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There’s a reason we all love dogs. It’s not just because of their cute eyes and ears, but because of the companionship and loyalty they provide.

Accepting a dog into your life is accepting a new provider of love, care, friendship, and kindness, and it’s a big decision to make.

Dogs aren’t like other pets who are fairly simple in personality traits; they are complex beings that have specific needs and characteristics.

Bringing a dog into your life is adding another member to your family, or starting a whole new one together.

The Westiepoo is the medium-sized crossbreed of a Westie and Poodle, and it is one of the most intelligent dogs around.

They love the company of humans and are often kind, gentle and entertaining. The Westiepoo is an ideal choice for beginner owners, as they are easy to train, and simple to build a relationship with.

In this guide, we will detail the vital information on the Westiepoo for you to determine whether or not this dog is right for you.

If you’re looking for an elegant, beautiful dog, who is smart, charming, alert and entertaining, along with the physical traits that’ll turn eyes everywhere you, scroll on down to read more about the elegant Westiepoo.

Westiepoo: Before You Buy

A small white Westiepoo
The Westiepoos inherit the physical traits of both of their parents.

Purchasing a dog is time and energy-intensive.

There are many factors and things that come into play to ensure long-term happiness for both the puppy and the owner.

There are a plethora of requirements that either you alone or with your family need to determine before bringing a puppy into your everyday life.

You will need to research the dog’s physical, mental and behavioral traits, as well the space it needs for comfort and the socialization it needs to thrive (all in which we will detail in this guide).

Before purchasing a Westiepoo, you will need to decide on what color and gender you want, as well if you’d prefer the dog to be spayed/neutered.

You also need to decide on whether or not the space you have in your household is big enough to keep the dog comfortable, and if you have room to designate a play space.

All these factors are important, as they all come into play with your dog’s mood, and can determine both the happiness of you and your future dog.

How much does a Westiepoo puppy cost?

Price is a make or breaks factor for most aspiring dog owners. The cost of a dog can determine whether you can afford to maintain a dog in your life, and whether or not it is the right pet for you.

Luckily, the Westiepoo is on the cost-effective side when it comes to medium-sized breeds, and is very budget-friendly.

You can usually pick up a Westiepoo puppy for anywhere between 250-500 dollars, which is incredibly cheap compared to the $800-$1000 price point of a Westie, and the $1000-$1500 of a Poodle.

Due to the Westiepoo being a crossbreed, it tends to be cheaper than that of its purebred parents.

So if you’re looking for a more cost-effective dog that inherits the physical traits of both aforementioned designer dogs, the Westiepoo may be for you.

How to find a reputable breeder

Determining a reputable breeder is never easy, as we never truly know what is going on behind the scenes.

It is important to buy from high quality, ethical breeders as the decisions they make at birth can affect the mental, behavioral and physical traits of the dog, as well as its overall life expectancy.

However, there are some factors you can analyze and evaluate to know that the breeder you purchased from is professionally handling their process.

Before visiting a breeder, make sure to ask around your local neighborhood for recommendations and word of mouth.

When purchasing from a breeder, it is important to evaluate the space in which the dogs are being kept.

With the Westiepoo being a medium-sized breed, it will need a reasonable amount of space for play and physical activity.

Also analyze how the breeder socializes with the puppies, as this determines the efficiency in which they assimilate into the public.

A reputable breeder should also assist you with the vital information regarding grooming, dietary needs, and physical requirements, as they should want to ensure the puppy thrives on growth.

Three little-known facts about the Westiepoo

  1. Due to its Poodle ancestry, the Westiepoo will love a good swim and benefit from it both physically, and emotionally.
  2. The Westiepoo can adapt to almost any living situation.
  3. Although it is an incredibly social dog, the Westiepoo does have some specific, strict boundaries when it comes to physical play.

The Physical traits of the Westiepoo

A Westiepoo sitting on the couch
Westiepoos are very territorial.

Due to the Westiepoo being mixed, it can inherit the physical traits of both its parent breeds and its resemblance will depend on the superior genes it contains.

Usually, the Westiepoo will have a medium to long coat that ranges colors of cream and white.

Its fur is hypoallergenic, meaning it rarely sheds and is great for people with allergies.

It will have the long legs of a Poodle, and the square-shaped torso of a Westie.

It’ll sport brown eyes, a black nose, and a high, curved tail.

How big is a full-grown Westiepoo?

