Shar-Pei Pitbull Terrier: A Complete Guide

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For dog lovers who are looking for the loyalty, fighting skills and alertness of the Chinese Shar-Pei but affection, intelligence, and diligence of the Pitbull Terrier, the hybrid between these two – the Shar-Pei Pitbull Terrier – would be the ideal pet.

The Shar-Pei Pitbull Terrier mix is usually given names such as the Pit Pei, Shar Pit or the Sharpull and is recognized for its uniqueness, protectiveness, and alertness.

This family pet is often recommended to experienced pet owners and is often kept as a solo pet, as it needs proper attention and training. It has to be socialized into the environment, being mostly wary of strangers and other dogs alike.

So, if you have the patience, time, and energy to train your pet and are looking for a companion that protects you, adores you and wards off unwanted strangers, the Shar-Pei Pitbull terrier mix is the perfect choice for you.

Before you decide to add the Shar-Pei Pitbull Terrier to your family, there are some things you should know, specifically about their diet, health concerns, training processes, and temperament.

Therefore, this guide will lead you through all the concerns that arise in your mind and hopefully help you make a more informed decision on who your new family member is going to be.

You will also be well-armed in how to choose a breeder, how to take care of your puppy and most importantly, how to have the most fun with your little friend!

A small brown Shar Pei Pitbull Terrier
The Shar-Pei Pitbull Terrier is a designer dog that is recognized for the unpredictability of its traits.

The Shar-Pei Pitbull Terrier: Before You Buy…

While deciding upon which loyal friend you want to be your companion throughout life’s twists and turns, some concerns cross our minds:

  • Will I be able to afford the Shar-Pei Pitbull Terrier?
  • How do I find the right breeder?
  • What skills, if any, are required to manage this hybrid?

Although these questions may seem a little daunting, by the end of this article you will be fully equipped to answer them.

Can I afford the Shar-Pei Pitbull Terrier puppies?

Commonly, the initial cost of the Shar-Pei Pitbull Terrier is between the brackets of $200 to $500, with their annual medical expenses adding up to $400 to $600 and other miscellaneous expenses of approximately $500-$$600 annually.

Their monthly food consumption would not exceed $55, with an average of $1.90 a day spent on food.

In comparison to other dogs such as the poodle or pomsky, this cost is comparatively low, as poodles and pomsky puppies are often priced around $1500 to $3000 or more.

So in this regard, the Shar-Pei Pitbull Terrier is economical and approachable on a limited budget.

How do I find the right breeder?

Finding the right breeder who has put time, energy and love into the socialization of your puppy and is in it not just for the money but because of their love for dogs is a daunting task, and often buyers are not sure which path they should pursue to get their new friend.

The first step in finding your Shar-Pei Pitbull Terrier mostly begins at animal shelters and adoption homes.

However, if you prefer to buy a trained puppy, then you may start your search by visiting local dog shows, where not only can you see the skills of the dogs, but also meet professional breeders who are genuinely invested in the training of their pups and could lead the way to your new friend!

Google reviews on breeders are also a great way to distinguish good breeders from bad ones.

Moreover, as puppies need to stay with their littermates for at least 6 to 8 weeks after birth for the development of their social skills, choose breeders that have Shar-Pei Pitbull Terriers that are at least 8 weeks old.

3 Little-known facts about the Shar-Pei Pitbull Terrier

The Shar Pei Pitbull Terrier in a blanket
The Shar-Pei Pitbull Terrier is widely used as a watchdog.

While living together with a Shar-Pei Pitbull Terrier, there are some little-known facts you must be aware of:

  • There is no guarantee with regards to the looks and temperament of the Shar-Pei Pitbull Terrier

Being a mixed breed “designer dog”, the traits it absorbs from its parents have no uniformity. Hence, each puppy is special and different from its litter.

  • The Shar-Pei Pitbull Terrier is a major attention seeker.

It can often get extremely attached to its owners and constantly seek their affection.

Although in the presence of strangers they may become very protective of their owners and often growl to protect them, they are not usually noisy.

So if you have any concerns regarding noise issues while living in an apartment building, be assured that your little friend will be no trouble at all!

