Peke-Italian (Pekingese & Italian Greyhound Mix)

TIny, sweet, and loyal to the core; the Peke Italian may not be as well-known as other toy dogs, but there are just too many reasons to love this hybrid pooch!

Regardless of whether you’re scouring the Internet in search of a toy dog to keep as a pet, or heard about this particular mix and want to consider getting one, by the end of this guide, you would have made a decision.

This decision is not as simple as making a purchase; it is an investment.

Since we understand the implications of getting a pet, particularly for first-time owners, we have compiled this guide where you will learn all about why the Peke Italian is a good option for you.

Due to its mixed gene pool, it is first imperative to understand where the Peke Italian comes from.

Although it has not yet achieved recognition from the American Kennel Club, the Peke Italian has a rich historical background.

Two ancient, long-standing toy breeds named the Italian Greyhound and the Pekingese come together to produce this affectionate and excitable toy dog.

The Peke Italian is perfectly adaptable to small houses, or even apartment living because the most comfortable spot for this pet is by its owner’s side.

While this sensitive hybrid will bark out of suspicion in surroundings with people it isn’t sure of, the Peke Italian will thrive in a comfortable and safe environment.

So, do your household, life, and family makes the best kind of living for a tiny Peke Italian? What do you need to provide this toy dog with the most suitable life?

Find out this, and more, in the next sentences.

The Peke Italian Puppies – Before You Buy…

Italian Pekingese
The Peke Italian has low grooming requirements. Image Credit By: gnocchi_calabria, instagram

Whether you’re hearing of the breed for the first time or want to know more about it, these questions will outline the basic information that you will need before heading out to buy a pup:

  • How much does a Peke Italian puppy cost?
  • Where will I be able to find a genuine Peke Italian puppy breeder?
  • Will I be able to take care of a Peke Italian in the best way possible?

What price are the Peke Italian puppies?

The most accurate estimate of the cost of a Peke Italian mix can be made by considering the price range of both the Pekingese and the Italian Greyhound.

It is important to note that, more often than not, mixed breed puppies are found at cheaper rates than their purebred parents.

For example, if an Italian Greyhound costs between $1000 and $1600, its mixed-breed offspring will mostly cost between $600 and $800.

Compared to the Italian Greyhound, the Pekingese is not as expensive, costing about $400 to $600. Pekingese mix puppies will cost you no more than $600 to $700.

Therefore, a good quality Peke Italian mix puppy will be priced from approximately $600 to $800.

How to find reputable Peke Italian breeders?

Apart from the price, another equally important factor when it comes to buying a puppy, especially a hybrid, is the quality of the breeder.

There are many ways in which you can protect yourself from falling for the gimmicks that disreputable breeders use to lure you into making a purchase.

The most important factor that needs to be paid heed to is the documentation that relates to the health of the puppy.

A genuinely caring breeder will not just make verbal promises that the puppy is healthy but will show you the papers of all necessary health check-ups carried out on both parents of the Peke Italian.

Another useful way of making sure of the temperament, health, and looks of your potential new pet is to meet both the Italian Greyhound and the Pekingese parent of the puppy.

A breeder who cares for his/her dogs and does not just look at them as products to be sold will always be eager to clear any doubts or concerns of yours regarding the pet.

Furthermore, before you make the buy, ensure that the breeder is not rushing you or providing you false hopes of having just the right kind of puppy for you, even if your desired description does not align with the traits of the breed.

Bottom line: take your time with this decision, and have a detailed discussion with the breeder about all the reasons why the Peke Italian is a good choice for you.

3 Little-known facts about the Peke Italian puppies

Check out these interesting facts about Peke Italians that you will be delighted to know:

  • These pooches are easy-to-train

The Peke Italian is an intuitive and receptive dog that wants nothing more than to please its master.

Therefore, you can adopt several ways to easily train your pet and make it conform to your commands.

As long as you show it that you’re the pack alpha, the Peke Italian will be loyal and obedient to you.

However, should it feel like it can dominate the members of the family, this toy dog can easily develop the Small Dog Syndrome.

Hence you need to make sure that this intelligent pet is trained from the very beginning.

  • They appreciate a fixed routine

The Peke Italian is a dog of values.

It prefers to have a fixed, timely routine for its day-to-day activities rather than having a haphazard schedule.

If you want to avoid any destructive behavior within your pet, make sure that you provide it with an environment where its schedule is consistent and its needs are met.

  • Maintenance is not difficult, as long as it is consistent

The Peke Italian is a manageable dog that only requires moderate grooming.

A fixed schedule of weekly brushing and a monthly bath will go a long way to keep your pet looking clean and neat.

The ears and nails need to be checked and kept clean on a regular basis.

