The Springer Spaniel Sheepdog: A Complete Guide

Despite its name, the English Springer Spaniel, the parent breed of the Springer Spaniel Sheepdog, actually originated in Spain.

It made its way to the United Kingdom via transport and trading boats heading to Rome and back.

This dog was used to flush different types of animals from their burrows and hiding spots for their owner to hunt. They were intelligent, cunning and organized.

Today, the English Springer Spaniel is renowned as a friendly companion.

It can be somewhat stubborn at times, but that is because of its high amount of intelligence, and independence.

This is a dog that is going to love a cuddle and run and will do both with its tail wagging rapidly.

The Old English Sheepdog is a herding dog that originated in the United Kingdom in 1771.

It was an incredibly popular farming companion, as it would work next to its owner to help run an efficient business.

Springer Spaniel Sheepdog hunting
The Springer Spaniel Sheepdog is a new adorable and loving part of your family.

The Sheepdog was also sheared like a Sheep itself back in the day, with its fur being used to make clothes, rugs and more.

It is more of a suburban companion today but is still renowned in areas for its skill on a farm.

In this guide today, I will go through all the vitals on owning a Springer Spaniel Sheepdog, and detail what it is that you need to prepare for owning this dog.

Dogs are often not easy to keep, and it can be a difficult process organizing your life to bring a dog into it.

With this blueprint, I aim to make it easier and prepare you for the beauty of dog ownership. If this dog sounds like the one for you, then please, keep on reading to find out more.

Springer Spaniel Sheepdog Puppies – Before You Buy…

Preparing your house for a dog isn’t easy. These creatures have specific needs that can be hard to meet, and you will need to alter your whole life even to come close to making this dog happy. Dramatic right?

Well, it isn’t as hard as it seems. Like any friendship, dog ownership, and high maintenance, and it will require sacrifice.

But for the happiness that this bond gives, it is more than worth the toughest of times.

Things you will need to consider include:

  1. The amount of space in which you have for this dog in your house.
  2. The amount of time you have to bond and socialize with this dog.
  3. The color of coat that you want.
  4. Your choice of gender.
  5. Your stance on spaying/neutering.

What Price are Springer Spaniel Sheepdog Puppies?

Budget is a massive part of buying a dog. I know, they aren’t the cheapest of pets, and it can be quite daunting initially to truly analyze the price tag.

The costs attached to a dog will make you assess your diet, and decide what size, style, and breed you can realistically obtain.

Luckily the Springer Spaniel Sheepdog is not too hefty of a budget breaker.

You can obtain a Springer Spaniel Sheepdog for roughly $500-$600 from a reputable breeder.

This is roughly the average price for breeds of this size and is somewhat affordable when it comes to the budget.

This is cheaper than the $1200-$1500 price point of a Sheepdog, and the 0-0 of an English Springer Spaniel.

If you’re looking to find this dog a little cheaper, than try seeking one out for adoption. These tend to be immensely cheaper; however, some prefer to buy from breeders to do everything themselves.

If you can’t find this dog for a price inside your budget at an adoption clinic, perhaps look at smaller, cheaper breeds.

Where to Find Reputable Springer Spaniel Sheepdog Breeders?

Finding a reputable breeder can be a difficult process.

It is incredibly important, and you will need to choose carefully to make sure you are getting the dog you want, and the breeder is providing the highest quality of bred puppies.

There are thousands of breeders around today, and it is hard to differentiate the bad, from the good. Luckily, there are some factors we can assess when making our choice.

These include:

  • The area in which the dogs are kept. It needs to be spacious, clean and comfortable. A dog that is cooped up will develop anxiety and other destructive behaviors.
  • The attention that breeder pays to feed, cleaning and grooming the puppies that are pending purchase.
  • The attention that the breeder pays to kick-start the socialization process, as well as the love that it shows the dogs that are still infants.
  • The knowledge that the breeder has on the Springer Spaniel Sheepdog, the English Springer Spaniel, and the Old English Sheepdog. If the breeder knows nothing, it is guaranteed that they are unreliable.
  • The breeder’s effort to assist you with tips, tactics, and equipment.

