The Patterdale Shepherd: A Complete Guide

The Patterdale Shepherd is a hybrid of the purebred Patterdale Terrier and the purebred German Shepherd.

While the German Shepherd parent is well-known all over the world, the Patterdale Terrier is not so. The resulting hybrid is also rare.

Currently, only the Dog Registry of America recognizes the Patterdale Shepherd as a designer hybrid.

Patterdale Shepherd Puppies – Before You Buy…

A light colored Patterdale Shepherd
The Patterdale Shepherd is confident, strong-willed, and lively.

What Price are Patterdale Shepherd Puppies?

The price of Patterdale Shepherd puppies is anywhere between $500 to $1,500.

How to Find Reputable Patterdale Shepherd Breeders?

Word of mouth is a good way to find a reputable breeder. If you know a few dogs of the same breed, ask the owners if they are happy with their dog.Hypothyroidism

If you don’t know any, go down to dog parks. Dog lovers will be more than happy to answer your questions.

You can ask them about the overall health of their dogs and if there are any behavior problems. You can also ask their opinions regarding the dogs.

Another way you can locate reputable breeders is by going to breed clubs and organizations. When you meet with the breeders, take note of their personal qualities.

They should be caring and likable people. They should care about where their puppies go. The more of a hard time they give you, the better!

Their facilities should be clean, welcoming, safe, and well-kept. The dogs and the puppies should be well-behaved and in good health condition.

If the parent dogs are healthy, then the puppies should be, too.

The puppies should also be vaccinated, wormed, and checked by the vet. If you like a certain breeder and want their puppies, wait for them.

It’s safer to wait than rush into buying a puppy from a source you don’t trust.

3 Little-Known Facts About Patterdale Shepherd Puppies

  1. Little is known on the Patterdale Shepherd, mostly due to the rarity of the Patterdale Terrier parent breed.
  2. The Patterdale Terrier parent is a small dog and his primary role is to hunt vermin.
    He is known to be tenacious.
  3. The German Shepherd parent excelled at guarding and protecting. Now the German Shepherd is used for police and military work.

Physical Traits of the Patterdale Shepherd

The Patterdale Shepherd varies in appearance depending on which parent breed the hybrid most resembles.

This dog is not as big as the German Shepherd, but he is lean-muscled.

The Patterdale Shepherd’s head is proportionate to his body. The head is round, and the ears are medium in size. The eyes are big and dark.

The muzzle of the Patterdale Shepherd is long and thin. Its teeth meet in a scissor bite.

His legs are lean and straight. He has a long tail with a moderate brush. The tail can curve a little bit over the back.

The coat on the Patterdale Shepherd is dense, rough, and short. Its shade varies but often has dark points on the face, ears, and tail.

The Patterdale Shepherd is not a hypoallergenic dog. Though the coat is short, the dog sheds a lot. Weekly brushing can help remove loose and dead hair from the coat.

Additional brushing may be required during warmer months.

The Patterdale Shepherd may have a doggy odor and can be challenging to bathe because of its size and water-repellent coat.

Frequent bathing may also irritate the Patterdale Shepherd’s skin. But weekly brushing will help remove dirt from the coat and distribute the natural oils to help keep the doggy odor at bay.

The Patterdale’s nails are hard and grow quickly. Trim them with nail clippers or file them twice a month to prevent the nails from tearing or splitting.

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How Big is a Full-Grown Patterdale Shepherd?

Male Patterdale Shepherds can grow to 20 to 24 inches and weigh 50 to 60 lbs.

Females can grow to 18 to 22 inches and weigh 50 to 60 lbs.

What is the Life Expectancy of the Patterdale Shepherd?

The life expectancy of the Patterdale Shepherd is 11 to 13 years.

Intelligence, Temperament and Personality Traits of the Patterdale Shepherd

A Patterdale Shepherd walking around
The Patterdale Shepherd has a lot of energy and enjoys running, fetching, and playing.

He makes an excellent protector and family dog if he has a supportive and healthy household. The Patterdale Shepherd is very protective of children.

Harsh words and negative reinforcement training will not work well for this dog. It can lead to behavioral issues, including aloofness, shyness, separation anxiety, or even aggression.

