The American Eskimo and Basset Hound Mix: A Complete Guide

The American Eskimo and Basset Hound Mix is usually medium-sized. Its fur is not too thick and not too thin, but it’s very soft to the touch.

It’s also known as Baskimo. It’s not a pure breed but a hybrid dog.

American Eskimo and Basset Hound Mix dogs are great with children and with other animals. They are among the easiest to train and the quickest to learn.

They are naturally protective and always alert. They are also very friendly and social, not to mention intelligent.

This particular hybrid inherits most of its characteristics from the American Eskimo. It’s affectionate and loving, playful and hardy.

Because of its high level of intelligence and willingness to please, it’s very easily trained and rank very high in obedience trials.

American Eskimo and Basset Hound Mix dogs love going on walks and running outside. They especially love playing in the snow! 

American Eskimo and Basset Hound Mix Puppies – Before You Buy…

American Eskimo and Basset Hound Mix dogs are friendly and sweet.

What Price are American Eskimo and Basset Hound Mix Puppies?

The price varies for this particular hybrid dog, but the price ranges from $400 to $675.

How to Find Reputable American Eskimo and Basset Hound Mix Breeders?

You can buy an American Eskimo and Basset Hound Mix from reputable breeders by doing your own research online and in your community.

The breeder should be able to present or show you certificates certifying that the dog is healthy.

If they cannot show these certificates, the American Eskimo and Basset Hound Mix puppies have a higher risk to have health problems in the future.

You can go ahead and choose to accept the risk. But you should also be prepared to pay more money in the future when your dog experiences health problems, both serious and not so serious.

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3 Little-Known Facts About American Eskimo and Basset Hound Mix Puppies

  1. American Eskimo and Basset Hound Mix puppies are very sweet, family-oriented, friendly, and smart.
  2. They have low to moderate energy.
  3. They inherit a talent for tracking scents from their Basset Hound lineage and a strong sense of protectiveness from their American Eskimo heritage.

Physical Traits of the American Eskimo and Basset Hound Mix

American Eskimo and Basset Hound Mix doesn’t want to dominate.

In appearance, this hybrid gets much of its look from its Basset Hound parent. However, its body is a little longer than it is tall.

It’s more compact compared to other Basset Hound hybrids.

Its colors also vary, from white, black, to tawny. Its hair can be medium and coarse, or long and silky. But it usually looks a lot like its Basset Hound parent, especially with its long body and flappy ears.

It also usually does not have any resemblance with the American Eskimo.

How Big is a Full Grown American Eskimo and Basset Hound Mix?

Mature male American Eskimo and Basset Hound mixes weigh between 26 to 40 pounds. Females are smaller and lighter, weighing between 22 to 33 pounds.

Despite the difference in weight, both male and females stand approximately 10 to 13 inches tall.

What is the Life Expectancy of the American Eskimo and Basset Hound Mix?

This particular hybrid dog can live from 10 up to 15 years.

Intelligence, Temperament and Personality Traits of the American Eskimo and Basset Hound Mix

Because it’s very intelligent, it’s also very trainable. Good communication between dog and humans is important for outstanding results.

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This mix typically wants to please its owners, and it delights knowing that it has. Training must be consistent, and its owner must establish their position as the pack leader from the onset.

It does not want to dominate. It’s perfectly happy to have a human leader to follow around.

It responds best to calm strength from its owner. It also likes a reward system and getting a lot of praise.

House training this mix can be a little tough. But using crates and puppy pads during training can help a great deal.

American Eskimo and Basset Hound Mix dogs are friendly and sweet, and they make excellent pets for both families and single owners.

They crave plenty of interaction and attention with their humans, but they will also be perfectly content with activity or just snuggles.

They don’t usually stay underfoot, but they like to be nearby. They easily from strong bonds with their humans and will be loyal forever.

They are perfect watchdogs and will instantly let you know when something is up or out of the ordinary with their very sharp barking.

American Eskimo and Basset Hound Mix dogs are extremely energetic dogs, especially when they’re young. They should have a lot of activity each day, including brisk walks and runs without a leash in a safe and fenced in area.

Aside from giving them the exercise that their body needs, this will also dispel boredom and restlessness. When a dog becomes bored, it can develop unwelcome behaviors.

As they age, their energy levels also decrease. Dog owners should still give them plenty of exercise and physical activity for better health.

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These dogs are great with children, and they get along well with other pets. They are very loving and affectionate and can give tons of fun to different people who lead different lifestyles. 

The American Eskimo and Basset Hound Mix’s Diet

American Eskimo and Basset Hound Mix dogs can thrive on a diet of good quality dry kibble that has carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and other nutrients that they require.

Check food labels and feed your dog according to instructions written on the dog food bag.

Treats can also be a part of your dog’s diet. Just pay attention to what kind and how much you give to your dogs.

Avoid that have very little nutrition and a lot of empty calories. You can feed them boiled liver or cut chicken instead.

Avoid switching dog food brands too often because this can cause gastrointestinal discomfort, diarrhea, and vomiting.

When you need to change dog food brands, blend in the old brand with the new brand so that the new brand will be gradually introduced to your dog.

Do this for about three days or so, regardless of your dog’s age.

How Much Exercise Does an American Eskimo and Basset Hound Mix Need?

American Eskimo and Basset Hound Mix dogs are great with kids.

Daily exercise for your American Eskimo and Basset Hound Mix dogs is important. When they have nothing to do, it will have a negative effect on their health, habits, and activities.

It’s highly recommended to play fetch with them, run with them, or take them outside for walks.

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They’re a very intelligent and friendly hybrid who are eager to please, just like their American Eskimo parent. Any stubbornness that they exhibit comes from the Basset Hound parent.

They are very loving, outgoing, and very easily trained. When it comes to children, American Eskimo and Basset Hound Mix dogs are remarkably patient and sweet companions.

They possess a stable nature that allows them to withstand everyday interactions with people, especially children.

They get along perfectly with other dogs, especially with the pack mentality of the Basset Hound.

The American Eskimo aspect of this hybrid softens it for non-canine companionship, such as with cats or small birds.

They may be slightly distrustful of strangers, but this will be easily resolved by early socialization. It will help them increase their friendliness towards unknown but non-threatening people.

They take their energy levels from the Basset Hound parent, which will be lower in intensity. But they are very trainable and require daily exercise to keep them sharp in mind and healthy in body.

American Eskimo and Basset Hound Mix Health and Conditions

American Eskimo and Basset Hound Mix is healthy like other hybrids. However, this particular hybrid has a tendency to get ear diseases.

Obesity may not be their worst health concern, but a poor diet and lack of exercise can lead to obesity and other health complications.

Other health problems also include hip dysplasia, as well as ear and eye problems.

My Final Thoughts on the American Eskimo and Basset Hound Mix

American Eskimo and Basset Hound Mix needs training at an early age just like other hybrid dogs.

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You will be glad to know that this particular hybrid is very easy to train.It can learn basic commands quite easily.

Behavior training is important to prevent or correct a harmful habit. Just remain patient because the results will not happen overnight.

You will probably need to repeat a lot of things many times. But remember to never use negative reinforcement.

Do not order your dog to approach you to be punished because this will teach them not to come to you on command.

Pay attention to your tone of voice and don’t sound frustrated. If you’re starting to get frustrated, take a short break.

Your dog can sense your tension or frustration, and it will start to associate his training with your frustration!

You cannot hide your real feelings from your American Eskimo and Basset Hound Mix, so do your best to stay confident and relaxed, and just have lots of fun together!

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