The Ori Pei: A Complete Guide

With the proliferation of designer mixed dog breeds on the market today, settling on one which fits the bill for you could be a daunting and difficult task.

It is always a good idea to thoroughly research the breed and its tendencies to determine if there is one in your future.

One such hybrid mix is the Ori Pei which is derived from the Pug and the Shar-Pei parents.

This particular mixed breed is small in stature, very playful and lovable and is really quite a character who will keep things interesting.

They make very capable family pets and specialize in lounging around on the couch.

The following article provides you with information which encourages you to make an informed and wise decision about this little guy.

You should always take the time to learn about your future little furry family member before making a commitment to buy

Ori Pei Puppies – Before You Buy…

The Ori Pei is a good watchdog and companion dog.

Designer mixed dog breeds come in many sizes, shapes, and personalities which gives you a significant amount of choices.

Narrowing your scope and making the right selection is an important decision.

After all, it is likely that you and the dog will most probably be together for the next decade of your lives – or maybe even a bit longer.

When purchasing a new puppy dog, it is quite normal to have your heart melted again and again as you see more and more dogs.

It is best to educate yourself and learn as much as possible about the Ori Pei before finalizing the transaction.

What Price are Ori Pei Puppies?

This mixed breed can have a pretty wide price range. Therefore, you should expect to put in some good old-fashioned hard work to get the best possible deal.

The average price of Ori Pei puppies can range from $450-$1200. From breeders to geographic location, of course, there are many factors which can affect the price.

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When shopping for a new dog, do not be afraid to use your negotiation skills to try and lower the asking price.

Keep in mind there are additional maintenance costs down the line, so saving money should be a priority.

After finding the puppy that you want to purchase, you should have a long talk with the breeder about the dog, its parents, the breeder’s business and whatever else comes to mind.

This is an important investment to you so be sure that you successfully review all the pertinent information associated with this breed because later it will be too late.

How to Find Reputable Ori Pei Breeders?

When searching for a new designer dog breed such as the Ori Pei, you must use your time wisely and constructively.

Since we all live busy lives, you should make sure this does not turn into a long drawn out process with no end in sight.

You can start your journey by perusing the new puppy dog classified ads and local breeder networks, which should give you a pretty good idea of what is out there.

Make sure to make notes and compare the various prices of the breeders who are selling.

Going old school and hooking up with other dog owners and informing them that you are searching for this breed can also be a strategy which can work to your advantage.

With an abundance of specialty dog owner forums to join, it is essential to utilize all these resources to your advantage effectively.

3 Little-Known Facts about Ori Pei Puppies

  1. The Ori Pei is one of the older designer dog breeds in the United States. It is also known by the colorful names of Pugpei, Sharpug, and Pug-a-Pei.
  2. There are half a dozen generations of the Ori Pei which provides it with a level of predictability when it comes to personality, physical appearance, and health traits.
  3. The Pug has roots from China which span over 2,400 years and may be named after a slang word for monkey.
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Physical Traits of the Ori Pei

The Ori Pei will keep you entertained and amused.

The Ori Pei is categorized as a small-sized mixed breed which looks similar to a Pug.

His physical characteristics consist of a few wrinkles, a stocky build, a square muzzle, a huge circular head and dark brown eyes.

This mixed breed has thin ears which turn slightly to the side have a button or rose shape.

The coat covering this designer breed is approximately one half inch long, with the outer coat being smooth and the undercoat soft to the touch.

It comes in colors black, white, brown, grey and a mix of multi-colors.

How Big is a Full-Grown Ori Pei?

The Ori Pei is a compact sized breed which will most probably reach a height of 12-15 inches when fully grown.

Their weight can range from 15 pounds to 30 pounds, which makes it a suitable traveling companion.

Due to its agreeable size, this breed can reside happily in both an apartment and a house. Access to a backyard is always a plus, allowing your pet to play and put in some activity time.

This dog makes for an excellent watchdog and companion with its size not being a factor in either role.

What Is the Life Expectancy of the Ori Pei?

The Ori Pei has a life expectancy of 12-15 years, which gives it some longevity.

You should be sure to constantly monitor your dog’s activity/exercise, mental stimulation and food quality so that it can maintain its proper health and live a long and happy life.

Ensuring your dog’s good health requires an owner who will be proactive and take measures which result in positive long-term results.

