The Slovensky Cuvac: A Complete Guide

This dog has an ancient history. Its traditional name is the Slovak Cuvac, and it has its origins in the Czechoslovakian mountains.

They were one of the three large animals on the mountainside along with goats and wild horses. The free people of the hills adopted this breed as companions and guard dogs.

These people lived in the hills and paid their royal taxes in the form of cheese. Goat farming and cheese cultivation was the center point of their economy.

The Slovensky Cuvac was trained to be an adept herd dog. They would be able to guide the sheep through the harsh mountain paths and would keep them safe from any ferrell dogs and predators who sought them out.

The Slovensky Cuvac also became a fearsome guard to these people.

In addition to protecting the sheep from predators and thieves, these dogs were also charged with guarding their master’s property and the surrounding lands.

In addition to paying their royal cheese tax, the freemen were also required to keep the mountain borders free from strange people and any invading forces.

Although these were rare, there would always be the occasional instance where neighboring tribes or small foreign armies would try to infiltrate the country through the mountains which they thought were unguarded.

The warriors and their trusted Slovensky Cuvacs would drive them out every time.

Aside from their herding intelligence and their history as guard dogs, however, these dogs make excellent companions.

They are known for developing close bonds with their human family members, and they are very affectionate animals.

Slovensky Cuvac Puppies – Before You Buy…

A Slovensky Cuvac parent and puppy in the snow
The Slovensky Cuvac is very gentle.

While the Slovensky Cuvac is an appealing dog to own, they require a lot of care.

They shed constantly, and you will need to be able to keep them well-groomed throughout the year.

They also need a lot of daily exercise, or else they can develop bad habits like chewing or excessive digging.

Let’s take a look at all of the information that you should know about before bringing home your first Slovensky Cuvac puppy.

What Price are Slovensky Cuvac Puppies?

If you look around for a good deal, then you can easily find a Slovensky Cuvac puppy for around $800.

This is the price that you will usually pay if you go to local breeders in Czechoslovakia.

The dogs are far more common there, and the mothers are known for having fairly large litters. Most farmers will be happy to sell you one for a deal.

However, if you go to a high-end breeder, you can expect to pay around $1,500.

These dogs aren’t very common in the United States, and the breeder will most likely have had to pay their own expensive shipping prices to get the parents.

How to Find Reputable Slovensky Cuvac Breeders?

Fortunately, this dog is unique and is fairly uncommon. This means that the Slovensky Cuvac isn’t one of those “cash cows” that breeders will try to use to take advantage of knowledgeable buyers.

Most breeders are either local farmers and herdsmen, or they are high-end breeders who cater to special clients.

Your best bet to finding a reputable breeder is to go overseas and find an authentic Slovensky Cuvac that a small farmer is selling.

However, if international flights aren’t your cup of tea, then there are a few upscale breeders around the United States who actively breed and sell the dogs.

3 Little-known facts about Slovensky Cuvac puppies

  1. These dogs need lots of exercise. Traditionally, they were used to roaming mountainous hillsides from sun up to sundown.
  2. Slovensky Cuvac puppies love to dig. If you are keeping them outside, it’s a good idea to install chicken wire underneath your fence to keep them from escaping.
  3. It’s a good idea to familiarize these dogs early in their puppyhood with their families. They form close bonds at an early age.

Physical Traits of the Slovensky Cuvac

A white Slovensky Cuvac walking in the snow
The Slovensky Cuvac is a very active dog breed.

These dogs are medium to large-sized dogs.

They have a very alert stance, and you will never see them slouching around unless they are sleeping. Their heads stand high, and their chin is always up.

This is what allows them to be such good guard dogs. They are always swiveling their necks to keep a view of everything around them.

Very few things escape their piercing gaze and peripheral vision.

One of the Slovensky Cuvac’s most noticeable features is its thick coat of fur. It has the texture of wool and is almost the same thickness.

Their coat is almost always a creamy white color, but in the summer months, it can develop a yellow tinge to it. When this dog is old, it is common to see their white coat turn into a silver and grey coat.

Because of their heavy coat, expect them to shed a lot. Their fur will grow thick during the Fall and Winter months to keep them warm, and they will shed it all off in mid-Spring and Summer.

During their shedding phase, it’s important to keep them brushed every week. This will ensure that they don’t have a buildup of loose fur in their coat.

Slovensky Cuvacs have an arched forehead, but the top of their skull is always flat.

Their snout has a medium length, and their upper lip hangs down over their bottom jaw just a little bit, similar to that of a Labrador.

Their eyes are almost always dark brown or hazel, and their noses are large and black.