  • The Shar-Pei Pitbull Terrier is a low maintenance breed

With low amounts of shedding, drooling and smelling, the most that this breed would require in terms of maintenance is the weekly brushing sessions.

Physical Traits of the Shar-Pei Pitbull Terrier

With a bulky build and a strong jawline but dainty, compact feet, the Shar-Pei Pitbull Terrier owes its strength to its American parent – the Pitbull Terrier.

However, its dark brown eyes and nose alongside its wrinkly skin are an ode to its Chinese parentage.

The Shar-Pei Pitbull Terrier usually has a fine, silky coat that comes in a variety of colors such as black, fawn, cream, gray, red and white and a medium coat length.

How big is a full-grown Shar-Pei Pitbull Terrier?

The Shar-Pei Pitbull Terrier is usually a medium-sized dog, with an average height of 18-21 inches for males and 17-20 inches for females.

The average height for males is 35-60 lbs. and 30-50 lbs. for females.

It inherits its wrinkly skin from the Shar-Pei but leans more towards the Pitbull Terrier in appearance.

What is the life expectancy of the Shar-Pei Pitbull Terrier?

Usually, smaller dogs have a longer life expectancy than larger dogs, and the average life span of a Shar-Pei Pitbull, which is a medium-sized dog, ranges between 10-12 years, the norm for dogs.

Therefore, you get to enjoy a considerable period with your loyal friend to forge a strong companionship and make countless memoirs!

Intelligence, Temperament and Personality Traits of the Shar-Pei Pitbull Terrier

Two Shar Pei Pitbull Terriers relaxing
The Shar-Pei Pitbull Terrier will become your best companion.

Inheriting their personality traits from their different sets of parents, this hybrid between the strong, sturdy and strong-willed Pitbull Terrier and the dominant, aggressive and independent Shar-Pei, is extremely strong-willed, independent and loyal to a fault.

As previously mentioned, this dog needs to be socialized within the home environment, this is not recommended for first-time dog owners who are looking for an easy ride.

Due to their independent personality, the Shar-Pei Pitbull Terrier needs a firm-handed and patient owner who knows how to establish dominance over it.

With the right socialization, it is an excellent family pet who is loving, loyal, quiet, and child-friendly.

It is a very athletic breed and hence would require an active owner who would enjoy playing sports with it.

It best thrives in houses with big yards to play in, but with the attention of its owner and regular walks, it would prove to be apartment friendly as well.

The Shar-Pei Pitbull Terrier is very territorial, suspicious of strangers and protective of owners. Hence, they serve the purpose of watchdogs tremendously well and can ensure the security of their owners and their belongings.

This is a highly intelligent breed, which actively engages and responds to its environment, quickly adapting to the tricks, manners, and habits taught to it, most successfully responding to positive reinforcements and encouragement techniques.

If properly trained to accept the leadership of its owner, the Shar-Pei Pitbull Terrier can prove to be a loving, loyal, cheerful and social animal that is indeed a man’s best friend.

The Shar-Pei Pitbull Terrier’s Diet

The Shar-Pei Pitbull Terrier is prone to weight gain; hence their food consumption should be kept moderate, with 2.5 cups of dry dog food a day divided into 2 to 3 meals.

You must balance the food intake with the amount of exercise they get daily to prevent them from getting obese and ultimately decreasing their lifespan.

How much exercise does the Shar-Pei Pitbull Terrier need?

Another question you must be asking would be about how often the Shar-Pei Pitbull Terrier needs to hit the gym.

Like most of us, the Shar-Pei Pitbull Terrier’s tendency to get fat is above average, so you have to nudge this couch potato towards the treadmill every once in a while!

This breed highly enjoys long walks in the rain, so for all those romantics out there, your days of peaceful walks alongside your best friend in the park are ahead of you!

They require at least 12 miles of walk a week and need to remain active, which can be achieved through various means such as playing Frisbee, fetch or fly ball.

However, as they are not so fond of other dogs, your plans of taking them running with your other friends may not unfold as well as you would have imagined.

The Shar-Pei Pitbull Terrier Health and Conditions

The thick, wrinkly coats of the Shar-Pei Pitbull Terriers make them prone to skin problems like bacteria that tend to trap within their coats and foster, causing infections and sometimes even inverted eyelids.