Staying vigilant when it comes to your dog’s health and being aware of any changes in their mental state of mind or physical condition will help in finding and treating any potential health problems it may incur.

Intelligence, Temperament & Personality Traits of the Ori Pei

The Ori Pei is a dog with an entertaining little guy, and should keep you amused for many days to come.

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They make for a perfect family pet as they are very agreeable with children and other pets. This dog enjoys a good chase, so it may be a bit of a harmless nuisance to your pet cat.

This playful breed is known to be well-mannered and even-tempered and is also protective of its family and surroundings.

This dog is the quintessential couch potato, as it enjoys cuddling and napping often.

As a breed that is eager to please its master, the Ori Pei is easily trained due to its intelligence.

Make sure to socialize the animal at an early age so that it is comfortable around humans and other animals.

The Ori Pei’s Diet

The Ori Pei does not require a significant amount of physical activity.

It cannot be emphasized enough that as an owner you must make sure you are meeting your dog’s nutritional requirements.

It will help to feed your dog a brand of high-quality dog food to ensure its health and vibrancy.

The Ori Pei’s food requirement is two cups of dry dog food per day, which will be an expense of about $35 to $45 per month.

Keep a close watch on your dog’s portions and the treats so that it does not overeat and become overweight.

How Much Exercise Does The Ori Pei Need?

The Ori Pei is a designer breed which can get by on a limited amount of exercise. It enjoys going for a walk and playing inside the house, which provides it with a good portion of its activity.

Activity consisting of about 45 minutes per day should suffice for this little guy.

Playtime is essential to this breed, as it not only gives it activity, but it also prevents boredom.

If you are looking for a dog which does not need a significant amount of physical activity and is low maintenance from that standpoint, this breed may do the trick.

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Ori Pei Health and Conditions

Depending on genetic makeup, all dog breeds are predisposed to having specific health issues. Each breed is different, and some dogs are stronger than others when it comes to such concerns.

A pet that is not well can end up creating a situation which is emotionally and financially stressful.

By informing yourself about these conditions, hopefully, you will prevent any unwanted surprises down the road.

The Ori Pei breed is at risk for health conditions which includes patellar luxation, epilepsy, eye problems, Legg-Calve Perthes disease, brain and neurological conditions.

The more minor concerns involve gastric dilation volvulus and GDV, OCD, hypothyroidism, cancer, Chinese Shar-Pei fever.

To properly check up on your pet’s health and keep its vaccinations current, an annual visit to the vet is strongly recommended.

A Good Guard Dog?

Owing to the Shar-Pei genes that are inherent within this hybrid dog, the Ori Pei is known to be very efficient when it comes to protecting the security of the house and notifying the owners of suspicious people or situations.

This makes them keen and alert watchdogs, a characteristic which is further enhanced due to the barking tendency of the Ori Pei.

The small size of these dogs makes them average guard dogs, considering how they would not be able to seriously injure or take down an intruder or animal that is bigger in size.

That being said, these dogs do not take the safety of their human family lightly.

The Shar-Pei ancestors of this hybrid were bred to serve as well-rounded farm dogs that would protect flocks of cattle and kill any sources of threat, like vermin.

These are also very territorial dogs that won’t let a stranger enter into its vicinity without verifying that the concerned person poses no threat to its family.

In fact, the innate aggression within the Ori Pei makes it quite wary of unfamiliar faces.

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It will also bark aggressively if a new person steps in the bounds of your house, so you might need to focus on this trait during its early training days so that it knows that the people you invite into your home pose no danger.

The alertness of the Ori Pei is a handy trait to have if you want to keep a pet dog for purposes of security.

However, if your pet inherits more of the friendly genes, you can expect it to make friends with even a stranger after a few sniffs and a nice belly rub.

So if an intruder knows its way around a dog, he may as well just enter into your house with ease.

My Final Thoughts on The Ori Pei

The Ori Pei is a fascinating little character who makes a good watchdog and companion dog.

It will keep you entertained and amused, thus lightening up your day.

They do not require a significant amount of physical activity and do very well with children and other pets.

This breed can reside very well in an apartment and is suited for both urban and rural life.

Please, mild-mannered and easy to train, this dog is somewhat low maintenance compared to other breeds.

Its small size also makes it a very favorable traveling companion for those who enjoy taking their pet on the road.

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