Dog-Friendly Guide to Tampa, FL


Population: 387,916
Off-leash dog parks: 16
Accommodation: Good
Restaurants, pubs, & cafes: 236
Most popular dog breed: French Bulldog

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As the seventh most dog-friendly city in the country, Tampa is beating a lot of major travel destinations. So, what makes this city worth traveling to or living in with your dog? More than 200 places to dine and socialize with your dog alongside you and 16 off-leash dog parks get us off to a great start, but how about two doggie beaches where your dog can get a beach experience like no other?

Living with a dog in Tampa is on the affordable side, but traveling here is pretty cheap. If you’re looking for an affordable tourist destination with all the makings of paradise for you and your pup, the beaches, sunny skies, and hotels with no pet fees in Tampa will entice you. Big breeds are welcome at many of these hotels, and you can even bring more than one and your price doesn’t go up!

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Interesting Facts

  • When it comes to favorites, Tampa is quite boring, following national trends regarding favorite breeds. The Labrador Retriever is the most popular breed here, followed by German Shepherds and Bulldogs.
  • Tampa is similarly boring when it comes to naming their pups. Bella takes the top spot for popular female dog names, the same as the whole country. Max, the most popular name for male dogs in America, is also Tampa’s top pick. At least there’s an interesting name that’s been growing in popularity recently for dogs in Tampa: Mufasa.
  • In 2020 and 2021, Mufasa isn’t the only Disney name being commonly used for dogs in Tampa. In the top ten trending Tampa names for dogs, three Disney names made the list, which are Mufasa, Pongo, and Tiana.

Leash Laws & Licensing

In Tampa, all dogs over the age of four months must be registered and licensed. Your license must be renewed regularly, and you can licenses that last for up to three years.

On your property, your dog must be contained so that it cannot escape and cause damage or be a nuisance. Once off of your property, your dog must be controlled by a leash that’s six feet long at the maximum. Failure to control your dog or have it on a leash will result in a $100 minimum fine. After you’ve earned multiple violations, each one will earn a $500 fine minimum.

Similar fines are imposed if you fail to provide proper care for your canine. Dogs must have shelter from bad weather, shade from the sun, access to clean water, food, and medical care.

Dogs within Tampa cannot be aggressive. Aggressive dogs are those that make a person fear that they might be bitten. Fines start at $450 for dangerous or aggressive dog violations.

Tethering your dog is not allowed in Tampa. The owner must remain with the dog while it’s tethered, within sight the entire time. If someone sees that your dog is improperly confined, fines start at $370 for the first violation and can cost over $1,000 if you have multiple violations.

Living in Tampa with a Dog

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If your property is less than an acre in size, you’re limited to a maximum of four dogs, which is still double the national average; part of what makes Tampa such a great place for dog families. The 16 off-leash parks and well over 200 dog-friendly establishments also help though.

While off-leash parks are great, Tampa is a coastal city, which means it’s got beaches. Two of those beaches, Picnic Island Park Dog Beach and Davis Island Dog Beach are specifically meant for dogs. Here, your dog can run around and enjoy the sand, sun, and surf without its leash, in the company of many other happy canine campers.

With more than 20 animal hospitals crammed into the Tampa area, you’ll have no shortage of healthcare options for your canine companion. There’s always an animal hospital nearby, so even in emergency situations, your dog should receive near-immediate help.

Average Cost of Ownership

Living with a dog costs about the same in Tampa as the national average. Services such as dog sitting and walking are pretty affordable here, averaging $12 per hour. Not the cheapest place, but far from the most expensive. Pet rents and fees related to leasing a house or apartment are similarly average. You can expect to spend $200-$600 in deposits and fees to move in with a pet, and an additional $25 per month in pet rent for each pet is becoming the norm.

Visiting with a dog costs less than living here, thanks to the high number of pet-friendly hotels. Tampa has far more hotels that allow pets without penalizing you than you’ll find in most major cities. There are dozens of hotels that don’t charge pet fees. Many of them even allow big breeds and multiple pets, making it simpler to travel here than other cities.

If you live in Tampa, don’t forget to factor in licensing fees when calculating your pet budget. Pet licenses must be renewed regularly, in either one, two, or three-year intervals. Prices vary, with savings for getting longer-lasting licenses, having a dog that’s spayed or neutered, and for being a senior citizen. A tag for a dog that’s not fixed is $40 for a year, $75 for two years, and $110 for three. Licenses for fixed dogs cost just $20 for a single year, $35 for two, or $50 for a three-year tag. Senior citizens pay a reduced rate across the board.

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Shelters & Rescue Centers

Considering Tampa’s size, there’s quite a high number of shelters and rescues located here. Multiple humane societies can be found, including the Humane Society of Pinellas, the National Humane Society, and The Humane Society of Tampa Bay. You can adopt from any of these locations, or you can opt for one of the numerous other shelters and adoption agencies, such as Heidis Legacy Dog Rescue or the Pet Pal Animal Shelter.

Adopting a dog is rather affordable here. If you want to pick up an older dog that’s on the bigger size, you could pay as little as $35, plus the cost of licensing. Younger dogs are a bit pricier, but you can still expect to take a dog home for anywhere from $85-$300, depending on where you go and what age/size dog you pick.

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For dogs and the people who call them family, Tampa is one of the best places to live or travel. It’s the seventh most dog-friendly US city, and thanks to its coastal location, it can offer some things you won’t find in many other places. Dogs will love the fresh air and many entertaining experiences. Pet owners will love the affordability of hotels in the area or the ease and low cost of adopting a dog here.

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