3 Little-Known Facts About Springer Spaniel Sheepdog Puppies

  1. The Springer Spaniel Sheepdog is an incredibly talented watchdog.
  2. While not technically a lap dog, it will enjoy a late-night cuddle.
  3. It was first bred in the united states during the 2000s.

Physical Traits of the Springer Spaniel Sheepdog

Springer Spaniel Sheepdog in car
The Springer Spaniel Sheepdog will need to be walked around 11 miles a week.

As a crossbreed, the Springer Spaniel Sheepdog can appear to resemble both its parent breeds. It can often look either identical to the Sheepdog, or the English Springer Spaniel.

It can also appear as the perfect mix of the two, making for a beautiful alternative breed.

One of the most intriguing things about the Springer Spaniel Sheepdog is its eye colors. They can either appear blue, hazel, brown or a mix of the two.

They are deep and full of expression. It usually has a double coat that is dense and consists of colors that include white, black, red, brown and grey.

It’s a medium to a large-sized compact dog that appears to be quite masculine, and its tail can range from short to long.

This is all topped off with a medium muzzle and a plump nose that is either black or brown.

How Big is a Full-Grown Springer Spaniel Sheepdog?

The Springer Spaniel Sheepdog is classified as a medium to large-sized breed, but it is often the latter. They tend to grow between 19-24 inches long, all while standing tern, and strong.

This is smaller than the 24-26 inches of a Sheepdog but bigger than the 15-20 inches of an English Springer Spaniel

The Springer Spaniel Sheepdog tends to weigh around 60-70 pounds, but the male can grow up to 90. The Female tends to be as small as 50 pounds at times.

Nonetheless, this is a large dog and should be watched around smaller children, just in case of any rough play.

What is the Springer Spaniel Sheepdog’s Life Expectancy?

The Springer Spaniel Sheepdog tends to live around 10-14 years long, This is around the same as both its parent breeds and is the average of most medium to large-sized breeds.

Make sure to keep an eye on your dog’s health at all times.

Intelligence, Temperament, and Personality Traits of the Springer Spaniel Sheepdog

The Springer Spaniel Sheepdog is an alert, caring and friendly dog that assimilates well into a family, and is great playing with adults and children alike.

It likes to bark excessively around strangers until it knows they are not a threat, making it a great watchdog and very protective of its family. This trait will slowly diminish throughout training.

The Springer Spaniel Sheepdog is somewhat hard to train because of its stubborn, independent attitude, which will need to be fizzled out during obedience training.

It will also need the training to be taught how to act around smaller pets, due to its hunting past. However, once trained, this dog is brilliant, obedient and great around people and pets.

The Springer Spaniel Sheepdog’s Diet

Springer Spaniel Sheepdog with sheep
The Springer Spaniel Sheepdog is a child of the English Springer Spaniel and the Old English Sheepdog.

The Springer Spaniel eats less than most dogs of its size, consuming around 2.5 cups of food. This food can include various sliced meats, grains, fruits and any brands of dry dog food.

It is not a fussy eater and will cost you a moderate $40-$50 a month in cuisine.

How Much Exercise Does the Springer Spaniel Sheepdog Need?

The Springer Spaniel Sheepdog needs a hefty two hours of exercise a day, making it one of the most active dogs around.

This can be met via long walks, intense hiking, running and other interactive games like tug of war, frisbee, flyball and fetch.

The Springer Spaniel will need to be walked around 11 miles a week, so prepare to get fit!

Springer Spaniel Sheepdog Health and Conditions

Serious Issues:

Minor Issues:

  • Cataracts
  • Diabetes
  • Deafness

My Final Thoughts on the Springer Spaniel SheepdogSpringer Spaniel Sheepdog guide

Overall, I believe with great patience and persistence; the Springer Spaniel Sheepdog can become an adorable, loving part of your family.

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