A full-grown Westiepoo is around the same size as most medium-sized breeds. It grows anywhere between 13-17 inches in length.

This is bigger than both the 10-15 inches of a Poodle and the 9-12 inches of a Westie. Weight-wise, it’ll grow anywhere between 25-35 pounds, with the males usually being bigger than the females.

What is the life expectancy of the Westiepoo?

The Westiepoo will live around 12-15 years long, which is the average for medium-sized breeds.

This is longer than the 10-15 years life expectancy of a Poodle and around the same of the 12-16 years of a Westie.

Life expectancy can increase or decrease depending on the healthiness of the dog, so make sure you pay attention to any symptoms of physical and mental health concerns.

Intelligence, Temperament and Personality Traits of the Westiepoo

A close up of a Westiepoo's face
A Westiepoo is so fluffy.

The Westiepoo is kind, fun, loving and great to play with.

It is often good with children, however, make sure to supervise during play as the Westiepoo does not tolerate roughness and appreciates its space.

They often thrive with the company of humans and can suffer from separation anxiety and become destructive if left alone for a long time.

They are great with other dogs, however, have an instinct for Prey, so it is recommended you don’t keep them with cats and other small animals.

The Westiepoo is incredibly easy to train, and it learns quick but can inherit the stubbornness of its parent breeds. To fix this, participate and obedience training and use snacks as positive reinforcement.

The dietary requirements of the Westiepoo

The Westiepoo eats around the average of your typical medium-sized dog breed. It recommended that you feed them 2 cups of dog food per day, costing you around 35-40 dollars a week.

Premium dry food is recommended as it provides them with the nutrition they need, however, the Westiepoo will appreciate some variation with foods like beef and chicken.

As previously stated before, it is vital to reward your Westiepoo with snacks often to increase its mood during training.

How much exercise does the Westiepoo need?

The Westiepoo is a moderately active dog and will need daily exercise to maintain its health.

You will need to provide the Westiepoo with around 45 minutes of exercise per day, and around 8 miles of walking per week.

The Westiepoo loves the dog park and will love to play with other dogs, as well as to appreciate a trip to the beach for a nice swim.

It also thrives in obedience and agility training, provided you give it snacks throughout the trials.

A Westiepoo can live in an apartment. However, it is recommended that you have a small fenced backyard for activities.

The Westiepoo is not sensitive to any particular weather, however, make sure to watch its composure in the heat.

The health concerns and conditions of the Westiepoo

As a medium-sized breed, the Westiepoo is prone to a series of different health conditions, however, not as many as its parent breeds.

It is recommended that you schedule occasional trips to the vet for physical examinations, ear examinations, and eye tests.

Serious issues include:

  • Patellar Luxation
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Cushing’s Disease

Minor issues include:

  • Epilepsy
  • Cataracts
  • Ear infections

What are the best types of toys?

The Westiepoo does not necessarily require a lot of outdoor activities but it will need to be engaged in productive games and activities within the household.

This is a pet that will require quite a lot of attention, so if you plan on leaving it alone to play with a bunch of toys by itself, the Westiepoo may not be the best pick for you.

The dog will seek versatility and variety in its toys and games, otherwise, it could get bored and lose interest easily.

This boredom can later manifest into destructive behavior, so the best way to avoid this completely is to make sure that playtime is most productive and enjoyable for both you and your pet.

Interactive toys that also inculcate good behavior by dispensing treats will be appreciated by the Westiepoo and pique its interest.

Other puzzle games for dogs are also widely available in pet stores as well as online.

These toys are safe to play with and designed to maximize the mental stimulation of your pet.

This is where the Westiepoo can best display its intelligence and put its sharp and observant instincts to use as it tries to solve these puzzles.

Additionally, a tennis ball or other chew toys that it can fetch and return to you will also go a long way to keep it engaged and happy during playtime.

Other clockwork toys that slide across the floor will also be of interest to your pet because it will look at these as another companion and try to catch them.

Whatever toy you choose for your pet, at the end of the day, you need to make sure that it is sturdy and durable and doesn’t come with loose parts that could be swallowed by your pet.

Westiepoo ConclusionA white fluffy Westiepoo dog

Overall, the Westiepoo is an overall sociable dog that is perfect for beginner owners provided the right amount of exercise, training, and socialization.

If you’re looking for a beautiful, elegant dog to play with, the Westiepoo is the right companion for you.

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