The Toy Torkie: A Complete Guide

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Getting a puppy for your family is an enjoyable, exciting, and sometimes nerve-wracking experience.

The pressure is on when you are finding a cute dog to join your family because you want the perfect one that will fit in. One dog breed that you may love is the Toy Torkie.

The Toy Torkie is a fiercely loyal and super adorable crossbreed, a great companion, and will love you until the end.

With the genes of two types of terriers, they are known to be a little sassy and will do everything they can to protect you, not caring how small they are.

In this guide, I will talk about their qualities and everything you need to know so you can make the right decision for yourself and your family.

The Toy Torkie’s behavior, physique, and more will be discussed, so keep reading to learn about this dog breed!

Toy Torkie Puppies – Before You Buy…

A baby Toy Torkie chewing on a teddy
The Toy Torkie is a great companion dog.

Before you go puppy shopping, it is essential to know how much these little guys typically cost, or else you run the risk of getting ripped off and paying more than you should.

It is also important to get a dog that is in your price range so your furry new friend won’t put you in debt

What Price are Toy Torkie Puppies?

If you are the type to not care about whether or not your dog is purebred or not, you will usually pay a smaller price than you would otherwise.

In reality, this little detail does not matter at all because as long as you know a pretty decent amount about a dog before you buy it, you can’t go wrong.

The usual price for a pup like this is $300 to $800. The amount is influenced by several things, like immunization records and the gender that you desire.

Details like this should be known in detail by the breeder you decide to purchase from, and the next section will explain what type of breeder to choose from.

How to Find Reputable Toy Torkie Breeders?

The way to know that you have found a reputable dog breeder is to assess their knowledge of the dog breed.

If they know very little about the dog that they are trying to give you, you might want to reconsider your options.

You also want to visit the home of the breeder to see the dog’s parents and to observe how the puppy interacts with its owner.

If the puppy seems aggressive, scared, or has overall odd behavior towards them, then there may be something fishy going on with the owner. It is also important to know the dog’s health and that of its parents.

3 Little-Known Facts About Toy Torkie Puppies

  1. These little pups’ parents were initially bred to hunt foxes and small rodents in sewage pipes because they were small enough to fit through.
  2. One of their parent breeds, the Yorkshire Terrier, was originally bred larger than what you see today, enabling them to carry creatures as big as foxes. Now, the Yorkshire Terrier and the Toy Fox Terrier are small enough to be carried around in a handbag, which was passed down to the Toy Torkie.
  3. With two parent breeds that could be labeled divas if they were human, the Toy Torkie has a sassy attitude and a lot of spunkiness. But, with how small and cute they are, they can get away with it.

Physical Traits of the Toy Torkie

A Toy Torkie with a pink bow and pearl necklace
The Toy Torkie will rather cuddle and snuggle with you than run around.

Since the Yorkshire and Toy Fox Terriers vary in terms of looks, the Toy Torkie can be a wide range of combinations.

Some can have the long, beautiful hair like that of the Yorkie, or it could have sleek, short fur like the Toy Fox Terrier.

Their fur can be a variety of colors, which are white, silver, fawn, cream, red, brown, gray, or black. Their ears can also vary, with some pointing straight up or drooping downwards.

There are also some puppies of this breed that can end up looking just like one of their parent breeds, and not appearing to be a cross-breed at all.

Some of the only traits that you will see in all dogs of this breed are their nose and eyes, which is always black or dark brown, their short muzzles, and their razor-sharp teeth, which you may have to watch out for.

How Big is a Full-Grown Toy Torkie?

This dog breed is a small dog since it can be carried around in your purse.

If this is your kind of thing, this dog is perfect for you as it enjoys being in your purse so it can be by your side all day long.

These pups are usually 8 to 11 inches in height and weigh between 4 to 7 pounds.

As you can see, this dog breed is a companion dog which means that it loves the attention of its owners, despite their sassiness and independence.

You will get the best of both worlds if you enjoy having a little bit of both.

What is the Life Expectancy of the Toy Torkie?

Since this dog’s parent breeds live long lives, you can expect your Torkie to live for about 12 to 16 years if cared for properly.

This means that if you see any signs of health risks, then you should see your vet as soon as possible.

