Australian Shepherd & Pomeranian Mix: A Complete Guide

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Even though the Australian Shepherd and Pomeranian Mix may not be the first breed of dog that you will contemplate owning, that in itself would be a huge disservice to the breed.

While it is seen as being a rather unusual mix, this is a hybrid breed of dog that is undoubtedly going to bring you a substantial amount of joy.

However, as you may know very little about the breed, it does mean that it will be in the best interests of both yourself and your dog to just learn a bit more.

After all, you want to provide them with the best possible start in life, and that is only going to happen by doing some research.

So, that is where our complete guide to the Australian Shepherd and Pomeranian Mix is going to prove to be useful.

Throughout the guide, we will discuss all of the main points that you need to know about before becoming an owner of this wonderful breed of dog.

By the end of it all, you will be in a much better position and will know for sure as to whether or not this is the kind of breed for you.

Australian Shepherd and Pomeranian Mix Puppies – Before You Buy…

A light colored Australian Shepherd & Pomeranian Mix
The Australian Shepherd and Pomeranian Mix can survive in an apartment.

As we said at the outset, there is a range of things that you should know about this breed before you buy it.

However, while a lot of it is connected to the dog itself, there are still various points that are related to yourself.

You need to be honest in your own abilities to look after any kind of dog.

Going into this blindly will not be the best course of action to take as it will only lead to potential issues that could have a detrimental impact on your dog.

So, to kick things off, we want you to just think about these kinds of questions:

  • How much do you know about the breed?
  • How confident are you in being able to train them in the correct manner?
  • Are you able to provide them with the care and level of exercise that best suits them?

You can see what we mean when we talk about needing to effectively look inwards.

However, we will certainly help to provide you with all of the information that you require to ultimately get your answers.

What Price are Australian Shepherd and Pomeranian Mix Puppies?

First, let’s begin by looking at the price of Australian Shepherd and Pomeranian Mix puppies.

As is the norm, various contributing factors influence the price, and they must always be taken into consideration.

The pedigree of the parents will inevitably play a role. The better their pedigree, and this can go back several generations, then the higher the price.

Also, your location plays a role as certain breeds are more popular in different areas. This influences the price as the level of demand will always be varied.

In general, a puppy for this breed will cost around $1000 to $1200 depending even on the color.

How to Find Reputable Australian Shepherd and Pomeranian Mix Breeders?

You are strongly advised to always seek a reputable breeder as it does mean that the puppies were reared in the correct manner and ideal conditions.

Even with this, you do have several options available to you.

First, consider contacting either the Kennel Club in your country or even if there is a Dog Breeders Association.

They can often point you in the correct direction, and that is going to make life so much easier in finding a breeder to trust.

At the same time, you can also search for clubs and groups for the breed, and then spend some time discussing the breed with those individuals that have already taken that step.

Of course, with this, it does allow you to find out more as to what it is like to own the breed as well.

3 Little-Known Facts About Australian Shepherd and Pomeranian Mix Puppies.

Even though you may already not know that much about Australian Shepherd and Pomeranian Mix puppies, there are still a huge number of small and interesting facts that you may like to enjoy reading.

As an example, we have brought together just three such facts that could very well increase your understanding of the breed in general.

  • You cannot leave them alone for a long time

This particular breed is very sociable, and that does mean that you cannot leave them alone for a long time. They will get exceptionally bored and lonely, and that is only going to lead to all kinds of problems.

  • You should shampoo them once a month

Giving them a bath is not going to make you popular with your dog, but it will reduce the amount of shedding that goes on throughout the year.

  • Be wary of debris

In what could perhaps be seen as a design flaw, if they have been outside then you have to inspect their coat when they come back.

They tend to pick up all kinds of things in their coat, so you might have a few surprises as to what can latch on.

Physical Traits of the Australian Shepherd and Pomeranian Mix

The Australian Shepherd and Pomeranian Mix
The Australian Shepherd and Pomeranian Mix is a very loving and loyal pet.

