The Rat Pinscher: A Complete Guide

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The Rat Pinscher is the result of bringing together the Rat Terrier with the Miniature Pinscher culminating in one of the many designer dogs or otherwise known as hybrid breeds, that are out there today.

A number of people may have heard of both parent breeds, but then their knowledge of this hybrid breed will be rather limited, to say the least.

That is a problem when you are perhaps contemplating taking ownership of one, but there is a solution.

The solution is our complete guide to the Rat Pinscher, and by the time you have finished reading this, you will be in a much better position to care for your new puppy or dog effectively.

After all, the last thing that you want is to do something wrong that would have a negative impact on their life.

However, before delving into the various key things to know about the breed, we need to contemplate several things first, and that is where we are going to begin.

Rat Pinscher Puppies – Before You Buy…

Rat Pinscher
The Rat Pinscher is a cheeky, individualistic, and loyal pet. Image Credit By: ollie.rocketdog, instagram

Before you buy a Rat Pinscher puppy, we want you to be honest about your capabilities.

Looking after a puppy of any kind can be time-consuming, and it is not without its pitfalls. After all, you are taking care of a young life that is largely incapable of doing much for itself.

That is why we ask you to turn the spotlight onto your self for just a short period of time.

We want you to understand what it takes, and what to expect, of caring for a puppy as that is the fairest thing possible for the dog itself.

So, we wish to highlight these key points and keep referring back to them as you work through this guide. Also, perhaps revisit it just before you go to buy a puppy as it could be rather useful.

  • Be aware of how they act around children and other animals.
  • Understand how easy or difficult it can be to train them.
  • Know about potential health issues that are common in advance.
  • Realize that you must be able to meet their needs.

There are various other things that will pop up into your mind as you work through our complete guide, but those four points are a good starting place.

What Price are Rat Pinscher Puppies?

So, what kind of price should you be expecting to pay for Rat Pinscher puppies?

Well, the average price will vary depending on several different factors, so while we cannot say definitively that you will pay a set price, we can give you a kind of ballpark figure.

In the United States, a puppy can cost anywhere from as little as $300 to more than double that figure.

As the breed is rarer in the United Kingdom, then the price will reflect this and will often start around the £500 mark.

That being said, the pedigree of the parents followed by whether you are going to a reputable breeder or not will also make a difference to the end price.

How to Find Reputable Rat Pinscher Breeders?

So, how do you go about finding a Rat Pinscher breeder that is reliable?

Well, even though it is not on the list of purebred dogs that are held by the Kennel Club, they could still help.

Often, both they and the Dog Breeder’s Association will have some insight into the best breeders for a whole host of breeds. Use that resource as the first port of call.

Also, there is an ever-increasing number of groups and associations dedicated to the Rat Pinscher, and they can be found all over the country.

You might want to check them out online as there’s no doubt that they can help.

3 Little-Known Facts About Rat Pinscher Puppies

Admittedly, you might know a few things about either parent breed, but you could be limited in your knowledge when it comes to the Rat Pinscher itself.

However, we are highlighting just three facts about the breed that might give you some additional insight into them.

  • It is exceptionally quiet.

If you are looking for a dog that is not very vocal, then this could be the perfect breed for you. It’s not that they never bark, but they very rarely feel the need to do so.

  • It can be an escape artist.

This comes from the Rat Terrier part, but this breed can be an absolute escape artist.

Also, this is not just by digging but also somehow getting up and over things, so you need an impressive fence to keep them penned in.

  • They will chase anything.

You must constantly be aware of this breed having the desire to chase pretty much anything in sight.

This comes from both parents having a huge amount of energy, so it should not come as much of a surprise.

Physical Traits of the Rat Pinscher

A Rat Pinscher on a lead
The Rat Pinscher is a highly curious dog breed.

As the Rat Pinscher is a hybrid breed, there is no way of telling quite how your puppy is going to develop.

After all, they get physical traits from both parents, and it will often be the case that one side will be more prominent than the other.

They are often referred to as looking rather regal with their long, slender legs and a short but shiny coat.

They also tend to walk rather well, which also fits in with the regal aspect, Their feet are relatively compact, but it does fit in with those slender legs.

Their heads are large in comparison to the rest of their bodies, and they have a relatively long muzzle as well.

Their ears are often triangular, but they can either stand up or droop down depending on the genetic influence.

They will have brown eyes and either a brown or black nose and their coat can come in various shades.

