The Reagle Dog Breed: A Complete Guide

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The Reagle is a hybrid breed mixing a Rottweiler and a Beagle. It mixes traits from both breeds, taking physical and behavioral elements from both parents.

The Beagle is historically a sniffing dog, and its powerful sense of smell and low-set build see it perfectly designed to use it’s powerful sniffer effectively.

The Beagle has a happy and goofy personality that mixes well with pretty much everyone, animals and humans alike.

The Rottweiler is a proud and strong dog, renowned for its brave and determined commitment to its owners.

Its instantly recognizable black and orange coat are often transferred to the Beagle, giving it an unmistakable mark on the hybrid Reagle.

The Reagle is a good all-around medium-sized dog, it is good with kids and other animals and will get along with anybody.

It has a pleasant, relaxed demeanor and would make a great addition to any home.

Reagle Puppies – Before You Buy…

Reagle Dog outside
The Reagle is a good addition to any family home.

Buying a Reagle puppy will take a lot of decision making and research on your part. There are a lot of personal considerations to think about and you must make sure that this dog fits your budget.

Fortunately, this guide will help you find out of the Reagle is the best dog for you. Thus, it will be easier to decide if the dog will be a great companion for you and your household.

What Price are Reagle Puppies?

The normal price for a Reagle puppy ranges between $800 and $1200 USD. Beagles are relatively popular dogs, so breeders are not too difficult to find.

Just remember that the cheapest breeders are not always the most ethical ones.

You don’t want to buy your Reagle from an ethically questionable breeder so it is important to research and make sure you choose the right breeder.

Where to Find Reputable Reagle Breeders?

The right breeder for your Reagle should be able to answer any questions you may have, they should be caring, and they should have clean facilities.

Choosing a quality breeder is the first, and easiest thing you can to for your future furry friend and ensure your new dog has as good as a headstart to its life as possible.

When visiting your breeder, always ask if you can pet or handle the puppies. Some puppies aren’t vaccinated and dog breeders are cautious about them transmitting diseases.

You can determine if your puppy is healthy without even touching them. Their hair-coat, behavior, and eyes will let you know if your dog is in good condition.

If the puppy is healthy, they will be energetic, sociable, and very easy to play around with. (However, some puppies are naturally reserved and shy, but that’s only due to certain dog breeds.)

So check if your dog is healthy before attempting to buy them.

3 Little-Known Facts About Reagle Puppies

  1. Beagles were originally bred to hunt for hares and rabbits. They have a great sense of smell and an endless amount of stamina.
  2. It is said that Rottweilers have ancestry with drover dogs. These dogs were bred in Ancient Rome and were used to prevent the cattle from running away and protecting them during the evening.
  3. Beagles are great working dogs due to their smelling abilities. For instance, the dog is known for being a bedbug detector and search for food inside the passengers’ bag at the airport.

Physical Traits of the Reagle

Cute Reagle staring
The Reagle adores humans and all other creatures.

Like most crossbreeds, the Reagle tends to inherit traits present in both of their parent breeds, sometimes taking more from one than the other.

Reagle’s take the black and orange coloration of a Rottweiler, but with the low set, an elongated torso of the Beagle, but shapes and colors do vary.

The Reagle is a medium-sized dog, taking much of their size from their Rottweiler parent. The Reagle has a compact and strong body with well-muscled legs.

If the Rottweiler genes are dominant, then the Reagle will likely have a similarly shaped muzzle to the Rottweiler, short and wide and with a powerful bite, whereas Reagles with Beagle dominant genes will have a narrower, more tubular snout.

The Reagle is adorned with a straight, medium-length coat of average density.

How Big is a Full-Grown Reagle?

The Reagle is a medium-sized dog, in height, it measures between 15 and 27 inches tall. And in weight, it can reach between 50 and 85 pounds.

There is no variation in size between male and female Reagles.

What is the Reagle’s Life Expectancy?

On average, the Reagle has an expected lifespan of between 10 and 14 years of age, which is about the average for dogs of their size.

Intelligence, Temperament, and Personality Traits of the Reagle

Rottweiler and Beagle mix
The Reagle is the mix of the Rottweiler and the Beagle.

The Reagle is a sweet, loving, easy to train the dog that gets along easily with almost everyone and everything.

It typically lacks some of the more antisocial behaviors which it’s parent breed the Rottweiler occasionally displays and has adopted the aloof eager-to-please demeanor of its Beagle parent.

The Reagle is perhaps more intelligent than it is given credit, it enjoys learning and does so fairly easily. The Reagle is considered very trainable by its owners.

