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USAA Pet Insurance Review 2021 – Pros, Cons & Verdict

Our Final Verdict

We give USAA Pet Insurance a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.


Policy Coverage: 4.5/5
Customer Service & Reputation: 4.8/5
Claim Repayment: 4/5
Price of Policy: 4.7/5
Plan Customization: 4.7/5

Review Summary

USAA homepage

USAA Pet Insurance is reserved for existing USAA members, but if you are eligible to get a pet insurance account, you can enjoy access to multiple discounts and offers. USAA insurance is cost-effective and offers a decent range of policies, with some customization available. The pet insurance itself comes from Embrace Pet Insurance, a highly regarded pet insurance company.

Coverage is available for dogs of all ages, but new policies for dogs over 14 years old are accident-only. Coverage protects against genetic and breed-specific conditions, as well as cancer and chronic conditions, and it covers alternative therapies.

The policy will appeal to USAA policyholders for the broad range of discounts and savings that are on offer. You can get as much as a 25% total discount on your policy, and the general costs are already quite reasonable.

The biggest drawback of USAA policies is that it does not offer unlimited coverage. That said, its annual limit is $30,000, which is high, and it is incredibly rare for any pet to reach that amount. If you can live with this and you are a USAA customer, then there are plenty of reasons to choose one of these policies.

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USAA Pet Insurance — A Quick Look

  • Good range of policies
  • Generous discounts for USAA customers
  • Use any vet
  • No unlimited coverage
  • Claims take a while
  • Must be a USAA member to benefit

USAA app

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Important Features

Embrace Pet Insurance

USAA policies are provided by Embrace Pet Insurance, which is a well-respected and recognized insurance company. However, because USAA acts as a third party, it does mean that some administrative processes can take longer than going direct, but going direct means that you miss out on the extensive benefits offered to USAA members.

USAA Membership

The USAA aims to provide better deals to active and former members of the military. In this case, you can get up to a 15% discount on Embrace Pet Insurance policies, administered via the USAA, and total discounts, including multi-pet concessions, of as much as 25% off. These discounts are generous, and while Embrace prices are considered higher than most, they are difficult to beat when they include a quarter off.

Healthy Pet Deductible

The deductible is the amount that you have to pay toward treatment before your insurance policy kicks in and the insurance company starts to pay the rest. Although your annual deductible with USAA starts at $300 per annum, it is reduced by $50 every year that you do not have to make a claim. This healthy pet deductible is the best in the industry, and it will keep being applied until your deductible reaches $0.

No Unlimited Coverage

There are several benefits to USAA pet insurance policies, but the biggest drawback is the fact that there is no unlimited annual coverage. Annual coverage is the maximum amount that a policy will cover in a year. If treatment and other costs go above this total, you will have to pay the remainder out of your own pocket. Unlimited policies mean that no matter how high the costs get, you are covered. USAA does not offer unlimited policies, although it has increased its annual maximum to a generous $30,000.

What Does USAA Pet Insurance Cover?

USAA_routine care

  • Examinations
  • Initial and ongoing procedures
  • Medication
  • Genetic conditions
  • Breed-specific conditions
  • Dental
  • Specialist treatment
  • Boarding
Not Covered
  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Cosmetic procedures
  • Breeding and whelping
  • DNA testing and cloning

Customer Service

Because insurance policies are provided by Embrace, customers need to contact Embrace directly regarding policy administration and to make any claims. The company is available 6 days a week by phone and email, and it has a new phone service that provides advice and support on pet health issues. This service is available 24/7 and is becoming increasingly common with pet insurance providers.

Pre-existing Conditions

No pet insurance company offers protection for pre-existing conditions, and this is true of USAA insurance too. It is also worth noting that if your pet suffers a condition on one side and they are likely to suffer the same condition on the other, then this condition will not be covered in either case.

However, while some pet insurance companies have a blanket exclusion for pre-existing conditions, USAA is not as restrictive. It does not cover incurable pre-existing complaints, but if your pet suffered a curable condition and was cured more than 12 months before suffering the condition again, it may be covered by your policy.

Waiting Periods

The waiting period of a policy is how long after you take out the policy before you can make a particular type of claim. USAA policies have a 14-day waiting period for illnesses and a 2-day waiting period for accidents.

USAA_get a quote

It also has a 6-month waiting period for orthopedic claims, although this can be reduced to 14 days with an appropriate orthopedic report card.

This report card essentially assesses the orthopedic condition of your dog before the commencement of the insurance policy. If your dog is clear, it means that the insurance company can protect this type of condition from day 1.

Pricing Quotes

Retriever Mixed Breed Cat
Male or Female Male Male
Age 2 Years 2 Years
Location Iowa (50125) Ohio (44108)
Reimbursement Level 80% 80%
Annual Deductible $200 $200
Annual Maximum $10,000 $10,000
Price Per Month $41.00 $19.37

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What Is the Age Limit for Pets?

USAA will insure pets of any age, but new policies for cats and dogs aged over 14 are only available as accident-only policies. This means that you cannot insure a 15-year-old and protect against illnesses that they might develop. Some insurers do offer this type of coverage for new policyholders, but it is rare.

Does USAA Offer Accident-Only Policies?

An accident-only policy is cheaper than a policy to cover accident and illness, but it doesn’t cover as many instances that would require you to pay for vet and emergency treatment. USAA, through Embrace Pet Insurance, does offer accident-only policies.


Does It Cover Examination Fees?

Some insurers do not include examination fees in their coverage, even though all accidents and illnesses will require an examination. USAA does include examination fees in its coverage.

Does It Offer Routine Care Coverage?

Routine care coverage, also referred to as wellness coverage, is not usually included as part of a standard policy, but with USAA, you can pay for a Wellness Rewards package. With this package, you pay a monthly fee and receive money from treatments, like flea and tick treatments.

What the Users Say

USAA is considered a good =0quality pet insurer because it offers access to Embrace Pet Insurance at greatly reduced rates. However, its lack of unlimited coverage and the long claim-processing periods are highlighted as potential downfalls with this insurer.

Investopedia said, Military members probably won’t find better pricing than what the USAA offers,” but The Balance points out that “non-military families will want to look for a different policy.”

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Our Verdict

USAA offers competitive prices for current and former military members, and the policies are underwritten and maintained by Embrace Pet Insurance. While they aren’t perfect, these policies are of good quality and offer decent coverage, and the competitive discounted pricing certainly helps. However, USAA coverage is only available to military members, so you will have to look elsewhere for insurance if you are not a current or former military member.