They are only a moderate shedder and the main thing that you need to do with them is to brush their teeth a couple of times a week.

How Big is a Full-Grown Rat Pinscher?

There is virtually no difference in size or weight between the male and female of this breed.

Both will be in the region of 9 to 13 inches in height while their weight can fluctuate between 6 to 10lbs, so this is a very slight dog.

What is the Life Expectancy of the Rat Pinscher?

The Rat Pinscher does not tend to suffer from too many health complaints, so their life expectancy is quite impressive.

You are looking at the average being close to 15 years, which is certainly higher than you would tend to see with most breeds.

Intelligence, Temperament and Personality Traits of the Rat Pinscher

The temperament and personality of the Rat Pinscher are where this breed does come to life.

First, this is known as being a super-intelligent dog and that does mean that it will be an absolute delight to train.

They love nothing more than to impress and please their owner, and they will do that by working hard to understand what you are telling them.

The Rat Pinscher is also very loyal, and they will be extremely loving to each and every member of your family no matter their age.

This means you have nothing to worry about if you have children as there will be no issues.

They are very alert to what is going on, and even though they do not bark they are still capable of letting you know when they are unsure of something.

Also, they have a natural suspicion surrounding strangers, so that can also help them to be a useful watchdog.

This breed is not known for being shy or easily intimidated.

They also have that perfect level of curiosity that makes them want to go and explore without becoming too familiar with the situation.

Overall, the temperament and personality of this breed are excellent. They are very individualistic in their personality and can be quite stubborn from time to time.

Their approach to strangers is also perfect in that they seem to have the correct balance as to whether or not they can trust them.

The Rat Pinscher’s Diet

A close up of a Rat Pinscher's face
The Rat Pinscher requires quite a lot of exercise for its size.

The diet for the Rat Pinscher is very easy to follow as they do not eat that much considering the level of energy that they tend to have.

What you are generally looking at is them eating around a maximum of one cup of food per day. You can split this up into two meals, but do remove any uneaten food as that will serve them better.

You should also limit treats or giving them pieces of your food from the table.

As they eat so little and have so much energy, it will be more essential than ever before that they get the correct nutrients.

Provide them with high-quality dry food and forget trying to cut corners. Cheaper food has cheaper ingredients and while it will fill them, it will provide no nutritional help.

Furthermore, thanks to their size, it will be important to change their diet as they go through different phases.

If you got them as a puppy, then the breeder should have helped and as they age ask your vet for advice on what’s best for them.

How Much Exercise Does a Rat Pinscher Need?

The best way to describe this breed is that it is a real live-wire. This energy has to be released, or there could be problems further down the line.

With all of this energy, it means you need to provide them with at least 45 minutes of exercise per day, but that is high-intensity exercise and not just a gentle stroll.

If the exercise is not high-intensity, then you need to increase that to well over an hour in length.

Also, do not forget the mental side of things either because their brain needs to be engaged as often as possible.

This means allowing them to explore various scents, or just to play with them on a regular basis.

They will also be good at being taught new tricks or commands as they will love the stimulation that it gives them.

Rat Pinscher Health and Conditions

When it comes to health conditions, then this is one breed that has somehow managed to avoid almost everything.

Yes, there are still one or two things that can be passed down the genetic line, but generally speaking, they are quite healthy.

That being said, you need to be aware of the possibility of them developing the following conditions at some point in their life.

  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Legg-Calve Perthes Disease
  • Cataracts
  • Dental Issues
  • Dermatitis
  • Corneal Dystrophy

As you can see, the list is small, but they can still pick up various allergies and other health issues that can apply to any breed.

My Final Thoughts on the Rat PinscherA Rat Pinscher looking up at you

The Rat Pinscher is undoubtedly a wonderful breed of dog to own.

They are cheeky, individualistic, loyal and curious but will also love nothing more than to be at your feet napping after burning off all of that energy.

Yes, they do require quite a lot of exercise for their size and they will certainly not be best for apartment living, but then you also need to contend with them being able to escape from almost anywhere.

There is no doubt that they will keep you on your toes, but that doesn’t always have to be a bad thing.

Thanks to the way in which they are so easy to train, they can be good as the first dog for someone.

Also, maintenance is low since they hardly shed and dirt or debris very rarely sticks to their coat, so you do not have to worry about grooming them on an almost daily basis.

In general, if you have never heard of a Rat Pinscher before, then now could be the time to change all of that.

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