Podengo Portugueso Pequeno

Owning a dog is one amazing experience. They provide a lot of love, care, and compassion, making everybody’s days just a little bit better.

These are animals that will walk beside you through the best and worst of times, and still wag its tail as a signal of love.

A dog is more than a pet; it’s an addition to your family or the beginning of a new one.

However, there is more to owning a dog than just occasionally feeding it, and cleaning it. To ensure that your dog has the best life, you need to treat it with respect, love, and care.

Showing the dog that it is more than just an extension of you, but a part of you is pivotal.

This 10-15 year bond is going to have its ups and downs, but in the end, it is going to be one of the best decisions you’ve made in your life.

Podengo Portugueso Pequeno laying on blanket
The Podengo Portugueso Pequeno is an excellent dog for any owner.

The Podengo Portuguese Pequeno is the national dog of Portugal, and I can see why. It is cute, adorable and incredibly unique.

It originated in 1000 B.C., where over the years it became renowned as a rabbit hunter.

Today, it is somewhat of a rare breed, but when found, it makes for a great companion.

This guide today has been designed to walk you through the basics of purchasing a Podengo Portuguese Pequeno.

I will go through its costs, behavioral traits, size and more. Buying your first dog can be a hard process, but with this guide, I plan to make it easier.

Are you still interested in the Podengo Portuguese Pequeno? Well, scroll on down to keep on learning more about this interesting breed.

Podengo Portugueso Pequeno Puppies – Before You Buy…

Now, before you delve into buying your first dog, there are some things you need to consider before you bring it home. A dog has very specific needs that you need to cater to specifically.

I know, it can be stressful, but once you’re organized, and prepared for this dog to call your house a home, it will become nothing more than a breeze.

Things you need to ask yourself before getting a dog include:

  • Do I have enough space in my house, and backyard for this breed? The Podengo Portugueso Pequeno is a small dog and is fine living in any sort, and size of a house.
  • Do I have enough time to socialize this dog? If you can’t, make sure someone in your family is home to do it.
  • Have I bought any equipment and toys for my dog to use?
  • What color dog do I want?
  • Do I want a boy or a girl?
  • Do I want my dog spayed/neutered?

What Price are Podengo Portugueso Pequeno Puppies?

When you take out your wallet to buy your first dog, you need to make sure there’s enough money in it.

Dogs are known to be animals that love to stretch the bank account, and it can be quite stressful.

So make sure you’ve done the research on what style, size and breed you can afford before you head on out to a breeder.

The Podengo Portugueso Pequeno is not a cheap dog, and that is because it is both purebred, and rare.

You’re looking at spending around $800-$1000 when purchasing from a reputable breeder, which tends to be quite expensive when in comparison with a lot of other purebreds.

However, when in comparison to a dog like the Maltese, the Podengo Portugueso Pequeno is a bargain.

If you want to attempt buying this dog for a little cheaper, consider visiting an adoption clinic. Dogs usually go for around $60 from a shelter, with only a few excess fees on top.

This is also a good option because you are rescuing the dog, and giving it a new, comfortable home.

However, because of the Podengo Portugueso Pequeno’s rarity, you most likely won’t find one at an adoption clinic.

Where to Find Reputable Podengo Portugueso Pequeno Breeders?

Finding a reputable Podengo Portugueso Pequeno breeder is hard because they are such a rare breed.

If you do find one, expect to find yourself on a long drive to a specialist breeder. Heck, you might even have to fly to Portugal itself!

There are a plethora of factors you can assess in a breeder to make sure they are reputable and professional.

These things include:

  • Space where the puppies are kept.
  • How groomed, bathed and healthy the puppies appear.
  • How much time the breeder spends socializing with the puppies.
  • The amount of knowledge, and confidence the breeder has in the breed, and breeding.
  • The effort the breeder puts into giving you tips and strategies on raising the dog.

