The Morkie: A Complete Guide

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When dog breeders cross a Yorkshire Terrier and a Maltese, the adorable result is a Morkie.

These are some of the most endearing yet surprisingly bright and intelligent dog breeds around – curious, but also keen companions to families, solo dog owners and everyone in between.

A Morkie is relatively easy to train and to tame, and life with such a pooch by your side is sure to be one of fun and loving cuddles.

However, the latter in particular is very important to these dogs, and you’ll find that many members of this breed are always keen for fuss and attention.

It’s best to keep this fact in mind when you are thinking of if you should buy a Morkie dog.

If you are often away from home, prefer to keep to yourself when home from work, or otherwise just enjoy the company of dogs that aren’t needy, it might be best to consider another canine companion.

What a shame it’d be to do so though! These are fun-loving dogs who get along with just about everyone.

And with this emotional need to one side, you’ll find this breed of dog is actually one of the best low maintenance dog breeds around.

Being such small dogs, Morkies have little need of long and vigorous walks – a short stroll along the avenue or around the park every other day is more than enough to get those little legs moving and some exercise into their lifestyle.

Morkies are lap dogs, through and through, and popular with those socialites among us who like to tuck our pet into our purse or handbag to walk them around town.

However, remember that Morkies are highly inquisitive dogs, so keeping them cooped up in a bag, in one room or anywhere at all for too long is sure to inspire their capacity for mischief.

These pooches tend not to misbehave per se, but you know what they say about the devil making work for idle hands – or, indeed, paws!

Morkie dogs, especially puppies, are quite easy to train and seem to pick up on what you are trying to teach them pretty fast.

However, even the most experienced dog owners can use a few tips and tricks when getting to know a new breed for the first time – which is why this guide will prove useful in knowing what to expect from a Morkie dog.

But as always, remember – every dog is an individual, as much as their human owners and family members.

No Morkie can ever be truly summed up in too broad a generalization – but there are definitely plenty of traits that these dogs have in common!

Morkie dogs are vibrant and healthy canines. Image Credit By: poppydaisy_the_morkie, instagram

Morkie Puppies – Before You Buy…

As you likely already know, buying a new furry member of the family is always a big deal – especially if you do so when your Maltese Yorkie cross is in his or her infant years.

This isn’t a decision to be taken lightly. Because Morkies are a designer dog, and popular among those dog owners who are wealthy or well to do, this is a breed that can be seen as a bit of a cute fashion accessory.

This is especially true of Morkie puppies! But it’s very important to remember that this is a long-time commitment.

Even with their independent streak, Morkie dogs are members of your family who will rely on you for their food, love, and companionship all their lives.

As you may have already found out, Morkie puppies are also not altogether cheap. This is partly due to their desirability and designer status, which is only enhanced by how cute they are.

However, the reason why Morkie dogs are expensive also has a lot to do with the fact that their puppy littler sizes are somewhat smaller than other dog breeds.

Only three or four puppies are born in each Morkie litter, and in some cases, there are only two puppies born into a litter.

What price are Morkie puppies?

As we’ve discussed, Morkie puppies are considered as handbag dogs or a designer breed. That means that they can be pretty pricey, but it all depends on where you look.

You can expect to pay between $1200 to $3000 for a Morkie puppy, depending on the experience of the dog breeder you work with, and the pedigree of the parents of your pup.

Higher prices tend to be demanded for those Morkie puppies who are the healthiest and most vibrant in fur tones or energy levels.

How to find reputable Morkie breeders?

Because Morkie dogs are so valuable and carry this prestigious price tag, you’d be wise to consider that some dog breeders might try and get in on the action without having quite the expertise to pull it off.

Finding a reputable dog breed for Morkie puppies is very important – and you’ll find that those who have been in business for a long time are often your best bet.

Consider also that if you start getting hassled by some hard-sell tactics, your prospective dog breeder might not be on the level.

A level headed and responsible dog breeder will let you meet your potential new puppy in person. After all, someone who has mastered the dog breeding craft has nothing to hide.

Likewise, meeting the puppies in person gives you a good opportunity to get a feel for how healthy the dogs are, how well they are being fed and looked after, and possibly the health of the mother dog too.

Morkie puppies who are well looked after having glossy coats and sparkling eyes, and you’ll find them just the energetic little balls of fur and love you might hope for!

If you’re really unsure though, it pays to take a look at the background of your breeder to be.

In today’s age of online reviews and information, it’s much easier than ever before to find out if you’re dealing with a reputable dog breeder or not.

Yorkshire Terrier and Maltese mix to make a Morkie
Morkie dogs are expensive.

3 Little-Known Facts About Morkie Puppies

Morkie puppies might seem like playful little bundles of fluff who like to perch in a purse or liven up a living room, but have no fear – they are just as full of hidden depths as any other dog breed you might mention!

