Pugshire (Pug & Yorkshire Terrier Mix)

To summarize, the Pugshire is a miniature crossbreed that’s part Yorkshire Terrier and part Pug. They have medium-length coats, and some owners favor the Pug more than they do the Yorkie.

This breed is a pure companion animal and is a fun, comical, and sensitive crossbreed.

Pugshires are good with children and other pets if they are socialized with them during puppyhood. These dogs don’t shed much (a trait shared by their Yorkshire parents).

Because of this, their fur is hypoallergenic if they obtain that trait from their Yorkie half.

For busy owners, this dog might not be the best for you. We’ll use this guide to help you understand more about this fun canine companion to see if it fits you and your family’s personal preferences.

Pugshire Puppies – Before You Buy…

A baby Pugshire
The Pugshires are affectionate and loyal.

If you plan on buying a Pugshire, understand that this toy-sized dog that wears its heart on its sleeve.

This small-sized crossbreed loves everything, but they will become jealous if their owners devote more attention to other people or pets.

While they are intelligent, they have stubborn traits from their Yorkshire parents. For extremely patient owners, this dog is the best choice.

While they will test your limits, these dogs will be extremely loyal and caring once you train them correctly.

Pugshires grow deep bonds with their owners and develop the closest to the person that gives it the most attention.

This dog will follow that person’s shadow and not want to share their “human” affections.

And these dogs are very active, but just for short bursts. Pugshires like to take long naps, so if its owner takes them out for a walk – they will rest on their owner’s lap when they get home, and rest for a couple of hours.

What Price Are Pugshire Puppies?

Usually, Pugshire puppies will cost $200-$500. Remember, buying a puppy is a recurring expense as you’ll have to pay for their hygiene, feeding, and overall lifestyle.

You will have to pay for insurance which is about $460-$560 for the Pugshire. For nonmedical needs such as grooming, you’ll pay around $380-$780.

Because of this, expect to pay about $1000-$2000 year for this dog’s upkeep.

How to Find Reputable Pugshire Breeders?

Here are some important things you should ask your breeder before buying a Pugshire:

  • Contract of Sale – Your breeder should give you a contract of sale before parting with any puppy. Amongst other things, the contract should detail the responsibility you and the breeder have with the puppy. It should also display what special restrictions (endorsements) by the breeder on their record, and what basis will the breeder need to break those endorsements. Endorsements the breeder might have is that the puppy cannot be exported or used for breeding. Before or during the time of sale, you should have a signed agreement placed.
  • Usually, breeders can provide up to four free weeks of the Kennel Club Pet Insurance for your Pugshire puppy. Ask them to make sure that it’s set up so that you have cover in the event that your puppy becomes sick within the first few weeks.
  • You should get a pedigree that details your dog’s ancestry – this can be either a printed or handwritten one that’s created by the Kennel Club or the breeder.

3 Little-Known Facts About Pugshire Puppies

  • Pugshires are ½ pug. Pugs were pets of Chinese Emperors and were given all of the luxuries of life. Sometimes, the pugs would have their own guards and mini rooms.
  • The Yorkshire Terrier, it’s other half, was known as the first therapy dog. A WWII soldier named Bill Wynne had a Yorkshire named Smoky. Due to the dog’s obedience and small size, she was able to string communication wires and go through pipes under a Japanese airship.
  • Because of their small size, Yorkshire terriers were used to hunt rats. They were small enough to squeeze into small spaces, and their intense personalities made them able to able to take on rodent prey.

Physical Traits of the Pugshire

Cute brown and black Pugshire
The Pugshires express their love by licking.

Pugshires have the best traits from their Pug and Yorkshire Terrier Ancestry.

Their fur is shorter than a Yorkshire Terrier but is longer than a Pug and is in almost any color. They have small ears that flop forward. It’s tail curls around their back.

Also, Pugshires have small heads and large dark eyes. Pugshires share the same brachycephalic muzzle as Pugs.

Pugshires don’t shed their fur, which is great for owners who live in small apartments. They usually have a lighter body with a dark mask, but this isn’t always common.

Since they are a hybrid breed, you’ll never know what to expect!

How Big is a Full-Grown Pugshire?

When they reach adulthood, Pugshires have a height ranging from 9-15 inches. They weigh about 6-15 pounds.

To make your puppy grow to this size, you’ll have to make their health a priority.

This means that you’ll have to feed them on a regulated schedule and only meals that have enough nutrition that benefits them.

