Dogs come in a variety of different colors, builds, sizes and breeds. But what is one thing they have in common? That they are always cute.

Dogs serve as the perfect companion to any human, providing the loyalty, love, kindness, and friendship that I believe we all need.

So, of course, you’re going to want to buy a dog, it’s a given.

However, there is more to this 10-15 year bond than a stack of cash and an eager mindset; it is the dedication of your life, schedule and time to making sure this dog, is a happy dog.

The Norrbottenspets is one unique canine. It’s a dog built for endurance, with a natural instinct to hunt.

It has been known about since the 17th century and features the cute features that most spitz dogs contain.

The Norrbottenspets is a dog who loves fitness, but equally loves a lackadaisical day on the couch snuggling with its owner.

It loves its owner so much, that it will get mischievous and destructive when they’re gone for too long.

In this guide, I will inform you of the information needed to purchase a Norrbottenspets, and what to expect when you bring it into your household.

I will detail factors such as breeders, food, diet, behavior, size and a whole lot more so that you’re fully prepared for your adventure into the realms of dog ownership.

Is the Norrbottenspets a dog that you may be interested in? Well, scroll on down to learn a whole lot more.

Norrbottenspets: Before You Buy

Norrbottenspets on leash
The Norrbottenspets love to bark.

Buying a puppy isn’t an easy process. There are many, many factors that you need to decide on and organize to welcome a puppy into your life.

Do you have the time to socialize with a puppy? Do you have the space to house a puppy comfortably?

Is there someone in the household at all times to keep the puppy company? Can you even afford it?

These are all questions you have to ask yourself before you venture on this 10-15 year journey.

Some things you will want to consider when purchasing a Norrbottenspets are:

Gender: This is an obvious one. Do you want a girl or a boy? You decide.

Colour: Let’s all face it, we’re biased when it comes to colors. I’m going to leave this one for yourself, or along with your family to decide.

Spaying/Neutering: This one is particularly important. If you are ready and have the space for future puppies, the choice is yours.

But if you’re not ready for that commitment, do consider having your puppy spayed/neutered.

How much does a Norrbottenspets cost?

The price of a puppy is a defining factor for most dog owners. The cost of a dog can showcase what type of breed and size you can afford, as well as if a dog is an affordable pet for you in general.

For a medium-sized dog, the Norrbottenspets is quite cost-effective, averaging around $600-$800 each.

This around the same price range of other similar breed dogs such as the Finnish Spitz and Irish Terrier. So if you’re looking for an affordable dog that isn’t a smaller breed, the Norrbottenspets is a great option.

How do I find a reputable breeder?

This can be a tough one. You never really know what goes on behind the curtains of a breeder, and how they treat the process can determine the mental and physical health of a puppy, as well as the life expectancy!

You have to be careful with breeders, and try and analyze to the best of your ability whether or not they’re professional, or unethical. There are a few factors to help your judgment that I will list below

Before visiting any breeder, take a walk in your neighborhood and chat with dog owners and others for any possible tips or word of mouth.

A few things that a reputable Norrbottenspets breeder should have included:

In-depth knowledge and experience with the breed. A Norrbottenspets is a unique dog, so the breeder will have to have a unique understanding of the dog to breed it efficiently.

A spacious, safe environment. The Norrbottenspets is an enthusiastic, active and energetic dog, so it needs space to move around comfortably, play and exercise from birth.

If the breeder has the dogs in claustrophobic spaces, it can severely affect their health and moods.

Socialization. The puppies need attention and socialization from an early age, and the breeder should provide this to ensure assimilation into the outside world.

Assistance. The right breeder should assist you with what equipment you need to groom and care for the puppy, as well as any information on diet and physical needs.

Three little-known facts about the Norrbottenspets.

  1. There has been a fight since the 17th century between Sweden and Finland on where the Norrbottenspets originated.
  2. It was commonly used as a hunting companion.
  3. It was on the verge of extinction around World War 1.

The Physical Traits of the Norrbottenspets

Norrbottenspets carrying stick
The Norrbottenspets were commonly used as hunting companions.

The Norrbottenspets has a unique look that doesn’t resemble that of many other dogs.

It has the signature curly tail of a spitz and is a medium-sized breed dog with a masculine torso.

Its double coat varies from short at the top, too long at the bottom, and is mostly white with patches of brown, red, yellow or tan.

It has brown eyes, a black nose and stern legs that are built for running, and hunting.

How big is a full-grown Norrbottenspets?

The Norrbottenspets is around the same size as most medium-sized breeds.

It can usually grow up to anywhere between 17-18 inches in length, which is around the same size as similar breeds such as the Icelandic Sheepdog, and mostly smaller than that of the Xoloitzcuintle.

In mass, it can grow anywhere up to 26 pounds, with the male mostly being larger than the female. While not the largest dog, it is recommended that you supervise it around small children.

What is the life expectancy of a Norrbottenspets?

The life expectancy of a Norrbottenspets is roughly around the same as most dogs of its size, totaling in around 12-15 years.  This is around the same as the Xoloitzcuintle and the Icelandic Sheepdog.

Whether or not you get 15 years out of a Norrbottenspets is dependant on its health, so make sure you watch out for any symptoms of possible health issues.

The Temperament, Personality and Behavioural Traits of the Norrbottenspets

Norrbottenspets on hike
The Norrbottenspets were created as hunting dogs.

The Norrbottenspets will love and respect you if you love and respect it back in the same way.

If you do stuff such as play rough or leave it outside on its own, it becomes destructive and an avid barker.

If you socialize with it and include it in most of your daily activities, it is loving, loyal and gentle around children. It is fine around smaller pets, but make sure to plan a proper introduction.

It makes a great guard dog as it is a very vocal pet, and does bark frequently. You can minimize the barks by using techniques such as obedience training.

It loves games, so any mental and physically challenging activity will be great for the Norrbottenspets.

The dietary needs of the Norrbottenspets

The Norrbottenspets eats a little bit of a larger amount than most medium-sized breeds.

It is estimated that it eats around 2 and a half cups of dog food per day, costing you around $34-$45 a month in food.

It loves dry dog food and will obtain all the nutrition needed from any brand.

However, it is also recommended that you chuck some beef, chicken, and pork into the mix, as this does increase its mood.

The physical requirements of the Norrbottenspets

The Norrbottenspets is built as a hunting dog and therefore will need an adequate amount of exercise.

It is estimated that you should treat the Norrbottenspets to around 45 minutes of physical activity per day, as well as 9 miles of walking per week.

Trips to the dog park and walks along the beach are great ways for the Norrbottenspets to unleash their energy.

You can keep a Norrbottenspets in an apartment provided it gets adequate exercise, but it is more suited for larger households with backyards.

The health concerns and issues of the Norrbottenspets

The Norrbottenspets is an incredibly healthy dog and doesn’t run into a hefty amount of serious health issues.

It is still recommended that schedule the occasional trip to the vet for physical examinations and x rays.

Possible health issues include:

Elbow Dysplasia

Hip Dysplasia

Norrbottenspets conclusionNorrbottenspets guide

Overall, the Norrbottenspets is a unique, elegant and loyal dog that would suit any owner or family.

If provided with adequate exercise and socialization, the Norrbottenspets can make an amazing companion.

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