The Reagle is gentle, loving and dedicated to its owner. Reagles are very affectionate and excitable, and can sometimes clumsily underestimate their strength.

They are not known to be aggressive, but one must keep a watchful eye when the Reagle is playing with smaller animals or young children due to the possibility that the Reagle would play too zealously.

The Reagle can be initially distrusting of new people or strangers, but after prolonged exposure, they warm up readily and are openly affectionate.

The Reagle is an inside dog primarily, so it enjoys and thrives within a pack-like setting, surrounded by its friends and the people who love the dog.

The Reagle feels a profound sense of belonging when at home with its family.

The Beagle has always traditionally worked as a sniffing dog, it has a uniquely powerful sense of smell and is often led by its nose before its other senses.

The Reagle is no different in this sense and uses its exaggerated sense of smell constantly, curiously investigating new smells all the time.

This aspect makes the Reagle quite distractible, but if well harnessed it is an ability that sees it successful in narcotics fields for police and other security organizations.

The Reagle’s Diet

The Reagle isn’t picky when it comes to eating; it is generally happy to eat any basic medium-large dog diet.

Make sure it eats healthy, wholesome food during its puppy months and high-quality, high-in-protein food as an adult dog.

How Much Exercise Does the Reagle Need?

The Reagle is a versatile dog. It’s happy to rest at home indoors for hours on end, and will not complain if it can simply sit around with its owners and enjoy their company.

On the other hand, the Reagle does thoroughly enjoy exercise and can jump from lethargy to playful at a moment’s notice.

Reagle Health and Conditions

When it comes to health problems, the Reagle is, unfortunately, susceptible to some of the more unpleasant afflictions of its Beagle parent, though it is generally a healthy dog there are a handful of serious issues, and a multitude of bad, but avoidable minor issues.

Serious Health Issues

  • The Reagle is sadly susceptible to epilepsy, the spasmodic episodes are incredibly stressful on the dog and often lead to mental health issues such as depression and may lead to vet issued medication such as valium.
  • The Reagle’s urinary tract is often susceptible to disease and infection. It is, unfortunately, susceptible to bladder cancer and should be regularly checked at veterinarian checkups for any cancerous developments.

Minor Health Issues

  • Eye infections are common amongst Reagles, their eyelids are heavy and large and often accumulate gunk and debris which can cause discomfort and infection in the eye. A Reagle’s eyes should be regularly cleaned if the buildup is consistent, that will go a long way to keeping the dog’s eyes healthy.
  • Reagles often are afflicted by hip and elbow dysplasia, its a condition which makes the joints dislocate easier and can cause pain and discomfort to the dog. There is no cure, but muscular rehab options are available, and if completely necessary there are surgical measures that can be taken to minimize the Reagle’s ongoing discomfort.
  • If the Reagle adopts the long floppy ears of its Beagle parent, then it can risk infection, if infected the ears must be flushed and cleaned regularly until the infection subsides, similar to with eye infections. If your Reagle’s eyes or ears are infected your first point of call should be your veterinarian. They should offer you cleansing products and demonstrate to you how to use them at home.

Special Treats

Treating your dog to special food occasionally is a good way to not only grow your bond with it but also to enhance its obedience to you.

You should also give your dog treats to celebrate its good behavior or successful completion of different tasks and commands.

These techniques will help you in training your dog better as well and would increase its eagerness to please and obey you.

For a Reagle, you do not need to spend a lot of effort looking for delicious treats as this dog is not picky and would be happy with almost any good dog dietary product.

However, try giving it those treats which are high in protein since the Reagle requires food with rich protein content.

Home-cooked or store-bought treats made out of chicken or turkey are excellent for your dog and they are readily available as well.

Similarly, if your dog is used to eating meat, give it salmon or ocean fish for a change to praise it for its good behavior.

Moreover, for very rare special treats, consider meaty foods such as lamb or venison which will leave your Reagle craving for more yet extremely happy.

However, make sure that the protein content of the special treat is not too high to cause any indigestion issues to your Reagle.

Before buying any different or special treat for a Reagle, make sure it does not contain any produced meals, corn, or soy in it.

Furthermore, if you are not experienced in shopping for food for a dog, read the first three or four ingredients on the label since the food is primarily composed of these items.

Also, keep your dog away from treats containing chemical preservatives or artificial coloring as these can lead to adverse effects on the health of your Reagle.

My Final Thoughts on the ReagleReagle Dog breed

The Reagle is a good addition to any family home; it’s a dog that adores humans and is very gentle with all other creatures.

The Reagle is a fantastic companion and solid choice for anyone seeking a loving, dependable mid-sized dog.



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