Keep them well-fed, and you’ll see your puppy grow into a happy, confident adult!

What is the Life Expectancy of the Pugshire?

Pugshires tend to live for 12-16 years. Even though they are in constant need of exercise and activity, this helps them retain their appearance and lasts longer than other dogs.

To extend your pup’s lifespan, take them to the vet often so that you can treat any diseases that come up.

Intelligence, Temperament and Personality Traits of the Pugshire

Pugshires are smart dogs who love to receive a lot of attention, play and be around other people. They are energetic, and they also like taking long naps.

And, Pugshires are affectionate and loyal, but they can also be independent thinkers meaning that they have stubborn moments.

When excited, they express their love by licking. Pugshires can be funny, silly, and sometimes annoying. But they will listen to your orders after a few weeks of exercise and obedience training.

Lots of toy dogs suffer from separation anxiety. The Pugshire is no different.

If left unattended for more than 16 hours, the dog can display negative behavior, antisocial and aggressive towards other dogs and chew on furniture.

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To avoid this, always keep your Pugshire near you. Their small size makes them very portable and they can go with you on any trip.

Doing this allows them to warm up to you and display their happiness towards you and your children.

The Pugshire’s Diet

Image Credit By: outlawpeteac, instagram

Pugshires need to eat one cup of dog food a day. Because of their small size, you should give them foods that high in protein and low in fat.

Giving them too much junk food will cause them to bloat and become overweight. You’ll pay about $25-$30 a month to feed this canine. That’s only $1 a day!

They are inexpensive, making it easier for owners of low budgets to feed them properly.

Make sure that they receive the right nutrients so that your Pugshire can live longer and remain happier because of it.

How Much Exercise Does a Pugshire Need?

The Pugshire is a very active dog! They need to be taken out for walks twice a day for 20 minutes each. Pugshires are suited for apartment living but will need walks so that it can stay in shape.

Take them to the dog park so they can run without the leash, play with other dogs, and learn how to socialize.

You don’t need a yard for this dog, but its recommended as it gives them extra room around the house to play.

Unfortunately, Pugshires are not recommended for first-time owners because they are hard to train. Be consistent and patient with the Pugshire as it can be a stubborn dog at times.

This can make training them a rather slow, but interesting process.

You will have to teach them that you’re the boss otherwise they will become harder to control. Also, use positive reinforcement, encourage rather punish, praise instead of scolding them.

Doing so will ensure that they grow into a respectful and confident dog.

Pugshire Health and Conditions

There are some health conditions that the Pugshire can receive from either parent. This list is the most popular health issues it faces as it ages.

A Pugshire that’s raised by an observant trainer is least likely to experience these issues. This means that you need to watch for any signs of odd behavior and act on it.

Doing so will enhance their overall lifespan and ensure that they don’t fall victim to major diseases.

A Good Guard Dog?

Sound knowledge of the physical traits and behavioral abilities of the Pugshire will help you decide whether to use it as a guard dog.

The physical traits of the Pugshire limit it from being a very good guard dog as it has quite a miniature size.

The dog is only 9 to 15 inches tall, which is smaller than most breeds of dog.

Moreover, a Pugshire weighs only 6 to 15 pounds which will not let it fight well against any intruder or outside attack.

Furthermore, this dog is very affectionate and loves playing with other people which makes it trust others very easily – a property that guard dogs should not have.

In addition to this, this dog is not very athletic and neither does it enjoy exercising much, which again makes it unfit to protect you well against attackers.

Also, the barking sound of a Pugshire is not loud either so even if it keeps barking to alert you of someone’s presence, chances are that you might not hear its barks.

Plus, a Pugshire is more likely to try and play with an intruder than attack or view them as a threat.

The only trait that does make it slightly suitable to perform the duties of a guard dog is its stubborn nature and the occasional aggression which might scare away an intruder or stall it until you come to intervene.

Though this breed of dog is very loyal and cares a lot for its owners, there is not much it can do under any unwanted situation involving intruders.

These physical and behavioral attributes of the Pugshire do not make it a good guard dog and you should consider obtaining this dog if you are more interested in its playful and sociable nature rather than its ability to protect you against harm.

My Final Thoughts On The PugshireThe Pugshire breed

Overall, the Pugshire is one of the best toy dogs to own. Not only are they smart, but they can make great companions who love to rest by your side.

You’ll have to train them extensively, but they will reward you with love and affection.

Do you have any additional questions about the Pugshire?

Tell us in the comments below!

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