The Stabyhoun has a gentle disposition. This breed is friendly, sensitive, intelligent, peaceful, patient, and willing to please, but may be stubborn on occasion.

He exhibits great tolerance of children and other animals. With consistent but gentle training, you can have a Stabyhoun that will be loyal and obedient.

Stabyhouns should never be vicious or snappy. Although they can be very calm indoors, they also love plenty of physical activity, especially swimming.

They excel at water retrieving in particular but also enjoy other canine sports.

Stabyhoun Puppies – Before You Buy…

A Stabyhoun looking to the side
The Stabyhoun wants your full attention and hates to be left alone.

What Price are Stabyhoun Puppies?

The price of Stabyhoun puppies starts at $1,400.

How to Find Reputable Stabyhoun Breeders?

If you plan on getting a Stabyhoun puppy, it’s highly recommended that you don’t buy from a pet store.

There’s no way of knowing what the breeding conditions are or what health or temperament problems the dogs may have.

You want to find a puppy that was raised as part of the family in a loving home.

It’s also not advisable to buy a Stabyhoun puppy over the internet. Anybody can set up a professional-looking website and state whatever they think potential puppy buyers want to hear.

You also need to visit the breeder’s facility, and the breeder should encourage a visit from you.

They should also have no hesitation in giving you a list of references and other happy customers.

Reputable breeders should allow you to meet the parent dogs. They should be a part of the household and not confined to cages.

The dogs should be well-socialized and happy to see people. They should show no fear or hesitation whenever people, including the breeder, approach them.

The local animal shelter or veterinarians in your area can be a good place to start your search for a reputable breeder.

Reputable dog breeders care about the families they send their puppies to and will interview prospective dog owners very thoroughly.

Once you find the right breeder, don’t be impatient to bring your new Stabyhoun puppy home.

Let the mother wean the pup naturally, in her own time. Also, the puppies will be less attached to the mother and more interested in being with people.

When you do bring your new Stabyhoun puppy home, let the fun and happiness begin!

3 Little-Known Facts About Stabyhoun Puppies

  1. The Stabyhoun is highly regarded in the Netherlands. It hails from the Friesland area, which can be found in the northeast part of the country.
  2. Used as a hunting and watchdog, his name comes from the Dutch phrase ‘stand by me dog’, which shows just what a faithful and loving companion he can be.
  3. It is a versatile breed, used on farms as both a hunter and a watchdog. It’s also a great hunter, pointer, tracker, and all-around great sporting breed.

Physical Traits of the Stabyhoun

A puppy Stabyhoun with its parent
The Stabyhoun needs a lot of physical activity to be mentally and physically healthy.

Stabyhouns are medium-sized, sturdy dogs with a simple appearance.

Their coat colors may be black, brown, or orange, with white markings. Either the white or the other color may be dominant.

The white may have tiny spots of color on the white background or other colors of hair intermixed with white hairs. Stabyhouns have long, smooth hair over their bodies.

The coat hair is short on the head. The coat is bushy in the lower and upper thighs, as well as the back of the forelegs.

A white tip on the tail is desirable. Their heads are longer than they are wide; the muzzle and skull are equal in length.

Their skulls are slightly rounded and of medium width. They have barely any stops.

The muzzle tapers toward the nose but is not pointed at the end. The bridge of the nose is wide and straight when viewed from the front or side. The head has tight-fitting skin, with no wrinkles.

Stabyhouns have medium-sized eyes that are not deep set or protruding. Their eyes have tight lids which are horizontally set.

Eye color is dark brown for dogs that are predominately black, and brown for dogs with either brown or orange in their coat color.

The ear flaps rest close to their heads. Their moderately long ears are trowel shaped. They typically have feathering on their ears.

They have tight lips and strong teeth that show a scissors bite.

Their noses are well-developed with wide open nostrils. Noses are black on black dogs and brown on brown or orange-coated dogs.

