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Our mission is to create a better world for dogs and their owners. We do this by bringing you the very best dog-care resources so that you can better care for your four-legged friends. After all, we truly believe that man's best friends deserve the best treatment!

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The Dog Lovers Behind Doggie Designer

Nicole with Rosa 2

Nicole Cosgrove
(Proud owner of Rosa)

Alpha Dog Expert & Editor in Chief
Nicole is the proud mom of Rosa, a New Zealand Huntaway, and Baby, a Burmese cat. Originally from Canada, Nicole now lives on a lush forest property with her Kiwi husband in New Zealand. Nicole has a strong love for all animals and has experience caring for all types of dogs, from Yorkies to Great Danes. Nicole even worked as a dog sitter during her travels around South America, and cared for stray pups — something she holds close to her heart. 
With a degree in Education and a love for writing, Nicole aims to share her and others' expert pup-knowledge with dog lovers worldwide with Doggie Designer.

Vet Joanna Woodnutt

Dr. Joanna Woodnutt

Veterinarian, MRCVS
I’m an experienced vet working mainly with companion animals. Whilst I still work two days a week for a local practice, I realized that I could help more people if I wrote down some of the things I talked about in my consultations.

 I now spend most of my time writing about pet health for a range of magazines and websites, so that people all over the world can learn more about their pets.

olivia speight

Dr. Olivia Speight

Veterinarian, BVSc MRCVS
After graduation in 2015 Olivia went to work in a first-opinion mixed veterinary practice, here she worked for over 4 years before moving to her current role as a small animal vet at a charity hospital. Passionate about animal welfare, her other interests include soft-tissue and orthopaedic surgery which she continues to develop in practice.

Outside of work you’ll find her with her ever-growing menagerie of animals (dogs, cats and rabbits - mostly previous rescue cases through work) or out riding or competing with her horse. 

Henrik Weber

Henrik Weber
(Proud owner of: Max)

Dog Dad & Content Editor
Henrik is the ultimate dog dad. He spends most of his day with Max, and lately, he's been sending videos of him trying to teach his four-legged friend how to dance (It looks hilarious).

He's responsible for content production, managing, editing and all in all making sure that we only publish high-quality content that helps the reader.

Henrik hopes you find all the information you're looking for and that you and your pup live your best life together!

Isabel with kitty

Isabel Ludick

Brand Coordinator & Avid Animal Advocate
Before Isabel moved to Cape Town, she shared a home with 9 cats and her sister, Nadia. They basically operated an informal cat sanctuary. While focusing on marketing, brand awareness and PR efforts, she also volunteers at animal shelters, attends wildlife programs and takes long beach walks searching for beached animals in need of help.

Isabel is passionate about animal rights and advocating for animals in the seafood, factory farm and exotic trade industry. She hopes that one day the world will be more open to a plant-based diet for the sake of the environment and animals.

Kathryn Copeland

Kathryn Copeland
(Proud owner of: Bella)

Kathryn was a librarian in a previous lifetime and is currently a writer about all things pets. When she was a child, she hoped to work in zoos or with wildlife in some way, thanks to her all-consuming love for animals. Unfortunately, she's not strong in the sciences, so she fills her days with researching and writing about all kinds of animals and spends time playing with her adorable but terribly naughty tabby cat, Bella. Kathryn is hoping to add to her family in the near future – maybe another cat and a dog.

Emma Braby author image

Emma Braby 
(Proud owner of: Bonkers)

Dog Mom & Content Creator
Emma is an all-around crazy dog lady and freelance writer specializing in dog content. For the past three years, she’s been sharing her knowledge with fellow dog lovers around the world. She’s been a professional dog walker and traveled across Europe as a dog sitter. 

As a volunteer in her local rescue center for the last 12 years, Emma met her partner-in-crime and the love of her life, Bonkers the rescue English Bull Terrier cross. Emma and Bonkers are currently living happily ever after.

Dr. Maureen K. Murithi

Dr. Maureen Kanana Murithi
(Veterinary Spokesperson)

My name is Dr. Maureen K. Murithi. I‘m a licensed veterinarian based in Nairobi, Kenya. I also hold a masters of science degree in Epidemiology. I graduated from the University of Nairobi for my undergraduate degree and Institute of Tropical Medicine and Infectious Diseases under the Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) for my master's degree.

I have worked in the veterinary field for over a decade with a keen interest in small animal medicine. I run my own practice in my country where I get to help animals as well as impart knowledge to my clients. I also have experience in the research field and have managed to publish part of my research in human medicine. I enjoy content creation and have had the privilege of writing for pet blogs and brand influencing. I’m passionate about animal health and find fulfilment advocating for the welfare of animals.

Chyrle Bonk

Dr. Chyrle Bonk
(Veterinarian, DVM)

Chyrle Bonk graduated from Oregon State University in 2010 and has practiced in a mixed animal clinic ever since. On top of treating animals and writing for various veterinary websites and magazines, Chyrle also owns a small cattle herd. When she's not doing those things, she can be found somewhere in the Idaho wilderness with her husband and two kids.

Dr. Jonathan Roberts Doggie Designer veterinary consultant

Dr. Jonathan Roberts

(Proud owner of: Emily and Bailey)

Veterinarian, BVSC
Dr. Jonathan Roberts is a veterinary surgeon based in Cape Town, South Africa. He specializes in behavioral and small animal medicine, and many of his patients come from local animal welfare organizations. 

Jonathan enjoys exploring the mountains around Cape Town with his two miniature schnauzers!

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