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Top 10 Dog Magazines & Publications of 2021 – Reviewed and Compared

Dog parents love nothing more than spending time with their dogs, but what could be better than reading about them at the same time? While the internet can be a wonderful source of information, magazines are still a fantastic way to find out more about your favorite animals.

We’ve rounded up 10 of the best dog magazines that you can enjoy in 2020. This year might be the perfect time to treat yourself to a subscription to your favorite magazine from our top picks.Divider 8


1. Dogster


Dogster aims to answer all your most pressing canine questions, including the best home remedies for a pesky flea problem and how to trim your dog’s nails safely at home. It also includes a huge variety of articles all about life with our dogs. You’ll find training tips, breed reviews, veterinary advice, and much more.

Dogster is published bimonthly, and you can subscribe to a digital subscription or print subscription or choose to have both! Subscribing saves you a whopping 58% off the price of buying single copies, so if you find yourself reading this magazine regularly, then investing in a subscription is the way to go.

Our rating: 10/10
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2. Modern Dog


If you’re looking for a lifestyle magazine centered around your favorite animal, look no further than Modern Dog magazine. It includes recipes, fun DIY projects, and plenty of training ideas. You’ll find expert advice, gift ideas, and enrichment ideas — basically, everything that you’d want to know!

If you want to subscribe and get the magazine delivered to your door, Modern Dog is published four times a year. If you want to read it right away, you can also buy single editions digitally if you prefer.

Our rating: 10/10
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3. Whole Dog Journal

whole dog journal

The Whole Dog Journal is your one-stop-shop for everything relating to natural dog care and training. It includes plenty of useful articles on subjects like how to identify the best quality dog foods at any price point by learning to read the nutrition labels correctly and how to effectively bring your dog to work.

When you sign up for a digital or print subscription, you also gain access to the Whole Dog Journal online archive of all past editions. This is a monthly magazine, and signing up for subscriptions gives you a significant saving on the cover price.

Our rating: 8/10
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4. AKC Family Dog

akc family dog

The AKC Family Dog magazine contains loads of information that’s relevant to all dog owners, not just purebreds! From puppy training tips when you can’t get to a physical class to the benefits of telemedicine for our dogs, there’s plenty of interesting articles in every single issue.

The AKC Family Dog magazine is only available through a subscription, so you won’t find it on newsstands. It’s great value for a bi-monthly magazine, especially one in print format. If you have your sign signed up with a Gold or Platinum dog registration with the AKC, then you’ll be added to the subscription list!

Our rating: 7.5/10
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5. Animal Wellness


While this magazine isn’t strictly just about dogs, it’s packed full of information on how to make the best choices for your pup. From natural health remedies to positive reinforcement training techniques and plenty of articles all about the best foods to support your dog’s health, Animal Wellness is packed full of interesting articles.

You can buy single print copies of Animal Wellness online, but subscribing for either one or two years at once gains you access to both print and digital editions, and you’ll get an adorable “Living Pawsitive” bandana for your pup! You’ll also get a book full of coupons and 12 monthly health reports.

Our rating: 7.5/10
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6. Best Friends Pet & Animal Magazine

bestfriends save them all

As the U.S.A.’s biggest general-interest animal magazine, you’ll find more than just dogs in these pages. It’s packed full of news from animal rescuers all over the country.

The best thing about this magazine is that you get a year’s worth of bi-monthly copies when you become a member of the Best Friends Animal Society. So, while you get access to a great magazine, you can also feel good that you’re helping thousands of animals. Subscription options start at just $25.

Our rating: 7/10
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7. K9 Magazine


K9 Magazine is billed as the “lifestyle magazine for dog lovers,” and every issue is packed full of articles ranging from interviews, real-life stories, training tips, and scientific news.

While this magazine is based in the U.K., you don’t even need to take out a subscription to read it! You can access digital editions of the K9 magazine free of charge here, so wherever you’re based, you can enjoy their blend of educational and lifestyle content. You can also sign up for their Premier Digital Subscription Plan, which includes plenty of extras!

Our rating: N/A
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8. Just Labs Magazine


If you’re passionate about Labrador Retrievers, then this is the magazine for you! From Lab-specific training tips to nutrition advice and real-life stories about family life with Labs, you’ll find everything and more in this magazine.

Just Labs also has a sister magazine, The Retriever Journal, for working Labs. You can subscribe for one year of bi-monthly magazines or even buy one as a gift for a friend!

Our rating: 7/10
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9. ShowSight Magazine


If you’re passionate about the world of dog shows, then this magazine will keep you up to date with everything you need to know. This magazine was founded by show veterans who know exactly what they’re talking about when it comes to purebred dogs. It’s also been voted the “most beautiful dog publication in the world,” which is quite an achievement! It has a quality feel about it, but it’s also packed full of useful information.

You can subscribe to print copies of this monthly magazine, and while it is more expensive than some of the other magazines on this list, it’s well worth it if you’re passionate about showing. Plus, you’ll get 12 copies per year to enjoy.

Our rating: 7/10
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10. DOG


This UK based luxury magazine takes a look at the influence of dogs on our lives through a modern lens. It includes personal essays, stunning photographic portfolios, and interviews with famous dog lovers.

Each issue focuses on a specific breed, with recent issues being based on the Airedale Terrier, the French Bulldog, and the Dalmatian. You can buy DOG from several independent retailers in the U.S.A., or subscribe online. It’s only published twice a year, but it’s going to look great on your coffee table for the rest of the year.

Our rating: 6.5/10
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Featured image credit: mikeledray, Shutterstock