It is when we start to look at the physical traits of the Australian Shepherd and Pomeranian Mix that we begin to develop a feel for the breed.

Also, knowing about their physical traits in advance of owning one just makes sense.

They will generally look like a Shepherd that has shrunk, but their face will have that distinctive Pomeranian look about it.

Their coat is often a medium length and straight, but they can have a variety of markings across their bodies.

Their tail is also going to be of an average length, and there is a slight softness about it, which comes from the Pomeranian.

Caring for their coat requires brushing two or three times a week, and their nails also need clipping every month.

They have high-set ears and medium-sized eyes that are quite oval in shape. This is linked to the Pomeranian in them.

How Big is a Full-Grown Australian Shepherd and Pomeranian Mix?

There will always be some variation when it comes to the size of a fully grown Australian Shepherd and Pomeranian Mix, but then they do generally fall between certain limits in both height and weight.

Also, it will be more common that the male of the species will be slightly larger than the female, but there will often be just a slight difference.

In general, their height will vary between 12 to 17 inches. Also, their weight is going to be anywhere between 10 to 30lbs.

This all depends on the Pomeranian being bred with a normal, toy, or miniature Australian Shepherd.

What is the Life Expectancy of the Australian Shepherd and Pomeranian Mix?

When it comes to the life expectancy of the Australian Shepherd and Pomeranian Mix, then there are going to be a number of factors that can influence this.

However, we will certainly cover those points throughout the rest of this guide.

That being said, the average life expectancy of this particular hybrid breed is seen as being somewhere in the region of 12 to 16 years.

Intelligence, Temperament and Personality Traits of the Australian Shepherd and Pomeranian Mix

Whenever you have two different breeds mixed together, then you can never be absolutely certain as to what your mix is going to be like.

That being said, we can look at the two parent breeds and ascertain as to what the potential temperament and personality of your dog should be.

In this instance, what we have is a dog that is very intelligent and also exceptionally loyal to their owners.

There is a calmness about them, and they always want to go ahead and please their owners whenever they can.

Training them should never be a problem as they just want to make you happy, and they tend to get on well with other dogs as well.

They are very warm personalities and expect them to want to snuggle up to you on the couch and have a snooze.

Overall, this breed of dog is an absolute delight to own, and you really should not have any problems whatsoever with them.

The Australian Shepherd and Pomeranian Mix’s Diet

A Australian Shepherd & Pomeranian Mix looking away
The Australian Shepherd and Pomeranian Mix have a real character.

It is important that you closely monitor the diet of the Australian Shepherd and Pomeranian Mix to be sure that they are receiving all of the nutrients that they need to really develop.

If you purchase a puppy from a breeder, then make sure that you follow their instructions with both what to feed them as well as how often in a day.

A sudden change is not going to be good for their digestive development, so do not feel that you know best.

Also, you must always seek to push the boat out when it comes to the quality of dog food that you are going to feed them.

Cheaper dog food is bulked up with various ingredients that just do nothing for your dog apart from filling them up with fewer nutrients, so avoid it at all costs.

Due to their size, you are looking at one cup of quality Kibble daily.

Some small treats can also be allowed, but you might also want to put them on a fish oil supplement to help with some of their potential bone and joint issues.

How Much Exercise Does an Australian Shepherd and Pomeranian Mix Need?

The Australian Shepherd and Pomeranian Mix can be a bit of a live-wire, so be aware of this when it comes to understanding how much exercise they require.

Do add in mental exercises as well because they need to have stimulation regularly.

They need to be walked daily and have some variety so they are able to explore a range of different scents.

Also, do not be afraid to allow them to interact with other dogs as they will love it. They should have somewhere between 45 to 60 minutes of exercise per day.

They can be good apartment dogs, but being able to get outside and explore their own space, as well as play with various toys is good for them both physically as well as mentally.

