Dog-Friendly Guide to Las Vegas, NV


Population: 634,773
Off-leash dog parks: 11
Accommodation: Excellent
Restaurants, pubs, & cafes: 221
Most popular dog breed: Pomeranian

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Las Vegas is known as the city of lights. It’s a city that’s got a reputation for nightlife, gambling, and the extraordinary. You’ll see all sorts of strange sights in this city, but you’ll also see something a bit more friendly that walks on four legs. Las Vegas is the second most dog-friendly city in America, making this iconic tourist destination worth the trip for more than just blowing all your cash at the casino tables.

The city of sin is packed with dog-friendly places. Even many of the big-name casinos that line the strip will let you bring your dog in tow. This includes some major players like the Westin Las Vegas, Circus Circus, Harrah’s, Bally’s, and LINQ. You can even get PetStay rooms, which are specifically set up to keep your dog as comfy and happy as you. So, whether you want to live here or just visit, Las Vegas is a great city for anyone with a dog.

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Interesting Facts
  • Many of the Ceasars resorts, including Caesars Palace, Paris Las Vegas, Planet Hollywood Resort, the Flamingo, and more offer PetStay rooms with pee pads, food mats, and doggy dishes. They also provide outdoor areas for pet relief, ensuring that you won’t have to walk far when Toto needs to go.
  • Some businesses are built just for dogs. Take the Three Dog Bakery, for instance. It’s a bakery made exclusively for canines, where you can get your dog a special treat made with ingredients that are safe for pups, including ice cream and birthday cakes!
  • You can shop with your dog in downtown Summerlin, where many of the shops are set up with treats and water dishes for the dogs that accompany the many shoppers. Your dog will even be allowed in many of these shops if it’s well behaved!
  • Animals are only allowed on the strip in the morning, so if you want to walk the strip with your dog, you’ll have to wake up early.

Leash Laws & Licensing

Most cities have laws that require dogs to be kept on a leash, but the punishment for failing to do so in Las Vegas is quite large. Pets of any size and age must be leashed within Las Vegas city limits at all times unless they’re safely confined to the owner’s property. Allowing your dog to walk within the city without a leash could earn you an $1137 fine.

Throughout most of the city, your dog is a welcome resident at all times of the day. On the strip, however, the rules are a bit different. Animals are only allowed on the strip in the morning, regardless of their training, age, and species. Even with a leash, your pet isn’t allowed on the strip after noon. For all dogs, strip hours are from five AM to noon.

While you live in Las Vegas, any dogs or pets you own must be licensed, and you’ll have to renew the license for a small fee each year. Dogs that have been spayed or neutered cost just $10 annually, or $5 if the owner is a senior citizen. If the dog hasn’t been fixed, the annual licensing fee is $25 for the average person or $15 for a senior citizen.

Living in Las Vegas with a Dog

In Las Vegas, all dogs are required to maintain a license. Each household can have up to three dogs, as well as an additional three cats and three ferrets. In North Las Vegas, dogs are required to be spayed or neutered.

If your dog happens to require veterinarian assistance, you’ll never be far from help. Throughout Las Vegas, there are more than 20 animal hospitals at your convenience, plus multiple vets and other care options as well.

On the strip, you’ll only find a small amount of truly pet-friendly places. This is partially because dogs can only be on the strip until noon. But throughout the remainder of the city, dog-friendly establishments are the norm. You’ll be able to bring your dog to many restaurants within the city, as well as lots of shopping spaces.

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Average Cost of Ownership

Though many people associate Las Vegas with extravagance and expense, that’s really only the case on the strip itself. While it’s easy to mistake the strip for the bulk of Las Vegas, the strip is really just a small part of what this city has to offer. Once you’re off the strip, prices are far more affordable in this city than you might think, making pet ownership rather cheap compared to other top-tier American cities.

As is the case with most places, landlords in Vegas will charge you pet rent, deposits, and fees if you want a dog to live with you. The average deposit appears to be $300, with a $100-$200 non-refundable fee. Don’t forget the pet rent of $25-$50 per month added to your normal rent price. Most of these places have size restrictions that limit resident dogs to 50 pounds, so if you have a large canine, you may need to find other accommodations.

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Shelters & Rescue Centers

If you’re looking for a dog to adopt, you’ll certainly have a lot of options in Las Vegas. On average, adopting a dog here costs between $100-$400, and there are plenty of places you can adopt from. In the city, there are dozens of shelters and rescues, including Connor and Millie’s Dog Rescue, A Path 4 Paws Dog Rescue, and A Home 4 Spot. There are even plenty of breed-specific rescues, such as the Golden Retriever Rescue or the Las Vegas Doberman and Dachshund Rescue.

There are so many dogs available for adoption in Las Vegas that the rescues and shelters will put on large adoption events regularly. At these adoption events, you can search through hundreds of candidates that need forever homes, looking for your next best friend.Divider 3


As the second most dog-friendly city in the US, Las Vegas should be on every dog-owners destination list. If you’re in search of a dog-friendly city to live in, Las Vegas is as convenient as things could be for any dog family. With plenty of resources for dogs and their owners and all sorts of entertainment available, it’s a great city for any canine.

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