With proper socialization and a healthy lifestyle, the Patterdale Shepherd will get along with other dogs, and even cats.

His friendliness toward strangers is moderate, and he can be trained to be a guard dog. However, he warms up to new people once threats are properly assessed.

The Patterdale Shepherd has a lot of energy. While he is easy to train, he requires a lot of physical and mental stimulation to lead a healthy life.

The Patterdale Shepherd’s Diet

Rice is good for your Patterdale Shepherd. Make it a point to add this to his diet. It’s a mild food that suits his weak stomach, helping him keep digestion-related problems under control.

Porridge is also good to serve to your Patterdale Shepherd. Give him a bowl of plain oat porridge once in a week without adding any sugar or salt to the meal.

Milk helps maintain his calcium level. Include milk in his diet because protects against tooth decay.

Also, the calcium requirement of this breed can be obtained from milk.

Avoid feeding raw meat to your Patterdale Shepherd. Raw meat tends to cause indigestion and stomach infections.

Nuts are also to be avoided because of the high concentration of salt. This also causes hair to fall in dogs.

If you don’t want your Patterdale Shepherd to get constipated, avoid giving him corn, soy, wheat, and maize.

A Patterdale Shepherd playing
The Patterdale Shepherd is the mix of the purebred Patterdale Terrier and the purebred German Shepherd.

These foods have high levels of starch, which causes constipation. Continuously feeding such food to him can make him lethargic and pave the way for more serious diseases.

When buying commercial food for your Patterdale Shepherd, your first concern should be whether it has the recommended protein level or not.

Commercial dog food comes in dry, wet, and semi-moist types, with the dry type considered to be the best and most cost-effective.

Dry food contains just about 10% water, making it good value for money.

Wet foods may contain up to 75% water. You also need to feed him large volumes to compensate for the nutrition deficiency.

Semi-moist food is the unhealthiest of the lot because it contains high concentrations of sugar that cause tooth decay and many other health conditions, like obesity and diabetes.

If you choose to feed your Patterdale Shepherd with semi-moist food, feed him in small quantities.

How Much Exercise Does a Patterdale Shepherd Need?

The Patterdale Shepherd has a lot of energy. He is a large dog that requires daily exercise outside.

Frequent runs in the backyard, walks around the block, and visits to the dog park are highly recommended for the Patterdale Shepherd.

Despite his size and exercise requirements, the Patterdale Shepherd can thrive in an apartment, but only if he gets his daily exercise.

The Patterdale Shepherd does well in all kinds of climates, but more so in cold environments.

However, owners should be mindful of overheating in warmer localities, especially during hot summer months. Always provide shade and water for him while he is outside.

Patterdale Shepherd Health and Conditions

Major health concerns that affect this breed include Endocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency and hip dysplasia.

Minor health concerns can be bladder stones, atopic dermatitis, hypothyroidism, glaucoma, cataracts, and elbow dysplasia.

There may be occasional diagnoses for hemophilia and Von Willebrand’s Disease.

Your veterinarian may also require a complete physical examination, radiograph, eye examination, and blood exams as needed.

My Final Thoughts on the Patterdale ShepherdThe Patterdale Shepherd dog

The Patterdale Terrier parent is confident, strong-willed, and lively. In some ways, he is stubborn, but he can also be very biddable.

He has a lot of energy and enjoys running, fetching, and playing. He excels at chasing and searching out balls, toys, and other objects.

Most Terriers are sweet dogs, and the Patterdale Terrier is no exception.

However, you do need to make sure that the abundance of energy is exerted positively.

Otherwise, he can grow bored and get destructive, which can be very bad for your furniture and your clothes.

Although normally gentle, the Patterdale Terrier parent can occasionally show guarding behaviors.

It’s important to pick a puppy from friendly parents and to socialize him thoroughly.

The German Shepherd parent is among the most loyal dogs around. He can form close bonds with his family.

He also sees children and other pets as part of the pack and will defend and protect them, too!

He can be wary and watchful of strangers and may take a while to warm up to people that they do not know.

However, once he has bonded with you and you have earned his loyalty, you will have a friend for life.

These are just some of the traits that the Patterdale Shepherd can inherit, depending on which parent genes are dominant. Either way, expect a very loving, alert, intelligent, and protective dog!

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