Standard Schnauzer

The dignified Standard Schnauzer has above average intelligence and is inquisitive, creative, and sometimes stubborn in the way he thinks.

It takes an equally intelligent and creative person to stay a step ahead of him. You’ll also need to train him with firmness and consistency.

The Standard Schnauzer is affectionate and protective of family members. He’s territorial and will alert you to the presence of strangers with a deep bark.

Once you welcome someone into your home, however, he’ll accept them as well.

Standard Schnauzers aren’t just filled with energy. They’re smart enough for jobs like search and rescue, bomb detection, and even identifying skin and lung cancer.

With an acute hearing that makes him instinctively alert, he needs mental and physical stimulation, even in later years.

With the proper training and the right amount of attention, the Standard Schnauzer might be the perfect complement to your seriousness and silliness.

He may have a regal countenance and an air of aristocracy, but Standard Schnauzers also like to let their hair down once in a while.

Standard Schnauzer Puppies – Before You Buy…

A light grey Standard Schnauzer looking to the side
The personality of the Standard Schnauzer can vary from dog to dog.

What Price are Standard Schnauzer Puppies?

The price of Standard Schnauzer puppies is approximately $1,200 to $1,500.

How to Find Reputable Standard Schnauzer Breeders?

When you’re looking to buy a Standard Schnauzer, you need to locate a reputable breeder with a history of producing healthy and temperamentally sound dogs.

Good breeders only breed a few litters, and they usually have a waiting list for their puppies.

Even if you may have to wait for your ideal dog, that’s okay because you are guaranteed to buy good quality puppies.

The breed you choose and where you get the puppy from has a great deal to do with how happy you’ll be with the dog later.

Take the time to find the right breeder. Call, email, or make personal visits and ask questions about the breed. A good breeder can tell you a lot of information that you didn’t know about the breed.

Attend a dog show because most reputable breeders are there to show their dogs. But you can also turn to canine magazines which usually have breeder advertisements.

Joining a club devoted to the Standard Schnauzer puts you in touch with reputable breeders as well. You can receive newsletters and have access to message other members.

Be aware that bad breeders know how to use the Internet and will happily sell you one of their puppies on their website.

Reputable breeders use their websites to educate and promote the breed.

3 Little-Known Facts About Standard Schnauzer Puppies

  1. The Standard Schnauzer goes back to the Middle Ages. It originated from the ranching and farming areas of Bavaria, which is now part of southern Germany.
  2. The Standard Schnauzer is a combination of the hunting and working terrier.
  3. He’s an all-around farm dog, as well as guard and watchdog.

Physical Traits of the Standard Schnauzer

A Standard Schnauzer lying down
The Standard Schnauzer is a loyal and loving companion.

Standard Schnauzers are medium in size, strong, and solidly built dogs. They sport the unique Schnauzer beard and a wiry coat that may be black, black and silver, or salt and pepper.

They have eyebrows that are thick and bushy, and their keen facial expression makes them look grouchy at times.

The ears, which are set high on the skull, may be cropped or uncropped. They have a rectangular head and a strong muzzle.

Their feet are small, and the toes are highly arched. They have high-set tails that are usually docked and erect. Standard Schnauzers need regular grooming, preferably every five to eight weeks.

Many use professional grooming services because clipping a Standard Schnauzer’s nails can be tricky.

Make sure to brush his hair about three times a week to prevent mats. But his beard will need to be brushed every day.

Check his ears for signs of wax, infection, or irritation. Clean them with a veterinarian-approved cleanser. Don’t use a cotton swab to clean the ear canal.

Brush your Standard Schnauzer’s teeth weekly to prevent tartar buildup, improve gum health, and prevent bad breath.

How Big is a Full-Grown Standard Schnauzer?

Males Standard Schnauzers are between 18 to 20 inches tall and weigh 35 to 50 pounds.

Females are between 17 and 19 inches tall and weigh 30 to 45 pounds.

What is the Life Expectancy of the Standard Schnauzer?

The life expectancy of the Standard Schnauzer is approximately 13 to 16 years.