3 Little-Known Facts About Podengo Portugueso Pequeno Puppies

  1. The Podengo Portugueso Pequeno is considered to be one of the oldest dog breeds around.
  2. It shares ancestors with the Pharaoh Hound.
  3. It was first imported into the United States during the 90s.

Physical Traits of the Podengo Portugueso Pequeno

Podengo Portugueso Pequeno licking a stick
The Podengo Portugueso Pequeno is easily trainable.

The Podengo Portugueso Pequeno has a short, smooth coat with wire-like hair, ranging colors of white and red.

It is covered in brittle hair, and should never be trimmed. Its muzzle is long, and it resembles a beard, and it has white spots all around its body.

Its head is a wedge shape, and it has big, erect ears like it’s waiting for its owner’s next orders! It has a small, masculine torso that showcases its ability to hunt!

How Big is a Full-Grown Podengo Portugueso Pequeno?

The Podengo Portugueso Pequeno is a small-sized breed, and that is apparent. It tends to grow between 8-12 inches in length, making it a dog that snugly fits into the toy category.

The Podengo Portugueso Pequeno is said to weigh between 9-13 pounds, which is average for most lap-sized breeds. The male and female are the same sizes.

What is the Podengo Portugueso Pequeno’s Life Expectancy?

The Podengo Portugueso Pequeno’s life expectancy is slated to be around 12-15 years long, which is the average for most small-sized breeds.

However, life expectancy at the end of the day boils down to the health of the dog. If the dog is not properly raised and suffers from untreated health conditions, this number can decrease.

However, if the dog is raised efficiently and regularly taken to the vet, it can live longer.

Intelligence, Temperament, and Personality Traits of the Podengo Portugueso Pequeno

The Podengo Portugueso Pequeno is an intelligent, lively dog that thrives on being a guard. It is somewhat suspicious of strangers and will warn you whenever one is around.

However, once a face becomes familiar, it will warm up and become loving.

The Podengo Portugueso Pequeno is never aggressive towards dogs or humans and prefers their company. However, it can be vicious around small pets like ferrets, rodents, and rabbits.

Because it has a strong hunting instinct, it tends to see these animals more as prey, then fellow friends.

The Podengo Portugueso Pequeno tends to be easily trainable and doesn’t cause too many problems when it comes to obedience trials. It loves to learn tricks and please its human always.

This dog will be perfect for families with smaller children, as the Podengo Portugueso Pequeno is quite tolerant of rough play.

The Podengo Portugueso Pequeno’s Diet

Podengo Portugueso Pequeno sitting in snow
The Podengo Portugueso Pequeno is good around other dogs.

The Podengo Portugueso Pequeno eats around an average amount of food and is very similar to that of other small breeds. It will eat one cup a day, costing an owner $30 in funds every month.

The Podengo Portugueso Pequeno tends to stick to a regime of kibble, fruits, fiber-based cereals, and dry foods. It is important not to overfeed it, as this can make it sick.

It will enjoy sliced meats, but cannot eat much due to its struggle to consume it.

How Much Exercise Does the Podengo Portugueso Pequeno Need?

The Podengo Portugueso Pequeno only needs a moderate amount of physical activity per week and will be perfectly happy with 45 minutes a day.

It will love a nice run around in the park with other dogs, and any challenging games like frisbee or tug of war.

Regarding walking, it will need around 8 miles a week, which is the average for breeds of its size.

Podengo Portugueso Pequeno Health and Conditions

Serious Issues:

Minor Issues:

  • Deafness
  • Glaucoma

My Final Thoughts on the Podengo Portugueso PequenoPodengo Portugueso Pequeno guide

Overall, the Podengo Portugueso Pequeno is an excellent dog for any owner, especially first-timers.

It’s easily trainable, and good around other dogs and people.

They are rare and expensive, so it can be a bit of a stretch trying to purchase one.

But if you have the opportunity to get a hold of this canine, it is going to bring you nothing but happiness.

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