Australian Shepherd and Pomeranian Mix Health and Conditions

Typically, a mixed breed dog is going to have a lower chance of developing hereditary health conditions that are associated with their parent breeds.

That being said, it does not exclude them from all diseases or health issues and being aware of those that are most likely to afflict them will certainly make your life easier.

The main issues that you need to be aware of are as follows:

  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Elbow Dysplasia
  • Cataracts
  • Heart Issues
  • Kneecap Problems

Also, they can develop normal allergies and infections just like any breed, but those listed above are the most important ones to be aware of.

Also, ask the breeder if the parents have been checked out for the problems and look for some evidence of this.

What are the best types of toys?

Although this mix has all the aspects of an active dog who loves being outdoors, this breed is also one that’s pretty smart too.

It’s therefore quite important to balance out toys that are playful and physical with toys that are puzzling and spark curiosity.

The good news is that the famously loyal nature of this mix makes them loyal to their most beloved toys just as much as to their masters and family members.

This isn’t a breed who gets so easily bored that you constantly have to find new things for him or her to do.

That makes toy shopping on a budget for your dog easy, and you can be basic to begin with too. A good ball for throwing in the park can be an excellent start and a solid favorite for your pet.

The Australian Shepherd Pomeranian Mix loves to play fetch.

However, lots of dog toys are available nowadays that are like little puzzle boxes or hidden surprises.

Treats can be hidden in these, as your dog pokes and prods to activate sounds, textures and secret little doors that hide treasures.

Better still, these toys keep the mind of your Mix sharp, so he or she is always bright and attentive.

Especially affectionate examples of this dog can be given a companion toy too, such as a plush toy, that stops them from doting on you too much or demanding too much attention.

Plush toys for dogs can take a lot more being yanked about and munched on than regular plush toys, and they’re rising in popularity for a reason.

This breed isn’t clingy by any means but certainly could do with someone to hug when you’re a bit busy sometimes.

3 Important Training Tips

Training the Australian Shepherd Pomeranian Mix is often pretty straightforward.

This is a dog breed that really wants to please his or her master, and has also inherited the parent breeds’ high level of intelligence and reasoning.

However, having a little extra advice can help you make the most of teaching tricks and desirable behaviors to your Aussie Pom.

  • Stay positive

This is a breed of dog that’s altogether somewhat sensitive, so scolding or expressing disappointment in your Aussie Pom will only make him or her lose confidence overall.

That has a knock-on effect of making your pet less likely to try hard at training in general, fearing another reprimand.

Instead, stay calm, kind and encouraging during training this dog for the best results.

  • Keep things playful

Your Aussie Pom tends to learn best when he or she is having fun. Keep training playful and full of personality, just like your pet, and you’re far more likely to hold their attention for longer.

Training exercises that are framed as games, or puzzles for them to solve, are exceptionally good for helping your Aussie Pom pick up things faster.

  • Focus on one discipline at a time

While this breed of dog is certainly clever enough to juggle training for lots of different things simultaneously, the process is a lot faster if he or she is trained in a more focused way on one thing at a time.

Once that given discipline or trick has been mastered, and your dog is repeating it without any directions from you, you can safely move on to the next task for training over time, without any confusion arising.

My Final Thoughts on the Australian Shepherd and Pomeranian MixA Australian Shepherd & Pomeranian Mix looking at you

Finally, it has to be said that the Australian Shepherd and Pomeranian Mix is a wonderful dog to own especially if you are looking for something that has a real character.

They are very loving, loyal, and so much fun to be around.

They can get up to some mischief and can have a stubborn side to them, but most of the time they are just going to make you smile.

They can survive in an apartment and will simply snuggle up to you and fall asleep.

However, they need to be kept mentally stimulated to avoid boredom setting in and that is not always going to be that easy to keep them entertained.

This may very well not be the kind of mix you were expecting, but at the end of the day the two breeds work well together and they will be a joy to have around your family.

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