Stabyhouns carry their heads low on their short, round necks, forming a blunt angle between the neck and topline.

How Big is a Full-Grown Stabyhoun?

This breed’s weight generally ranges from 38 to 58 pounds.

The height for males should be 20 to 21 inches. For females, it should be 19 to 20 inches.

What is the Life Expectancy of the Stabyhoun?

The life expectancy of Stabyhouns is about 13 to 14 years.

Intelligence, Temperament and Personality Traits of the Stabyhoun

A Stabyhoun on the grass looking to the side
Stabyhouns are medium-sized, sturdy dogs.

The Stabyhoun makes for a very gentle and devoted family pet. It’s good around children because it tends to be patient and tolerant.

This is a very intelligent dog that needs a lot of mental stimulation to avoid problem behaviors.

The Stabyhoun is friendly by nature and eager to please. Even though this is a hunting dog, it gets along well with other pets in the household.

It is generally not aggressive or dominant toward other dogs. It makes a good watchdog even though it is very amiable by nature.

The Stabyhoun is an intelligent dog, making it a highly trainable dog. Because he is also quite independent, he needs consistent and firm kind of training.

It is recommended that you use positive reinforcement-based training methods with this breed and that you start training and socialization as early as possible.

The Stabyhoun’s Diet

The Stabyhoun is a medium-sized breed and should be given a dog food formulated for dogs of its size.

This breed is also active, so you may want to consider switching to an active breed formula. This type of food will help ensure that your dog’s daily needs for energy are met.

How Much Exercise Does a Stabyhoun Need?

As a hunting breed, the Stabyhoun requires a significant amount of daily exercise to remain in good health.

This breed is very intelligent, so it requires physical and mental stimulation each day.

He requires a long daily walk, and he will appreciate some active playtime or having a large fenced yard to run around in.

Stabyhoun Health and Conditions

This is a healthy breed not prone to developing serious health problems.

The only problem that has not been bred out is hip dysplasia, and careful breeding practices are in place to reduce the instance of this disease.

My Final Thoughts on the StabyhounA black and white Stabyhoun dog

Stabyhouns make wonderful family pets for many reasons.

They are lively and active outside, but they can be quiet and calm when indoors.

In addition, they are affectionate and loving toward their people, playful with children, and tolerant of other animals, both canine and non-canine.

While Stabyhouns like children and enjoy playing with them, small children should be supervised by them.

Stabyhouns want your attention and hate to be left alone.

In addition to giving your dog adequate attention and involvement with your activities, you will need to socialize your puppy properly to prevent your Stabyhoun from developing separation anxiety.

Socialization and training from an early age are also important to help your dog be flexible to new situations and environments.

Include your dog in as many activities as possible. Allow them to safely experience new people, places, and noises.

Always be patient with your dog. If your Stabyhoun exhibits fearfulness, do not comfort. Instead, exhibit calm and confidence; your dog will take its cue from you.

This breed’s high level of intelligence, combined with their desire to please their owners, makes them easy to train.

However, they do have a certain amount of willfulness in their nature. Clear and consistent training is necessary.

Stabyhouns can be depended on to follow commands when off the leash or when playing with other pets. But if you are uncertain, they should be kept leashed when in an unenclosed area.

The Stabyhoun’s hunting instinct may kick in and they will chase prey or anything that moves without regard to cars.

Stabyhouns need a lot of physical activity to be mentally and physically healthy. Fortunately, they enjoy a variety of activities.

They love to perform tasks and to play outdoor games. Most of them love the water and are excellent swimmers.

Stabyhouns enjoy participating in all dog sports and they excel at them. They require a daily pack walk on a leash or heeling beside or behind you.

If that is all the outdoor exercise they get that day, the walk should be an hour long.

This breed can adapt to apartment living, provided they get enough exercise every day. They do well living in a house with an enclosed yard or in a country or farm setting.

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