Progressive Pet Insurance Review

Our Final Verdict

We give Progressive Pet Insurance a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars.


Policy Coverage: 4.5/5
Customer Service & Reputation: 4.5/5
Claim Repayment: 4/5
Price of Policy: 5/5
Plan Customization: 4.8/5

Review Summary

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Progressive is a major player in the insurance marketplace, offering all types of insurance from auto to home, and now pet insurance through Pets Best Pet Health Insurance. Through our research, we determined Progressive pet insurance to be one of the most affordable options currently available. Moreover, they offer excellent coverage with plenty of customizability so you can create exactly the plan that you want without any sacrifices.

There are three tiers of insurance to between at Progressive pet insurance. Each tier up offers slightly better coverage at a slightly steeper monthly cost, though all three tiers are considerably cheaper than similar plans from competitors. Best of all, they’re all available with unlimited annual limits, so you never have to worry that your pet’s healthcare needs will outgrow what your insurance provider is willing to pay.

Further improving your customization are the accident-only policies. We thought the accident and illness plans were already affordable, but you could be paying single-digit monthly payments for a plan that just covers your pet in case of accidents and injuries. Plus, there are price reductions available on any of the accident and illness plans for insuring multiple pets, getting them spayed or neutered, and paying annually rather than monthly.

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Progressive Pet Insurance – A Quick Look

  • Very affordable policies
  • Accident-only policy available
  • Wellness packages can be added on
  • Discounts for annual payments, multiple pets, and spaying/neutering
  • Customizable plans
  • There’s not much value in the wellness add-ons


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Important Features

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Affordable, Customizable Plans

Progressive pet insurance offers plans that are priced much lower than plans with similar coverage from competitors. But they’re also extremely customizable. You can change everything from the tier of coverage you want to the deductible you want to pay, the percentage you want to be reimbursed, and what limits you want on your coverage.

Unlike many pet insurance companies, Progressive offers pet insurance with an unlimited annual cap. You can also get annual deductibles as low as $50! And reimbursement percentages are up to you, and you can choose from 70%, 80%, or 90% reimbursement rates.

Multiple Discounts Available

If Progressive’s affordable prices aren’t low enough for you, then you can combine some of their discounts for even more savings. Progressive offers savings when you pay annually, insure multiple pets, and when you get your pets spayed or neutered.

Comprehensive Coverage

Progressive pet insurance plans cover everything you need, though you can opt out of a lot of the coverage. If you were to choose the “elite” tier, which is the highest level of coverage, it would include coverage for chiropractic and alternative healthcare, exam fees, surgeries, emergency care, and of course any care related to accidents and illnesses.

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Low Deductibles Available

The first time you file a claim each year, you’ll have to pay the deductible out of pocket. You can choose a deductible of up to $1,000 if you want very low monthly payments. On the other hand, you can choose ultra-low deductibles down to $50 if you don’t mind paying a bit more each month.

What Does Progressive Pet Insurance Cover?

Covered Not Covered
Accidents Pre-existing conditions
Illnesses Preventative care
Exam Fees Routine healthcare
Alternative care
Hereditary conditions
Emergency care
Prescription medication

Customer Service

Customer service at Progressive pet insurance is actually handled by Pets Best pet insurance, which is partnered with Progressive to offer Progressive pet insurance. Most of your customer service needs can be handled through the Progressive app or online, but if you need to talk to a representative, they’re helpful and easy to get a hold of. The phone number is listed on the Progressive pet insurance website so you can always get through if you need help. Claims seem to get finished in a timely manner though, so you may never need to call customer service.

Pre-Existing Conditions

None of the Progressive pet insurance plans will cover pre-existing conditions of any kind. This is no different from other insurance companies though, as no pet insurance companies offer coverage on pre-existing conditions.

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Waiting Periods

A waiting period is the amount of time you have to wait after enacting your policy before you can get coverage for particular types of healthcare. With a Progressive pet insurance policy, there are three waiting periods. The waiting period for accidents is three days while illnesses have a 14-day waiting period. There is also a 6-month waiting period for cruciate ligament conditions.

Pricing Quotes

Large Mixed Breed Golden Retriever
Male or Female Male Female
Age 6 Years 2 Years
Location Arizona (85739) Virginia (22901)
Reimbursement Level 90% 70%
Annual Deductible $500 $100
Annual Maximum Unlimited Unlimited
Price Per Month $39.22 $47.16

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Are the costs of exams covered under Progressive pet insurance policies?

It depends on what tier coverage you opt for. The “essential” tier policies do not cover exam fees. However, the “plus” and “elite” tiers do.

Does Progressive pet insurance cover alternative healthcare?

The “elite” tier, the most expensive of the three tiers that Progressive offers for pet insurance, covers alternative healthcare, including rehabilitative, acupuncture, and even chiropractic.

What’s the difference between the three tiers of insurance that Progressive offers?

The main differences between the three tiers of pet insurance offered by progressive are the price and coverage you get with each. “Essential,” the lowest tier, only covers basic accident and illness treatment and is the least expensive option. The mid-tier, called “plus,” covers everything in “essential,” plus exam fees. It’s priced higher than “essential,” but lower than “elite.” At the highest tier, “elite,” you get all that plus alternative healthcare coverage, but it’s the most expensive option.

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What the Users Say

While we’re very confident in our opinions, which are derived from many hours of research and quotes we pulled straight from Progressive pet insurance, we realize that our opinions aren’t the only ones that matter. So, we decided to seek out comments and reviews from real-world users of Progressive pet insurance to see what they thought of the service they received.

For the most part, people seem very pleased with the service that Progressive pet insurance provides. Though there are a few reviews that say their claims took a long time, there are far more people that seem to have had their claims handled expediently. Most users claimed fast payments and a simple claims process.

One thing we saw many people reiterating was that they wouldn’t have possibly been able to afford the care that their pet required on their own, crediting their insurance plan with Progressive for keeping their beloved pet alive.

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Our Verdict

We’ve researched and used many pet insurance providers. Among them, Progressive stands out for its affordably priced plans that offer superior coverage compared to far pricier plans from competitors. You get tons of customization options to adjust your monthly fee as needed, and you can even get basic accident coverage for single-digit monthly payments. There are several add-ons available to enhance your plans even more. Altogether, we think just about anyone can find an insurance plan that fits their needs through Progressive pet insurance.