles, reduces shedding, and removes mats
    • Ergonomic handle with sturdy grip
    • Inexpensive
    • Durability issues after multiple uses
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    5. FURminator Firm Grooming Slicker Brush

    FURminator 104007 Firm Grooming Slicker Brush

    The innovative dual flex head design on the FURminator Firm Grooming slicker brush reduces pressure for more comfortable grooming for your Pomeranian. The split that runs down the middle of the brush bends in order to follow your dog’s contours. This function keeps the bristles at their most effective angle.

    We found that this brush works great for Pomeranians. The dual-sided slicker brush features stainless-steel bristles that are straight on one side and bent on the other. Flip to either one as you work to remove mats, detangle, and smooth your Pom’s fur for a natural shine finish.

    This inexpensive brush is made with anti-microbial plastic and comes with a comfortable, non-slip grip handle that is secure and comfortable to use. Its only drawback is that the fine pins make it difficult to clean out collected fur.

    • Innovative dual flex-head design
    • Comfortable grooming for your dog
    • Effective for use on Pomeranians
    • Stainless-steel bristles
    • Dual-side features straight and bent bristles
    • Able to remove mats, detangle, and smooth for shiny finish
    • Inexpensive
    • Anti-microbial plastic construction
    • Comfort, non-slip grip
    • Difficult to clean out collected fur
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    6. Li’l Pals W6202 Dog Slicker Brush

    Li’l Pals W6202 Dog Slicker Brush

    Ideal for puppies, Li’l Pals dog slicker brush has small brush head dimensions. This reduced size brush offers flexible pins capped with plastic tips for your Pomeranian puppy’s comfort.

    The flexible construction of this brush allows the head to bend with the contours of your dog’s body. As you work, you’ll be able to gently and effectively remove mats, detangle, and gather loose hair. This slicker brush distributes natural oils for a soft, shiny coat.

    We discovered that this brush works best for puppies. Its compact size is far less effective for grown Pomeranian dogs and may become tangled in the thicker coat of a mature dog. Be aware that the plastic tips protecting the bristles may fall off after multiple uses, causing the sharp edge of the wire bristle to be exposed.

    • Ideal size for puppies
    • Flexible pins with plastic comfort tips
    • Effectively removes mats, detangles, and gathers loose hair
    • Distributes oils for soft, shiny coat
    • Plastic tips may fall off after multiple uses
    • Not as effective on full-grown Pomeranians
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    7. Andis Premium Pet Grooming Tools

    Andis 80585 Premium Pet Grooming Tools

    Designed to effectively remove loose hair, this slicker brush from Andis Premium Pet Grooming Tools claims to reduce shedding by up to 90% if used regularly.

    The comfort tipped bristles remove excess hair, dirt, and debris from your Pomeranian’s undercoat and topcoat. As you work this brush through your dog’s thick fur, it also promotes hair growth and an overall healthier coat.

    The anti-slip, soft-grip handle allows you to work safely, as well as comfortably, when grooming your dog. Although an inexpensive, good quality product, this brush encounters durability difficulties after several uses. The glue holding the brush together often fails, resulting in the brush breaking apart.

    • Reduces shedding by 90%
    • Comfort tipped bristles
    • Removes excess hair, dirt, and debris
    • Promotes hair growth and a healthy coat
    • Anti-slip, soft-grip handle
    • Inexpensive
    • Lacking durability
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    8. Safari 770001 Soft Slicker Brush

    Safari 770001 Soft Slicker Brush

    The small brush head measuring only 1.5 by 2.5 inches on the Safari soft slicker brush is ideal for puppies or for use on an older dog’s face and legs. Its design allows this brush to work through your Pomeranian’s coat softly and gently.

    This inexpensive slicker brush features bristles that are coated for your dog’s or puppy’s comfort. We found that it works only averagely well on Pomeranians to remove mats, take out tangles, and collect loose hair in order to reduce shedding.

    The Safari soft slicker brush comes with a tapered handle that comfortably fits in your hand with a non-slip grip.

    • Small size is ideal for puppies
    • Can use on mature dog’s face and legs
    • Soft and gentle to use
    • Coated bristles for dog’s comfort
    • Comfortable tapered handle with non-slip grip
    • Not as effective for removing mats and tangles or reducing shedding
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    Buyer’s Guide

    Purchasing the best brush for your Pomeranian means taking several factors into consideration. In this buyer’s guide, we’ll go over the must-have features and components for a brush that’s up to the job of taking on dense, thick fur.

    The Basics of Bristles

    In our reviews, we featured a variety of bristles of different materials and shapes. The needs of your Pomeranian’s coat will determine which bristle type will work best.

    For removing excess hair to reduce shedding, you’ll need a slicker brush with curved bristles. The bend in the bristles helps better collect loose hair from your dog’s undercoat.

    To work through tangles and remove mats, you’ll need sturdy straight or curved bristles on a slicker brush or pin brush. Look for pins or bristles made with stainless steel for the most strength when detangling and de-matting.

    All types of bristles should encourage blood circulation and help distribute natural oils throughout your dog’s coat for a healthy shine. Nylon bristles work especially well for this task.

    Comfort and Durability

    Your dog’s comfort while grooming should take top priority. Make sure the bristles do not have sharp edges and preferably have a cap or a protective coating. The design of the brush head should provide enough flexibility for gentle removal of mats and detangling.

    For your comfort, look for an ergonomic handle design with a soft, non-slip grip. Grooming your Pomeranian should be a pleasant and rewarding activity for both you and your dog.

    Durability is important as well. Be sure to inspect your brush before each use to ensure that none of the bristles have developed rough edges. Also, double-check the handle stability and strength before each use. Broken handles seem to be a common problem with these types of brushes.

    Andis Premium Pet Grooming Tools

    Brush Head Size

    When selecting a brush, keep in mind that your Pomeranian puppy will require a much smaller brush head size than your mature dog. Fortunately, there are high-quality brushes offered in a variety of sizes. The size of your brush can grow with your Pom.

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    Final Verdict:

    Our top pick for the best overall brush for Pomeranians is the Hertzko Slicker Brush. Ideal for brushing and detangling, this affordable brush is both comfortable for your dog and strong enough to work through dense fur. It massages and increases blood circulation to encourage a soft, shiny, healthy coat. This brush has a comfortable handle featuring an anti-slip grip and a thumb rest.

    For the best value, we’ve selected BioSilk FF8556 Double Sided Pin Brush. The sturdy pins with curved tips work well on your Pomeranian’s tangles. This brush offers gentle and strong performance. It comes with a removable built-in comb and a wide, comfortable handle.

    Our premium choice goes to the Chris Christensen AVIICL Long Pin Slicker Brush. This well-made brush provides a high density of specially designed pins that feature a curved tip. This gentle yet effective design is ideal for a Pomeranian’s dense coat. This slicker brush includes an ergonomic handle.

    Hopefully, our reviews have helped you find the best brush for your Pomeranian. With the right set of grooming tools, including a high-quality brush, regular grooming time with your dog can be a bonding and rewarding process. You’ll feel good knowing that your well-groomed Pom is looking and feeling great.

    Featured Image Credit: Dmitry_Tsvetkov, Shutterstock