Keep a few of these fun facts in mind when preparing to meet your new Morkie puppy for the first time.

  • This is still a really new dog crossbreed

As surprising as it might seem, Morkie dogs have only been semi-officially recognized as a breed for about 20 years or so.

It was around 10 years ago that the popularity of Morkies began to really spike upwards, and that was because a lot of high profile celebrities at the time were snapped by photographers out and about with their cute little Morkie pets!

Even Britney Spears was a big fan of this dog breed, which naturally worked wonders in making Morkies even more popular than ever!

Even post-2010 and beyond though, this remains a big name among designer dog breeds. Morkies aren’t falling out of fashion any time soon.

  • Morkie dogs have some surprisingly domineering qualities

Morkie dogs are friendly and make excellent companions, but it’s safe to say that every so often, some pack mentality gets the better of them.

Given how tiny these pooches are, you might wonder if these odd periods of acting up are a serious case of adorable Napoleon complex!

However, Morkie dogs like to push their luck sometimes, and he or she might grumble or growl when denied a treat, not allowed a walk when it’s wanted the most, and so on.

Likewise, if sharting a household with small children who need lots of attention, Morkie dogs can act up to try and get your attention back on them.

Just keep firm eye contact and stay strong in times like this – as much as you might be tempted to revert to baby talk at such adorable little power plays.

  • Morkies are super smart, so don’t let them get bored

Morkie dogs are small in stature, and not exactly the most physically outgoing of dogs around.

However, you can tell just by looking at their bright eyes that they are always thinking and feeling curious about their surroundings.

Those few Morkie pooches who do stir up trouble often do so simply out of boredom, or through looking for something new.

When considering toys or playtime for your pet, consider activities that lean more towards little puzzles or ways for your dogs to keep their brain active.

A Morkie is always contemplating and cooking up ideas, and the results could well surprise you!

Physical Traits of the Morkie

Morkie dogs are small, fluffy and good looking. They have faces a little reminiscent of both Yorkie and Maltese breeds, and they come in colors from white to dark grey, with lots of honey and caramel brown mixed into your options also.

How big is a full-grown Morkie?

Male Morkie dogs tend to be anywhere between 7 to 10 inches in length, and females a little smaller still – usually no bigger than 8 inches at the most.

As you might expect, they are light to pick up and pet too, rarely weighing more than 10 pounds.

What is the life expectancy of the Morkie?

Despite being little, a well looked after Morkie can live to a ripe old age just like any other dog breed you might already be familiar with.

You can expect your Morkie to live a happy 10 to 15 years by your side.

A Morkie laying in the grass
Morkies need lots of mental stimulation.

Intelligence, Temperament and Personality Traits of the Morkie

Because Morkies are designer dogs, this is one crossbreed that has been brought into our world in pursuit of making the most of the personality traits of Yorkies and Maltese dogs.

Because of this, you’ll find out how smart Morkies are in next to no time.

You don’t need to walk these dogs very far for very long to have their exercise needs met, for instance, but Morkies definitely need lots of mental stimulation.

Morkie dogs are at their best when they get plenty of fuss and pampering. If you have a big family, or one with lots of other pets your Morkie might run the risk of feeling left out. This breed does best at being in the spotlight!

Morkie Diet

As with many small dogs, Morkies need to have their food cut into small pieces if they’re eating anything, unlike their regular kibble.

Younger Morkies who are still developing need a lot more calories in their daily meals than a fully grown Morkie dog.

Up to 500 calories per day is a good norm for Morkie puppies, and you can pare that down to 300 calories for an adult.

How much exercise does a Morkie need?

Because these are designer dogs who are more mentally than physically inclined, Morkie dogs don’t need a huge amount of exercise per day to stay healthy.

A 20 minute stroll or a 30 minute trip to play fetch in the park is all you need to keep your Morkie trim and healthy!

Morkie Health and Conditions

For the most part, Morkie dogs are vibrant and healthy canines – especially if they come from reputable breeders and healthy parents.

However, there are a few small issues it’s wise to sometimes look out for. For instance, Morkie dogs falling ill usually suffer from issues like glaucoma, cataracts and tear stains.

They’re robust little pooches though, so with your love and support, you’ll have many years of companionship together.

My Final Thoughts on Morkies

Morkies are a relatively new dog breed, and they’re super adorable – and super smart!

Please remember that Morkies thrive best when put into close-knit families, whose kids are old enough to give them plenty of fuss and attention.

Having other pets or younger kids will sometimes make Morkies feel left out.

These dogs need to have lots of mental stimulation to stay happy and healthy, but it’s why they make such great companions when you’re out and about.

Your morkie will love the new sights, smells and sounds that come with a trip into town or a day at the park – although these are designer dogs, they are very down to earth!

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