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    The American Bulldog and German Shepherd Mix: A Complete Guide

    If you are in the market for a medium sized hybrid dog breed that extremely smart, easy to train, and excellent with kids, the American Bulldog and German Shepherd mix might be just what you were looking for. This breed has inherited all the best traits from the parent breeds, and they come alert, courageous, […] More

  • Dog Names

    Choosing a name for your four legged friend is second only in importance to deciding which dog you want to welcome into your life. Once you decide what dog you want, the hard decisions really begin! What name will you give to your new fur baby? What will match their personality? Should the name you […] More

  • Dog Breeds

    Welcome to the complete index of all the wonderful dog breeds and mixes that we cover on this website. So much work has gone into compiling this definitive list of dog breeds over the years so we really hope that you find our special reports on each dog breed useful. As always – remember to […] More

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    The Cutest Teddy Bear Dog Breeds in the World

    Although teddy bear dog breeds are often considered small, cute and cuddly, they actually come in all shapes and sizes. They’re so named because they, of course, have stumpy limbs, big eyes, big heads and fluffy fur – all very teddy bear qualities. These dogs are also super cuddly and often bred to be very […] More

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    Tiger Stripe Pitbull: A Complete Guide

    The beautiful and distinctive fur patterns of the Tiger Stripe Pitbull make it easily recognisable. This is a very good looking animal, and also can seem a little fearsome from time to time. After all, it’s not just the legendary status of the Pitbull to feel nervous about, but also the primal feelings that come […] More

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    Silver Labs: A Complete Guide

    Even those people who are more cat people than dog people know how to recognise a Labrador when they see one. However, one version of this classic and beloved dog breed, the Silver Labrador, is far less well known and understood than the more classical black, brown and golden versions of the breed. In many […] More

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    Shiloh Shepherd: A Complete Guide

    Although these dogs might closely resemble oversized German Shepherds, this breed of dog was actually first brought into being to overcome the more demanding tendencies of that distinctive, protective breed. That gives Shiloh Shepherds a gentle temperament when compared with many of their ancestors, who also include the Czech Wolf Dog and Alaskan Malamute. While […] More

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    The Zuchon: A Complete Guide

    If you’re looking for the ultimate small lap dog to steal your heart, then the Zuchon is it. These little hybrids are the result of breeding the Bichon Frise with the Shih Tzu. By just looking at them, you would think that they are also part teddy bear. They are classified as a toy dog […] More