Physical Traits of the Peke Italian

Peke Italian mix
The Peke Italian is ideal for owners with a busy lifestyle. Image Credit By: k_terran, instagram

We know that the Peke Italian belongs to the toy dog group of pint-sized pups, but exactly how small is this hybrid?

How big is a full-grown Peke Italian?

The Peke Italian measures a mere 10 to 12 inches in height, which makes it barely about one foot tall.
Both genders of this hybrid breed weigh only 7 to 14 pounds, which makes them the ideal travel companions to roam around with, held in your arms and keep on your lap.

What is the life expectancy of the Peke Italian?

Although they may be small, Peke Italians are known to be hearty dogs that live a full, solid ten to fifteen years.

This range of life expectancy is considered normal, if not higher, amongst the canine species.

Intelligence, Temperament and Personality Traits of the Peke Italian

Despite its delicate size, the Peke Italian inherits the strong, protective qualities from both its parent breeds.

This is a vigilant dog that may look like it will settle into anyone’s lap but is quite wary of strangers and people it meets for the first time.

The loyalty of the Peke Italian manifests into the extreme protectiveness of its owner and family.

Therefore, some effort needs to be made to stabilize the personality and behavior of this mix to make sure that it socializes well with kids and pets.

Owing to their inherent eagerness to entertain their owners, it is very easy to teach this dog whatever little tricks and commands that you want it to learn.

If you get a Peke Italian, rest assured that this is a pet that will get extremely attached to you.

Not only does this mean that your pooch will bark to alert you towards any suspicious activity or intruder (as a form of protection), but will also stick by your side at all times.

As mentioned earlier, the Peke Italian is particular about its timings. This is a very sensitive breed that will not do well in the face of sudden changes.

Therefore, you need to keep a consistent routine for daily activities, like feeding and exercise, to avoid your pet lashing out by becoming temperamental around the house.

Love and stability are key to keeping this dog happy.

It is most comfortable in the lap of its owners, which also makes it ideal for road trips and other modes of travel.

The Peke Italian will enjoy the company of your children, making a joyful playmate and cuddle partner for them, given that it feels safe around them.

The Peke Italian Diet

A Peke Italian looking at you
The Peke Italian is a smart and loving playmate.

Being a small-sized dog, the Peke Italian does not require a heavy diet throughout the day. Dry dog kibble in a one-cup amount will be enough to keep your pet fed the entire day.

While its feeding schedule should be decided on with the help of a vet, it is recommended that small dogs that are prone to bloating should consume food in small portions throughout the day.

The monthly cost of feeding a Peke Italian should expectedly be around $20 to $30.

How much Exercise does a Peke Italian need?

Unlike several other dog breeds, the Peke Italian does not need high amounts of exercise throughout the day to keep it fit.

In fact, you will not even have to take this dog out for a walk.

It can easily adapt to indoor activity worth fifteen to thirty minutes per day, meaning it won’t matter whether or not you have a huge backyard for it to run around.

Keep in mind that this does not mean that it is a lazy dog. The Peke Italian tends to jump about and can climb on things at a very fast pace.

The minimal activity requirement of the Peke Italian means you should focus more on keeping it mentally stimulated.

The Peke Italian loves to carry out quirky tricks, and its quick learning capacity makes this all the more fun and easy.

The Peke Italian Health and Conditions

Being a mixed breed, the Peke Italian can inherit some health issues from either line of its family.

While there is no illness specific to the Peke Italian, the mixed gene pool can make it susceptible to certain congenital diseases.

Some of these conditions include epilepsy, eye problems, entropion, patellar luxation, periodontal diseases, dermatitis of skin folds, fractures (especially of legs), exposure keratopathy syndrome and brachycephalic syndrome, and progressive retinal atrophy.

My final thoughts on the Peke ItalianAn adult Peke Italian looking to the side

Conclusively, it is safe to say that the Peke Italian is suitable for an array of different kinds of lifestyles, as long as you keep it at your side.

Low grooming and exercise needs make it ideal for owners with a busy lifestyle.

Whether you’re experienced with dogs or not, as long as you can show your pet who the master is, you will have no trouble with the temperament of the Peke Italian.

So if you’re looking forward to getting this adorable, tiny pet, decide on a schedule beforehand.

If you’re a working individual, set the feeding schedule and the timings for other activities that your Peke Italian will be partaking in.

When you bring your pet home and induce it into a regular, consistent lifestyle, the Peke Italian will not only appreciate it but will cherish the quality of its life.

Overall, you should expect a smart and loving playmate that is obsessed with your safety.

The Peke Italian looks like a tiny German Shepherd, even though it is not a descendant of that breed, and will usually be found in shades of brown or black.

This is a petite pet that is vigilant and playful.

Finally, now that all aspects of this Pekingese and Italian Greyhound mix have been covered in detail, you should have been able to decide if the Peke Italian is a pet that you want for yourself and your family.

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