The Toy Torkie dog breed isn’t prone to many diseases, but it is still a good idea to look out for any that may occur.

Intelligence, Temperament, and Personality Traits of the Toy Torkie

A Toy Torkie with long hair and a bow in its hair
The Toy Torkie is so adorable.

As I mentioned before in this guide, Toy Torkies are very sassy and have a bit of an attitude.

They are the type of small dog that thinks they are a lot bigger than they actually are, which is very adorable and can be worrying at the same time.

Because of this trait, they make excellent watchdogs that will alert you at even the slightest movement or sound in your house.

They are very spunky also, meaning that if they see any threat, they will attack, even if it is small children.

It is crucial to make sure that you monitor small children when they are playing with this dog because if they irritate the dog, it will snap.

Also, with such little bodies, they are prone to get injured a lot easier and worse than a bigger dog, so one wrong step and their bones could get fractured.

Since these dogs aren’t afraid to snap at anyone or anything, they will very likely do it to a dog twice their size which could result in a fight between the two, or the larger dog getting hurt by their razor-sharp teeth.

As long as you teach these pups at an early age to behave themselves, you will have a dog that can get along with everyone and any pet.

The Toy Torkie’s Diet

With such a small body, it is not surprising that these pups will have a small appetite. Your dog will only need a cup of food a day, which can be split up to half a cup twice a day.

It is best to feed this type of dog premium dry or wet food to make sure that it gets all the nutrients they need to keep their bones and bodies healthy.

How Much Exercise Does the Toy Torkie Need?

The Toy Torkie needs a medium amount of exercise a day.

They are very energetic dogs, but they would rather cuddle and snuggle with you if you are willing, so it is easy for them not to get the proper amount of exercise that they need.

To ensure that this doesn’t happen, all this pup needs is at least thirty minutes of playtime outdoors either with you or other dogs.

But, if you allow them to play with other dogs, you must monitor the activity because as mentioned before, they will try to control everything and might get hurt or hurt someone else.

Other than that, your pup’s energy levels are relatively easy to maintain as long as you give them time to play and tire themselves out, or else they run the risk of lounging all day and gaining weight in the process.

Also, if their energy is not burned off, they will most likely use it to chew on things around the house, so be careful.

Toy Torkie Health and Conditions

Like any dog breed, the Toy Torkie dog breed has quite a few health issues that you may want to look out for throughout their lives, typically for when they get older.

Although not a lot, it is still important to visit vets during their lifetime to help prevent any health risks.

Health Conditions

  • Patellar Luxation
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Tracheal Collapse
  • Von Willebrand’s Disease

Special Treats

Every dog loves a treat, and the Toy Torkie is no different. The good news is that those same treats that a Yorkie might like often go down well with the Toy Torkie also, albeit in even smaller portions.

Indeed, it’s easy for your dog to enjoy treats a little too much from time to time, so it’s best to think of special treats for a Toy Torkie as just that – special occasions only!

Although the smoky rich savory flavors of many a dog treat are always appreciated by these pooches, the Toy Torkie is known for often having something of a sweet tooth.

Again, this is why it’s important to take care of what to feed him or her for a snack. A fantastic treat for these dogs is a little nibble or cube of watermelon.

Not only is this fruit distinctive in flavor and perfectly safe to eat, but presuming seeds are removed – it’s also packed with vitamins and a little extra fiber.

You can freeze watermelon cube for a refreshing snack on a hot day, and their naturally high water content is useful in and of itself too.

What’s more, watermelons are lower in sugar than many other fruits, with the likes of bananas being higher in sugar for dogs than you might think.

If your Toy Torkie proves none too keen on watermelon, though, you can look to slices of cucumber for a differently flavored but similarly beneficial effect.

In general, keep in mind that, as a tiny breed of dog, the Toy Torkie can do a lot with a little when it comes to treats – both in terms of vitamin content as much as sugar content. Make sure to portion accordingly!

My Final Thoughts on the Toy TorkieThe Toy Torkie walking towards the camera

The Toy Torkie is the perfect dog for you and your family if you love a dog that can be sweet and cuddly, protect your family, and has a bit of sassiness in them.

I hope that this guide has helped you decide if you want to add this cutie to your family. Thank you for reading!

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