Moreover, they require a high water intake, as due to their thick coat, the Shar-Pei Pitbull Terriers often suffer from overheating.

Furthermore, it is vital to regularly brush their coats weekly to get rid of dead skin so that bacteria don’t remain trapped within the skin folds.

If your Shar-Pei Pitbull Terrier suffers from dry skin, it is recommended that you give coconut oil treatments to soothe the skin and allow it to soak up moisture.

They also require regular dental care, as often as 2 to 3 times a week, to maintain their dental hygiene.

Moving onto hereditary health concerns, some major issues they tend to face are:

  • Heart problems
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Cancer
  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
  • Bloadetness
  • Demodicosis

Other minor concerns include ear infections, joint dysplasia, and third eye (cherry eye).

Another hereditary concern is the development of the Shar-Pei fever, in which they experience vomiting, diarrhea and high fever.

They also get regular diagnoses of deafness, cataracts, skin fold dermatitis, and lens luxation.

Some regular tests you may have to get for the Shar-Pei Pitbull Terrier include eye examinations, dental checkups, joint fluid samples, and yearly physical examinations.

So before deciding to get a Shar-Pei Pitbull Terrier, we suggest you run a Google search for the most competent vets in your local area.

3 Important Training Tips

  • Training a Shar-Pei Pitbull Terrier is not a very easy job which is why you need to be very consistent.

Since the Shar-Pei Pitbull Terrier is a very strong-willed and independent breed of dogs, you are likely to face problems while training it.

You need to be very regular with training your pet and keep repeating your teachings to it until it properly grasps them.

However, this does not mean that this dog is unable to learn quickly since the Shar-Pei Pitbull Terrier is a very intelligent dog.

Moreover, when the dog is very young, puppy training classes can also be of great benefit.

  • The training needs to begin at an early age.

You should start teaching various commands to your dog when it is just a puppy since it is easier for the dog to learn and adapt at that age.

In addition to this, early training will also prevent your Shar-Pei Pitbull Terrier from becoming too aggressive or territorial.

At this age, make sure you take your dog out often, to a park, for instance, to help it socialize with other dogs and humans.

  • The Shar-Pei Pitbull Terrier responds very well to positive reinforcement techniques.

You need to encourage your dog throughout the training to make it more determined and motivated.

A very easy way to do this is through treats and toys which will push your dog to be more obedient.

Also, do not forget to shower your beloved pet with words of encouragement and praises whenever it excels at the task given to it.

Despite its fighting and often aggressive nature, the Shar-Pei Pitbull Terrier will be putty in your hands if you treat it will love and support during the training.

My final thoughts on the Shar-Pei Pitbull TerrierA Chinese Shar-Pei and Pitbull Terrier mix

We discussed all the possible questions that might come to mind when deciding to get a Shar-Pei Pitbull Terrier.

In conclusion, the financial costs of buying and maintaining a Shar-Pei Pitbull Terrier are nominal, which can be afforded on a medium budget.

Regarding the choice of breeders, we learned of the routes available to us for obtaining a Shar-Pei Pitbull Terrier from the right breeder.

We also established that young to middle age grouped people with previous dog owning or training experience and are athletic and authoritative should consider getting a Shar Pei Pitbull Terrier.

For older people who are not that active, a Shar Pei Pitbull Terrier would be a hassle with their daily walks, regular dental appointments, weekly brushings, and training needs.

Moving forth, we found that although it has a regular lifespan of 10-12 years, hereditary diseases, obesity, and skin allergies are high-risk factors for the Shar-Pei Pitbull Terrier and it constantly needs taking care of.

Considering all the aforementioned factors, the Shar-Pei Pitbull Terrier is a designer dog that is recognized for the unpredictability of its traits due to the uncertainty of the genes passed on to it from either parent.

It is usually seen as a watchdog and is used for security purposes due to its aggressive and independent nature, but with patience and effort can become your best companion, your protector, your chum, and the perfect family pet!

We hope this guide has been helpful to you and that after going through it, you have come one step closer to opening your doors to your new family member.

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