With an abundance of breeds to choose from, selecting one particular dog type can often seem like a complicated task.

To keep yourself current on the subject, extensive quality research into the breed is vital.  Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts to making an informed decision on such an important matter.

A mountain sheepdog originating from Bosnia and Croatia, the Tornjak is a large dog breed that is instinctively protective of its family and surroundings.

Possessing a mild and tempered personality, this breed excels in a family environment and is easy to train.

This article includes information that can help you decide if you would like to make this dog your next family member.

Selecting the right dog for your lifestyle is a serious matter and should be approached and handled as such.

Tornjak Puppies – Before You Buy…

A light brown Tornjak running on the grass
The large and powerful Tornjak breed is a born guard dog.

A dog’s lifespan is usually about 20% of a human’s existence, which is a significant amount of time no matter how you look at it.

As a future dog owner, it is essential to understand the magnitude of your decision when selecting a breed, since you and the pet will be living in close proximity under the same roof for about a decade.

Whether you are looking into obtaining a German Shorthaired Lab or any other breed, using common sense when making your decision should not lead you astray.

It is a wonderful feeling to fall in love with a brand new adorable puppy. However, you will have to determine if this is indeed a match made in dog heaven.

If there is any doubt whatsoever, you should then move on to the next breed.

 What Price are Tornjak Puppies?

Depending on a host of factors, dog prices can vary widely – even within the same breed. The average price of Tornjak puppies can range from $600-$800, which is moderately affordable.

Barring a lucky break, you should be prepared to get down and dirty if you intend on saving a few bucks on the deal.

It will not hurt your cause if you put your negotiating skills to work when closing on a new puppy dog.

The future maintenance costs associated with purchasing a new dog make it imperative that you are prudent in your dealings from the very beginning.

After you find the dog of your future, a solid conversation with the breeder about the breed and their business is strongly recommended.

Since you will not be provided with a do-over, you might as well get it right the first time.

How to Find Reputable Tornjak Breeders?

Finding the Tornjak puppy of your dreams will require that you conduct your search efficiently and effectively.

It will help significantly if you are organized and stick to a cohesive gameplan which does not waste your time.

Completing your search as quickly as possible, without sacrificing results, is what you’re after here.

You can initiate your search by carefully reviewing new puppy dog classified advertisements and going through what your local breeders have to offer.

To put yourself in a position of strength when buying,  you should maintain comprehensive notes and compare various breeder prices during the process.

Opening relations with other dog owners and making contacts may provide you with a valuable lead in locating this breed.

There are plenty of specialty dog forum websites to be discovered, along with using social media to your advantage. Networking is often a forgotten skill when buying a dog breed.

  3 Little-Known Facts about Tornjak Puppies

  1. The Tornjak appears to have come from the Tibetan Mastiff and dates back approximately 1000 years.
  2. The translation for the name Tornjak is a sheep enclosure.
  3. The original name of the Tornjak was Kanis Montanus, which means mountain dog.

 Physical Traits of the Tornjak

An adult Tornjak sitting in a field
The Tornjak is fiercely loyal and suspicious of strangers.

Muscular, strong and large in stature, the Tornjak exhibits a well-proportioned body that is shaped similar to a square.

It is a thickly boned dog which does not give off a bulky appearance. The eyes are large, oval-shaped and brown and the ample black nose showcases wide nostrils.

This breed is endowed with a large thick, dense coat that is straight-haired and coarse on the top.  Soft to the touch and more similar to a wool texture best describes the undercoat of this breed.

The three color combinations for this breed are black and white; red and white; brown and white.  The breed base color is usually white, and the markings are another color.

How Big is a Full-Grown Tornjak?

An impressive looking breed with some size to boot, the Tornjak will grow to a height of 23-28 inches when fully developed as an adult.

Their weight can range from 62 pounds to 100 pounds, making it a powerfully built solid specimen.

To adequately meet its space and activity needs, this breed should reside in a house with access to a good-sized enclosed backyard.

This is not a dog that will get the most out of life being relegated to cramped living quarters such as an apartment.

Since this breed is a big fan of the outdoors, depriving it of such a lifestyle could be detrimental to its mental state of mind.

What Is the Life Expectancy of the Tornjak?

The Tornjak comes imprinted with a life expectancy of 12-14 years, which is quite sufficient for a dog its size.

To provide it with the best possible opportunity for an enjoyable life, make sure to provide your pet with an adequate amount of exercise and mental stimulation.

Also, keep in mind that the nutritional quality of its food has a distinct role to play in the well being of your dog.

A responsible dog owner will make it a priority to make sure the dog’s needs are being met consistently.

Vigilance is the key to making sure that your pet is maintaining a healthy lifestyle and is living healthily.

When it comes to your pet’s health, a proactive approach can only help in keeping the animal healthy.

Intelligence, Temperament & Personality Traits of the Tornjak

Radiating friendly and confident and loyal energy, the Tornjak is protective and will immediately become leery of any strangers who approach the grounds.

For this reason, among others, this breed makes for an excellent guard dog. Valuing loyalty to his family above all, this dog cannot be baited away from guard duty.

Easily trained with an experienced trainer, this breed has a mental capacity to learn things quickly and responds well to positive reinforcement.

Due to its loyalty, this breed will not find it easy to adjust to another home if it is given away.

The Tornjak’s Diet

A white Tornjak with black ears
The Tornjak is so sweet.

Being a large and active breed of dog, the Tornjak enjoys wolfing down its food.

It requires approximately 3 cups of dry dog food per day, which comes out to a total cost of about $40 to $50 per month, so it is best to budget accordingly.

As with any breed, the animal should not be overfed, and its weight should be carefully monitored.  This should include limiting its snacks and treats.

An overweight canine is more likely to develop severe health issues down the line.

The dog’s nutritional needs should be met by administering a high-quality dog food brand.

It really is not a good idea to cut corners on your dog’s nutrition, as this could have adverse implications.

 How Much Exercise Does The Tornjak Need?

For your Tornjak to remain in peak health and condition, it will require adequate exercise and physical activity.

This can be a relatively active breed that enjoys outdoor activity. Providing it with approximately 45 minutes per day of activity should suffice for this breed.

This mixed breed enjoys jogging and hiking, in addition to its walk and visit to the dog park.

It is also very adept at agility and obedience training and various games, which it can use to keep itself mentally stimulated.

An effort should be made not to have this dog remain alone for an extended period.

Tornjak Health and Conditions

An enjoyable and fulfilling dog-owning experience includes a pet which is free from illness or disease.

It is always a good idea to inform yourself of the potential health concerns of breeds. A sick dog can cause a tremendous amount of distress to a family.

A relatively healthy and hearty breed, the Tornjak is predisposed to only one minor condition, that being hip and elbow dysplasia.

For proper maintenance of its health and updated vaccinations, an annual visit to the vet is strongly recommended.

My Final Thoughts on The Tornjak

Fiercely loyal and suspicious of strangers, the large and powerful Tornjak breed is a born guard dog.

Although they are not difficult to train, they will do much better with an experienced trainer.

This particular breed is aptly suited to be a cherished part of an active family or individual. Overall, this is an exceptionally healthy and strong breed that will remain dedicated and true.

If the rundown on this breed meets your specs, you may want to look into obtaining one.

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