Intelligence, Temperament and Personality Traits of the Standard Schnauzer

A Standard Schnauzer looking at you curiously
The Standard Schnauzer is respectful of boundaries.

Life is never dull with a Standard Schnauzer, mainly because of his sociable, intelligent, and oftentimes comedic nature.

He is also a serious protector, with a natural inclination toward looking after his family. The Standard Schnauzer is the happiest living with a family. He’s a good companion of children as well.

He is a smart and curious dog that’s also known to be stubborn.

But if raised with a lot of love, attention, and training, he will grow into a very lovable and irreplaceable family dog.

The Standard Schnauzer is territorial and protective by nature, so don’t be surprised if he barks at people who come into your home.

But once he gets acquainted with family friends, he will be more welcoming. But he will still guard his humans against strangers.

Hardly a couch potato, the Standard Schnauzer is very active and energetic.

He needs a lot of exercise, not only to keep in good physical condition but also to keep him mentally stimulated.

Take him out for daily walks and play with him in the yard. He will also enjoy obedience training. Standard Schnauzer puppies like to explore his surroundings.

Training a Standard Schnauzer varies from individual dog to individual dog. This is why Standard Schnauzers don’t need a weak-willed or wishy-washy trainer.

Once he has mastered basic obedience, he can move on to advanced classes. If possible, he should also participate in agility activities where he is sure to excel.

Standard Schnauzers need more socialization than a lot of other breeds.

They can be shy or reserved around strangers, and this usually leads to biting or snapping.

It is important to teach a Standard Schnauzer early and consistently that new people can be trusted and that new situations are nothing to fear.

The Standard Schnauzer’s Diet

There are many different food choices that you can pick for your Standard Schnauzer. With a little bit of effort, fresh food can become a staple in their diet.

This can be a healthier and cheaper alternative to commercial dog foods on the market.

You can include fresh foods in your Standard Schnauzer’s diet. These fresh foods need not be limited to beef, turkey, and fresh chicken, though.

Raw fresh vegetables and fruits can be added to the menu. The Standard Schnauzer likes these quite well.

Oatmeal and other grains like brown rice are okay, too. These are gentle on your Schnauzer’s stomach. Additional protein sources may include cottage cheese, eggs, and yogurt.

There are many options and choices at your disposal. Their fresh food does not have to be fancy or expensive, just palatable.

The Standard Schnauzer does not like or need any additives or preservatives in their diet. Stay away from corn and soybean additives as well.

How Much Exercise Does a Standard Schnauzer Need?

For people who are not big fans of walking, jogging, or running, the Standard Schnauzer is not a good choice of dog for you.

For active people, this dog makes an excellent companion. Walking or jogging is a good way to keep your Standard Schnauzerphysically fit and healthy.

Signing him up for agility training can also keep his mind sharp. This helps him have a stable and steady temperament.

Nervous or jittery Standard Schnauzers are probably not getting enough exercise. They are intelligent dogs who bore easily. When bored, they can become destructive.

It’s important to keep your Standard Schnauzer’s mind active as well. Agility or obedience training creates thinking time for this dog, as well as extra bonding time with the whole family.

Standard Schnauzer Health and Conditions

Breed health concerns for the Standard Schnauzer may include hip dysplasia, follicular dermatitis, keratoconjunctivitis sicca, and cataracts.

My Final Thoughts on the Standard SchnauzerA Standard Schnauzer with long moustache hair

The personality of the Standard Schnauzer can vary from dog to dog.

Some are high strung, while some are laidback and easygoing. Some don’t like new people, while some love anybody and everybody.

If you want to raise a happy and healthy Standard Schnauzer, be committed to giving him exercise and training while he’s still a puppy.

Properly trained Standard Schnauzers make excellent family pets. They are dependable when it comes to kids, well-mannered with strangers, and respectful of boundaries.

Standard Schnauzers are loyal and loving companions who bring nothing but joy and laughter.

They can be quite clownish. If his silly behavior makes his humans laugh, he will instantly pick up on this and become a showboater.

With Standard Schnauzers, you get out of them what you put into them.

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