How Big is a Full-Grown Slovensky Cuvac?

When full-grown, the Slovensky Cuvac can weigh up to 100 pounds. This classifies them as a large-sized dog.

In the summer months, after they shed their thick coat, it is common for them to lose a few pounds.

These dogs also have a tendency to store a little bit of fat over the cold months which they will quickly drop once the weather warms up.

They stand around 27 inches tall, which makes them a very tall dog. Because of their big size, you will need to provide them with a big house and a large outdoor area.

If you keep them cooped up for too long, then they can start chewing and developing other nervous habits.

What is the Life Expectancy of the Slovensky Cuvac?

These dogs have an average life expectancy of around 11 to 14 years. This makes them a great option for families or people who don’t handle losing their dogs early in life.

If they are fed a particularly healthy diet and get plenty of exercise, then you may even see them live into their late teens.

Intelligence, Temperament and Personality Traits of the Slovensky Cuvac

A Slovensky Cuvac walking through a stream
The Slovensky Cuvac is an excellent guard dog.

These dogs have average intelligence, but they are fairly easy to train.

However, advanced tricks and other concepts tend to escape them, so it’s best not to train them as show dogs.

If you are looking for a good farming dog, though, then the Slovensky Cuvac is intelligent enough to handle most outdoor tasks.

They can quickly learn how to guide your livestock and will watch over your other small animals.

When they are relaxed, the Slovensky Cuvac’s temper is very laid back. Nothing seems to phase them, and they have a very happy nature.

However, if they sense that something is off or they smell danger in the air, they will go on full alert. Their head, ears, and tail will immediately perk up, and they will pace around expecting the worst.

Outside of their guard duties, these dogs are very gentle creatures. They love to spend time with kids and will actively join in on their games.

This is especially true if you have a female Slovensky Cuvac. They will watch over your children as if they were their pups.

The Slovensky Cuvac’s Diet

These large dogs need at least 4 cups of food per day while they are growing, and throughout most of their adult life.

They have very fast metabolisms and get a lot of exercise, so you will need to keep them properly fed to keep their energy levels up.

Also, don’t be surprised if they are hungrier and eat more food during the cold months. It is their natural instinct to put on a few pounds of fat over the Winter to help keep them warm.

It’s best not to discourage this.

How Much Exercise Does a Slovensky Cuvac Need?

These dogs need a lot of exercise. They are happiest if they are allowed to roam around outside all day.

Slovensky Cuvacs make for a great farm or ranch dog, as they often prefer to live exclusively outside.

If you can’t provide them with a large outdoor area, then you will need to make sure that you take them outside for a brisk jog at least 45 minutes every day.

Slovensky Cuvac Health and Conditions

The Slovensky Cuvac is a very healthy dog for the most part. Their breed originated in a harsh mountain climate where only the strong survived.

As a result, they tend to be very hard dogs and are not prone to disease and sickness.

However, like most large dogs, they can develop musculoskeletal problems such as Hip Dysplasia in their later lives.

What are the best types of toys?

The Slovensky Cuvac is a breed of dog who tends to enjoy toys of all kinds, but if you take this breed’s history as a herding and farmland dog into account, you can also smartly choose some toys that play to those instinctive strengths.

Toys that can be hidden, or that emulate those herding instincts and protective sensibilities, are always a good choice for your Slovensky Cuvac.

Although it’s not exactly a choice everyone will enjoy, some dog owners choose toys that resemble game animal bodies for the Slovensky Cuvac to carry around.

Classic toys that never go out of style are just as solid a choice though. Getting some decent energy and calories burned in your Slovensky Cuvac is often as simple as grabbing a tough ball or a frisbee and heading to the park.

This dog has powerful jaws, so those toys that are the toughest will go the distance with this pet.

Likewise, though, it makes chew toys really popular with this animal, and it’s a good way of keeping your pet busy!

Flavored chew toys can also help your Slovensky Cuvac feel satisfied without overeating, which can be a big problem – especially among larger dogs.

However, if your Slovensky Cuvac is prone to dig and make a nuisance of themselves, you can overcome that too.

You can buy special digging boxes that satisfy that excess energy and fondness of digging things up – you can even bury things for your dog to find – and this can definitely help your Slovensky Cuvac leave your well-tended lawn alone.

Final Thoughts on the Slovensky CuvacThree Slovensky Cuvac dogs sitting on grass

If you are looking for a great ranching or farming companion, then the Slovensky Cuvac is a great dog for you.

They are loyal, fairly intelligent, and will watch over your land and your family.

If you aren’t able to give this dog an exclusively outdoor environment, then make sure that you are able to take them outside on a daily basis.

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